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Green Tourmaline: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Tourmaline: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Tourmaline Properties

Green Tourmaline is a type of stone that belongs to the tourmaline family. There are many colors of tourmaline stones, but Green Tourmaline is considered the most common and the most classic.

Its stones feature different shades of green. There’s a shade that features a dark bottle green color, and there’s also a light green, yellow-green, blue-green, and olive green shade.

Green Tourmaline is also known as Verdelite. It’s a stone that comes in different shades of green, from dark green, to light olive, to blue-green.

It’s one of the most beautiful and vibrant stones that can be a wonderful addition to your gemstone collection.

Green Tourmaline can be found in many locations in the world, particularly the USA, Pakistan, Brazil, Africa, and Afghanistan.

Why Would You Use Green Tourmaline?

The energies of Green Tourmaline will make you appreciate the many wonders of life. Its lovely color will remind you of the wonderful world that we live in, and the many gifts that life can give.

It will give you a certain kind of appreciation for all that you have learned and experienced in life. Without them, you will not be where you are right now.

Green and Black Tourmaline will also inspire a genuine interest in other people. There are billions of people in the world, and you only get to meet a very small percentage of that.

This should be reason enough for you to go out there and meet as many people as you can, and make as many friends as you can!

Green Tourmaline will encourage openness and patience.

To foster the best kind of relationships, you must open your heart and let people in. You must be patient for the ties to bind and the bonds to forge.

It will foster kindness, compassion, healing, and joyful acceptance in your life. These are just some of the things that make life worth living!

This stone carries energies of protection and purification. It will give you the energies that you need to strengthen and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.

Green and Blue Tourmaline can help you release your stress and anxieties and fill your life with peace and calm. It will purify and align your energies, and at the same time infusing it with love and adventure.

It can transform all negative energies into positive energies that you can benefit from on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

How Will Green Tourmaline Help You?

Green Tourmaline, Healing and Health

Green Tourmaline’s healing energies will be very good to strengthen the heart. It can calm the nervous system so that you can enjoy a proper flow of energies all over your body.

It will also help in your body’s detoxification process. It’s a powerful aid in treating stomach or digestive complaints such as constipation or diarrhea.

It can stimulate proper cellular function and reproduction.

It can also be beneficial to the thymus and ductless glands. It can boost the immune system and help with the treatment of certain cancers.

It can correct cell growth imbalances. It will also help you with your weight loss efforts by enhancing your vitality and giving you stamina for your physical activities.

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It will strengthen your heart and prevent chronic fatigue. Its healing energies can also help with treating ADD and hyperactivity.

Green Tourmaline is also known to help in the healing of eye problems.

Green Tourmaline and Wealth

It will stimulate your creativity to develop fresh ideas, which will eventually manifest your abundance and prosperity.

Green Tourmaline is also a stone that’s used to attract success in business, profits, and money. Green Tourmaline is a magnet for abundance and success! It can also protect you from misfortune.

Remember, Green Tourmaline shares its colors with the lucky four leaf clover, and green is considered a lucky color overall for a number of reasons, in lots of different cultures around the world.

But of course, green is also often considered the color of money! Yet this stone promotes feelings of abundance across the board – abundance that can come in many more forms than wealth alone.

This crystal will help you to have that grateful and intelligent outlook you need to really grow your career prospects.

This crystal and its energies can also open your eyes to potential allies, collaborators and partners who will band up with you for notable projects and sharing ideas.

However, if you have to go it alone for a while, these energies will also keep you productive and confident!

Green Tourmaline, Love and Relationships

The energies of the Green Tourmaline will balance your emotional body. It will help you grow emotionally and make you less inhibited.

It will inspire you to be more expressive with your feelings instead of bottling them all up inside. When you feel the urge to say something, you will do so without feeling any fear or uncertainty.

You will express how you feel and communicate with the person you love whenever you have the chance.

This will make you more comfortable when it comes to sharing your thoughts and emotions, and it will benefit your relationship in the long run.

Green Tourmaline will help harmonize all the energies in your relationship and make you feel peaceful, content, happy, and loved.

When everything is in harmony, you will feel lighter and happier. Anything is possible, and all the challenges that may arise will be easily overcome.

Green Tourmaline will allow you to feel happy and content without feeling guilty about it. This is what you deserve.

This is what you worked so hard for to achieve. You might as well enjoy it and let the whole world know how happy and satisfied you are!

Green Tourmaline will make you feel whole even if you’re not in a relationship with someone. Being single does not make you less of a woman.

Being single should not be something that you should feel sorry about because there are a lot of things that you can enjoy while single.

Green Tourmaline will promote emotional healing, and it will make you more compassionate towards yourself. It will help you see the silver lining and look forward to better days.

Green Tourmaline will help you overcome your emotional problems. Everybody has them, but everyone has different ways of dealing with them.

This stone will make sure that you are not throwing your life away just because your heart is broken. It will help you pick up the broken pieces and start fresh with lightness and positivity.

Green Tourmaline will also make you less fearful of change or transition that will happen in your relationship. It will make you brave, and it will let you go with the flow and see where it will take you.

