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Amblygonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Amblygonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Amblygonite is easy to find and is capable of boosting your creativity by helping your inner artist shine so that you may achieve great success in your art.

With its healing energies, Amblygonite will help you if you want to recover from any sort of negative past experience.

Amblygonite Properties

Amblygonite has a resinous and greasy lustre with a perfect cleavage that makes this a very special stone and sets it apart from the rest.

Amblygonite occurs as a transparent or translucent stone that gets looks more pearly on perfectly developed cleavages.

It can be found in a variety of shades that include milk-white, yellow, pale green, light blue, grey and beige.

It may also appear to be colourless when put under transmitted light. Amblygonite has a very brittle texture and scores a 5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

It was named back in 1817 by August Breithaupt after the Greek words for “blunt” and “angle”. Member of the Amblygonite group, it has a triclinic crystal system.

It should be noted that usually “amblygonite” taken from granite pegmatites are actually montebrasite.

With an irregular fracture, Amblygonite tends to break down into small blocky pieces that may resemble petalite.

Deposits of this special stone can be found in Myanmar, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, France, and the US.

Amblygonite is not a very common stone to find so you should feel lucky if it makes its way to you itself.

Amblygonite Pebbles

Why Would You Use Amblygonite?

You can use Amblygonite to restructure your life and change the way you think about everything in the universe.

It can be used to connect yourself with the higher divine realm so that you are always in sync with the metaphysical energies.

If you are someone who is suffering from a bit of an existential crisis then Amblygonite is the perfect stone for you.

Not only will Amblygonite enable you to trade in your negative thinking for positive thinking, but it will also change your entire perspective on life.

It can be used to aid in the acceptance of how things stand and understand on a much deeper level what the meaning of this world and your life really is.

You can use Amblygonite to learn from your own past mistakes so that you don’t repeat them again by accident.

You may also use Amblygonite to gain satisfaction about the existence of the divine realm and your soul so that you’re sure that your soul will move onto the divine realm after you die.

This satisfaction will enable you to have a different outlook on everything you go through in your everyday life.

Amblygonite will also enable you to realize that your time here on earth is only temporary so that you may take a few experiences along with you when your soul finally moves from this earth onto the next world.

You can also use Amblygonite to activate and take advantage of the solar plexus chakra so that you gain a boost in creativity unlike ever before.

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If you are in a creative profession then Amblygonite might just be the perfect stone for you as it will help enable a free flow of ideas into your mind so that you don’t suffer from any creative block.

You can use Amblygonite to bring rhythm into your life which can help you a great deal if you are in the performing arts.

It is a great stone for dancers, pianists, guitarists, and singers because it links up the mind and soul to produce the greatest effects.

You can use Amblygonite to do away with your inhibitions and doubts so that you can do what you do best, perform and entertain.

Amblygonite can also help reestablish psychological as well as an emotional balance so that you’re always composed in any given situation.

The energies resonating inside this special stone can be used to nurture yourself and turn into the person you’ve always wanted to become.

If you are someone who always finds themselves stuck in between two personalities then Amblygonite can be used to help combine these personalities into one.

Amblygonite can be used to restore peace and stability to your mind and soul.

How Will Amblygonite Help You?

This exquisite yellow stone will help you a great deal in your life because of all the healing energies it brings with it.

Keeping this stone in your possession will allow you to always remain positive and healthy, no matter what happens.

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, Amblygonite will help calm down your nerves and make you feel much more relaxed.

Amblygonite will help heal the traumas of your past so that you may be able to accept your fate and then start fresh.

If a lot of physical activity makes the bulk of your day then Amblygonite will help soothe your muscles after a long tiring day at work.

Amblygonite will help open any blockages in your metaphysical aura so that a network of free-flowing energy is established within your body.

This energy will ensure that you always remain active and agile.

Amblygonite is very helpful to people who are suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) as it helps increase concentration and rids the mind of jumbled thoughts.

If you are someone who is about to undergo a big change in life and are at a brink of making an important decision then Amblygonite will help clear your mind of any doubts or inhibitions so that you can pursue the option you deem is best.

By resolving all of your self-doubts, Amblygonite will give you the confidence to take the leap of faith that is essential if a person wants to grow and succeed in life.

Amblygonite, with its beautiful yellow colour, will help boost your self-esteem and confidence so that you’re always sure of yourself and the decisions you make.

