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Goldstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Goldstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

If you are looking for a gemstone that soothes and energizes while also helping you unlock your full potential, you should pick a Goldstone!

The Meaning Of Goldstone

As a beautifully constructed form of glass, Goldstone represents the power and fire of ingenuity. While not coming naturally from the ground, Goldstone has a wonderfully magical history and spiritual meaning.

Goldstone’s meaning is that of a stone of inspiration, and even a warrior stone, for its ability to transmute lofty ideas into physical manifestations of power.

While coming in many colors, it’s most popular, and common variations are orange, reddish, and of course, gold. Flecks of iron glimmer underneath its shiny exterior and make a truly stunning appearance.

The colors of orange, red, and gold all relate to the summer months where the sun is the highest in the sky, and the days are at their longest. Perhaps harkening back to its home of Italy, Goldstone provides a sense of rich warmth, the feeling of long beautiful sunsets dancing on brick walls, and fiery passions.

As a stone that holds the power of the fire in its core, it stands for change, transformation, alchemy, and strength.

Goldstone is an excellent stone to have with you when embarking on new journeys. It helps to ensure that you will have good fortune on your path and be met with fond adventure.

It also goes by “Dell Roba” in some parts, meaning “charming” in Italian. If you wish to impress a suitor or lover, consider wearing a piece of Goldstone in your outfit and watch them be mesmerized with its beauty.

Due to its reflective gaze, Goldstone is also a protector stone. Any stone which possesses a reflective sheen on its surface is perfect for repelling unwanted energies.

One can wear the Goldstone as a part of your outfit or place it around your house for the energies to be dispelled.

In ancient times, stones with this quality, including Goldstone, were placed outside of windows and doors. Thieves or evil spirits that would come upon a house protected with such a stone would be immediately terrified by its unique glittering and translucent surface.

It bounces back anything you don’t want to receive into your energetic field.

Finally, depending on which color of Goldstone you find, it can represent either the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, or even the Solar Plexus.

Whichever hue it is, however, it is focused on your connection to the ground and your physical reality.

By working with Goldstone regularly, you can begin to feel your wayward mind return to your body as you become reacquainted with this world in a much healthier way. It helps improve circulation and loosens the joints.

Goldstone gives back your courage and ambition to live fully in your skin, loving every day with a heart full of joy.

The meaning and uses of Goldstone

The Properties Of Goldstone

Goldstone is a man-made glass that has copper flecks suspended in it. This gives the stone the illusion of sparkle.

Goldstone is usually made up of Gypsum and Feldspar and often comes in a reddish-brown color. But there are Goldstones that are also colored blue and green.

Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone

It is said that Medieval monks in Italy accidentally discovered the process for making Goldstone when attempting to forge the alchemist’s legendary philosopher’s stone.

In the process, copper shavings were accidentally knocked over into a pot of molten glass, creating the first Goldstone.

Goldstone is historically known as Aventurine Glass, from the Italian word ‘avventurina’, which means ‘accidental’, derived from the root word ‘avventura’, which means ‘by chance, luck, or risk’.

It’s also known by the name Stellaria, Gold Star Glass, Gold Flux, Monkgold, and Monk’s Stone.

The Venetian glass crafter Vincenzo Miotti is often credited with Goldstone’s invention.

Metaphysical Properties

Goldstone is believed to be the stone of ambition and aspiration. It fills you with energy, courage, and optimism so that you can achieve all that you want to accomplish in your life.

It’s also known to increase your drive to accomplish any task. It’s a very soothing and healing stone that will promote vitality, especially on days when you feel like you can’t go on.

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Goldstone is the master healer. It’s known to have healing powers on the throat, thyroid, and tonsils.

It’s also thought to cure inflammation, arthritis, and rheumatism. It deals with the lower back, urinary tract, and the reproductive system as well.

Goldstone also helps anyone who wears it to remain grounded and have a generous heart for other people.

Its energies encourage those who are aloof and detached to come out of their shells and overcome their shyness.

Goldstone stabilizes your moods and strengthens your faith. When you’re going through emotional turmoil, this stone will help fight for you and inspire you to keep fighting.

Goldstone is also known as a spiritual healer. It reminds you that there is a supreme power that controls everything.

It will boost your knowledge and perception and help you to find the light in the dark. It also illuminates the path you must take to reach for your stars.

Benefits Of Using Goldstone

Known as the Stone of Ambition, Goldstone can help you achieve your goals with persistence and determination. No goal is too big or too small with Goldstone.

