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Jeremejevite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Jeremejevite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

A stone with very calm, soothing energies, Jeremejevite is a beautiful crystal known for its healing powers, especially when it comes to going through sad times.

Jeremejevite is tiny in size, but despite that, its vibrations are strong enough for a person to be able to feel them with ease, especially in the higher chakras of the body.

Jeremejevite Properties

This is a relatively rare crystal that was first discovered in Siberia.

Its name comes from Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev, a Russian mineralogist whose last name translates to Jeremejev in English.

Apart from Siberia, the gemstone has been sighted in Myanmar, Germany, and Namibia, which are all areas where stones like Tourmaline, Albite, and Quartz are found.

Despite its rarity, it is not the most difficult task in the world to find a specimen of Jeremejevite as several crystal suppliers may be able to provide you with one.

As mentioned earlier, the crystals are very small in size, making them almost microscopic, and are mostly found in a hexagonal shape that gives them a prismatic appearance.

The mineral composition mainly consists of aluminum borate. Jeremejevite is found in a variety of light colors, like white, blue, yellow-brown, pale-yellow.

The stone can even be colorless, giving it a more prism-like appearance.

Why Would You Use Jeremejevite?

Jeremejevite is an instrumental tool for use during meditation.

In fact, one of its most significant advantages is its power to stimulate the innate psychic and clairvoyant gifts that already exist in a person’s body but just aren’t activated yet.

The metaphysical uses of Jeremejevite are remarkable because by targeting the deepest levels of a person’s consciousness, the crystal can be of great help in character development.

Anyone suffering through social anxiety or facing a superiority or inferiority complex will benefit largely from Jeremejevite because it improves your sense of self.

When you start to look at yourself in a different light, you will realise your personal worth and understand your purpose in life.

With rising competition from all over, it is very common for people to fall prey to the pretenses and unbelievably high standards set by society.

As you try to reach for these baseless goals that others have set, it is easy to lose sight of who you truly are.

In order to prevent such a mishap from happening, Jeremejevite serves to remind you that you are your own person.

You don’t need to adjust to any social standards if it doesn’t make you happy or feed your soul.

The only way that you can truly achieve your purpose in life is by accepting who you are and staying true to that.

The incredible healing energies of Jeremejevite specifically focus on replenishing your lost confidence and belief in your own abilities.

Once you get a clear understanding of what you’re capable of, there is no stopping you from organizing your life and working to achieve the quality of life that you want for yourself.

The soft, calming energy of Jeremejevite serves as a comforting aid that can provide you with solace and reassurance in times of grief.

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Anyone reeling from a loss of a loved one or any kind of emotional trauma will find comfort in the presence of the crystal because it will remind you that all that you have gone through has happened for a reason.

This knowledge is crucial for the personal well-being of an individual, and Jeremejevite serves as a reminder to that.

Jeremejevite works with the heart chakra, the throat chakra, and the crown chakra, all of which are essential to facilitate astral travels and psychic visions.

By enhancing such powers within you, the stone gives you an insight into the future.

The knowledge of what is destined to take place in your future can often put you in a highly advantageous position so that you can make decisions that are favorable for you.

The majority of the powers of Jeremejevite work with your “second sight”, which is essentially the sense of vision that you need to let any psychic clairvoyance take place.

How Will Jeremejevite Help You?

If you’re at a difficult point in your life and want to recover from a massive loss, be it monetary, emotional, or physical, Jeremejevite will help cope with the grief and even lessen the burden.

Life is full of changes which are more often than not inevitable. The powers of the stone serve to remind you that despite the changes, life goes on.

These energies encourage you to always keep a positive approach and look at the glass half full. The stone is particularly helpful to deal with health issues.

For starters, it reminds you that a healthy body and mind is the first thing you need for a successful life.

After all, if you lack the strength that is needed to go about your day, you will end up doing everything half-heartedly and not accomplish the results that should be achieved.

So, in addition to boosting your spirits and replenishing your energy levels throughout the day, Jeremejevite also assists in the eradication and prevention of several other health issues.

One of these is that it combats abnormal cell growth within you, which, if left untreated, can lead to disastrous multiplication of cancerous cells in your body.

The vibrations of the stone actually target cellular growth so that even cancer patients going through treatment can benefit from these effects to heal their cancer.

The stone also aids in better colon function, so if you’ve been having stomach or gut-related issues, you can benefit from the healing effects of Jeremejevite.

