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Selenite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Selenite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

The Meaning of Selenite

The translucent white nature of Selenite represents spiritual purity, light, and connection to the angelic realms. It is one of the most sacred crystals throughout history.

The name ‘Selenite’ derives from the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon. It’s also called the Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose. But that is only the literal meaning of Selenite – there exist important spiritual meanings, too.

The spiritual meaning of Selenite is rejuvenation and divine feminine energy. It symbolizes the angelic realms and allows us to communicate with angelic beings.

Selene’s ethereal energy is embedded in this soft and powerful crystal. It is easy to feel the moon goddess’s energy envelop you as you gaze upon its brilliance and move it around your energetic body and auric field.

By becoming aware of the energy of Selenite, we can begin to feel our worries and thoughts fade away. We begin to grow calmer and more tranquil.

Like the moon shining above us at night, Selenite provides pure white light when we are facing any of life’s darkness.

Also, Selenite represents spiritual rejuvenation. Did you know that the moon is recharged every day by the light of the sun? Indeed, just like the moon, Selenite works by channeling energy and distributing it to those in need.

Selenite is full of divine feminine energy. And as such, it also serves as a powerful ally during a woman’s moon cycle.

It’s a relatively soft stone compared to other crystals, and as such it reminds women (and men too, of course) to be soft with our bodies while they are carrying out their precious, sacred functions.

Finally, Selenite’s brilliant white radiance symbolizes the angelic realms and allows us to communicate with these spiritual beings.

The Properties Of Selenite

The Physical Properties Of Selenite

Selenite belongs to a family of minerals known as the Gypsum Group, which includes many other minerals such as Alabaster. Most of the crystals found are clear and colorless; however different colors specimens can be found, for example, there is a deep green variety.

The hardness is 4-4.5, it cleaves easily in three directions forming pyramids and octahedrons, and the crystal structure is monoclinic.

Selenite crystals are found most commonly in sedimentary deposits, however, they can be found in igneous rocks too. It has the unique property of fluorescing under ultraviolet light.

Selenite is formed when gypsum (CaSO4) crystallizes out of sulfate-rich solutions such as hot springs or salty lakes, however, it is also found in sedimentary deposits.

It forms hexagonal crystals which tessellate with other selenite crystals, and sometimes parallel to one another. Selenite is softer than gypsum and is often found as botryoidal masses. Because of its soft nature, it was used in the manufacture of vases that hardened when fired in a kiln at low temperatures.

Selenite is named after the Greek word for the Moon – Selene, because of its properties which fluoresce under ultraviolet light. It is also sometimes called Satin Spar and Gypsum Flower.

Selenite can be found in most countries around the world. The main areas for collecting are the USA, Mexico, Canada, Slovenia (Europe), Australia, and Brazil.

The clear variety is found in sedimentary deposits all over the world. Selenite forms crystals and these can vary quite a lot in shape and size; they are sometimes parallel to one another or tessellate with other Selenites.

Selenite from sedimentary deposits is commonly found embedded in Limestone. At times Selenite will be solid inside the Limestone without any cavities, other times it can be found in cavities, for example on a stalactite or stalagmite. The crystals may be clear or white, and the cavities are often quite large.

Another place Selenite is commonly found is within gypsum deposits that have formed from hot spring water; it can also form within lake deposits. In some cases the crystals are clear, or white; however, it is also found in green-colored crystals.

The crystal formations can vary from cubic crystals, which have octahedral faces and sometimes may be striated; to hexagonal plates and columns.

Selenite can occur alongside other minerals such as Calcite, for example in Limestone caves and caverns. It is also found alongside gypsum, vesicles, and speleothems; all of these minerals are formed from various types of solutions and water.

Gypsum flowers can sometimes be found in abundance within salt lake deposits or hot springs, for example, the Great Salt Lake of Utah. Here Selenite forms crystals that are often clear and colorless, but they can also be white or pink. The crystals are said to look like flowers (hence the name) and are often found in clusters of hundreds of small crystals.

