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Orange Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Orange Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Orange Crystals Properties

Orange Crystals contain the fiery energies of red, only gentler and more creative on a spirit level.

They are used to encourage you to use your personal power, which make them very beneficial to people who can use a little more self-confidence and self-esteem.

When you carry, wear, or place them in your home, Orange Crystals will stimulate creativity and give you the ability to adapt to changes, just to name a few.

Why Would You Use Orange Crystals?

Orange Crystals exhibit the most amazing color. It’s a color that nature uses on a massive canvas. It combines the passion of red and the happiness of gold.

You need Orange Crystals in your life because they will bring in more joy and happiness, and they will strengthen your relationships.

These crystals will attract pure joy, which is very hard to achieve. It’s an elusive emotion, but one that will completely turn your life around.

As you grow older, you also lose your capacity to experience pure joy. Having Orange Crystals with you will ensure that you always have joy in your heart.

They will give you simple joys, or a deep and life-changing kind of joy.

Whenever you feel like something is missing but can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, try to have some Orange Crystals in your daily life.

They will help you put things into perspective and make you realize what it is that will truly make you happy.

Orange Crystals are happy, outgoing, and generous crystals.

They will bring people and things together and form a strong bond or connection. They will integrate parts of your communal lives.

Orange Crystals symbolize home, family, and community, so you will never feel alone or abandoned whenever you have these crystals with you.

Unlike Obsidian, these crystals will unite, integrate, and combine.

If you ever feel like you’ve lost touch with the real world or with the people who truly matter, the strength of Orange Crystals will bring you back where you belong.

These crystals also symbolize physical pleasure. They will inspire you to do what makes you feel young and alive, and they will encourage you to go out and experience all that life has to offer.

Orange Crystals will help you find new friends and remain close to your old ones despite lack of time or despite the distance.

These crystals will help you keep in touch and find fun and creative ways to keep the friendship alive.

When you work with the energies of Orange Crystals, you will also enjoy companionship, affection, and loyalty.

You will be more comfortable in your own skin, and you will effortlessly bowl people over with your wit and charm.

You will enjoy more encouragement and praise, and you will be generous with your praise as well.

With the guidance of Orange Crystals, you will be inspired to become a better partner to the person you love.

You will have more kindness in your life, and you will realize that patience is truly a virtue.

Orange Crystals will also increase your popularity and strengthen your sense of community.

You will feel like you truly belong, and that you have a home and a family that you can really call your own.

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You will become selfless and charitable, and you will finally overcome your shyness. You will also experience a renewed dedication to your job or to your career.

Orange Crystals will give you emotional support when you’re dealing with abandonment or separation. They will also ease the sorrows brought on by homesickness.

They will protect your family, your marriage, your friendships, and your reputation.

The healing energies of Orange Crystals will also help you overcome your distrust or timidity.

These crystals will focus your energy on becoming a more outgoing, loving, caring, and friendly person!

How Will Orange Crystals Help You?

Orange Crystals, Healing and Health

Orange Crystals can help with issues affecting your sexuality. They can also help address problems related to the genital area and the reproductive organs.

They can help normalize the pulse rate and improve the functions of the lower intestines, bowels, and gallbladder.

Orange Crystals can help in treating food allergies and other eating disorders.

They can also aid in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

These crystals are also beneficial to people who suffer from spasms and muscle cramps. They can also increase lactation in breastfeeding women.

Orange Crystals and Wealth

The healing energies of Orange Crystals will encourage you to stop being self-serving, self-centered, or manipulative.

They will remind you when you’re starting to disregard the needs of others in your desire to come out at the top.

These crystals will inspire you to be humble, modest, and generous. The more you share with others, the more you will be blessed with even more blessings in the future.

Orange Crystals will also increase your sensitivity to the needs of others. They will teach you to not to put your blind faith on someone.

They will also encourage you to come out of your shell to communicate what you desire.

You will be more motivated, and you will be more confident to connect and interact with others.

These crystals will also show you how you can remain professional and keep the emotions in check.

Orange Crystals will make you more self-assured and motivated.

You will be able to concentrate and stay creative while also being a person of authority or power.

These crystals will give you support when it comes to property deals, legal matters, business goals, and buying or selling.

Orange Crystals will boost your intellect and keep you busy. They will infuse you with energies of courage, strength, stimulation, communication, amiability, and action.

Orange Crystals, Love and Relationships

Orange Crystals will always find a reason to celebrate love. They will inspire you to create many happy and magical moments with the person you love.

These crystals will remind you that there’s enjoyment to be had in every moment. You only need to have the right frame of mind and the right person to share that moment with!

Orange Crystals will also help you find the fulfillment that you seek in your relationship or in your marriage.

When it comes to love, it will not always be a bed of roses. But every challenge can be overcome, and every obstacle can be won.

Orange Crystals will also fill your life with joy and happiness. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there should always be joy in your heart!

When you have these crystals, there will be more merriment, enjoyment, and pleasure in all that you do. There will be no room for grief, sadness, or stress.

So much of what goes wrong in love, or the moments that really put a couple to the test, can be overcome if you just let a little more happiness and humor shine through.

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Orange crystals can really help here – just the sight of them can really trigger a sense of lifted spirits and lighter burdens!

