Is Rainbow Moonstone Lucky?

Rainbow Moonstone Meaning, Properties and Uses

Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of Labradorite, and its properties are slightly different from those of Moonstone.

Both varieties are composed of feldspar minerals which, when they cooled down originally, gave rise to the phenomenon of adularescence.

This term describes the light that seems to oscillate across the gem’s surface, giving it a truly magical appearance. Rainbow Moonstone is the name given to Madagascan Labradorite.  

The Meaning Of Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is much prized for its vibrations of feminine or goddess energy, and the stones themselves seem to glow from within. 

Rainbow Moonstone generally displays a blue or multi-colored sheen, which distinguishes it from other varieties of Moonstone.

This blue color and sheen represent the power of the full moon and Rainbow Moonstone over the psychic and spiritual world. When a full rainbow appears in a moonstone, it is an unmistakable sign of that stone’s incredible magical power.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of protection, shielding the aura from unwanted energies and deflecting negative entities or influences that may arise during therapy or healing sessions.

The iridescent qualities of Rainbow Moonstone have led to its being described as a mystical bringer of light. It is indeed a highly spiritual stone that facilitates spiritual growth and development. As a stone of esoteric knowledge, it initiates one into the Mysteries. 

Rainbow Moonstone is perfect for stimulating psychic gifts and for allowing access to Universal wisdom and messages. It aligns our physical and etheric bodies, banishes fears, and strengthens faith in oneself.

The Properties Of Rainbow Moonstone 

Physical Properties 

Rainbow Moonstone is a type of Feldspar. It has the chemical classification of sodium aluminum silicate.

It has a pearly to luster and a triclinic crystalline structure. Its chemical formula is (Na,Ca)₁₋₂Si₃₋₂ O₈ and it measures 6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale for hardness.

Metaphysical Properties

Rainbow Moonstone is used to facilitate past life therapies. It is especially useful for delving into past lives to find the original roots or causes of difficulties experienced in the present.

It is a protective stone that repels psychic attacks and deflects negative energies away from the aura. 

Rainbow Moonstone helps cut the cords of other people’s projections, needs, and emotions that may have become hooked into your aura. It can calm an overactive mind, bring in new ideas and energize the imagination. 

This enhances crystal is an introspective one, leading us to significant insights into our true natures and our true purpose here on Earth. It brings up suppressed memories from the past and cast illumination on the present. 

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of transformation and readies the soul and the body for the ascension process.

Rainbow moonstone block

Varieties Of Rainbow Moonstone 

As well as Rainbow Moonstone, it is possible to obtain varieties of yellow and pearly Moonstone.

In addition to the generic Moonstone qualities, Yellow Moonstone enhances the highest levels of consciousness. It also facilitates trance, visualization, and clairvoyance.

Yellow Moonstone benefits the physical body by supporting the adrenal glands, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, and liver.

Using Rainbow Moonstone

The Benefits of Using Rainbow Moonstone

Like all Moonstone varieties (including Blue Moonstones), Rainbow Moonstone has a powerful connection to the spiritual world.

This is the perfect stone to use if you feel disconnected from a higher power and feel like you need spiritual guidance.

It is also an excellent stone for getting in touch with your emotions.

The Moon has always been associated with the emotional world, which means that its stone is practically the perfect fit for emotional situations.

Because of the rainbow colors, this stone has a more joyful and energetic vibration than the classic varieties of Moonstone that are mainly white or pale blue.

The energy will fill you with joie de vivre and bliss, even during difficult times, and help fend off negative energies while supporting you attune to your emotions more effectively.

The nurturing energy of this stone will give you comfort and guidance in difficult times.

Rainbow Moonstone is exceptionally tightly linked to the idea of the “divine feminine,” the maternal feminine power of the universe.

By tapping into this energy, you will have a guiding mother figure with you at all times, in the spiritual form!

In addition to its emotional healing properties, Moonstone is known to be protective.

In Ancient Rome, Moonstone was said to protect travelers, especially those who travel by night.

It also gives hope to those who are left behind by a traveler.

If you are moving far away from home or family or are in a long-distance relationship, Moonstone can help keep you all safe and keep your spirits up.