The Metaphysical Properties Of Selenite

The primary metaphysical properties of a Selenite crystal stone include:

  • good for removing negative or unwanted energies from the environment, such as those that might make you feel uncomfortable or depressed;
  • can help you in dealing with any type of negativity that is holding you back from moving forward and achieving your goals;
  • can assist you with realizing what you really desire in life;
  • helps to bring more positivity into your life by clearing away the negative energies, and so much more.

A Selenite crystal is a type of Quartz. Selenite crystals are clear and white in appearance. Selenite was named after the Greek word, “Selene”, which means moon. This is because they were known to be used exclusively for making windows that allowed one to see the moon at night.

Selenite crystal stones are associated with spirituality, spirituality, and inner energy. These stones can assist you with reaching your spiritual goals and manifesting your desires in life. Selenite crystal stones can also help you when it comes to releasing anxiety or anger or any other form of negativity that might be holding you back from improving your life.

So Selenites can work like a broom on your aura by helping you cleanse your energies and feelings. Selenite stones can also help you with improving how you feel about your life, the things you have going on in yours at this time, as well as with cleansing any of the old negative feelings or thoughts that are holding you back.

These crystals have a strong vibration that can help with clearing away any negative energies that might be interfering with the positive thoughts you are sending out to the Universe. When it comes to receiving clarity and inner strength, Selenite stones can assist you with all of these things when you use them regularly.

Benefits Of Using Selenite

You will need Selenite crystals when there are a lot of things going on in your head and it’s starting to affect your sense of peace and quiet.

Selenite is a good stone to have to help you quiet your mind and give you mental clarity. It’s also a good stone to have with you to protect you from any form of psychic attack.

The very color and feel of Selenite have a wonderfully grounding quality. This helps to draw your focus and attention to the here and now.

If you find that you are easily distracted or find it difficult to concentrate on just one thing at a time, Selenite and its energies could be just the remedy.

As well as sharpness and presence of mind, Selenite can also clear away any fuzziness or mental fog that surrounds psychic insights, or visions received during meditation.

Selenite is a very sensitive stone. It acts just like a liquid light, shining from this world to the higher realms and vice versa.

The striations that you can find on the Selenite crystal’s surface serve as a pathway for the spirit.

The vibrations that Selenite gives are more of a spiritual nature rather than a physical one. So it can bring you on your way to spiritual enlightenment, too.

And in case you didn’t know yet: you can use Selenite crystals to awaken or strengthen your telepathic abilities.

Like when properly using Amazonite, you can also use Selenite for angel guidance, and to work with your spirit guides!


The Powers Of Selenite

Physical Healing Powers

Selenite is not only a protective stone that will keep negative energies away. It can also heal your body with the healing energies that it possesses!

For instance, you can use it to treat health problems linked to the skeletal system, like arthritis.

If you’re having problems getting pregnant, keep a Selenite close to your body every day. This can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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When combined with Bixbite, this stone increases libido and promotes fertility. It also gives mothers-to-be and their unborn children protection all throughout the pregnancy.

When you think that you’re not feeling energetic enough, or if you’re feeling tired and lethargic, Selenite can help clear the glands of your body and give you the energy that you need. This works particularly well when you combine it with some Garnet.

It can remove blockages in your energy fields and rid your body of dysfunctional energies. It cleanses your aura of all toxins that affect your physical body.

Mental And Emotional Healing Powers

When you’re experiencing mental confusion, place a Selenite on top of your head, and everything will immediately start making sense.

Similar to Agate, this stone is very helpful when it comes to mental flexibility and decision making.

Selenite is good for your emotional well-being, your flexibility, and your intuition. It gives you strong instincts over time and is the perfect companion when you are doing your meditation.

Selenite, Luck and Wealth

Like many healing crystals and stones, Selenite is great to have to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

But it doesn’t matter how many Selenite crystals you have on your body or in your purse. If you do not put in the necessary work, no amount of lucky charms can make you wealthy, happy, and successful!

Selenite will only work in your favor if you also spend the energy required to make things happen!

