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Tiger’s Eye: Meaning, Properties & Powers

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Tiger’s Eye Meanings

Tiger’s Eye represents the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger, worshipped throughout history and across the world.

In Chinese culture, both ancient and present, the tiger is one of the twelve zodiac animals.

He is a ruler of the material world, meaning anything physical that you can experience with the senses, like light, sound, and matter.

All that can be experienced in this life, the tiger was the ruler of it.

The tiger is more important than even the lion in Eastern cultures. They view it as the King of the Beasts.

The energy embedded in the stone gives us the power to stay fully manifested in this plane of existence, rulers of our own body, and kings and queens of our thoughts and spirit.

This stone has been revered in more places than just China, however.

In Egypt, the beautiful bands of orange and gold displayed in the Tiger’s Eye stone represented the rays of the sun trapped inside the Eye of this sacred beast. The crystal’s beauty was revered as one of the most prized gems of the Nile River Valley.

The Tiger’s Eye holds the power of the noontime sun, the energy of the midsummer, and the peak of lifeforce throughout the year.

It was used as a sacred offering in the tombs of the pharaohs since its great force would help them navigate the afterlife.

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Throughout the ancient world, the Tiger’s Eye stone also represented the concept of the all-powerful Eye.

Some today would call this the third eye, the part of each of us which sees everything we do and searches into the deepest parts of our soul.

Families in ancient India, Africa, and Europe used this stone for this very purpose. By setting the Tiger’s Eye stone on the doorstep or window sill, it would scare off strangers who wanted to harm their children or steal from their houses by peering deep into their souls.

Similarly, Tiger’s Eye was used to fight the Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye is the capability of certain individuals to pass negative energy simply by looking at you. According to beliefs, it is even more powerful with those who have blue eyes.

The bright orange colors of Tiger’s Eye are the opposite of blue and prevent damage from Evil Eye from occurring.

Tiger’s Eye can undo any negative energy imparted into you by these means as well.

In addition to these ancient meanings of the Tiger’s Eye stone, this particular crystal is used frequently because of its beautiful orange and golden hues. Together they represent happiness, joy, prosperity, spiritual royalty, and entrance into the angelic realms.

By meditating on these colors, you can allow these emotions to fill your spirit.

Darkness and negative energies melt away as you begin to work more closely with this powerful stone.


Its orange and black colors also make it a perfect stone for staying spiritually safe during the Halloween season when spirits haunt us more than usual.

Tiger’s Eye is the traditional crystal to give on 9th wedding anniversaries.

Tiger’s Eye Properties

The largest number of Tiger’s Eye stones can be found in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa and Thailand.

However, it can also be mined in Namibia, the USA, Canada, Western Australia, Spain, Brazil, China and Myanmar. Sources of Tiger’s Eye can also be found right across India.

It is called Tiger’s Eye because it resembles the eye of a tiger or a cat. It’s yellow-brown to golden brown in color.

The distinctive and striking color found in this crystal makes it one the easiest of all stones to identify. Even to those who have no interest in this lifestyle usually!

That color speaks volumes on what Tiger’s Eye represents. Strength, power, confidence, intelligence, daring and following one’s own heart and head, no matter the odds.

This is a stone about seeking out the horizon and making your fortune your way, on your terms. But still with a bright smile and a sense of self-assurance that is impossible to shake.

It’s a very attractive stone, similar to Amethyst, no matter what color you get because of the many bands of color it has.

Tiger’s Eye has always been regarded as a mysterious and powerful talisman because it’s all-seeing and all-knowing.

Why Would You Use Tiger’s Eye?

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that amplifies and boosts the energies of any other quartz, crystal, or stone.

It’s a great stone to pair with your favorite Quartz or crystal (like Citrine), and you can expect it to magnify the quartz or crystal’s effect on you.

It’s a must-have if you’re looking for balance and harmony in your life. You may be feeling like you’re losing control of one aspect of your life because you’re too busy dealing with another.

This will be the perfect stone for you to restore the equilibrium in your life.


Like with the December birthstone, Tiger’s Eye is also a good stone to have to release your fears and anxieties.

It’s the stone that can give you courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence to tackle anything that will come your way.

It will help you accomplish your goals because your focus and creativity will be greatly enhanced.

