Dioptase: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Dioptase will help you move on from negative experiences in your life. Discover how…

Dioptase Properties and Meanings

Dioptase is a translucent crystal coloured by copper deposits, which give it an intense emerald or blue-green colour.

It has been used since the ancient world for its beautiful colour – the first known usage of dioptase was on a statue dating back to 7200 years BC.

Dioptase occurs in copper mines and natural copper deposits, where the large quantities of copper ore in the ground become trapped in the silicate matrix of the crystal (which is essentially a form of quartz).

Dioptase Example
Spiritually, dioptase is good for alignment and attunement with the spiritual energies of your choice.

They are fairly fragile stones, and should be handled delicately to prevent splitting.

This only reason why they have not flooded the market – their colour makes them seem very similar to emeralds, and if they were a little hardier, they would make wonderful replacements.

The first deposits of dioptase found in the modern world were discovered in Kazakhstan in the eighteenth century.

The miners were very disappointed when they realized that what they’d discovered wasn’t an emerald mine!

Deposits are found mostly in desert regions with high quantities of copper in the soil.

It is an uncommon mineral, so if you are lucky enough to acquire a piece of dioptase, you should treasure it and handle it with care!

Why Would You Use Dioptase?

Dioptase is a stone of forgiveness and letting go of past wrongs.

In essence, it is the physical embodiment of the old adage that “being angry is like poisoning yourself and hoping the other person dies.”

Dioptase will help you come to terms with the fact that whatever anger you are carrying around with you because of past wrongs will only end up injuring you, rather than the people that you are angry at.

Moss Agate

In the natural progression of this logic, dioptase is often used as a stone for past life regression, and relieving issues from a past life.

Even if you do not personally believe in reincarnation, you can understand dioptase’s power to help us come to terms with things that happened before we appeared on the earth in our physical form, which will always affect us in some way.

Dioptase stones are aligned with the heart chakra, but also with the “thymus” or “high heart chakra,” which is a lesser but still significant wheel of power in our chakric body.

The thymus chakra is said to be the seat of the soul, and creates a higher consciousness when activated alongside the crown chakra and heart chakra.

Often, its powers are folded in with the power of the heart chakra, but some traditions do separate the two as distinct sources of power.

In other words, dioptase is a stone that can help you connect with your true self and soul.

It will help you let go of the self-imposed bonds that so many of us carry around with us, usually because of fear or anger about things that happened in the past.

These bonds and weights are highly subconscious, and you will probably not be aware that you are carrying them with you until after they are gone, and you can experience life without them for the first time.

Because of these powers, it is fair to describe dioptase as a stone of forgiveness.

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It will help you become “unstuck” from the people and situations that you have been having difficulty forgiving, and move on with your life to achieve higher spiritual calm, and a sense of serenity that will help you improve your life.

How Will Dioptase Help You?

Because so many of us carry around so much resentment and anger on a daily basis, we do not realize how powerful a little forgiveness can be.

I want you to consider: who is someone that you are angry at?

Perhaps it’s a co-worker, a boss, a family member, or even just a random person who was rude to you in a store or on the internet.

How long ago did they do something that angered or annoyed you? Was it a few minutes ago? A few days? Maybe months, or even years?

Even if you have not been focussing on them consciously during that time (if it’s been months or years, I certainly hope you haven’t been!), a small part of your unconscious mind has been dedicated, this entire time, to holding on to that anger and resentment.

Over the course of the days, weeks, or years that we dedicate to quietly resenting or being annoyed at others, that part of your mind could have been put to so many other uses. It could have held onto a different, more useful piece of information.

It could have helped your memory or your problem-solving skills. It could have just not bothered you by entering into your brain over and over again.

To make things even worse, most of us aren’t just angry or resentful towards one person.

We might have dozens, or even hundreds of people who we feel have wronged us at various times, and we are dedicating precious brainpower to lugging that anger and resentment around with us everywhere we go!

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If we imagine that even just one percent of our brain is being “used” to hold onto all that anger (towards every person we’ve ever been angry about, and taking into account the time that we spend consciously thinking about them), then over the course of a year, cumulatively, we basically have three and a half whole day’s worth of 100% brain functionality that could have been dedicated to anything else… yet we dedicate it to anger!

I hope this makes it clear how much of an impact resentment makes on our lives.

When you harbour anger towards others, you are flushing your psychic energy down the drain.

