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Galaxite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Galaxite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Galaxite Properties

Galaxite, also called Galaxyite, is a micro-labradorite that holds powerful energy.

It has a remarkably distinct vibration, and the stone has the appearance of a galaxy of stars!

This stone was discovered in the small town of Galax, in Virginia, USA. It’s believed to be sent to earth by the angels so that it can heal the earth!

It’s a type of moonstone that has a milky and mixed dark green appearance. When you hold it in the light, you will find many opalescent inclusions within the stone.

Why Would You Use Galaxite?

Galaxite is known as an aura stone because one of its most notable characteristics is cleansing, protecting, and balancing the aura.

It will work to protect the aura by preventing or stopping energy leakages.

Galaxite is also considered a transformation stone, and it will assist in your mystical and spiritual transformation.

Its energies will also facilitate your intuitive growth.

Galaxite meanings and properties

This stone will enhance both your conscious and subconscious mind.

It’s particularly helpful in astral projection and astral travel.

It will also work in contacting the higher realm, your spirit guides, your guardian angels, and even beings from other planes and dimensions.

Galaxite will also ease your stress and anxieties, and it will get rid of your worries.

It’s the best stone that you can use if you want to fight off your existential crisis.

It will keep you grounded, but it will not stop you from keeping your head in the clouds!

If you find yourself drawn to the beauty and energy of Galaxite, it can mean that you are looking for your next great adventure.

You are gaining confidence and getting ready to dance to the beat of your own drum.

Galaxite will remind you to go out there and experience the world and create moments that will make you feel most alive!

How Will Galaxite Help You?

Galaxite, Healing and Health

Galaxite’s physical healing properties can be beneficial in treating stress-related illnesses or conditions.

It can help with anxiety disorders, and it is known to be helpful with certain brain disorders as well. This stone can also help with problems in digestion and metabolic illnesses.

It’s known to be particularly effective against colds. It can also ease the pains associated with gout and rheumatism.

Galaxite can be used to ease the pains or discomforts that come with menstruation, such as PMS, menstrual cramps, bloating, headaches, or lethargy.

This stone can also be used to assist with respiratory problems.

Galaxite and Wealth

Galaxite will bring out the best in people in a workplace or business setting.

Its energies will make work very harmonious and fun, and the stone will infuse you with creativity, motivation, and productivity.

It will encourage you to be fully involved with your endeavors so that you will achieve your desired results.

It will also inspire you to think ahead so that your work will not be derailed when something does not go as planned.

Galaxite brings good and favorable energies. When you work with this stone, you will benefit from its lucky and prosperous energies.

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Whatever you’re working on will go as planned, no hitch, and with incredible results!

Galaxite, Love and Relationships

Galaxite will soothe your fears and worries away. It will remove anything in your life that’s preventing you from trying something new or making a change.

This stone will guide you every step of the way in your transformation.

It will help you make sense of things when everything is confusing, and it will reassure you that you are doing the right thing!

Galaxite will bring about a transformation or change in your relationship, and it will positively influence you and your partner.

It will breathe new life into your relationship, and it will make you look forward to the future with enthusiasm.

This stone will help in removing all the bad energies that are preventing you from enjoying your relationship. It will also make you value the good things that bring you pride and joy.

If paired with Orange Crystals, Galaxite will temper the negative side of your personality, and it will work on the negative aspects of your relationship as well.

Anything that causes you shame, guilt, anger, hurt, or sadness will be removed or let go. This stone will reduce your antisocial tendencies, as well as your impulsive or reckless behaviors.

It will inspire you to be more responsible and more considerate to your partner’s needs, especially if you combine it with the November Birthstone.

It will also encourage you to expand your social circles and spend more time with your friends and colleagues!

When you use Galaxite with Lemurian Seed Crystal, it will restore the joy and spontaneity in your relationship. This will be very beneficial for couples who have been together for years.

It will remove the emotional drain of your daily routines and your responsibilities so that your relationship will feel like new again.

You will be able to enjoy all the things that you used to enjoy when you were just starting out, and this shift in your relationship will restore the passion and intimacy!

It will awaken your desire for change, and it will rekindle that sense of adventure in you and your partner.

You will find more reason to spend time with each other, engaging in new activities and trying something new together.

If you pair Galaxite with Fuchsite, it will also promote introspection and contemplation. It will make you reflect on how you have changed as a person ever since you got together with your partner.

It will make you think about how your relationship has shaped your life, and where this relationship figures in your future.

This stone will also make you focus on the forgotten memories which will be brought to light with the help of your Galaxite stone.

Doing so will give you a better understanding of how you are as a partner and how invested you are in your relationship.