The energies of any orange crystal you care to mention will always carry a sense of bravery and of doing the right thing.

It may well be that your partner doesn’t believe in crystal healing and the like, and that’s okay.

Try placing some orange crystals around the home anyway, and you might be surprised by how their mood changes and how little things in life seem to not get either of you down even half as much!

With the guidance of Orange Crystals, you will enjoy emotional balance, peace and harmony, passion and romance, as well freedom to express your emotions.

Orange Crystals will increase your personal power and self-confidence. You will be able to handle the ups and downs of your relationship with finesse.

You will also be able to recover from your hurt and disappointment without hurt, pride, or bitterness.

Orange Crystals will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm about the future and where love will take you.

They will also get rid of your guilt, your lack of sexual desire or pleasure, and your restlessness.

How to Use Orange Crystals for the Best Results?

Orange Crystals will strengthen your sense of home.

You can use Orange Crystals and place them in the center of your home to make sure that it will always be warm, cozy, healthy, and happy.

Keeping Orange Crystals will also keep a family intact and happy. When placed in the office, they will ensure that the whole team is working harmoniously and that everyone stands united.

When your stress levels are starting to become too much, wearing Orange Crystals on your body will help balance your emotions.

It will also encourage you to enjoy, explore, and play to release the stress.

Wear Orange Crystals as part of your everyday wardrobe. They are most effective when they are touching your skin, preferably on the pulse points, for several hours at a time.

Wear Orange Crystals on your ears, neckline, wrists, or ankles to keep their energies close to your personal auric field.

The Best Combination to Use with Orange Crystals

Orange Crystals will blend perfectly with other orange-colored stones and crystals.

You can use them with Carnelian, Fire Opal, Sunstone, Orange Calcite, Tangerine Quartz, Orange Kyanite, Orange Elestial, or Tangerine Aura.

You can also pair them with Orange Jade, Fire Agate, Orange Rhodochrosite, Orange Garnet, or Orange Amber.

They will also make a great combination with second chakra stones like Amber, Topaz, White Moonstone, Blue Jasper, Aragonite, Citrine, Cuprite, Golden Topaz, Golden Beryl, Selenite, Golden Beryl, Zircon, Red Jasper, or Rutilated Quartz.

They can also be paired with Orange Spinel, Paraparadsha Sapphire, Peach Aventurine, Peach Moonstone, or Sheelite.

How to Cleanse Orange Crystals?

Where your orange crystals came from before they made their way to you is not known to many.

It’s possible that it had already been used by another person and holds the negative energies of that person.

Because of this, it’s important to cleanse your crystals before using them for a specific purpose. Cleansing your orange crystals will remove the dense energies and fill them with positive energies.

One cleansing is not enough, though. Regular cleansing is a must.

The easiest way you can cleanse your orange crystals is by using water. Simply hold your orange crystals under clean, cool, and clear running water.

Visualize all the negativities being washed away by the water. Some crystals that should not be cleansed with water include Calcite and Fluorite.

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Your powerful intuitions and good intentions can also cleanse your orange crystals.

Hold the crystals in your hands and intend for all the negative energies to be removed. Blow the positive thoughts into the crystals.

Imagine the crystals being surrounded by a clear and warm light. If your intentions are real and powerful, the crystals will be instantly purified and cleansed.

You can also use smudging sticks to cleanse your crystals. Try herbs like sweet grass, sage, or cedar. You can also make use of incense sticks.

Light the herb or incense stick at the tip with a flame and softly pass the smoke on your orange crystals. They will be cleansed in a matter of seconds.

Selenite is powerful crystal that can also cleanse other crystals. Simply place your orange crystals on top of a Selenite slab.

Sunlight is also an effective, easy, and natural way to cleanse your crystals. Simply put them in a place where the sun’s rays are strong, and they will be cleansed when the night comes.

But some orange crystals cannot be cleansed under the sun, like Citrine, Sapphire, Topaz, and Amethyst.

Orange crystals that can be cleansed in sunlight should not be left there for too long because they might dry out and drain their energies.

The moon can also cleanse orange crystals. Put them under the moonlight for 24 hours.

By the windowsill is perfect. They will be completely cleansed and charged just sitting there under the energizing moonlight.

Burying orange crystals in the ground is another way to cleanse and purify them. Since crystals came from the ground, burying them in their natural state helps cleanse them.

Bury them for 24 up to 72 hours. This is one of the easiest and most effective cleansing methods for crystals. Soaking your orange crystals in brown rice will also cleanse them of negative energies.

This method will energize your crystals and eliminate the harmful and unwanted energies. It will also balance the existing energies there.

Flower petals can also be used. Put orange blossom, honeysuckle, or rose petals in a bowl filled with water.

Put the crystals in the bowl and allow the flower petals to absorb the negative energies and transmit their positive vibrations to the crystals.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Orange Crystals
orange crystals meaning

Orange Crystals are associated with the gentle warmth of the sun.

They are dynamic crystals that will fill you with curiosity and the desire to explore new things.

Use Orange Crystals when you want to spice things up in your life or want to become more involved with something or someone.

Make sure that you have Orange Crystals with you if you feel like time is so slow and you’re running out of things to do or try.

Orange Crystals will give you a boost of creativity and provide relief from things when life starts to get a little too serious!

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