So often, we are bombarded by information and things requiring our attention in today’s world.

But a Selenite crystal can help to anchor you to the things that most require your attention. It can also give you the mental clarity you need to see which projects require your biggest focus.

Selenite will attract like-minded people and you’ll find that when you need to build a team to take on a project, or delegate work to others to free yourself up for what matters, these people will spring into your life almost as if by magic.

The insights provided by Selenite will help you to recognize and understand exactly who you ought to trust when moving your work ambitions forward.

Selenite promotes a feeling of harmony and is unlikely to make you the hard nose entrepreneur who puts money and workaholism before all else. It can help you to work smart, rather than hard, and invest your energies in the right direction.

Just don’t expect Selenite, or any other crystal, to do all the work for you!

Still, it’s a good stone to have when dealing with anything money-related, including money problems and legal issues.

Selenite promotes good business practices and inspires honesty in business and professional relationships.

When you have all these things going for you, it will be easy to succeed in any project or endeavor!

Selenite, Love and Relationships

Selenite is a stone of love. Everything that you want to happen in your romantic life can be made possible by tapping into its energies.

Your days of wondering when you will finally find love will soon be over. Just allow the energies of Selenite to clean your aura.

The more you cleanse it, the more negative energies you will remove. And the more positive love vibrations you will attract.

If you’ve been searching for love but haven’t had much luck finding one that lasts, Selenite crystals can help you.

Selenite will make love happen by removing all your old and outdated notions about the perfect partner and the right kind of love.

And if you love someone but cannot seem to get past the friend zone, Selenite can help shift the romantic energies surrounding the both of you.

Once the blockages in your energies are removed, men will start to see you for the incredible woman that you are and entertain more romantic thoughts about you. And even though Selenite is a feminine stone, the same holds true for men using it.

Love can be a difficult and finicky road, fraught with uncertainty and tender feelings, both good and bad.

Selenite invites some welcome clarity and romance into your life. As well as seemingly making you a bit more radiant in discreet but profound ways that capture attention.

It can help you to linger in the thoughts of those with whom you want to get closer. Even if they can’t explain how or why they’ve become so intrigued by you.

Luckily though, this is not manipulative or affecting any notions of free will. It’s simply the crystal’s way of aligning energies and extending an open invitation for suitors to find out how wonderful you are!

After all, the world is such a hotbed of bustle and confusion nowadays. A lot of people don’t have time for dating intelligently and finding their perfect match.

So not only can Selenite help you to be more attractive to the right kinds of people. But it can help you to be more discerning about who you open your heart and mind to as well.

When you are in a committed relationship but things are starting to feel strained and you no longer feel connected to each other, Selenite can work on bringing you back together and restoring what was lost in your relationship.

The negative energies surrounding you and your partner will be cleansed with its energies.

Selenite helps you keep a loving relationship. And it will show you just how you can iron out differences with the person you love by clearing your mind, your heart, and your body of negative vibrations.

Yes, sometimes relationships can be a lot of work!

But when you are fueled by the energies of Selenite, keeping a relationship going will no longer be a burden.

Selenite will infuse your life with love. And it will work together with you in keeping this love in your life for a very long time. It will break down the walls and make you believe in the beauty of love.

Just like Amazonite, it will toss your fears out the window and replace them with excitement, hope, and a sense of adventure. It will inspire you to believe in the power of love. Even when things are hard, and even when it hurts.

It will make you feel hopeful and strong, even when things don’t always work out. And it will make you feel grateful and blessed that you have a love so strong and true.

Also, it will let you look at love in a better and more positive way.

Having Selenite stones with or around you will also fill your relationships with truth and honesty.

You will realize that a relationship based on secrets, lies, and pretensions just won’t do. If you want to have a shot at lasting happiness, now is the time for being honest to yourself and each other.

The energies that you can receive from Selenite crystals are very helpful in stabilizing erratic emotions. They also help to bring strong feelings under control.

When you have a tendency to explode whenever you’re angry, they will help you manage your emotions and react in a calmer and more levelheaded manner.

