Black Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

black sapphire meaning

Black Sapphire Properties

Black Sapphire is of Corundum variety, which is an aluminum oxide mineral that occurs in prismatic tabular, rhombohedral or bipyramidal crystals.

It can be translucent to opaque.

It often forms as brownish-black or black, although sometimes it can also be dark brown or dark green in color.

Black Sapphire is very dark and seems to absorb all light that enters it. It can also sometimes appear dark blue or grey.

Black Sapphire mostly comes from Australia.

Why Would You Use Black Sapphire?

Black Sapphire will bring you wisdom and confidence to help you trust your own intuition.

It’s a highly grounding stone that will also center and protect your body and the energies that surround you.

It will deflect the negative energy that other people emit and give you a calm and potent strength during chaotic and stressful moments.

Black Sapphire will also protect your clairvoyant abilities while enhancing your psychic abilities.

It will get rid of your doubts and relieve your sorrow and anxieties.

Gold Filled

Black Sapphire will help you remain calm whenever you’re with people who disturb your inner peace. It will keep you composed even in chaotic situations.

It is an excellent stone that will keep you from feeling panicky or anxious, especially if you’re overly sensitive to people and the world.

It will help keep you anchored even when people around you cannot get along, and their negative energies are threatening to topple your world.

Black Sapphire will keep you hopeful even when everything seems to be falling apart and everything seems to be going wrong.

It will give you a clear idea of how you can set things right, and it will guide you in determining the right thing to do.

Black Sapphire will stimulate your root chakra. It will control your energies for kinesthetic movement and feeling.

When you feel physically out of balance, Black Sapphire will increase your energy levels and your enthusiasm.

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It will also make sure that you are physically stimulated so that you can also have a constant supply of inspiration.

It will keep you balanced and less flighty. It will also keep you connected to reality and away from the negative energies of people.

Black Sapphire will help your physical body regain its strength and vitality.

It will also help you realize and harness your personal power, which will help you become more independent, reliable, and trustworthy.

Black Sapphire will help you find the right path and lead you to a happy and safe direction. It will help you clear the obstacles and minimize the damages caused by your honest mistakes.

How Will Black Sapphire Help You?

Black Sapphire, Healing and Health

Black Sapphire can act as a powerful pain reliever, and it can be very beneficial in your recovery from trauma, injury, or accident.

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It can also be helpful for healing bruises and dislocated bones. It can ease excessive bleeding, cure blood clots, and relieve deep vein thrombosis.

It can help in the treatment of blood disorders while improving the health of your veins and their elasticity.

Black Sapphire can calm the overactive systems in your body. It can also be beneficial in treating IBS and other bowel disorders. It can heal ulcers and boils as well.

Black Sapphire and Wealth

Black Sapphire is an excellent stone to have when you are looking to change careers or get a new job. It will also infuse you with satisfaction in your current employment.

Black Sapphire will support you in grounding your ideas into reality and in bringing them to completion.

It will stimulate your mind and increase your gift of discernment.

It will infuse you with confidence and self-assurance to overcome your indecision and just move forward.

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The energies of Black Sapphire will encourage you to bring out your best and show the world just what you can do.

It will also keep your motivation and determination high so that you can achieve your goals as soon as possible.

Black Sapphire will bring out your innate capabilities and enhance your charm. It will make you more popular with people, and it will encourage you to trust people more.

This makes it a very good stone when you’re in charge of a team or leading people at work or in projects.

Black Sapphire, Love and Relationships

Black Sapphire is an excellent stone when you feel bullied in any way in your relationship. It will encourage you to stand up for yourself and fight for what is right.

It will also protect you from the irrational and unreasonable anger of others, especially your significant other.

It will keep you from being scared or intimidated, and it will coax you into trying new things that will give you wonderful new experiences.

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It will bring you calm and strength when you’re establishing your personal boundaries, and it will infuse you with the courage when it’s time to leave and walk away.

It will also give you the conviction to stay true to your beliefs. It will remind you to have a strong but gentle heart because people change and seasons pass as well.

Black Sapphire will lend you strength, courage, and compassion when you’re experiencing challenging times.

It’s an excellent source of support, especially when you’re going through a life crisis or experiencing a period of incredible loss or grief.

It will help fill the void that’s left in your heart and in your life after suffering a loss. It will make the pain hurt less and the future less bleak.

Black Sapphire will strengthen your intuition and give you the power to discover the truth. It will guide you in making a sensible decision so that you will not regret it in the end.

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It will also inspire you to get creative in the romance department so that things will not go stale or dull.

Black Sapphire is an excellent stone if you want to achieve mental clarity.

It’s a particularly helpful stone that will help you deal with a lot of information, and it will encourage you to communicate verbally.

This stone will also help you manage or reduce your stress properly.

It will give you inner strength and help protect your heart from different kinds of hurts and pains.

It will strengthen your defense and help you become less passive when it comes to issues plaguing your relationship.

Black Sapphire will also give you the wisdom to survive your struggles and overcome your challenges.

How to Use Black Sapphire for the Best Results

Wear a piece of Black Sapphire when you have a demanding career or a stressful job.

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It will dispel negative feelings such as sorrow, guilt, or shock, and it will help you deal with difficult matters in a kinder and more compassionate way.

This stone should also be worn or kept by healers and caregivers who work with sick or terminally ill people.

It will help you give what they need without becoming too sympathetic and without taking on their pains and sorrows.

When worn or used regularly, Black Sapphire will help you overcome your fears of the dark.

You can even use it on your pet cats so that they won’t stray when you’re not around. Simply rub the Black Sapphire on their paws.

Black Sapphire can also be used in contacting people who have already passed on, and it will provide a safe mediumship. It will also protect you against bad or malicious judgment.

Black Sapphire carries energies of gentle strength, purification, and stillness.

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When placed in the north area of your home or office, it will enhance the energies in that space and help you realize your full potential.

It will bring you the power of rebirth and regeneration that will be very beneficial when you’re trying to pick up the pieces of your life and ready to start over again.

Use Black Sapphire to enhance the energies of the space that you use to relax, meditate, and reflect.

It will also be beneficial to put this in your office or on your work table so that you will attract uplifting energies that will help you achieve your goals at work.

The Best Combination to use with Black Sapphire

Black Sapphire is a very powerful stone that can guard you against negative attacks and protect you from harm.

Its energies can be greatly boosted when paired with Silver, Silkstone, or Chalcedony.

Thoughts for the Spirit

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Black Sapphireblack sapphire meaning

Black Sapphire is a highly protective and grounding stone that will help you remain on top of things.

It will help you stay in control of your life.

Its dark color makes it ideal for your earth chakra.

It will help you walk your spiritual path while staying grounded in the present.

This stone will bring light and healing to your life. It will make your transformation possible, and it will strengthen your life purpose.

Black Sapphire will make you understand your purpose in this world and guide you through your breakthroughs!