When you decide that you want to achieve something, Goldstone’s energies will work with you to make it happen!

It will help you stay calm even in emotionally volatile moments. It will make sure that you don’t do or say something that you will regret.

Blue Goldstone is especially useful here, not least thanks to its soothing color. In times when you feel stressed, burnt out or as though you are working your fingers to the bone and have nothing to show for it, this stone can really help in restoring your faith.

Take a little time to sit and turn your piece of Goldstone over in your hand a few times, feeling it soak up all your negative thoughts – and replacing them with ambition, drive, and determination.

Pay attention to your body too when doing this, as Goldstone can coax aches and pains to make themselves known in a brief twinge or too – not to harm you, but to show you if your body believes it’s being worked too hard!

It will work to calm your strong emotions so that you will still be able to think clearly and not make any rash decisions.

Goldstone will help you stay energized and enthusiastic. It will revitalize your energy field so that there’s no dull moment spent with you.

Goldstone is also a power creator that can remove all negative energies and attract positive ones.

When you’re operating on mostly negative energies, you will not have peace of mind, and you will only succeed in pushing away the important people in your life.

It can build your confidence and belief in yourself. It will boost the glow of your life force, and it will strengthen your inner self.

Whatever will be beneficial for your body, heart, mind, and spirit, it will be made possible for you.

This stone can give you courage during your weak, vulnerable, and uncertain moments.

It may not give you all the answers that you need in one go, but it will steer you in the right direction.

Goldstone (like Rose Quartz) is an uplifting stone that will make you feel better no matter what it is you’re going through.

It will fill your life with positive energies because it’s a stone that promotes optimism.

It’s a stone of knowledge and perception. It will remind you that there is always light within the dark and that if you truly look hard for it, you will find the path that will lead you to your stars.

Goldstone can help you manifest the things that you want. It will encourage you to use your creativity to improve your life and bring it to where you always wanted to.

Goldstone is also a spiritual protector that allows the energy flow between the physical and spiritual realms. It will inspire you to have faith and believe in a higher power.

Red Goldstone

Powers Of Goldstone

Healing Powers Of Goldstone

Goldstone’s healing properties can help detoxify the body. They can also strengthen the circulatory system and boost the nervous system.

It can stimulate the mind and renew your physical strength.

Goldstone’s healing powers can enhance tissue regeneration and bone strength. It can also effectively ease the pains associated with arthritis.

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It’s been known to reduce inflammation and protect against bacteria and ulcers.

Cancer patients can also benefit from Goldstone’s energies because it could help with the effects of chemotherapy.

Goldstone And Wealth

When it comes to money matters and wealth, Goldstone is an excellent gemstone to have. It can attract abundance and bring you good charm.

It will help you evaluate risks so that you will reach the best decision. When you know what you’re up against, you can prepare well.

Goldstone will enhance your self-confidence so that you will emerge victorious.

It will keep you grounded no matter how much success you achieve. It will keep things in perspective for you and make sure that you have your feet planted firmly on the ground.

This stone symbolizes ambition, drive, and ingenuity. It carries energies of power and money. It’s an excellent money charm that will help you with all your money goals!

Goldstone For Love And Relationships

Goldstone possesses energies that harmonize relationships. You will realize that your disagreements with your partner are becoming less and less.

In moments where you feel misunderstood or as though you have a million things to say but don’t know how to say them, reach for your piece of Goldstone.

You’ll find that your mind is calmed and your ability to speak your emotions with confidence, but never without kindness, seems to return, bit by bit.

Over time, as you attune to the energies of Goldstone more, you’ll find that this side of you becomes increasingly easier to access.

By and by, little quibbles and moments of clashing opinions in your romance will be taken with humor and a light heart, rather than arguing.

And even if there are disagreements, they will be about the small things that can be easily resolved.

Goldstone will give emotional stability. You will truly know how you feel about your partner, and there will be no more doubts.

You will know where you stand in your partner’s life, and you will know where your relationship is headed.

It will remove the heavy emotions in your heart and all the burning questions in your head. It will reduce the tensions and bridge the distance that was created because of these tensions.

You will have more faith in your relationship, and more love, understanding, and kindness for one another.

It will revitalize tired relationships and make room for emotional healing. You and your partner will bring in a more positive attitude because positive thoughts can create a positive life!

Goldstone brings energies of generosity. You will keep your composure, your courage, and your positivity amidst your emotional turmoil.