Energies from Selenite can help melt away strong and overwhelming emotions. It can make your true light shine bright and your real nature show. And this will endear you even more to your loved one.

It will not only work on your emotions but with how your loved one reacts to you, responds to you, or deals with conflicts with you.

Selenite has a certain steadiness to it and a way of helping you to see the bigger picture. Thanks to the strong links between it and your rational side.

You will adopt a more logical and rational approach to moments of disquiet and disharmony.

Ask yourself – will this matter five years from now? If yes, or no, how worth it is it to argue about it? How best to resolve this issue calmly, kindly, and even with a sense of humor that doesn’t belittle those involved?

These can be tough questions, especially when both emotions and tensions are boiling hot. Yet Selenite can help you to embrace the age-old mantra that cooler heads prevail.

After all, when all is said and done, a couple is a team. It ought not to matter who was right or who ‘won’ any disputes.

Rather, it’s better to bring the flaws in your relationship into the light so they can be healed. Free from blame, accusations, or judgment. We all enter love affairs with a little baggage – we are only human.

By opening yourself up to the powers of Selenite, you’re also allowing your relationship and your partner to be influenced by its energies.

Selenite will work on your emotions so that you will live a balanced life with your loved ones. It will carefully direct your feelings so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or others.

It will lift you up to a higher level of awareness and help you become the best lover, partner, and friend that you can ever be!

Using Selenite

Selenite is the ideal stone for clearing and cleansing energy. So it’s a must-have in everyone’s jewelry box, home, office, place of business, or sacred corner.

The bigger your Selenite, the better.

Selenite’s natural healing properties can remove any blockages that are preventing the healthy flow of good energies throughout your body a room.

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This stone also works as an emotional cleanser for the body, heart, mind, spirit, and environment.

If you decide to purchase Selenite stones, they will work for you in protecting your space from external influences and lower vibrational energies.

They can evoke protection from the divine realm. They also work to get rid of negative energies from a room and promote inner peace and mental clarity.

And they can also magnify the energies of anything that is placed on top of them, making them a powerful energy amplifier of your other healing crystals.

Meditating With Selenite

By meditating with Selenite during times of stress, discomfort, and pain, we can begin to release the energies that are contributing to spiritual blockages and arrive back at energetic wholeness.

By placing a Selenite crystal upon your forehead, you can feel the energy of your guardian angels coming down upon you. By focusing on its power, you can begin to hear the guidance and protection of these heavenly beings singing to you.

Chakra Work

Selenite is closely associated with the crown chakra. Indeed, Selene, the moon goddess, loves to wear a crown of the crescent moon itself on her head.

By connecting Selenite to the work we do around our crown chakra, we can wash away impurities of the mind. Including negative thoughts, negative memories, mental blockages, and even help against insomnia.

But do not worry if this ability does not come right away! This crystal is clearing out your crown chakra, producing a calm stillness of pure light for the angels to come in and speak with you.

Using Selenite For Healing

Larger pieces of Selenite can also be very helpful when it comes to physical healing. This is because they infuse the body with a white light that can heal.

It’s also believed that they can restructure and regenerate cells. And it’s really no surprise that Selenite is used in healing in holistic treatments.

It’s easy to see why Selenite is so popular. Its superior benefits are excellent for achieving clarity of mind and higher guidance.

It promotes peace, calm, and tranquility. It’s a peaceful stone that creates deep calm. Selenite will work to clear your confusion and assist you in seeing the bigger picture.

It’s one of the most recommended stones for both energy healers and crystal collectors because of its insight and peaceful energy.

If you feel as though people who don’t have your best interests at heart surround you, Selenite can be a source of both comfort and confidence.

And, simply wearing or displaying Selenite has so much aesthetic appeal in its own right, that it’s certain to beautify either the home it’s placed in or the wearer of jewelry with it in in the most delightful ways.

As Jewelry And Wands

When worn as an accessory, Selenite crystals can help remove blockages in your body.

Put a Selenite crystal or wand on the part of your body that feels sore, tight, or painful for about 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel a difference right away.