Confidence and optimism will fill you, and all feelings of lack or being incomplete will be dispelled.

Tiger’s Eye gemstones will also improve your sense of self-worth.

They will help you become an ambassador of goodwill. Helping others and inspiring them to be an agent of change and making the world a better place.

A traditional use of Tiger’s Eye is as an amulet to protect yourself from curses or any other kinds of ill wishes.

It may also aid you in making use of your psychic gifts in a more practical way.

Raw Tiger’s Eye stone

How Will Tiger’s Eye Help You?

Tiger’s Eye, Healing and Health

Not only is Tiger’s Eye a stone that amplifies the energies of other stones that it comes in contact with. Its healing energies can also heal sickness or alleviate pains in the human body.

Cute Tigers Eye Jewelry

Of course, it should not replace getting the appropriate medical treatment! But it will also surprise you with just how many benefits it can give to your body.

Tiger’s Eye can benefit those who are suffering from mental health problems or personality disorders.

It will help in resolving mental conflicts by making you think more clearly.

It’s also good in clearing sinus congestions and easing vision problems.

It will help increase your metabolism and keep your energy levels up.

Tiger’s Eye is also known to help in healing broken bones and facilitating quick recovery from neck or spinal problems.

It can clear toxins from the body and give you the strength to recover from whatever is ailing you.

Owning a Tiger’s Eye stone is also an invitation to be more physically and mentally active.

We need to be inviting its energies into our lives in such a way as to prevent disease, injury and illness from occurring in the first place.

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Tiger’s Eye can help to build your resilience and make you more durable and hardy against infection and being hurt.

In fact, the sheer spirit of determination and perseverance this stone can help you to summon up can be quite a surprise to yourself and those around you. So be careful not to overdo it!

After all, even those mighty big cats of nature that helped to inspire this stone’s name will sometimes spend their days flopped out resting and enjoying the sun, too.

Tiger’s Eye, Luck and Wealth

Tiger’s Eye is a golden stone. It’s an excellent stone to have with you if you’re looking to increase your wealth, boost your money flow, or create more opportunities for growth or expansion.

It can bring in abundance and prosperity to your life if you play your cards just right!

The mystical appearance of Tiger’s Eye can’t help but inspire success. Remember, this stone’s name comes from a mighty and big cat. Like the tiger, you’ll feel empowered, confident and able to stride with a swagger after your goals!

However, remember that tigers hunt their prey in concealment. Likewise, Tiger’s Eye will help you to connect to energies that help you be discreet when needed.

This isn’t to say that it will make you sneaky though. More, it’s a question of knowing when to show your hand, and when to shuffle your deck behind the scenes.

For instance, you might be cooking up a big project at work that needs your discretion, or the signing of a nondisclosure agreement.

Similarly, you might have had the misfortune of having good ideas of yours stolen and used by others to make career progress through your efforts.

Tiger’s Eye can help you to know when not to reveal what your goals are. But also to remain sunny and cheerful as a good coworker should!

It will bring good luck to you when you work hard and envision your success. It can amplify the energies that you give to your pursuits, which is why it will also attract a good amount of luck to you.

Tiger’s Eye will work in strengthening your willpower and your intention to succeed. That sense of inner courage and conviction will help you when the world around you seems unstable and uncertain.

In times of chaos, it’s tempting to shore up, wait out the storm and put our best ideas to bed. The fear of failure is a perfectly natural human characteristic. But it can so easily also dissuade you from making the progress you deserve.

Meditating with a Tiger’s Eye stone will help you connect to your ambitions, but not let them capture you and whisk you away on flights of fancy.

Instead, you’ll find that you have the pragmatism to put your plans in motion with measured, intelligent steps. But also with the bravery needed to follow through when others are playing it safe.

It will help you increase your wealth and practice good judgment while doing so. It will also decrease your desire to spend on a whim and help you resist excessive spending.

It’s a stone of good luck and fortune, best for entrepreneurs or those who will be entering the business world for the first time.

However, even if you are not an entrepreneur, the energy of Tiger’s Eye can help bring your dreams and desires to fruition.

It will inspire commitment to a project. It will challenge your way of thinking and make you forego safety and just try something new.

Sometimes you just need to embrace the new and learn to let go of the old or things that no longer work.

Especially if doing so will help bring your career or business forward.