It is interesting to many people that the comforting and maternal Moonstone could have such a strong protective effect. However, if you consider the lengths that mothers in the natural world will protect their young, it should not be surprising to find that this stone has a similar quality. 

Moonstone gems combine gentle nurturing with fierce protectiveness, leading to a stone that can take you through even the most challenging times.

However, possibly the best-known use of the Moonstone is for love and romance.

It is a traditional ancient token of undying love, will remove anger from relationships, and will help you accept the love of others.

There are truly countless moonstone uses, and that makes it a remarkably versatile crystal to welcome into your collection.

Just as its appearance features every kind of color you can imagine, so are its applications in spiritual healing that can meet every need of your soul.

Although the healing properties are strong, naturally, these crystals won’t solve your problems for you, but they can certainly arm you with the knowledge and wisdom you need to move ahead in life.

Better yet, this crystal helps you to understand how to do so most compassionately and lovingly.

Rainbow Moonstone in Hand

How Best To Use Rainbow Moonstone 

As described above, Rainbow Moonstone is an excellent stone for protecting travelers.

Place a small piece in your suitcase, backpack, or luggage when you are going on a trip, especially if you will spend time traveling by night.

It is also a good idea to leave a piece with the people you have left behind to maintain your psychic bonds with them.

It is said that wearing a necklace of Moonstone when you are out in the dark will ensure that you can see any danger before it can see you.

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Moonstone is associated with the Crown chakra, which is why it can help you grow your spiritual vision.

Because of this, placing Moonstone on the crown chakra is a wonderful way to enhance its energy and clear the energy of this chakra.

A meditation, where you place a Rainbow Moonstone on the top of your head and focus on clearing your mind, visualizing rainbow light pouring into your head through the stone and then filling your body, can be extremely beneficial for sparking cosmic joy.

Even when you are not meditating, you can use the power of Moonstone to enhance and strengthen your crown chakra by wearing a small hair clip with a Moonstone on it.

Pin it near the top of your head, either high above your ears or on the crown of your head if you are wearing your hair in a bun.

Moonstone is said to aid in an intuitive understanding of one’s body’s natural cycles and rhythms.

It may help you more clearly intuit when and why you become tired, restless, happy, sad, or any other specific, recurring, illogical feeling.

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the energies of the Divine Feminine and the Moon. As the moon exerts such an influence over the female reproductive system, it is an excellent choice for anyone trying to conceive a child.

Rainbow moonstone jewelry

The Powers Of Rainbow Moonstone 

Emotional Healing Powers

Almost everyone has had situations where they need emotional help and guidance, especially in issues related to love and romance.

It can be so hard to know what the best path is to take in romantic situations, especially if we are spiritually and emotionally confused, to begin with.

Moonstone is one of the most helpful stones to guide you through tough times.

Its combination of nurturing, spirituality, and protection is the perfect mix for ensuring that you do the right thing for your own emotional health.

The nurturing powers of this stone will give you comfort and guidance, showing you all the possibilities that are open to you and encouraging you to believe in your own worth. It will guide you towards good fortune.

The spirituality inherent to anything connected to the Moon will help you see your spiritual path more clearly.

This will prevent confusion and protect you against the all too common trap of using a relationship as a distraction from spiritual and psychic pain.

The protective qualities of the Moonstone will protect you against those who mean you harm or would take advantage of you.

You will become invisible to potential evildoers and be kept safe from their schemes.

While all of the above is true of all moonstones, Rainbow Moonstone’s unique coloration and composition add another layer.

Because of how it contains all the colors of the rainbow, a Rainbow Moonstone can bring together apparently disparate feelings in a way that no other stone can.

I’m sure you’ve been in the situation once or twice where you don’t even know what you want, and competing desires run up against each other, leading to confusion and paralysis.

Rainbow Moonstone will allow you to see, accept, and then put aside all the desires that exist within you but are antithetical to your exact wishes.

With these powers, Moonstone is one of the best stones that you can incorporate in your life, especially if you are a young person, just entering a relationship or taking it to a new level or feel as if you are frequently confused or lost emotionally or spiritually.

Having the clarity and clearness of mind to really get to the bottom of why things happen or why people act the way they do is a precious thing, after all.