Selenite crystals are also a good way to cleanse your healing jewelry. Just place your healing bracelet, necklace, or ring on a Selenite crystal overnight. You will find that it’s lighter and cleaner in the morning.

A Selenite wand is a beautiful and ornate way to welcome the energies of this crystal into your life.

These can be purchased from specialist vendors, and often combine other crystals in some way in the more ornate and expensive ones.

A Selenite wand can also be used to work with other crystals in your collection, cleansing them of negativity or other psychic detritus they might have accumulated over time.

It can also help you to intuit which crystals and stones will work best together, and align your collection and arrange it accordingly.

Workplace And Home

Having Selenite crystals with you at work or at home can greatly shift the energy present there.

You can use them by sitting on your chair and putting your bare feet on them – preferably in the form of a Selenite wand.

If you put a big chunk of Selenite beside your front door or any entryway in your house, you can keep negative energies from entering.

Selenite stones can also be placed on your windowsill to keep bad spirits and elements away.

When you place a piece of Selenite underneath your pillow or beside your bed, you will have better sleeping habits.

You can also place your bare feet on a slab of Selenite if you want to balance, clear, or shift your personal energy field.

Selenite can even be placed on the dinner table to promote good conversations and a happy atmosphere while eating!

Although it sharpens your mind, Selenite also helps to make sure that you don’t fall victim to overthinking – something we all do from time to time.

When your head feels like it’s spinning and the windmills of your mind just won’t stop turning, find a quiet and safe space to hold your Selenite crystal lightly in both hands, and just let the world slow down and embrace you.

As you relax your breathing, allow yourself to let go. You will become more conscious of the world you’re in and the energies surrounding you.

In as quickly as 15 minutes, you will feel the balance restored in your body. And your head will be so much lighter and clearer!

You can also place them underneath your bed so that you can sleep like a baby all through the night.

You can place Selenite anywhere in your house that you want to have clear and pure energy. The most popular places would be the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living areas.

Remember that Selenite greatly enjoys the sunlight. So make sure that you put it in the corner of your home where there’s enough light.

Selenite is a light carrier, so don’t let it stay inside your closet or drawer for too long. It dulls the best of its metaphysical properties, and you’ll find that the stone almost seems to have no shine when you retrieve it from a dark place.

Besides, because it’s such a beautiful stone, it’s best to let it be displayed proudly in your home!

By and large, there is no right or wrong way to let Selenite’s energies cleanse and heal you and those whom you love.

Because this stone is so versatile, it doesn’t matter if you happen to wear it, accessorize with it or decorate your home with ornaments featuring it.

The feeling of relaxation and serenity this stone provides you with will be complemented by a keen sense of mental sharpness and agility.

You might even find that, when sitting next to a Selenite doing the crossword, the answers seem to reach you that much faster!

Selenite For Aura Cleansing

Did you know that Selenite can also cleanse your aura?

Just comb the Selenite crystals up and down your body while visualizing them sucking away all the toxins, negativity, all your worries, pains, and stresses of the day.

This is a good practice to have, especially when you’re surrounded by so many people every day. Because when you interact with lots of people, you also pick up on their energies!

Some of these energies stay with you and affect your own energies.

Using Selenite crystals for cleansing your aura will make sure that you get rid of other people’s unwanted energies.

How To Charge Selenite

Instead of sunlight, however, you can use moonlight to charge Selenite. Sunlight often overpowers this soft, fragile stone – when we want to recharge this crystal’s spiritual power.

After charging under the light of a full moon, we can set other stones and crystals on top of Selenite and its auric field. This distributes the energy of the moonlight to our other crystal helpers.

In doing so, Selenite reminds us to stay open, clear, and pure. It encourages us to be productive and energetic. This stone also reminds us that we are always connected to the universe. We can use Selenite’s energy whenever we need a reminder of our potential or destiny.

How To Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is one of the more low maintenance stones. You don’t need to worry about filling your already busy day with lots of complicated cleansing work.