Moreover, if you’re living in an area with extreme climates, especially severe winters, this crystal can help you heal frostbite and other adversities that are caused by winter chills.

It will also be a smart decision to take the stone with you when traveling to a chilly region because it will regulate your body temperature and keep you safe from the sudden change in climate.

As an aid in times of grief, the stone is known to help with depression as well because it releases the stress that you’ve been taking on your shoulders and instils your mind with peace.

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Jeremejevite and Spiritual Healing

Just like with Abalone, Jeremejevite brings about spiritual healing in a very interesting way.

A tiny stone packed with unbelievably strong vibrations, it not only enhances your ability to simply look into the future, but also improves your perception of it.

In this way, you can be better equipped to read what the future holds for you and then act in accordance with that.

This power should not be underestimated because it can protect you from running into unforeseen circumstances and thus spiraling into chaos.

Once you start using the stone, you should think of it as a guide that watches over you from time to time.

In fact, there is no doubt that the stone is one of the most effective ways to channel your spirituality and connect more deeply with the divine being.

It is easy to lose faith in the existence of spiritual guides, especially through tough and trying times.

Jeremejevite urges you to hold on to that belief, for it is the only way you can hope to receive some solace through difficult times.

By believing with full faith that there is an unseen force watching over you and protecting you from negative energies, you will create an aura of positivity around you.

This will not just uplift your spirits, but will also extend to others around you so you can touch their lives in remarkable ways, improving the world around you.

No matter what you have faced or are currently facing in life, it is important to stay strong and understand why it is happening.

Every single one of the experiences you go through is meant to serve a purpose.

Therefore, it is essential to realise that the universe has a plan for you which will end up being the most favorable fate for you.

Jeremejevite helps you understand how universal forces work.

More importantly, it will open your eyes to the truth behind everything that is going on around you.

Even when you lose a loved one, the stone will help you deal with that loss and reassure you that your loved one has passed on successfully to the other life.

This way, you can rest in the knowledge that even though that person is not with you now, he or she is now in a better, more peaceful place and their presence are felt around you in spirit.

Unexpected losses and sudden traumas are perhaps some of the most difficult things to deal with in life.

With Jeremejevite, however, you can hope to lessen the burden of this loss and keep your mental and emotional stability intact in order to deal with the unexpected change.

Jeremejevite, Love and Romance

The spiritual and metaphysical effects of Jeremejevite extend into your romantic life.

If you’re seeking companionship or want to further strengthen your already existing partnership, the effects that the stone has on your personal self will reflect into the bond you share with your significant other.

By helping you keep your composure, the stone makes you less critical of the ways and opinions of others around you.

When you start to accept and value other people for who they are, your positive vibes will invite more people towards you that want to be in your presence.

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A stronger sense of intuition will also enable you to see the true colors of a person.

As a result, you will be able to save yourself from dishonest or untrustworthy people and focus on ones who are genuine and want to see you succeed in life.

Since the stone aids you to cope with changes, this will translate into your love life if your partner is going through major lifestyle changes as well.

For example, if either one of you needs to move away for better job prospects, you will deal with the situation in a mature and smart manner, ensuring that whatever you decide is best for both of you.

Another very significant effect of Jeremejevite on your partnerships is that it makes you trust someone again.

If you’ve loved and lost and are still grieving, the healing powers of the crystal will not just help you overcome the grief but will also make you a stronger person for it.

It will reassure you that if you want to love again, you should not be afraid to go ahead with it.

In fact, your past experiences were important to help you learn from your mistakes so you can avoid making them now and be fearless when it comes to giving your heart to someone else.

How to Use Jeremejevite for the Best Results

Jeremejevite can be used on its own during meditation or combined with other crystals that serve similar purposes.

In fact, if you use it alongside Aquamarine, Apache Tears, Canasitem Green Diopside, and other similar stones, you will be boosting its effects tenfold.

All such stones help with recovery from loss and grief, and using just one stone at a time can often take longer than expected.

Hence, using Jeremejevite in combination with other stones will amplify the effects of all the crystals, bringing them together to instantly start working on the target areas.

The same analogy will be used if you’re using the crystal to cope with major changes in life.

Depending on what area of life is going through a transition, you can combine Jeremejevite with one or more stones like Picasso Marble, Labradorite, or Bastnasite.

My Final Thoughts

Jeremejevite is not just a pretty stone to look at.

The soothing vibrations of this small stone will take you by surprise, not because of the intensity of its energy but because of how smoothly it can help a person transition from one phase in life to another.

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