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Blue Apatite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Apatite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Apatite Properties

Blue apatite is a form of the mineral group that was named apatite in 1786, although the strict definition of this mineral formation was not determined, as it is used today, until 1860.

The mineral apatite comes from a Greek word meaning “to deceive,” because of its unusual origins.

Apatite is difficult to tell from other minerals and to add to the confusion, a form of apatite known as hydroxyapatite is a mainly biological structure, as a component of teeth and bones.

It is sometimes difficult to think of a stone growing inside our own bodies, which is why early scientists struggled so hard with this classification.

In the natural world, apatite is often found in bars that appear in other sedimentary minerals.

Apatite is found in India, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, and all over North America, and is currently mined mainly for its scientific properties rather than its crystological ones.

Blue apatite in specific is generally used ground up to create a pigment, but it is far more valuable to the metaphysical world when it is used in whole pieces!

Read on to learn about the ways in which this mineral can influence your life.

Blue Apatite

Why Would You Use Blue Apatite?

Dark blue stones are frequently associated with the working of the mind.

You can think of the sacred lapis lazuli stone as the ultimate example of this.

Blue apatite is no exception, especially when it appears in very dark indigo shades, which is how it is often found in nature.

It will aid the development of psychic powers, and also help you become more attuned with the spiritual world.

If you are seeking a religious enlightenment or spiritual shift, this may be the right stone to use to aid you in this journey.

Remember that original apatite meaning, that ancient Greek word meaning illusions or deceptiveness.

You might think this means this stone is trying to trick you as a result of this, but relax – that isn’t the case!

Rather, this crystal is going to help you see what is true in your psychic and energetic development, and what instead is created by anxiety, fear or an overactive imagination.

Remember, the truth is not often as it first appears, just as this crystal, when found in the natural world, can appear to be other kinds of stone entirely until properly identified.

Yet with blue apatite at your side, you will soon cut to the heart of the matter with ease.

Blue apatite is great for developing self-confidence and accepting yourself, with all your quirks and flaws.

Some blue apatite stones have a greenish cast, or are shades of blue-green rather than the navy or clear royal blue colours that are more typical.

These stones have additional powers of influence in the physical world.

If you are seeking a type of enlightenment that will have direct positive influences on your life “on the ground” then a bluish-green shade of apatite may be what you are after.

Blue apatite and Blue Lace Agate can help you develop powers of clairvoyance, and has been said to stimulate psychic visions when coupled with mindful meditation and spiritual exercises.

If this is something that you are interested in pursuing, I will go into more detail in the section on “How to Use Blue Apatite for the Best Results”.

If you want to get started on this in a safer way, placing a blue apatite stone under the pillow is said to promote prophetic dreams.

The vibrations of blue apatite stones have a positive effect on the spiritual and mental body and the aura, helping you to identify and then deal with weaknesses or “cracks” in your spiritual body.

When using blue apatite, you may become highly conscious of your own behaviour, especially behaviour that runs counter to your stated goals.

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This may be uncomfortable at first, but it is actually a highly critical step towards changing yourself in a positive way.

On a more day-to-day level, blue apatite is one of the world’s best stones for enhancing and promoting creativity.

After all, creativity and psychic powers go hand in hand – both require an ability to see things that we are not told to see!

And creativity isn’t just for artists: everyone can use a dose of creative, lateral thinking in their lives.

How Will Blue Apatite Help You?

Depending on your precise needs and goals, you may want to use blue apatite to aid the development of psychic power.

It can help you reach spiritual comfort and enlightenment, help you accept yourself as you are, heal old hurts that are lingering around in your aura and weakening it, or help you become more creative.

As you can see, the powers of blue apatite are many and varied!

Developing psychic powers is something that many people are interested in on an intellectual level, but few are willing to commit to.

After all, the idea of seeing visions or knowing the future can be quite scary!

I would never encourage you to start working on psychic powers before you feel that you are fully ready, but when you are, blue apatite is a wonderful stone for helping you strengthen them.