This stone will increase your willpower to overcome your emotional challenges. It will show you that nothing good and wonderful comes easily.

Goldstone will make you realize that being overly emotional can do more harm than good in relationships.

It will remind you that diplomacy is a good thing to have during tense or trying times. Words can sometimes be more effective than tears or cold silence.

Goldstone will help you balance the mental pressure that you may be experiencing because of personal or professional challenges.

Using Goldstone

Bring a piece of Goldstone with you when you go out on an adventure or travel for business. Its energies will keep you safe from danger, harm, or any kind of mishap.

When you wear Goldstone jewelry, you will attract abundance, harmonize all your professional and personal relationships, and enhance your motivation.

Place it inside your home to fill it with calm and uplifting energies or put it in your place of work to boost productivity and enhance creativity.

It can also attract prosperity and abundance, and even make a pay increase possible.

Cleansing Goldstone

Goldstone can be cleansed by dipping it in lukewarm water and a little bit of dish soap or detergent soap.

Use a cotton wool ball to wipe off the dirt, and use a brush with soft bristle to clean the hard to reach areas.

Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe dry with a soft cloth or a paper towel.

Don’t scratch it but only do gentle blots to wipe it dry.

The Best Crystals And Stones To Combine With Goldstone

If you’re looking to pair your Goldstone with another gemstone to attract wealth and abundance, you can combine it with:

When you want to increase your luck in your personal or professional affairs, you can pair your Goldstone with:

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If you’re running out of ideas and you want to generate new and creative ones, you can combine Goldstone with:

Goldstone is all about personal development, especially when paired with Rubellite.

It’s also a protection stone because it will work to deflect negative and unwanted energies when combined with Indicolite.

There will be increased self-acceptance, self-assurance, self-confidence when you combine Goldstone with Pectolite.

Goldstone Prices

Goldstone is very beautiful and elegant, but not very expensive.

Tumbled brown Goldstone costs about $6, while you can purchase a blue Goldstone chip stone bracelet for just $4.

Red Goldstones in beautiful heart-shaped cuts and are about 45 millimeters in size can be purchased for just $11.

Larger tumbled Goldstones in their regular reddish-brown color can be yours for just $3 to $5.

Goldstone is an energy stone that is often mistaken as a mineral, but it’s really a man-made glittering glass.

However, this does not make it any less popular or sought after by jewelry designers and gemstone collectors.

When designed with just the right settings and combined with just the right stones, Goldstone can truly take your breath away.

Even though Goldstone is made of glass, it can be given any figure and can be cut in any form. You can easily purchase Goldstone through gemstone retailers for very competitive prices.

Chakras And Goldstone

Goldstone’s energy heals and brings the chakras back in alignment. It also gives you the confidence to resolve your weaknesses through your strengths.

Red Goldstone is especially good here, and not just because it represents the color of confidence and passion. Red also symbolizes the bloodstream and the lower chakras, especially the root or base chakra, depending on how you prefer to name it.

This chakra especially is our anchor to the physical world, and it binds us to this reality. That might sound like it holds you back from spiritual growth, but that simply couldn’t be further from the truth – we incarnate in the physical world to experience our spiritual lessons and ideas, after all.

Keeping this chakra in good health is therefore vital to ensuring you don’t have your head in the clouds!

Goldstone is also believed to keep away all the bad energies from your personal auric field.

This stone connects you with the Divine and fills you with energy, wisdom, and courage. It supports you in your learning and in your communication.

Goldstone energy teaches you to find the light in the darkness and to believe that everything is a source of power, love, and energy.

A lot of people are in awe with the qualities of this stone because it radiates energies of balance and new beginnings as well.

More than its beauty and value, Goldstone gives you the encouragement that you need to accept who you are and stop hiding from your own truth.

My Final Thoughts On The Power Of Goldstone
goldstone meaning

If you’re looking for a gemstone that will deliver all the good stuff, whether you’re going through good times or bad times, you should definitely go with Goldstone.

You will be enjoying positive vibrations 24/7, and a powerful life force energy that will surprise even yourself.

It will stimulate your mind and body and help you achieve your goals.

It’s a stone that can influence you to have a positive outlook and to get rid of all your fears that are holding you back.

It’s a stone of ambition and aspiration, after all.

The energies of this stone will fill your life with energy, enthusiasm, and optimism.

Goldstone will push you to achieve things and accomplish tasks, and to live the life that you have always dreamed of!

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