It is a good stone to have if you’re thinking of switching careers, preparing for an important test, or building up your knowledge base for a future project.

It will give you determination and courage. You will become less fearful of what lies ahead.

It’s a great supporting stone that will help you think clearly and be bold enough to do what needs to be done.

Tiger’s Eye will make you more aware of any situation and help you pay attention to the smallest details so that you can take positive action.

It’s the best stone to have for resolving crises, and it will help you think clearly to take the best course of action.

Tiger’s Eye frowns upon complacency and urges you to always be at your 100% best. It’s a reminder never to rest on your laurels and to always think outside the box.

Use Tiger’s Eye to attract a steady flow of money to your home, office, or business.

Use it for quick thinking, or for sizing up a person and determining if they can be trusted or not.

Tiger’s Eye can work wonders for you and your personal wealth!

Tiger’s Eye and Love

When it comes to relationships, Tiger’s Eye will embolden you to take action in your love life.

If you want to be single right now because your relationship is no longer making you happy, Tiger’s Eye will help you find the courage to finally break up.

If however, you want to be in a relationship, or get engaged, or be married, it’s up to you to make it happen! A Tiger’s Eye stone will give you the inspiration to make it happen.

It will help you understand how you’re truly feeling and give you that much-needed push in the right direction.

The tendency of most people is to just go with the flow and see where it will take them. More often than not, it leaves them stuck in a situation where they’re no longer happy.

Yet thanks to the metaphysical properties of Tiger’s Eye, you’ll find that you’re less inclined just to sit back and let circumstances call the shots for you.

There’s a bold brilliance to this stone that can’t help but draw out the very best from within you.

And when people make unkind remarks or take advantage of either your generosity and your hospitality, you’ll feel less keen to roll over and surrender.

You won’t become argumentative, though. But Tiger’s Eye will definitely boost your self-esteem!

It’s essential to recognize if we are being treated in ways we don’t deserve. Sometimes, this means confronting harsh realities and difficult truths.

This stone will, however, not be an overnight cure to these kinds of challenges. But at the same time, you may well be surprised by how finding the right words and actions to overcome these issues will suddenly feel much more manageable.

With the help of a Tiger’s Eye stone, you will be able to find the courage to do what’s right and to find genuine happiness.

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Finding happiness is never an easy thing. But with a clear head and a light heart, you will find it sooner rather than later.

Amazing Tigers Eye Beads

The energy that you will get from this stone will help you make tough decisions with understanding and discernment.

This works in a way that is very similar to most quartz crystals.

You will no longer be spending too much time obsessing about what to do, or delaying doing something because you will know what to do.

Your emotions will not easily sway you anymore. Instead, you will become calmer, more centered, and more grounded to reality. You will have a more practical approach in life as well.

With the presence of Tiger’s Eye in your life, you will realize that it’s easier to make a commitment. It’s because you are seeing clearly and your heart is light and free.

It’s because you know what you want and you know just how you’re going to make it happen.

You will realize that it’s easier to release your fears and remain calm amidst the changes. You will realize that you can remain grounded even if life is passing by at such a fast pace.

Overall this makes Tiger’s Eye a stone of balance that can help you see, understand, and accept both sides of a story or situation.

Often you’ll find that there are many different and often unseen factors at play in any given situation.

But, given its name, this crystal can help to open your eyes to power plays and struggles as they unfold. And to keep you impartial because of it.

Rather than being the villain or the hero, this stone will encourage you to be a mediator. The voice of reason in any situation!

You will gain a better understanding of the cause and effect of a situation. And why it isn’t always just black or white.

It will make you realize that life is just not a matter of yes or no. There are many scenarios that can play out that are beyond your control.

Having the energies of the Tiger’s Eye in your life will make you realize the consequences of your actions. It will make you understand the repercussions of your choices and your decisions.

Tiger’s Eye will sharpen your senses so that you will not be taken advantage of by people you trust. It will protect you from people who have less than honorable intentions for you.

Golden stones such as Tiger’s Eye will help you manifest your biggest and strongest desires when it comes to love and relationships.

Golden Tiger’s Eye is especially powerful in this regard. And you can find that nurturing energy ready to unlock within you when welcoming this stone into your life.

It will get rid of whatever is causing discord, and will inspire devotion and true love.

