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Smithsonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Smithsonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Smithsonite Properties

Smithsonite is named after the English scientist James Smithson because he was the first person to identify the mineral in 1802.

During that time, Smithsonite was generally known as calamine.

Metalworkers and miners knew that some forms of calamine produced zinc, but Smithson’s studies revealed that this mineral they called calamine was made up of two distinct minerals.

It was composed of zinc carbonate, which is the scientific name of Smithsonite, and zinc silicate, or more commonly known as Hemimorphite.

The colors of Smithsonite vary from pink, purple, lavender, green, blue-green, yellow, brown, blue, to white gray. The stone itself has a pearly or silky luster.

Smithsonite is also sometimes referred to as Zinc Spar.

The most significant deposits of Smithsonite are found in countries like the USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Zambia, and Namibia.

Why Would You Use Smithsonite?

If you feel like your world is just getting so chaotic and loud and you need a stone that will help shut out the noise and calm yourself, Smithsonite can very well be the perfect stone for you!

It’s a stone for tranquility.

It will ease your worries, relieve your stress, and allow your body to relax. It will calm your overactive mind and let your body slow down.

The energies of Smithsonite will help you tune out the rest of the world and focus on what you need.

It will allow you to listen to what your heart, mind, and spirit are telling you, and you will be powerless to resist!

Amazing Smithsonite jewelry

Smithsonite will also act like your buffer from life’s challenges.

It will help you become stronger and more courageous so that you will not be affected by what’s going on in your life.

It will show you how you can remain calm and composed in a bad situation.

It will teach you to be kind and forgiving even to people who don’t deserve kindness and forgiveness!

Smithsonite carries energies of kindness, beauty, and charm.

When you have this stone with you always, you will also radiate these traits and positively influence all those around you.

This stone will invite you to become more compassionate so that you can experience healing in your life.

It will encourage you to let go of the past so that you can completely focus on your present and on your future.

Smithsonite will strengthen your relationships and solidify your friendships.

It will allow you to get closer to people and make bonds that will last a lifetime.

You will delight in the fact that having your loved ones in your life is one of the most precious gifts. Being able to spend time with them is already such a tremendous blessing.

Smithsonite will also strengthen your psychic abilities and align your chakras. It will help you connect and learn more about your intuitive abilities.

How Will Smithsonite Help You?

Smithsonite, Healing and Health

The healing energies of Smithsonite are known to be good for childbirth and in the treatment of infertility.

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This stone can also build up your immune system, support your digestive system, and restore your veins and muscles.

It can activate the thymus, clear your sinuses, and aid in the treatment of alcoholism and osteoporosis.

It can also be very beneficial when it comes to skin breakouts and infections.

Smithsonite is a good stone to have, especially if you’re convalescing from a long illness.

It’s also an excellent stone for reducing your cravings when you’re quitting a habit or undergoing detoxification.

Smithsonite and Wealth

Smithsonite is a stone that brings energies of favorable outcomes.

You should always have one with you when you’re about to start a big project or embark on a new journey because you will have good results!

This stone will also help strengthen your leadership abilities. It will show you how you can communicate effectively and speak tactfully when required.

The energies of this stone will also inspire you to build trust with the people that you work with or do business with.

You will enjoy a harmonious relationship that will not only result in high productivity but also in prosperity and abundance.

Smithsonite will influence you to take a calmer and more practical approach when it comes to things that affect your business or finances.

Smithsonite, Love and Relationships

If you’ve just recently ended a relationship or had your heart broken by someone you love so much, the energies of Smithsonite will get rid of the residual feelings of hurt, humiliation, confusion, anger, bitterness, or loss.

It will support you as you go through your period of healing.

Smithsonite will help heal your emotional wounds and send you energies of forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance.

You will be able to release your pain, fear, sadness, or anger. You will be able to face another day with hope in your heart and confidence that you will soon be okay.

Smithsonite’s loving and healing energies will remind you that you are worthy of loving and being loved.

It will reassure you that whatever you desire in love will come to you if you will just be patient and remain hopeful.

Smithsonite will show you how you can nurture relationships. It will teach you how you can celebrate your love and strengthen it with every year that passes.

Charming pieces of Smithsonite stone

This stone will demonstrate how you can strengthen your friendship with your partner so that you can enjoy a more loving and lasting relationship.

When friendship is the foundation of your relationship, you will remain friends and work together as a team to make your relationship work.

Smithsonite will help you when you need to settle disputes because it will give you the gift of peace and diplomacy.