Yet Moonstone also reinforces that knowledge with emotion, so you are not just coldly analyzing life on behalf of yourself and the world around you.

Instead, you can take a balanced approach to big decisions, to healing rifts in your love life, or deciding how best to move into the next chapter of life that you are so longing for.

Physical Healing Powers 

Rainbow Moonstone is useful for treating eye infections or blurred vision. It also regulates metabolism and relieves stress.

It balances hormones and treats the symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps in women. It is also good for treating rheumatism and gout.

Rainbow Moonstone And Wealth

Rainbow Moonstone is known as a good luck stone and is an excellent aid to manifesting more wealth into your love. This stone will help attract the resources and means you need to achieve your goals and reach your financial targets. 

Part of Rainbow Moonstone’s protective qualities is to protect you from making bad decisions that would be detrimental to your financial health. 

It will help you make useful and helpful connections with people, and the energy of this crystal will point out to you the projects you need to abandon and the people you need to avoid when it comes to money matters. 

Rainbow Moonstone will give you the courage and strength you need to follow your own intuition and to have faith in yourself even when others try to persuade you onto a different path.

This is especially important in business and career-related issues. You should harness your own power and out your faith in the wisdom that has come to you through your feelings, inner knowing, and the messages you receive during meditation with Rainbow Moonstone.

Rainbow Moonstone For Love And Relationships 

The positive and uplifting energies of Rainbow Moonstone make it an excellent love stone.

It can help you attract the right people into your life if you are looking for a new love partnership. It will also keep you strong and confident if it is time for you to begin a new one or change the existing one’s dynamic. 

Rainbow Moonstone helps protect you when you feel vulnerable and find the courage you need to effect changes in a relationship that is no longer working for you. 

This crystal is very empowering. It helps you see exactly what you need to do to change a situation for the better and see the other person’s perspective with understanding and compassion.

How to Combine Different Crystals For Maximum Benefits

Because it is a stone of introspection, it will help you be honest with yourself and recognize your own part in any situation that is no longer viable. 

Sometimes we allow ourselves to behave in ways that are reckless or damaging, not just to ourselves but to those around us. No matter what the cause, Rainbow Moonstone will gently open your mind and heart to the true causes of such behavior and to the possible consequences of continuing along that course of action. 

It promotes self-awareness but also self-love. If something is not for your own highest good, it will certainly not be good for those around you. 

Rainbow Moonstone is an invaluable aid to rooting out the true causes of unhappiness. It takes you back into previous lives, to any karmic seeds which may have been sown way back in your ancestral history.

Once you are aware of the issue, Rainbow Moonstone can also be used to dissolve karmic seeds and to cut the cords, still connecting your subtle body to negative or harmful experiences from the past. 

Once you have this level of self-awareness, everything in your life must change for the better. You and your loved ones will all benefit from the uplifting effects of freeing yourself from old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Rainbow moonstone pendant

Chakras And Rainbow Moonstone 

Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the Third Eye and Crown chakras.

It is an excellent aid to meditation as it helps to calm the physical mind from the chatter and over-thinking that so often interferes with a peaceful meditation. It allows us to be in the present time and space with no distraction. 

When used at the Crown, Rainbow Moonstone gently opens the chakra and allows the cosmos’ benevolent energies and the natural world to flow into and through us, like a pure white light of love and healing. 

When we use Rainbow Moonstone at the Third Eye, we can open ourselves to the wonder of psychic gifts and receive messages and guidance from our Higher Selves and our spirit guides and angels.

When the Third Eye is out of balance, we can feel depressed, unsure, cynical, and anxious.

Using Rainbow Moonstone to clear and cleanse the Third Eye’s energetic blockages allows us to see life clearly, with insight and intuition. It brings a strong sense of perception and an ability to enjoy life just as it is, without fear or insecurity.

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone can be combined with a healer stone such as Golden Quartz or Jasper to cleanse and clear all of the chakras.

Chakra Crystal Combinations 

Use Rainbow Moonstone at the Crown with Selenite and Rutilated Quartz to open the Crown to the Universe’s higher energies and vibrations. Selenite is an excellent stone to partner with Rainbow Moonstone if you wish to experience the gentle, feminine nurturing qualities of Mother Earth. 

