Rutilated Quartz: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Rutilated Quartz can help you solve problems in your personal life. Discover how…

Rutilated Quartz Properties and Meanings

Rutilated quartz is a form of clear quartz that is characterized by the presence of “needles” or strands of rutile within the structure of the quartz crystal.

Rutile is a titanium dioxide mineral, and sometimes contains large quantities of iron oxide.

When the iron oxide content is high, the rutilated quartz may have needles of gold and red in it, and when the content is lower, it may have a darker, even almost black colour.

Rutilated quartz is found everywhere that quartz is found (that is, all over the world) but has typically been dismissed by people outside the crystological community as simply being bad quartz, instead of having its own unique powers.

Rutilated Quartz Example
Alternate Names & Name Spellings: Rutile in Quartz, Venus’ Hair Stone, Golden Hair Quartz, Red Hair Quartz

Such is the case for many crystals that contain other crystals within them!

The general public dismisses them, but they actually contain surprising powers that are just as meaningful (or potentially even more so) than pure minerals.

When a stone contains two or more crystals, it means that it has the power of both of those stones, and additional power to promote harmony, since the stone, by its very nature, must create harmony between the two stones that work within it.

Such is certainly the case for rutilated quartz!

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Rutile is powerful for improving awareness of the world, while clear quartz brings in positive energy. Together, they make an indispensable psychic stone!

Why Would You Use Rutilated Quartz?

The biggest and most historically significant use of rutilated quartz has been as a stone that promotes psychic power.

Rutile is one of the most significant stones for improving psychic powers in western culture, and the power of quartz magnifies this significantly, as it does with the power of any stone it is paired with!

The specific type of psychic power that rutile enhances is known as clairsentience, meaning “clear thinking.”

In other words, it will not make you hear people’s thoughts or see visions (although, if this is what you’re after, it can certainly be paired with other stones to get there).

Instead, it will give you the ability to instinctively know things that are unknown to others, in the same way that you might know the days of the week or the date of your own birth.

If you are not at all interested in psychic phenomena, then I’ll tell you right now that you’re missing out on rutilated quartz’s most exciting properties.

However, even if you are only interested in its purely earthly benefits, there’s still a lot to this stone!

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Rutilated quartz is highly energizing, and can bring passion into difficult times or difficult projects. It is especially useful for any work that you have to do that you may describe to a sympathetic friend as “soul-crushing.”

Work that is incredibly dull, feels pointless, or seems completely out of touch with your goals can be an enormous struggle, but rutilated quartz can give you the power to get through it.

Rutilated quartz can cut straight through to the causes of your unhappiness, or to the causes of any hang-ups or mental issues you may be having.

You probably think that your unhappiness is caused by one specific thing or circumstance, and while that thing or circumstance may be (in fact, it probably is) a major cause, I’m here to tell you that it’s almost never that simple.

Rutilated quartz can help you see things that you might not notice otherwise, and help you develop a better-rounded approach to your understanding of your own mental health and psychological state of being.

It is also said to ease feelings of guilt, anxiety, and loneliness, which are at the core of many greater problems or psychological hang-ups – even ones that, at first glance, seem to have nothing at all to do with those feelings!

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How Will Rutilated Quartz Help You?

Once you’ve cut through to the roots of your problems, as rutilated quartz can help you do, its powers of improving clairsentience can actually help you develop solutions to those problems as well.

You can improve your instinctive sense of what to do under various circumstances, especially when dealing with your own emotional state.

This is a skill that everyone needs to develop at some point – how often have you realized that you feel a certain way but felt entirely powerless to make any change?

Perhaps you’ve realized that you were unhappy in a job, but didn’t know how to get out of that job. Perhaps you realized that you loved someone, but didn’t know how to initiate a relationship. It happens to everyone!

If you are having this problem, then rutilated quartz can help you see what action needs to be taken in order to fix the problem that you are currently having.

It can also give you the strength to actually take that action – another thing that many people struggle with!

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However, it is not always strong enough to give you that energy on its own; see the section below on “The Best Combinations to Use with Rutilated Quartz” for ideas on other stones that can be paired with rutilated quartz in order to help you take action.

The ability to recognize a problem, recognize how to take action, and then actually take action is possibly the most helpful series of skills that anyone can learn, and a series that is applicable to virtually every situation you may find yourself in in your life.

Take, for example, the common complaint of feeling that you aren’t happy with your job.

You may (in fact, you almost definitely will) recognize that you are unhappy, but may not recognize exactly why. Is it because you have no freedom?

Is it because you feel that your boss doesn’t respect you? Do you feel that the work you are doing is antithetical to your personal values?