In fact, with the right approach, Selenite can more or less maintain itself.

But a Selenite crystal that has lost its luster will be less effective in transmitting its energies to you and those around you. So it’s still important to cleanse it.

Leaving your Selenite in the light of the moon is a good way of allowing the more negative energies that it has taken on to dissipate.

Likewise, fresh pure water is a good way of washing your Selenite, both physically as much as energetically and esoterically.

Some people also swear by burying Selenite overnight and allowing its energies to become rejuvenated from the very earth it had once been found in.

Yet, often it can be as simple as sitting with your stone held in your hands and willing the energies of the universe and of the Spirit to cleanse and revitalize it for you.

The Best Crystals To Use And Combine With Selenite

Selenite is a powerful yet gentle healer. Selenite can be used in combination with just about any crystal, gemstone or mineral – and will enhance the effects of this stone.

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This makes it useful for crystals new to you, as well as those that you have been working with for some time. It will work alongside other Clear Quartz crystals, Calcite, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Beryl, Aquamarine, Citrine and many others.

However, some combinations are more powerful than others. Here are the best crystals to combine with Selenite.

Black Tourmaline

This tourmaline variety has a much higher vibration than most (all other forms of tourmaline will support your intent) and is well-known as a protection stone. It is excellent for removing any negative energy from you, and purging that which you do not wish to experience.

Selenite works in perfect harmony with Black Tourmaline by strengthening it’s protective properties even further. You can place a cluster of Black Tourmaline within or on top of your Selenite grid and re-energise it regularly.

By doing this you will be creating a powerful ‘force field’ of protection – a place where you can retreat to when you are feeling vulnerable.


This stone is excellent for helping one reach higher consciousness, and helps them to connect with the divine and transcendental realms. It encourages complete trust in the universe, removing any doubt or fear that one may have. It’s energies can also be used to encourage universal law in your everyday life by eliminating negative karma.

Selenite will work alongside Celestite, strengthening its ability to raise vibration even further and remove negativity from your life. The combination of these two stones is highly beneficial, as they both greatly enhance each other resulting in amplified visualisation abilities.

Clear Quartz

This crystal amplifies everything it comes into contact with. It will increase the vibration of any stone or mineral that it is combined with, as well as enhancing their healing properties and supercharging them for your specific intent.

Clear Quartz works very well in combination with Selenite.

Cobalt Blue

This Cobalt Blue variety of Chalcedony has a strong protective energy which deflects bad energies outwards and dissolves negative situations. It also stimulates mental clarity, promoting creative thought processes, problem-solving skills and insights. Cobalt Blue encourages joyous living by removing blockages that may be preventing you from achieving your goals in life.

Both Cobalt Blue and Selenite work together to raise one’s vibration, encouraging them to be more present in the here and now.


Gold is very highly-regarded for removing any blocks that are holding you back from living your life to your full potential. It works by illuminating things within yourself that which may prevent you from reaching this point; bringing these issues to the surface so they can be addressed.

Selenite’s vibration works perfectly with gold as it is an excellent stone for awakening higher states of consciousness. Gold will encourage you to live a more fulfilling existence – but only if there is room for improvement!


This black iron ore may not look like much, but beneath its unassuming exterior is an incredibly powerful protective stone.

It absorbs any negative energy that’s directed at you, and transfers this bad energy into positive chi. This protects your aura from harm. Hematite can also be used to dissipate negative thoughts and influences in your environment, clearing a space around you so that nothing but positive things enter.

Selenite works well with Hematite by amplifying its protective properties even further and creating a very strong bubble of protection around you!


One of the most popular stones in history for protection purposes, Jade has been revered for thousands of years as it possesses some truly incredible healing powers. It draws out negativity from one’s body while protecting them from harmful and hostile intention. Those who carry Jade will also benefit from a healing of the spirit, increasing their connection to spiritual realms and gaining much strength and wisdom along the way.

Jade works extremely well when combined with Selenite for protection purposes – they both offer formidable shields against outside energies so work together harmoniously to create an impenetrable force-field of protection. Selenite’s vibration is amplified by Jade, which raises one’s higher consciousness to even greater heights!