You can use blue apatite and blue tourmaline stones for spiritual development – becoming more connected to your church or religion, or even to choose a spiritual path if you have not committed to one.

These stones can offer you guidance and bolster your confidence.

Self-acceptance is something that’s thrown around a lot by media and self-help books, but it can be a difficult thing to actually achieve!

Blue apatite is one of the best stones for learning to accept past mistakes and failures as part of yourself and then let their emotional weight fade away, with the principle “next time, I can do better.”

Similarly, when bad things happen to us (even minor bad things, like making simple day-to-day mistakes), we can carry the negative energy of these events around with us for a long time.

How many times have you been going about your daily business and suddenly hit with a vivid memory of something dumb that you did in the past, then becoming crippled with shame and self-anger?

This happens to us all the time!

Blue apatite can help you let go of those past mistakes that you’re carrying around with you, just waiting to drop in and disrupt your life.

Finally, blue apatite is a powerful stone for enhancing creativity, which is something that everyone should work on in their lives.Creativity has been a highly underrated skill for decades.

In the modern knowledge economy, it is becoming clearer and clearer that only creative and innovative thinkers can really succeed at high-powered jobs, not people who always do what they’re told!

How to Use Blue Apatite for the Best Results?

Blue apatite can be worn on the person to enhance any of the skills that I’ve discussed above.

If you are interested in developing your creativity or psychic powers, it is best to wear your blue apatite stone as close to the third eye chakra as possible, since this is the chakra that rules these skills.

If you have a unique and offbeat fashion sense, you may want to wear a blue apatite eyebrow piercing or a blue apatite circlet that rests a stone directly over the third eye.

If this is not your style, wearing it in earrings or in a hairpin gets it close enough to have some effect, although it will not be quite as pronounced.

You can also wear blue apatite in a ring, and press the ring against your third eye whenever you feel you need its power – this is a discreet way to apply it directly to the necessary chakra!

You can also place blue apatite over your third eye chakra during prayer or meditation to open your third eye more completely.

This is one of the most efficient ways to use its power, although, of course, it’s not as convenient as wearing it on your person.

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You can think of this as the difference between sipping a cup of coffee through the day and chugging a double espresso first thing in the morning – one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Since one of the most popular properties of blue apatite is its ability to aid in divination and psychic purposes, use it as a focal point for meditation or prayer.

If this is something that you are interested in doing, first hold your blue apatite stone under a running water source (preferably natural, like a spring or river, but a tap will do too) and visualize inhibitions washing away.

This will cleanse your blue apatite stone of whatever energy it might be carrying around with it.

Next, place it under direct moonlight and seat yourself comfortably so that you will not be distracted by anything as you focus on it.

Stare at your blue apatite stone and become conscious of its shape and irregularities. Clear your mind of everything else.

If you are a practitioner of scrying, you may notice shapes appearing in the pattern of the stone. If you’re more of a beginner, ideas may simply begin to bubble up in the back of your mind.

These ideas have a lot of weight to them, so make sure to write them down once you feel like you’ve had enough! These are the seeds of psychic clairsentience.

If you want to get started using blue apatite for psychic powers, but don’t want to try meditation or scrying, then placing a blue apatite stone under the pillow is said to promote prophetic dreams.

This may be an easier introduction to the process.

The Best Combinations to Use with Blue Apatite

As I hope I’ve made quite clear, blue apatite can be used for a pretty wide variety of purposes!

Blue apatite has a wonderful way of cleansing both its users and their surroundings of illusions and self sabotaging behaviors.

Because of this, you’ll find that it really does work well with any number of crystals you may already have in your collection, and will likewise welcome new additions into a harmonious alliance.

There are many different physical, spiritual and emotional benefits to keeping this stone close at hand, and likewise using its energies in tandem with other stones you feel might need a bit of a boost or a countermeasure, depending on your needs.

Taking this into consideration, the stones that you would want to use to enhance its powers depend quite a bit on which powers of blue apatite you want to use.