At the Third Eye, Rainbow Moonstone works well with Azurite. The combination of the two produces a powerful sense of divine guidance and deeper intuition.

Azurite is sometimes called the Stone of Heaven and has a great deal of spiritual energy. For this reason, it is ideal for psychic development and accessing divine guidance.

When you combine these qualities with the vibrations of Rainbow Moonstone, you can gently open your Third Eye chakra to benefit from enhanced intuition and powers of discernment.

It is important not to force the opening of the Third Eye chakra as the effects can sometimes be overwhelming. Rainbow Moonstone offers its protective energy so that you can clear, cleanse and activate your Third Eye safely.

Other Crystal Combinations 

Rainbow Moonstone is best used in combination with a stone that sparks joyful energy and activity, like Diamond, Garnet, or Peridot.

These will complement the joy-giving rainbows of Rainbow Moonstone and lead to great feelings of happiness and a renewed zest for life. 

The other benefit of these stones is that they generally promote action. The vision and insight that Rainbow Moonstone grants are wonderful things, and not to be underestimated. However, having a vision is not always the same thing as doing something with that vision.

If you are using only Moonstone, there will be times when you find that, even when you see the path clear ahead, you cannot spur yourself into action.

For this reason, it is incredibly beneficial to use a stone that focuses on action, like the ones listed above.

They will give you that added push necessary to ensure that you are doing everything you know you need to reach your goals!

Rainbow Moonstone can also be used with stones like Shungite or Smoky Quartz to banish negativity.

The one risk associated with Moonstone is that, because it places you so much in tune with your emotions, it can lead to a lot of sadness and depression if the emotions that it dredges up are negative and toxic ones.

A stone such as Chalcedony, which is known for banishing negativity, can protect you against your own negative feelings, which naturally exist in all of us.

This way, you can use Moonstone to become more attuned to your feelings without risking the happiness that you may have previously relied on ignorance, or even self-delusion, to give you.

If you are using Moonstone in conjunction with the power of the Moon to attune yourself to a higher natural consciousness, then make sure that you’re also using a stone that harnesses the power of the Sun.

This way, you avoid cosmic imbalance. Citrine and Topaz are well-known for their Sun connections. Gold is also a great conductor of solar energy, of course!

A moonstone set in gold is the ultimate combination for cosmic power.

Rainbow Moonstone stones

Cleansing And Charging Rainbow Moonstone 

Rainbow Moonstone needs to be cleansed regularly as it absorbs negative vibrations from your own aura and the environment around you.

To cleanse the dust and debris from your Rainbow Moonstone, the best method is to hold it under clear running water for a few minutes. Do not soak it in water, and certainly not in saltwater, as this will damage its delicate appearance.

To charge Rainbow Moonstone and keep its energy vibration high, try leaving your crystal in the light of the full moon every month. You can also smudge Rainbow Moonstone with sage if you want to program or charge it with your specific intentions.

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Rainbow Moonstone As A Birthstone 

Rainbow Moonstone is associated in the zodiac with the sign of Cancer (June 21 – July 22) and is the birthstone for those born in June.

The Cancer personality, just like the other signs of the zodiac, has both negative and positive traits. Rainbow Moonstone will enhance the intuitive and caring qualities of Cancer people and encourage their natural loyalty and protectiveness. 

Cancer is a sign known for its sensitivity, which can sometimes tip over into excessive shyness or moodiness. Rainbow Moonstone can help to balance and mitigate these tendencies.

Rainbow Moonstone In Legends And History

In Hindu legend, Rainbow Moonstone is said to have been formed by moonbeams whose light fell upon the earth and solidified. The legends also say that if you hold a piece of the crystal in your mouth during a full moon, you will see your future. It is held to be a sacred stone in India and is widely believed to bring good fortune. 

In Ancient Rome, this crystal was credited with possessing the properties traditionally associated with the moon, such as romance and fertility. 

Moonstone, and Rainbow Moonstone, in particular, is strongly associated with romantic love in many cultures. It is a highly prized gift for lovers and is believed to arouse tender passion. According to one legend, two people wearing Moonstone will fall passionately in love when the moon is full. 