This crystal has exceptional protective properties; it deflects negative energy outwards (such as that emitted by Black Tourmaline) while strengthening your immune system so you are less susceptible to illness or disease. Kyanite can be used to protect against geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, environmental toxins and dangerous pathogens.

Kyanite’s protective energy is stronger when used in conjunction with Selenite as they both amplify each other! They offer an especially strong shield to deflect the negative effects of EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful blue stone possesses powerful protection properties which work on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. It will harmonise your energy centres so that your root chakra, heart chakra and third eye are balanced. As an added bonus, it also raises one’s overall vibrational frequency!

Selenite works very well with Lapis Lazuli as they both have the same high vibration – this makes them a formidable pair when it comes to banishing dark entities!


A blue stone of tranquillity, Larimar will help you clear your mind and achieve a state of inner peace. It makes a wonderful stone for meditation; placing it on the third eye can ease headaches and those who wear or carry this crystal will feel more comfortable in their own body. The piece is also said to aid dis-ease (mental, emotional or physical) by removing blockages that may be hindering the healing process.

In combination with Selenite, Larimar creates an incredibly soothing atmosphere where relaxation and calm reign supreme. It helps you to achieve personal peace so you can live your life free from stress and worry.


This crystal is wonderful for protection against psychic attack and negative energy, and will also protect your physical body from harm. Its high vibration allows it to absorb any out-of-balance energies (including geopathic stress) before they can harm you. Lepidolite recharges itself during the night so it’s ready to block new attacks or harmful influences first thing in the morning! It’s particularly protective when placed on the heart chakra as this creates a powerful barrier around the auric field with its gentle loving vibrations.


Another popular protection stone which has been used for thousands of years, Malachite absorbs and transforms energetic imprints left by other people, places or things. It’s a wonderful stone to place on the heart chakra during meditation or healing work, as it helps you connect with your higher self.


This crystal is famous for its ability to absorb and diffuse negative energy, protecting one from emotional stress and also shielding them from curses. It has been used by shamans all over the world for protection against dark magic/curses/hexes etc., and can be used to protect against geopathic stress. Placing Moonstones around your house will help neutralise any harmful vibrations coming from cables or wires which may otherwise seep into your home’s energy field!

The combination of Moonstone and Selenite creates an incredibly luminescent atmosphere filled with life-affirming energies. Place them together at the heart chakra to help you accept love in your life.

How Much Does Selenite Cost?

Selenite stones are available at various prices.

An online search for Selenite reveals a price range of between $10 and $500, with prices determined by the size and quality of the stone.

The size and quality of the stone will affect the overall price, with higher-quality pieces costing more. Other factors that can affect the cost are quantities ordered, modifications such as carving or polishing (which may be charged additionally), and additional costs incurred during shipping such as custom duties or importation taxes.

If you want to purchase Selenite in bulk, expect lower prices for greater quantities. Be wary of bargain listings that offer cheap Selenite stones as these might be low-quality fakes or artificial reproductions.

My Final Thoughts On The Power Of Selenite

Selenite meanings properties and powers

There’s no doubt that Selenite is one of the most powerful clearing and healing stones in the world.

It’s a very powerful crystal that will effectively cleanse your aura and remove all the bad vibrations and negative energies surrounding you.

If clarity of mind is what you’re after, you should know that Selenite crystals activate the Sahasrara chakra, the crown chakra. Having it in your possession can help you better understand your connection to the universe.

It’s a wonderful tool of enlightenment when it comes to your life, your spirit, and all the things and people that you interact within this world.

You should give proper care to your Selenite because it can impact your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric existence.

For a Selenite crystal to do its work, you must also be willing enough to accept the changes that it will bring to your life!

And if this article helped you, please share it to help spread love and light in our world 🙂

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Her insights into natural healing power make her a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their health, happiness, and spiritual growth.

Caroline's dedication to helping others shines through in every article, making her a trusted voice in the world of crystal healing.