Once you have cut down to the core of your problem (and here’s a hint: guilt, anxiety, and need for validation are at the core of a good 80% of all problems), you can get started on finding a way to solve it.

Rutilated quartz is fantastic for helping you see solutions to problems that you may previously have felt were all-encompassing and practically unsolvable.

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How to Use Rutilated Quartz for the Best Results

Rutilated quartz can be either carried on your person, or placed in a place that is directly connected to the problem that you want to solve – depending on whether you have one specific problem, or more of a general, all-encompassing desire for your life to improve.

If you choose to wear your rutilated quartz on your person, it does make fantastic jewellery.

Rutilated quartz is connected to the solar plexus chakra, so wearing it over the solar plexus (for example, as a long pendant) maximizes its power, but wearing it in any visible place is almost as effective.

If you feel that you need help in clarifying your thoughts – especially if you’re in that first stage of problem-solving described above, where you recognize that a problem exists but haven’t gotten to the core yet – then wear it as close to your head as you can, either as a short necklace, earrings, or perhaps in a hairpin or circlet.

The closer it is to your thinking powers, the better!

If you have a problem that is tied to a specific location (such as your workplace or your bedroom) then placing rutilated quartz in that space is as good a way as any to get the energy flowing on track in that space!

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Place it somewhere where you can see it, and preferably where anyone who enters that space can see it too.

This will send a clear message on a subconscious level, both to yourself, and to those who enter your space – “caution: problem solving ahead!”

Now, if you are using your rutilated quartz to enhance your psychic powers of clairsentience, then the situation is quite difference.

A rutilated quartz disc or crystal ball can be scribed in, but you must ensure that you have a piece that you feel a personal connection with, as, sometimes, the needles can be distracting and inhibit rather than promoting scrying!

A rutilated quartz pendulum is also an excellent divinatory tool, and will help you make sense of difficult situations, especially if you use it with a series of clear “yes” and “no” questions to the greatest extent possible.

Finally, if you’re really stuck on a problem, place a piece of rutilated quartz under your pillow while you sleep. It might feel like a stretch, but you might just wake up with the perfect answer.

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The Best Combinations to Use with Rutilated Quartz

If rutilated quartz has helped you to see that action must be taken, and even helped you see what action that is, but you are still unsure of yourself and feel that you cannot take it, then pair it with a stone that has a strong active or even aggressive energy.

For example, you may want to pair it with red jasper, fire agate, or other stones that have fiery energy, as that is usually the energy that spurs activity. However, if you’re trying to take action in a specific field of your life (for example, your relationship) then you may also want it paired with a stone that specifically relates to that field of human life.

Rutilated quartz is an excellent stone for the solar plexus chakra, which is an oft-neglected chakra, perhaps because crystologists sometimes have a somewhat negative view of ambition, which is what the solar plexus chakra rules. However, as we all know, every chakra is important in balancing the energies of human life, and none should be neglected!

Use your rutilated quartz in conjunction with other chakra stones in order to address specific concerns that you may be having by boiling down those concerns to the domains of the seven chakras: connection to the world; instinct and sexuality; ambition; emotion and relationships; communication; imagination; and intellectualism and spirituality. There are very few problems in the world that aren’t a combination of two or more of those fields being either blocked or overactive.

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If are using rutilated quartz on your quest to solve your problems and reach your goals, but you fear alienating people with your newfound courage along the way, then you can pair rutilated quartz with a stone that promotes understanding and empathy, such as moonstone.

This will ensure that you are still able to form and maintain healthy relationships with others, perhaps even as you have to make choices to move away from them, or even if they don’t approve at all of your choices.

It will at least help them to appreciate that these choices are yours to make.

Finally, you may want to pair rutilated quartz with a protective stone if you feel that the changes you are making in your lives may lead you into the path of some kind of risk or danger.

The rutile should have positive effects here, but you can never have too much protection.

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My Final Thoughts on the Power of Rutilated Quartzrutilated quartz meaning

Rutilated quartz is one of those fantastic multi-purpose stones that are perfect for the economical crystologist who doesn’t want to buy every single stone separately!

The powers of rutile and quartz combine to have an extremely beneficial effect on your life.

This is the perfect stone for anyone who feels stuck, trapped, or unsure about how to get to a problem that they recognize they have but that they don’t fully understand.

If you want to improve your life but aren’t even sure where to start – only that you’re unsatisfied with where you are now – this is the stone for you!

Does that describe your current situation?

Do you feel at loose ends, perhaps, or unsure what action to take to achieve your goals?

If so, please like and share this to get the word out about rutilated quartz and the incredible effects that it can have on situations like yours!