Aegerine: Meanings, Properties and Powers


Aegerine Properties

Aegerine is a sodium iron silicate that creates long and prismatic crystals, which are often terminated by a steep asymmetrical pyramid.

This stone is from the Pyroxene group.

Aegerine can also form as a disseminated and fibrous grain.

It often has an opaque to translucent luster, and its colors are dark and often black.

Although sometimes it can exhibit brownish-black and greenish-black colors, too.

This stone is commonly found in alkali-rich volcanic rocks. It was first discovered in Norway, and named for the Norse sea God Aegir.

It’s also known as Acmite, which is from a Greek word meaning ‘point’.

Aegerine may occur in combination with other minerals, which include Albite, Kakortokite, Tugtupite, Natrolite, and Arfvedsonite.

Why Would You Use Aegerine?

Aegerine is known as a stone of integrity and a stone of self because its healing energies will help you align yourself to your truest convictions.

This stone will give you the courage and the confidence to stick to your convictions and to accept yourself and others.

It will embolden you to follow your heart and go after what truly makes you happy!

Aegerine ExampleAegerine will activate a potent and protective energy that will guard both your aura and physical body.

This stone will fortify your spirit in difficult times.

It will eliminate your negative thoughts, as well as the negative energies and attachments that you may have in your life.

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Aegerine will replace them with the light of positive energies.

It will also promote wholeness, healing, and well-being.

Aegerine is a good stone to help you overcome self-consciousness and unnecessary shame over your appearance.

When you combine it with Tourmaline, it’s also an excellent companion stone when you’re experiencing body image or disfigurement problems.

It’s a very female-friendly stone that will help you overcome your hidden prejudices in the workplace.

It will give emotional support after taking a leave of absence or maternity leave, or when you need to assume a new role that you are not that confident with.

In combination with Amazonite, Aegerine is an excellent stone for those who are working in the medical field, or for those who are constantly exposed to the toxic energies of hospital environments.

It will also shield those who work in home offices or workplace settings and exposed to the electromagnetic fields of electronic appliances and gadgets.

Aegerine will expand the power of other stones and crystals in all healing situations by increasing your own body’s ability to self-heal.

It will protect you from feelings of jealousy and malice, and from the harmful influences of psychic attacks.

When used once a week, this stone will dispel these negative energies coming from all directions.

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Aegerine will activate the base or root chakra and control the energies involved in kinesthetic feelings or movements.

This chakra is the foundation of your physical and spiritual energies, and when it’s out of balance, the symptoms will manifest as lethargy, low enthusiasm, or restlessness.

You will always be looking for constant stimulation, and you will feel flighty, distant, and disconnected from reality.

Aegerine will help restore the balance in your base chakra and help you regain your body’s strength and stamina.

This stone will enhance the healing properties of other stones, especially when they are used all together in healing meditation.

It will rekindle your spiritual energies in the form of security and the sense of your own power. This will lead to your spontaneous leadership and stronger sense of independence.

Aegerine can also be used in activating the Kundalini energy, and it can help stabilize your energy fields as you move through this Kundalini activation!

How Will Aegerine Help You?

Aegerine, Healing and Health

Aegerinecan assist the body in processing and eliminating toxins. It can boost the immune, nervous, and metabolic systems.

This stone is particularly supportive of the gallbladder, spleen, and liver.

It’s an excellent stone for generating physical energy and stamina, and in assisting during the recovery period from illness or injury.

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Aegerine can support the bones, muscles, and nerves. It’s also very useful in overcoming muscle pains and backaches.

It’s a beneficial stone in Reiki and other healing systems that make use of energy-transference through the power of touch.

Aegerine can support cellular memory.

It can enhance the healing of the nervous and metabolic systems.

It can help in the treatment of muscle pain and assist in the removal of toxins in the body.

Aegerine and Wealth

Aegerine is a highly protective stone that can prevent negative energies, psychic attacks, and unnecessary mental influences that affect how you make important financial decisions.

It will clear the energies present in your aura that don’t represent the greatest and highest good.

This stone can also be a powerful stone in healing yourself from your self-limiting thoughts and feelings.

It will simultaneously bring in light and supportive energies that will enhance your personal power.

It will help you follow your personal beliefs and moral codes, and it will encourage you to do only what you think is right.

This stone will give you the strength to be true to yourself! It will help you dispense the effects of group pressure, and it will show you how you can accept yourself without being forced to conform.

Aegerine will strengthen your conviction and personal integrity.

It will remove any kind of physical, emotional, and intellectual blockage and allow you to reflect on your personal conceptions, opinions, attitudes, and decisions.

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Aegerine, Love and Relationships

Aegerine is an important ally in overcoming sadness, hopelessness, or depression.

It will dissolve negative emotional attitudes and patterns that are caused by your feelings of self-pity, worthlessness, guilt, or shame.

This stone will generate positive thoughts that will replace your toxic ones. It will heal the emotional body and help you accept what can no longer be changed.

It will also help you accept yourself and others as they are!

Aegerine will allow you to view the bigger picture and encourage you to follow your own truth without the influence of others, and without worrying about what other people will say.