If you are interested in using it to develop your psychic powers, you may want to pair it with iolite or angelite.

If you want to use apatite to become more spiritual, pair it with amethyst or lapis lazuli.

If you are seeking to gain more self-acceptance, then you may want to pair this stone with danburite or peridot.

If you are seeking better resilience and self-acceptance, you might want to combine it with a high-energy stone like garnet that can give you energy to push through rough times.

Finally, if you are looking for a combination that will enhance your creativity, you might pair it with fire agate, red jasper, or even diamonds.

One caution: if you are using blue apatite to develop your psychic powers, always tread carefully when introducing multiple other stones into the mix.

Using psychic powers can be a bit of a tricky balance since having a wide variety of stones all vibrating simultaneously in your life can be psychically dangerous at worst, because it can open you up to harm if you are not careful.

What Price is Blue Apatite?

The price of Blue Apatite varies depending on the carat. A piece that’s less than one carat can be purchased for about $40 to $50.

A piece of Blue Apatite that’s just a little over a carat can be purchased for about $60 to S90. There are also Blue Apatite stones that can be purchased anywhere between $200 to as much as $7,000.

The best Apatite stones in the market are currently from Madagascar.

Clean gemstones that have a vivid and brilliant blue color have a high market demand. This makes Blue Apatite a very good buy because it’s still affordable compared to Paraiba Tourmalines.

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The main limitation with Blue Apatite is that it’s not a very hard stone. It only has a rating of 5 on the Mohs scale.

This stone is mainly used for rings, earrings, and pendants. Apatite is a common mineral, but the gemstone-quality Apatites are quite rare.

This gemstone is still quite unknown to most people and can be rarely found in jewelry stores. But because Apatite is available in many forms and colors, it’s a favorite among collectors.

Top grade blue-green Apatites can be comparable to the famous Paraiba Tourmaline. Blue Apatite stones that come from Brazil that are untreated are also very high in demand.

As for any other gemstone, color saturation defines the value of Blue Apatite. Apatites that have a high color intensity are considered most valuable.

Gem-quality Apatite stones are not often available in large sizes, and Apatites that are over one carat can command really high prices.

When expertly cut and polished, Blue Apatite has a vitreous luster. Almost all Apatites will have visible inclusions.

Blue Apatite comes in many different shapes and cuts. They are usually faceted in traditional shapes. Fancy shapes and calibrated sizes are rare and sell for very high prices.

Apatite stones are also usually untreated. Blue Apatite can be heat-treated, but some don’t go under any kind of enhancement.

If you plan to purchase a piece of Blue Apatite, the gemstone seller or supplier should disclose any enhancement or treatment that had been made to the stones that they are selling.

Aside from the beautiful and elegant looks of this stone, they are much sought-after because of their powerful healing properties.

If you find yourself constantly juggling the demands of everyday life with harmful thoughts clouding your judgment, it can prevent you from reaching your true potential.

To keep these thoughts from negatively influencing your aura, simply gaze at your Blue Apatite stone!

This will promote a wonderful contemplation. Use Blue Apatite to warm up your chakras by placing them on your chest or breastbone.

If you want to break through to the other side and communicate with the higher realm, the energies of Blue Apatite will also assist you with it.

When you own a piece of this powerful stone, you can also expect to have an expanded spiritual dimension.

When it comes to Blue Apatites, the benefits can be endless!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Blue Apatite

Blue apatite can be used for a fantastic variety and array of powers, all of which will appeal to different people at different stages of their lives.

Even if you are only interested in one facet of blue apatite’s powers at the present time, you will probably, at various points, feel the need for all or most of them.

With this in mind, acquiring a piece of blue apatite can be a very worthy investment – there aren’t many stones that can help you on as many fronts as this one!

Whether you’re seeking spirituality, creativity, self-acceptance, or psychic powers, the blue apatite stone can help you in improving yourself in all these fields.

Which powers of blue apatite are you the most interested in using?

Please like and share this post if you found it informative, or learned some new powers that blue apatite has that you weren’t aware of before!

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