Moonstone is also believed to be a calming, healing stone in many cultures and is often associated with fertility rites or rituals. 

In general, the energy of Moonstone is thought to be balancing, introspective, and reflective. It is a stone for wishing and hoping and a stone for embracing the cycles of change.

Moonstone is a stone for feeling and understanding via intuition and emotional thoughts rather than intellectual reasoning. It is said to bring flashes of insight and stimulate intuitive recognition, helping in the application of intuitive knowledge.

How to Tell if a Rainbow Moonstone is Real?

There are many Rainbow Moonstones that you can easily buy. But knowing the things to look out for in genuine Rainbow Moonstones can make all the difference.

Rainbow Moonstones are usually colorless with a blue or rainbow-colored sheen.

The blue sheen is highly valuable, so Rainbow Moonstones that have the strongest blue sheen are the most popular and most sought after.

Rainbow Moonstones are also typically heavily included, especially in larger sizes. However, these inclusions are the reason for their attractive rainbow sheen.

The inclusions resemble centipedes. They look like cracks with shorter, perpendicular lines.

When a Rainbow Moonstone has very few inclusions, there will also be fewer colors in the stone. This means a cleaner gemstone that will show a blue sheen instead of a rainbow-colored sheen.

Opaque Rainbow Moonstones are mostly cut cabochon to get the most out of their beautiful adularescence.

When shopping for Rainbow Moonstone, the cut is important. It should also have an appropriate height to achieve the desired sheen.

Like all other gemstones, Rainbow Moonstones are also appraised using the famous 4 Cs of carat, clarity, color, and cut.

If the Rainbow Moonstone exhibits adularescence more clearly, the value of the Rainbow Moonstone will also be higher.

But Rainbow Moonstones may have inclusions, which are unsightly and can interfere with the adularescence.

The best cut for a Rainbow Moonstone is cabochon. Because with this cut, it can show the natural phenomena of adularescence within the stone.

However, faceted Rainbow Moonstones are also becoming popular because they can hide the inclusions, if there are any.

Rainbow Moonstones can be found in small and large sizes. Larger and clearer stones of about 15 to 20 carats are very rare and valuable.

The bigger the stone, the more color you will see reflected from the inside.

If you buy a Rainbow Moonstone that is too small, it may look dull because really cannot see enough of the colors.

Rainbow Moonstones are not currently known to be treated or enhanced in any way.

If you’re looking to invest in Rainbow Moonstone jewelry, go for a pair of Rainbow Moonstone dangling earrings.

They can be especially beautiful because of the way they dangle freely. They will capture the light and reflect so prettily that’s sure to be noticed by everyone.

Rainbow Moonstone jewelry can be found on many online stores but beware of imitation Moonstones. If possible, avoid buying online unless you trust the seller.

When buying online, make sure that you are buying from a top-rated vendor who offers authenticity certificates and has a clear and reliable return policy.

If you opt to buy physically from a jewelry store, you can closely examine the Rainbow Moonstone yourself and tell if it’s genuine or not.

Make sure that your Rainbow Moonstone is evaluated by a gemologist, and don’t forget to ask for a certificate of authenticity.

Don’t be fooled by an imitation Moonstone and be attracted by its perfect looks and cuts. Always do your research and check to see if the stone is authentic before parting with your hard-earned cash!

My Final Thoughts On The Power Of Rainbow Moonstone 

Rainbow Moonstone can be extremely beneficial, especially for those who sometimes have difficulty effectively connecting with our emotions.

Maybe we even know what our emotions are saying, but we aren’t sure what to do about them.

Rainbow Moonstone can guide us through some difficult days when we aren’t sure what to do with ourselves or how to handle our emotional situations.

It gives us guidance, protection, and insight all in one.

This makes it one of the best stones for navigating difficult, fraught situations.

When you are integrating Rainbow Moonstone into your life, make sure that you are taking the time to notice all the positive and happy things happening in your life daily. 

Take action when it needs to be taken, and spend some time bringing the power of the Sun into your life to balance the energies of the Moon. 

This will maintain the best cosmic balance for your general wellbeing.

rainbow moonstone meaning

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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