Tiger’s Eye will act as a lucky charm of sorts because you can make anything happen when being committed to it. You can have the love story that you have always dreamed of.

You can be with the person you have been in love with forever. Anything is possible if only you want it bad enough!

Having a Tiger’s Eye stone close to you will help soothe tensions or iron out differences in a relationship.

It will foster harmony and balance, and it will encourage you to remain calm and focused.

Keep a Tiger’s Eye stone close to you if you want to help fight addictive behaviors that are affecting your happiness with your partner.

Tiger’s Eye crystal is very capable of encouraging your own strength, or that of your partner!

For instance, your partner may lean on alcohol a little too strongly in times of stress. Or you may find yourself flipping out a cigarette when you feel like you need a break. Tiger’s Eye can empower you to break the cycle.

The golden glow of lions’ and tigers’ fur, eyes and regal bearing seem to swim beneath the surface of this stone.

It’s a stone of strength and dignity, and as such, it’ll help you become more self-reliant and confident.

Step by step, meditating with this stone will help you see that you are resilient enough to make it either on your own or with your partner. Neither of you needs to lean on damaging behaviors.

Of course, you can also keep Tiger’s Eye close to promote your strength outside of meditation as well.

Wear it on your body for increased insight and perception, especially when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory or situations.

A happy ever after is always possible with the loving and protective energies of a Tiger’s Eye working for you! You just need to trust in what it can do for you and your relationship.

Tumbled Tiger’s Eye stone

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for the Best Results

By wearing Tiger’s Eye as jewelry, you are keeping the stone’s energy close to your chakras, making it more effective.

And there’s more than only one chakra Tiger’s Eye works well with. It connects to the solar plexus, as well as the sacral and root chakra.

This means that this stone connects to and encourages your deepest and most intimate emotional and spiritual aspects.

The chakras connected to the stone are your deepest and truest self. You can connect to the world around you in exciting new ways through the effective use of Tiger’s Eye’s energy. This way you can achieve success and abundance, but also pleasure and relaxation.

It’s best to wear Tiger’s Eye as a ring, bracelet, or pendant so it is always close to your body.

A Tiger’s Eye bracelet is a particularly wonderful way of giving you all of the benefits of this stone. A bracelet will help soothe aching joints. If you work with computers a lot, or otherwise need to keep yourself limber, this is especially important.

Because Tiger’s Eye is so versatile, there is no right or wrong way of using it.

You can place it in your home, keep it close to you physically, or even put it beneath your pillow to ensure that you experience messages and visions coming through in dreams more fully.

What’s important is the proximity to the stone. It’s how you persuade the energies of a Tiger’s Eye stone to connect to you the best.

Keep it in your purse or your pocket so its healing vibrations will always be near your body. You can also hold it in your hands when you pray or meditate.

If you don’t want to wear it on your body, you can put it in the southern corner of your room, house, or office. This promotes activity, love, warmth, illumination, and enthusiasm.

Tiger’s Eye will bring more passion and emotion, solidify relationships, and seal friendships.

The Best Crystals and Stones to Combine With Tiger’s Eye

You can combine Tiger’s Eye with Serpentine stone to amplify the energy of your stones.

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Together, they can effectively alleviate physical discomfort that you may be feeling in your body or emotional stress that you are suffering from, caused by negative people in your life.

Tiger’s Eye is striking and distinctive. But it works well with other crystals and stones you may have in your collection!

You can certainly use it effectively on its own. But it also works wonders in conjunction with other stones’ and crystals’ energies.

Sometimes, the more sensitive among you might feel as though Tiger’s Eye is a little overpowering from time to time.

If you feel like it’s more than you can handle, use other stones to temper this intense energy and to only receive its immediate positive effects, without feeling too fired up.

Various Other Facts About Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye as a Birthstone

Tiger’s Eye is the planetary stone for Taurus and Gemini, as well as the recognized gemstone for a couple’s ninth wedding anniversary.

It’s a Psychic Protector

Many legends say that wearing Tiger’s Eye is beneficial for health and spiritual well-being.

Legends also say that it works as a psychic protector and that it’s a great stone to have with you if you’re running a business.

Success isn’t just about getting things right, after all. It’s about not letting others impede you.

