Rainbow Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Rainbow Crystal for love

Rainbow Crystal Properties

Rainbow Crystal is any form of Quartz that naturally flashes the colors of the rainbow when light hits the crystal.

The light reflection that creates the rainbow usually comes from ancient rock crystals which allowed water and other minerals to flow inside the crystal’s interior.

When light hits this inclusion, it’s also reflected back from both sides.

The rays from both sides don’t match perfectly, but they exhibit the rainbow effect.

Why Would You Use Rainbow Crystal?

Rainbow Crystal will remind you that you should see the natural beauty that surrounds you at every moment.

Example Rainbow CrystalThis crystal will also remind you that when you tune in to nature, you also become calmer, more balanced, and more stable.

Everything will feel more rewarding and more purposeful!

Rainbow Crystal will encourage you to lighten up, because life is supposed to be fun.

Don’t take everything so seriously, even when things don’t turn out like you expect.

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Sometimes, the best things in life happen unexpectedly, and usually when you just allow things to happen.

Don’t be afraid to go off the grid and just follow where the road leads you.

You can still stumble upon the best things even without any plans or guide maps!

When paired with Blue Apatite, Rainbow Crystal is a natural promoter of hope, happiness, peace, courage, creativity, and optimism. It will remind you to respect all forms of life.

It’s an excellent crystal if you spend too much time inside yourself. It will remind you that light creates rainbows, and that light cannot pass through if something is tightly closed off.

You need to let light in to your life if you want to experience your own rainbows and your own miracles.

Rainbow Crystal can also effectively fight off depression and encourage you to overcome your shyness.

It will gently cajole you out of your shell so that you can participate with the rest of the world.

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Rainbow Crystal is also considered an excellent rescue stone because it can give wonderful emotional healing.

Rainbow Crystal and Mica will also remind you that you have survived many other storms in your life and that you have the courage and the strength to make it through everything else that will come your way.

You are already a survivor in your own right!

This crystal will show you that all the challenges and problems that you’re going through will create a chink in your armor so that some light will come in.

When you make room for light, hope, and positivity, you can turn even the most awful experiences into something that will motivate and inspire you.

The rainbow is a very strong symbol of the movement of your consciousness through the different levels of growth that each color of the rainbow represents.

It’s also a symbolic bridge between this world and the next. It’s a symbol of a much-needed transformation, and it holds the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings.

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How Will Rainbow Crystal Help You?

Rainbow Crystal, Healing and Health

If you pair it with Dioptase, Rainbow Crystal can be used in physical healing, especially in the treatment of hormonal dysfunctions. It can also be used in treating eye, ear, and throat disorders.

Rainbow Crystal and Wealth

Rainbow Crystal is an excellent dream crystal. It will bring you inspiring and motivating dreams that will get you to act and make them a reality.

Rainbow Crystal will ease the pain of disappointments and failures and imbue you with positive feelings to try again.

This will be very beneficial when you just experienced a loss of your business or a loss of income. It will give you the grace to accept your mistakes and own up to them, and to rise back on your feet and try again.

It’s a crystal of transformation that will do whatever is necessary to help you in your situation.

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This crystal is also a wishing crystal. When you set your intention on this crystal, its powerful and supportive energies will work hard to make it come true for you.

Rainbow Crystal will also add a little more spice to your life.

Its energies will help ignite your passions and stimulate your imagination.

It’s an excellent crystal to connect with, especially when you’re going through a transformation or experiencing a period of change. It will increase your ability to go with the flow and come out on top!

It will give you that positive energy you need and that push for confidence to win at life. It will also fill you with a sense of optimism to attract prosperity and abundance.

Rainbow Crystal, Love and Relationships

Rainbow Crystal will promote peace, love, and harmony in your relationship.

It will also remind you to take care of your own well-being on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level so that you can also love and take care of the people in your life.

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No matter what challenges you are going through in love, the healing energies of this crystal will never allow you to lose hope in love and in your happy ever after!

Rainbow Crystal will give you the courage to trust in yourself and to be brave enough to take a risk in love.

It will remind you that wonderful things can happen magically for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to make them happen yourself!

Rainbow Crystal will also support you as you make a new beginning for yourself or introduce a new way of being.

Kundalini Quartz Rainbow Crystal ExampleIt will remind you to accept yourself for who you are, embracing your own flaws and turning them into strengths.

It will also help in revitalizing any situation and allow you to forgive the failings and mistakes of the person you love.

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It’s an excellent crystal to work with when you want to know the real meaning of unconditional love.

It’s a strong symbol of your own transformation, and it will remind you that there’s a better life waiting ahead of you.

It will keep harmful thoughts and depression away because this crystal will infuse you with feelings of love, stability, security, and calm.

It’s an outstanding meditation tool that will also help prevent emotional breakdowns.

Rainbow Crystal is a good rescue crystal. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed by the demands of life and love, you can always harness the soothing energies of this beautiful crystal!

How to Use Rainbow Crystal for the Best Results

Looking into a Rainbow Crystal is already a meditative experience in itself.

Placing it on your window in the sun will also attract White Light and Rainbows of Healing all throughout your space and activate healing energies present.

Rainbow Crystal is a very good attraction and manifestation crystal because it possesses all the colors of the rainbow.

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This means that it can stimulate all the chakras, which means you can stimulate all the creative levels.

The full spectrum of colors of this crystal also makes it easier to manifest your desires into physical reality.

A good manifestation and meditation exercise you can do with your Rainbow Crystal is to lie down and place the crystal on your solar plexus.

Visualize your desires coming true and making their way into your life while focusing on your breathing and on each color through the crystal.

Then move on through the solar plexus to the next chakras concerned.

Do this until you have activated and opened all the chakras. Use this meditation and manifestation technique to program your Rainbow Crystal.

The Best Combination to use with Rainbow Crystal

This lovely crystal can be used with other stones to enhance their energies and boost their vibrations.

Any kind of high-energy crystals will go well with Rainbow Crystal. You may choose from Herkimer Diamonds, Phenacite, Elestial Quartz, Moldavite, Herderite, Libyan Desert Glass, Brookite, Cryolite, Natrolite, or Tibetan Tektite.

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You can also pair your Rainbow Crystal with Shamanite, Astrophyllite, Yttrium Fluorite, Blue Larimar, Ascension Stones, or Blue Hemimorphite.

If you wish to boost your creativity and enhance your artistic expression, you can use Rainbow Crystal with Watermelon Tourmaline, Botswana Agate, Rutilated Quartz, Rainbow Boji Stone, Phantom Quartz, or Howlite.

If you wish to add calm and relaxation in your busy life, you can also use your Rainbow Crystal with Picasso Stone, Blue Lace Agate, Goldstone, Infinite Stone, Larimar, Moonstone, Blue Chalcedony, Pink Mangano Calcite, or White Fairy Quartz.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Rainbow Crystal

rainbow crystal meaningRainbow Crystal will bring rainbows into your life, and it will be a very special gift to whoever carries or wears it.

It will guide you powerfully and positively in dealing with your challenges and all the negativity in your environment.

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It will also keep a constant awareness that love is present in your life and in every experience.

Rainbow Crystal will help you see the power of love and happiness in every moment, so always keep this magical and beneficial crystal with you!

With the Rainbow Crystal, you have the opportunity to create your own rainbow wherever you go, whoever you’re with, whatever you’re doing.

Every time you gaze into your Rainbow Crystal, happy feelings will radiate from within you and inspire you to start the day on the right note!