Imagine how much you could do if you could dedicate three and a half whole days of a year towards something else, without even a single moment of distraction or interruption!

Dioptase will make it possible to reclaim that one percent of your brain so that you can dedicate that energy instead to things that actually matter to you, rather than wasting it on anger.

How to Use Dioptase for the Best Results

One of the most powerful ways to use dioptase is to use it as a focal item for meditation.

In order to do this, sit down in a comfortable and quiet place, where you will not be interrupted (because you’re going to be doing some talking) and place your dioptase in a light source.

Spend some time clearing your mind and focussing on the stone, especially how the light interacts with it.

Once your mind feels quite clear, start talking to your dioptase crystal. Tell it about everything that is worrying or angering you. Voice your concerns, fears, and resentments – and don’t worry if they’re petty.


The dioptase won’t judge you. Voicing them will bring them into the open, and trying to conceal them (even from yourself) will do far more harm than good.

After you have spoken all your concerns, you may feel tired, shaky, or genuinely angry or upset from reliving all those experiences.

This is normal. Breathe deeply, and allow the power of the dioptase to wash over you, filling you with green light.

Its restoring power will soothe you and calm your frazzled nerves, allowing you to finally let go of the resentment you’ve been storing up and heal.

Afterwards, you may still want to take a nap, though!

You can also wear dioptase on your person, especially when you are entering situations that you know are stressful, or that you suspect will cause you to either develop new resentments or to allow old ones to bubble to the surface.

Any time that you feel upset or angry, bring your focus to the dioptase stone and feel its energy flowing through you, clearing away the blockages that you carry with you.

Since dioptase is quite fragile, it isn’t always the easiest stone to find jewellery made of. The best form is a small pendant that you can rest directly over your heart chakra, or just above it to stimulate the high heart chakra.

If you cannot find a dioptase pendant, but have acquired a couple of small pieces or tumbled stones, you can “DIY” a pendant by wrapping a small piece of gold wire around the stone and suspending that from a cord or chain.

The Best Combinations to Use with Dioptase

Due to its high copper content, dioptase plays nicely with other copper-based stones, like azurite, malachite, and chrysocolla.


These stones complement each other well and can be very complementary, if you want to bring both of their energies into your life.

They are unlikely to give you any trouble if you try to combine them, and their energies will effectively harmonize towards an overall better life experience.

If you are trying to work towards major change in your life, then combining the forgiving power of dioptase with the renewing energy of chrysocolla is an excellent way to do it.

These stones will allow you to let go of the old things that have been cluttering up your life and bring in the new instead.

If you want to develop a more positive attitude towards others, and foster generosity of spirit (especially if the other people around you could use some of this too), then you may find benefit in combining your dioptase stones with other stones that promote good relationships with others, such as peridot or pearls.

Both of these stones will help foster feelings of forgiveness, so not only will you no longer resent people, but you may actually actively cultivate more positive relationships with them.

If you are so mired in resentment and anger that it is causing you to experience symptoms of depression, you may want to bring in green calcite, rhodonite, or tiger’s eye stones, as these are all stones that increase positive energy in your life and will aid symptoms of depression or exhaustion.

If you are interested in using dioptase to develop your experience of reincarnation, or believe that some problems you are currently facing have their bases in past lives, then you may want to combine your dioptase with stones that operate on a high psychic plane, like scolecite or diamond.

Angel Aura

Alternatively, introduce stones that have a very strong connection with the spiritual world, such as celestite or angelite.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Dioptase

Given its expense and rarity, as well as its fragile structure, dioptase has not taken the place in the popular consciousness that might be expected of a stone with both its bold colour and its long history.

Other stones like turquoise and emerald that share these qualities are among the most popular in the world.

Given the relative popular disinterest in dioptase, you may have more opportunities to “get ahead” by using this stone.

If you introduce it into your life and feel its powers of forgiveness influencing you, you will quickly reach a state of serenity that most other people will only dream of!

People will be drawn to your gentle personality, and you will find yourself automatically cultivating healthier relationships.

The added bonus of being a highly forgiving person is that most people will actually be more inclined to treat you well, rather than choosing to test how far your forgiveness can be stretched.

Who are you carrying around anger and resentment against? How long have you been carrying that resentment?

What would you do with all the psychic energy you would have freed up if you let go of this anger?

Dioptase can make this free psychic energy a reality!

Please like and share this article if you found it useful – and especially if you are interested in using the power of dioptase to free yourself from the bonds of resentment.

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