Polished Ulexite Example
Polished Ulexite Example

Alternate Names and Spellings: TV Stone

Ulexite is a natural fiber-optic stone called the “TV Stone” because it, when placed on top of writing and looking through it at the right angle, can make the writing appear to be reflected in the stone, though not all specimens are shaped or cut so this is practical.

Ulexite is a stone of far-seeing clairvoyance. This far sight can be far in time, far in distance, or both. This stone is said to bring balance and actualization. Ulexite is said to help read the energy of others, including their intentions. Ulexite is excellent for remote viewing, telepathy and channeling.

Ulexite is also said to be an excellent stone of creativity bringing inspiration and promoting imagination. It is said to help get past creative blocks in any endeavor that creativity is needed.

Physically Ulexite is reputed in crystal healing and folklore to be helpful for eyes, eyesight, pineal gland, balance, brain.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. It is said to harmonize body and spirit.

Ulexite is related to the crown chakra and stimulation of the third eye chakra.