It will make you realize things about yourself or your partner that may shed light on the issues plaguing your relationship today.

Galaxite will also dispel your romantic illusions that are doing your relationship more harm than good. They simply put your partner in a tight spot.

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When they are not able to meet your expectations, you will just end up feeling disappointed or resentful for no reason!

Galaxite will also encourage you to get to the bottom of an issue so that you will truly have peace and harmony in your relationship.

Sweeping it under the rug will not help because you will only be postponing the inevitable.

This stone will encourage you to deal with the problems as soon as you can before they get worse and blow up in your faces!

Galaxite is an uplifting stone that will banish your fears and get rid of your insecurities.

It will make you feel good about your strengths, and it will make you feel optimistic that you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

It will also inspire you to have more faith in your abilities, your wisdom, your charm, and your wit to have the relationship that you desire.

It will encourage you to trust in yourself and in the fact that the universe is helping you make it happen!

How to Use Galaxite for the Best Results

Having a piece of Galaxiteclose to you all the time will remove your fears and worries. It will also ward off bad dreams and night terrors.

Galaxite will also protect your aura from energy leakage and from others who want to tap into or drain your personal energies!

Keep this stone close to your body so that its energies will be within your personal auric fields. It will effectively keep the undesirable elements out of your life.

Meditation with Galaxite

Galaxite is a stone that possesses a very powerful energy. Sometimes it’s known as the aura stone because of its ability to protect, cleanse, and balance your aura.

Galaxite will also protect your aura by preventing energy leakages.

When you use Galaxite as your meditation stone, you will also be helping in your own intuitive, spiritual, and mystical growth and transformation.

This stone has the ability to enhance your conscious and subconscious mind, as well as dispel your anxieties and stresses.

Meditation with Galaxite will also help you in your astral projection or astral travel. What it will do for you is contact beings from other planes and dimensions.

Galaxite carries a powerful light energy. When you meditate with this stone, you will be able to enjoy deep feelings and achieve realism, clarity, and understanding.

You will enjoy better sleep and you will also be able to remember your dreams. The energy of this stone will help you achieve spiritual development as well.

When you frequently use Galaxite in your meditation, you are also working on your personal transformation.

You will be working on your own spiritual, mystical, and psychic growth and transformation.

Even if Galaxite has a very high vibration, it also provides strong grounding energy that will be beneficial during your meditation.

Hold your Galaxite to your third eye or crown chakras when you’re meditating or while performing ritual work.

If you listen closely, your meditation companion stone will guide you on how to work with it.

Galaxite will create unity and harmony within the processes of the mind which will bring about calm, relaxation, and stress relief.

Galaxite will promote mental projection to diverse planes of thought, including astral, fairy, and beyond the stars where communication with higher beings take place.

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When worn or carried, Galaxite will bestow wisdom and optimism and attract like-minded people. This will give you the opportunity to form new bonds and forge new friendships.

Galaxite itself presents diversely as the stone of the stars, or the stone sprinkled with fairy dust, or the stone of transformation.

It radiates the energy of inspiration, determination, and versatility. It will also work to increase your self-awareness on different levels so that you can identify what’s not working and make it work again as it should.

Meditating with Galaxite will also help you get rid of negativity. This is why Galaxite also makes a very effective talisman or amulet.

This stone is also attributed to enhancing your self-respect, making it the perfect stone to use in beating depression brought about by low self-esteem.

The wonders of Galaxite make it capable of lifting your spirits by its beauty alone. But use it frequently in your meditation and you will realize that the powers that you feel from this stone are just the tip of the iceberg!

There are still so many gifts waiting to be discovered in this stone, so make sure that you use it every day. You will find that every time you use it, there’s something new that this stone will offer.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Galaxite
galaxite meaning

The power of Galaxite is in its gentle but unique vibrations. This stone will bring more trust, patience, respect, and faith in your life and in your relationships.

It will also give you the focus that you need to be sincere in your efforts, to act more maturely and responsibly, and to be more trustworthy.

Galaxite will help you accept the life that you have right now and to be happy about it.

If you find that there are things in your life that don’t make you happy or satisfied, you will also possess the courage to do something about it!

Galaxite energies will show you how to be more patient in your season of waiting.

It will also help you reconcile your differences with the people in your life and ask for forgiveness if you’re at fault.

This stone will help you release harmful addictions and destructive patterns. It will curb your tempers and make you more relaxed and at ease about life.

Galaxite will remind you that you are someone strong, smart, talented, and dependable. You have the power to make anything happen in your life if you so wish!

There are so many things that you can learn from this beautiful and powerful stone, so make sure that you pick your own piece of Galaxite!

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