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It will also give you a sense of belonging. It will make you feel like you’ve finally come home.

Green Tourmaline’s energies will bring more compassion, understanding, patience, and tenderness in your love life. You will have a kinder and more forgiving heart because of this.

It will foster a stronger connection between your heart and mind so that you will have a balance between both. You will not let your heart rule all the time, and you will not let your mind rule all the time, either.

Green Tourmaline will remove the negative energies in your heart and turn them into positive energies that will be beneficial to your emotional well-being.

It will help you to resist what you need to resist and embrace what you need to embrace. It will restore the balance in your relationship so that you will not be controlling or feel controlled.

How to Use Green Tourmaline for the Best Results?

Green Tourmaline is a gorgeous and versatile stone. If you want to benefit from the healing energies of this stone, wear Green Tourmaline jewelry, such as a necklace, pendant, brooch, or bead.

The green energies of this green stone will help the spirits of both animals and plants in your home.

It can enhance the healing and growth of your houseplants and house pets. It will also enhance your meditation and communion with nature.

The Best Combination to Use with Green Tourmaline

Any heart chakra stones and crystals are excellent combinations for the Green Tourmaline.

You can also use it with Emerald, Malachite, Rainforest Jasper, Fuchsite, Gaia Stone, Prehnite, Peridot, Green Heulandite, Green Garnet, and Green Aventurine.

Other colors of Tourmaline will also harmonize well with the Green Tourmaline.

You can pair it with Pink, Black, Blue, Brown, and Black Tourmaline and you will enjoy the enhanced energies of these stones.

Variscite, Lilac Lepidolite, and Merlinite will also merge well with Green Tourmaline.

If you want this stone’s vibrations to help you with your weight loss efforts, you can also combine it with Gaspeite or Yellow Apatite.

If you want to use this stone to strengthen the love vibrations in your life, pair it with Pink Kunzite or Green Hiddenite.

Use your Green Tourmaline with Apache Tears, Amber, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, or Tinaksite if you want to release the negative feelings in your heart and usher in positive ones.

What Price is Green Tourmaline?

The price for the finest Tourmalines has a wide range.

The most expensive and rarest Tourmaline is the Paraiba variety which is green or neon blue in color. Paraiba Tourmaline is so rare that the price can be difficult to determine.

However, clean Tourmalines with very vivid colors can easily sell for over $5,000 per carat. The color and the clarity determine the price for these kinds of Tourmalines.

Chrome Tourmaline is another green-colored Tourmaline which can be found in some locations in East Africa.

The color of this Chrome Tourmaline can be very intense that the finest quality stones can only be found in small sizes.

Chrome Tourmalines that are over 2 carats are usually dark colored. Larger ones exhibit a brighter color and are very valuable and rare.

Prices for high-quality Chrome Tourmalines are in the range of $400 to $1,000 a carat.

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Other varieties, including Green Tourmaline, can be purchased for $50 to $750 per carat depending on the color.

One of the powerful qualities of Green Tourmaline is its ability to purify energy and protect you from negative influences.

The unique striations on the sides of a Tourmaline stone allow it to provide a quick and efficient energy purification.

Green Tourmaline can clear the blockages in your energy centers and promote a fresh flow of vitality, joy, and pure love.

But there are many other incredible properties that this lovely green stone possesses apart from protection and purification.

Joyful acceptance, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and healing are just some of the powerful qualities that Green Tourmaline can bring to your energy fields.

Green Tourmaline can be your go-to stone if you need to strengthen or boost your energy.

It’s a beautiful stone that can be beneficial to whoever wears it during the changing of the seasons when your energy levels are diminishing or depleted.

The healing energies of Green Tourmaline will strengthen your ability to release your stress and ease your anxieties.

The healing power of the color green, combined with the powerful energy work that Tourmalines are known for, can quickly realign your energy centers and purify negative energies.

This stone is not only precious and pretty. It can also infuse you with a stronger love for life and desire to make every day an adventure.

The color green has always been associated with the fertile and lush energies of nature and mother earth. Green Tourmalines will help you align yourself with the healing vibrations of nature.

Green Tourmalines are also very popular because they can attract abundance, prosperity, and wealth. They can improve your life force energy as well.

If you want to benefit from all these incredible energy properties, consider adding Green Tourmaline jewelry or gemstones in your collection.

It will do wonders to your heart chakra, and it’s best worn as a necklace, brooch, necklace, or pendant.

Just always make sure that you buy your Green Tourmaline from only trusted and reputable sellers. Do your research about the stones and don’t let the pictures get you distracted!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is good for your overall healing and well-being. It’s a heart chakra stone that will show you how to see with your heart, and how its reverberating energies will benefit your heart, mind, and soul.

The energies that this stone emanates will harmonize with your heart and bring a feeling of wholeness, stability, strength, and courage.

It will teach you how to stand on your own two feet, and it will show you the best way to grow as a person.

This stone has a wonderful vibration that will still stimulate happiness and create more joy in your life. Green Tourmaline will be your piece of lucky charm when it comes to matters of the heart, wealth, and health!

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