This doesn’t have to be in terms of literal enemies and adversaries, either. Sometimes, people disagree with you, for various reasons. Either to offer a different perspective or to try and show their own experiences in relation to your own. This doesn’t have to be hostile.

But still – you feel like your big ideas are being shot down, despite being in the best interest of others.

Tiger’s Eye can help you to believe in yourself, even when everyone else does not.

Imagine if Edison or Columbus had listened to the naysayers. Or Amelia Earhart had chosen to hang up her flight goggles!

Sometimes, we have to be bold, even if we are the only people who think we should be.

Tiger’s Eye will help you not to go too far with self-aggrandizement.

Tiger’s Eye Talismans

It’s also known as an incredible stone for achieving clarity. It’s traditionally carried as a talisman to ward off ill wishes and curses.

It will reel you in when you feel like you’re going off the deep end. This also makes it a beneficial balancing stone.

Tiger’s Eye possesses high energy. So it’s usually worn or carried when you want to increase your vitality and strength.

Wearing jewelry with this stone helps to energize and inspire!

Use in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Tiger’s Eye is known for its ability to clear energies and protect you from bad energies.

Tiger’s Eye can be found in various Feng Shui cures such as wind chimes, Feng Shui carvings, and balls.

It is believed that Tiger’s Eye protects those who wear it during long journeys. Tiger’s Eye is also very effective in curing all kinds of problems that are related to the head.

This stone is also considered a money stone that can invite good fortune, abundance, and prosperity in your life.

Its energies will give you the motivation to make your biggest dreams happen!

Keep this stone in your office or place of business and call on it for inspiration or good sales when getting stuck in negative thought patterns.

Hold the Tiger’s Eye in your hand and allow its powerful energies to spark that creative fire in you.

When it comes to career success, use it to focus on your goals, plan your strategy, and wait for the perfect moment to act.

Tiger’s Eye teaches you to live with integrity by encouraging the balance of power.

Instead of being competitive all the time, this stone will inspire you to reach success on your own terms.

When using Tiger’s Eye as a kind of personal life coach, you can harness the strength of a Bengal tiger and face the world with a mighty roar.

The real powers of the Tiger’s Eye are not those that the energies of this crystal bestow upon us, but rather those that are already within you – it just helps you to find them.

With extra confidence and assertiveness by your side, you’ll learn that life rewards those who set out under their own impetus to get what they want.

You will also find how to balance that ambition with temperance. You never necessarily go too far or overshadow others in your pursuit of greatness.

Similarly, you won’t be hostile or aggressive in your actions. But you’ll have a sudden new wellspring of energy and vitality within you that helps to back up your ideas with actions.

The energies of a Tiger’s Eye will give you the strength to stop dreaming and the courage to start living!

Allow the Tiger’s Eye to light the fire of your soul and help you seize the day. This stone encourages you to leap into the unknown with a braver and bolder attitude.

Tiger’s Eye encourages you to go outside of your comfort zone, giving you the chance to grow, change, and transform into your true self.

For all those moments that will test your mettle and challenge your resourcefulness, allow this stone to help you emerge victoriously.

Many rejections and uncertainties may pave the path to your dreams. But Tiger’s Eye will remind you that all it takes is one lucky break to make all your dreams come true!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a stone of contradiction. It can both energize you and make you feel relaxed when you need peace and quiet.

tigers eye meanings properties and powers

However, once you have a bit of experience working with this crystal, you can make this duality work in your favor.

Tiger’s Eye brings clarity and foresight into even the most chaotic of life periods.

It’s a stone that will help ground you and make you understand what really matters in life.

It can restore the balance that you have lost.

Keeping life’s balance is one of Tiger’s Eye’s most practical attributes.

It will bring enlightenment into your life and ground you in a spiritual sense. And it will boost your willpower and energy levels to help you do what needs to be done.

It will reduce your anxiety and help you overcome feelings of discouragement that may arise when things start to get tough.

Tiger’s Eye will teach you the value of patience, and to never give up on the pursuit of your dreams. Remember that it’s a stone of unwavering focus and determination.

And just like a mighty tiger that hunts and kills his prey when he has to – he also does not take more than what he needs. A tiger does not abuse his strength, his intelligence, and his power.

This is what Tiger’s Eye wants to impart with the wearer of this stone.


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Written by Caroline Lucas

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