This stone will heal relationship problems, and it will help your transform your grief after suffering a loss, separation, or betrayal.

It’s a very helpful stone, especially if you’re experiencing guilt, shame, or depression.

How to Use Aegerine for the Best Results

Wearing Aegerine is a wonderful way to use this stone because it embodies the energy that stimulates happiness and joy.

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It’s your go-to stone when you’re feeling stressed by life’s events, or when you’re feeling depressed or overwhelmed by negative emotions.

Aegerine’s energies will stimulate good feelings, which is why it’s the perfect stone to get rid of your anxious or stressed feelings.

It has a strong protective energy, and this energy can protect you from any kind of psychic attack.

Aegerine is very good when it comes to breaking the hold of negativity that may already be attached to you. It will also be a good stone to have to prevent any negativity from coming your way again.

Wearing or carrying Aegerine will help you release negative attachments that have taken root in your aura’s protective field.

It will give healing to your subtle body and restore your damaged auric shield.

Take a piece of Aegerine with you on your self-discovery, whether it’s traveling to new destinations or embarking on a spiritual journey.

It’s an effective talisman, especially for backpackers, because it will protect against negative energies and inhospitable people and places.

The Best Combination to Use with Aegerine

Used alone, Aegerine is a very potent protection stone. It can prevent psychic attacks all on its own, but it can also be more powerful when combined with other stones and crystals.

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Some excellent stones that you can use along with Aegerine to boost your level of protection include Charoite, Shattuckite, Black Andradite Garnet, Black Obsidian, Amulet Stone, Cookeite, Kimberlite, Pyrolusite, Black Tourmaline, and Moldavite.

To enhance its healing action when you’re suffering from electromagnetic radiation sensitivity, you can use it with Flint, Amazonite, Fulgurite, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Chlorite Phantom Quartz, and Shungite.

The energies of this stone are also known for stimulating feelings of happiness and joy.

If you want to experience an influx of wonderful feelings in your life, combine Aegerine with stones that also increase joy and happiness.

Pair it with Rainforest Jasper, Chalcopyrite, Peridot, Chrysoprase, Poppy Jasper, and Green Tourmaline.

If you are undergoing a stressful time and want to release your anxieties, you can use Aegerine with Lithium Quartz, Lilac Lepidolite, and Amazonite.

Aegerine Spiritual Energy

A stone of great spiritual powers, Aegerine signifies integrity and self-reliance.

The healing energies that are found in Aegerine will reaffirm your faith in your beliefs and in your abilities to overcome even the hardest of challenges in your pursuit of success.

You will be showered with the confidence and strength to stay strong to your true self and accept yourself as well as those around you.

When you use Aegerine, you will feel a potent force encapsulating you.

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This is a protective energy that is meant to guard you against the forces of evil and give solace to your spirit during hard times.

The stone will help you get rid of negativity and make room for positive things in life rather than holding on to the toxic ones.

Aegerine promotes a sense of well-being that will help you overcome your fear of standing out in a crowd.

You have been suppressing your true potential since so long only due to misconceptions of self-worth.

You feel that you are not good enough or powerful enough to achieve all your dreams, but that is not the case.

You need a reminder that all your thoughts of self-consciousness are unnecessary and need to be cut off from your being if you wish to get anywhere in life.

This is where the role of Aegerine becomes most evident because it will motivate you to overcome your fears, uncertainties, and feelings of self-doubt.

If it is used in combination with Tourmaline, you will find that your perceptions of your own image will clear up and you will start to see yourself in a more positive light.

The energies of Aegerine are quite female-friendly in the sense that it will enable you to rise above the prejudices that you are made a subject of at the workplace.

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It will also provide you with the support and courage that you need to ask for a leave of absence to focus on another role in life.

When you need to enter into a new phase of marriage or motherhood, Aegerine will give you the emotional support that is so direly needed when you move from one chapter in your life to another and take on new responsibilities that you are unfamiliar with.

It will also give you the confidence to accept these new positions and handle them responsibly and with zest.

The spiritual energy of Aegerine will also shield you from feeling negative about a person or situation.

You will let go of a past grudge and move on to more productive avenues in life which will keep you on the right track.

Negative energies will come at you from all directions, but you can fend them off with Aegerine.

The stone also activates your base chakra and has the power to control all the other energies involved in your body and soul.

It focuses on the foundations of your spiritual energies and manifests them into feelings of strength and courage so that you can always be at the top of your game in all that you do.

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My Final Thoughts on the Power of Aegerine

aegerine meaning

Aegerine will generate and focus your energies for personal healing while reflecting on the wisdom that light is the healer that you will find in the darkness.

It will nourish your personal integrity and self-esteem, and it will empower you to live and express your truth to the world.

It’s a stone that will promote sincerity and virtue, and it will carry the energies of enlightened action, spiritual commitment, and karmic understanding.

Aegerine will strengthen your personal convictions. It will give you the courage to be true to yourself and to others.

This stone will make you focus on the positive energies in your environment and interact with everything that this positivity represents.

It will revitalize your body and stimulate your mind.

Aegerine is a stone that will remove emotional blockages and allow you to reflect on yourself and all that you want to change!