Amblygonite is also known to help people who have migraine issues as it helps to settle down any headaches by bringing peace and calmness to the mind.

It is also helpful to people who have issues in their stomach and digestive tract.

If you’ve recently been in an accident, Amblygonite can help with the mending of bones and can also assist in the proper healing of bone disorders.

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Amblygonite and Spiritual Healing

Amblygonite is a very effective stone when used to activate one’s soul as it helps establish the connection between your soul and the divine realm.

It helps in giving nourishment to the soul by allowing it to take in the positive energies of the endless metaphysical realm.

This helps your soul to become stronger and helps it forget any deep scars or traumas that you may be carrying from this life or the previous one.

Amblygonite will help heal your soul so that you are at peace from deep within.

Amblygonite will also aid in activating your awareness of your personal divinity, this realization will lead you to have a greater understanding of the universe.

Your vision during your astral travels will become much clearer by having Amblygonite in your possession.

The spiritual vibrations resonating from this beautiful crystal will help bring calmness to your soul and relieve it of all worry.

Having a better understanding of the metaphysical planes and the divine realm will help you see the beauty in the universe and will make you glad of your own existence.

Knowing that you’re not just a mortal being tied to this earthly plane alone, your soul will allow you to take risks that you otherwise would not have taken.

Amblygonite, Love and Romance

By bringing peace and serenity to your being, Amblygonite helps in the free flow of chakra energy within your entire body.

This helps you to remain calm and ever ready for changing circumstances so that you may always choose the right words and the right path when it comes to your relationships.

As a physical being your relations with other humans are vital for your life on earth and Amblygonite helps in making these connections stronger so that you never feel alone.

If you are someone who has a history of emotionally traumatizing breakups then the healing energies of this crystal will help heal these scars.

Amblygonite will help in repairing your heart and allowing you to break away from the emotional hooks that keep tying you down.

You will be able to accept what has happened and will be able to take a clean slate in life after letting go of the emotional baggage.

Amblygonite can also help in resolving conflicts so if you are someone who has been wanting to bury the hatchet with someone since a while now then this is your chance to do so.

Amblygonite will also help you cut off ties with people that you think don’t bring positivity into your life without any bad consequences.

If you are someone who has been in a relationship for a long time then Amblygonite will help rekindle the memories of those early days so that you may become more thoughtful and compassionate.

This will allow you to go out of your way to make your partner realize what a great couple the two of you are.

You will also start feeling compassion for everyone else around you and this will allow you to better understand the situations of your peers.

Amblygonite Stone

How to Use Amblygonite for the Best Results

Amblygonite can help you break off the chords within your solar plexus that form attachments to people from your past who have tried to rule over your life.

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You will be able to break off any connections that you may have had with people from your past who tried to control what you do and how you behave.

Doing so will enable you to restart the growth of your being and personality that was once halted due to certain people in your life.

You can then move on with your life without anything or anyone holding you back and it is only then that you will reach the full potential.

The best and most effective way to make the most out of Amblygonite is to take it with you in a silent room and meditate with it.

Meditation is the key to making out the most from stones and the yellow Amblygonite is no exception to this rule.

When you meditate with it for extensive periods of time you will feel as though the stone has become a pathway between you and the metaphysical world.

This will allow your body and soul to receive a lot of peace and positive energy.

While meditating with this stone allow your mind to be taken away so that you may see what’s causing the most hindrance in your life and be able to resolve it.

Amblygonite will also enable all of the creative energies to flow from the metaphysical world within you so that you may receive a great boost of creativity.
One other way of making the most out of the stone is to always keep it on your person no matter where you are.

You can use it as a part of jewelry but simply keeping it in one of your pockets is equally beneficial.

This will allow you to always remain energetic and creative throughout the day and you never know when that light bulb inside your head is going to turn you on to the next big idea.

Wire wrapping it may also be one of the ways to ensuring that you can keep Amblygonite on your person at all times.

Amblygonite can also be combined with other stones such as Golden Herderite and Natrolite to give highly beneficial results.

My Final Thoughts

Amblygonite is a very beautiful looking yellow crystal that is bound to bring a lot of beneficial changes to your life.

It is a very rare stone that will enable you to always stay at the top of your game, regardless of what profession you’re in.

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