You will always have a good word to say, and you will never say something that you will regret in the end.

The energies of this stone will encourage you to bank on the strengths of your partner and your relationship. You will not focus on the weaknesses and the shortcomings.

This stone will help you rebuild trust and reestablish the safety, security, and stability of your relationship.

Smithsonite will help you heal from your emotional trauma and release all the negative feelings that you are still holding on to in your heart.

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You will have the freedom and the courage to let go and finally move on.

Smithsonite will inspire you to open your heart to love again, and to look forward to the future where you will be happy and loved.

It will reassure you that just because you’ve had a string of failed relationships doesn’t mean that you will never have the love that you’re looking for.

How to Use Smithsonite for the Best Results

It will be very beneficial to have a Smithsonite on your body so that its energies can be harnessed by your chakras.

A beautiful Smithsonite necklace

Wear it around your neck as a pendant to boost your immune system.

Use it on the lower chakras to address issues that affect your digestive or reproductive system.

Put it close to you when you want to stay productive or creative.

It’s perfect to put on your work desk for increased productivity, or on your night table when you want to have a restful sleep.

The energies of this stone will resonate in the area that they are located and will positively influence whoever is in that room!

Most importantly, use Smithsonite when you’re meditating because this stone will help you reach the alpha state very quickly. When you are in the alpha state, everything that you will experience will be very peaceful!

Meditation with Smithsonite

For times when things get too chaotic and you feel like you are in dire need of a break from the hustle and bustle of life, Smithsonite will bring you the peace and tranquility that you’ve been craving for.

This is a stone that will help you tune out the noise and allow yourself to stay calm in difficult times, just like the February Birthstone.

When you use Smithsonite, you will be able to relieve yourself of the pressures of life and allow yourself to relax.

With Smithsonite, your body and mind receive the well-deserved break that is needed to recharge your energy levels.

The stone has powers that help you focus more on your inner self rather than what’s happening around you.

When you start paying attention to your heart’s desires, you will allow your inner instincts to guide your life in the right direction.

Smithsonite has energies that make you invincible because they make you understand the importance of doing what makes your soul happy in order to leave the best kind of life.

While meditating with Smithsonite, you will find yourself more connected with your mind, heart, and spirit, which will help you better understand what you truly desire in life.

The energies of the stone also protect you against the challenges and struggles that come your way.

You will be instilled with more strength and courage than ever before to overcome any hardships that you face in life.

Due to its soothing energies, Smithsonite will ensure that you maintain your composure during tumultuous times and don’t let your problems get to your head.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the pressures of the world, you will learn how to forgive and forget, especially when others do you wrong.

The stone exudes energies of kindness and generosity and will keep you humble even when it feels like your patience is being tested.

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Meditating with Smithsonite will fill you up with positive energies which will also reflect in the way you treat others around you.

Keeping this stone with you at all times will help you radiate positive qualities and be more compassionate in all your activities.

The stone also holds energies that make you brave enough to let go of the past and look forward to the future with a more optimistic approach.

Meditating with Smithsonite brings a great deal of healing, which is often the most necessary process you need to go through in order to move on from one phase in your life to the next.

Getting closure on past experiences of loss and grief will help you focus on the next step that you need to take.

Smithsonite also has powers that will solidify the bond you share with your loved ones.

When you make room in your life to focus on positive things, you will find it easier to focus on the people and relationships that make you happy.

Therefore, Smithsonite will help bring you closer to your loved ones and make sure that the important people stay in your life forever.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Smithsonite
smithsonite meaning

Smithsonite is a wonderful healing stone that can be beneficial to your overall health.

If you are going through a particularly challenging time, the energies of this stone can release all the stress and allow your body to relax.

It will prevent you from ever reaching your breaking point.

It will restore the feelings of harmony, relaxation, balance, and inner peace.

The energies of Smithsonite will stimulate feelings of joy and happiness.

This stone will allow your emotions to flow freely from within you.

Smithsonite will guide you so that you can find the path to emotional healing.

When you embrace the vibrations of this stone, you will be more forgiving and more compassionate towards others.

With the guidance of this stone, you will be able to find the support that you need to be at peace with your past, glad for your present, and excited about your future.

Smithsonite will encourage you to let go of the bad feelings that you have been holding on to for so long. The sooner that you do it, the sooner you will have a heart that’s light and pure.

This stone should be something that you wear every day because it’s also a great safeguard against problems that can affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Smithsonite is not only a beautiful gemstone, but it’s also a very powerful and effective healing stone, and that makes it a very wise investment!

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