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New Zealand Greenstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

New Zealand Greenstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The New Zealand Greenstone, or the Pounamu stone, has gentle, soothing energies that are meant to bring tranquility into a person’s life.

It is believed to be a magical crystal that boosts longevity, making it the ideal gift for loved ones to symbolize your friendship.

New Zealand Greenstone Properties

The stone goes by several names.

The name “New Zealand Greenstone” refers to the simple fact that it is found in New Zealand.

Another name, however, that it is quite often known by is “Maori Greenstone”, which is a reference to the Maori people who used the stone for centuries in New Zealand.

Other names that are given to the stone also come from the Maori language, the most common of these being “Pounamu stone”.

Tangawaite and Tangiwai are other labels given to the stone in the Maori language.

As the name also suggests, the stone is green in color and can take up several shades of green, from light pale to dark emerald green and even apple green.

It was first discovered by European colonizers who wanted to expand into New Zealand, and it was they who first called it “greenstone”.

New Zealand Greenstone is created from an amalgamation of a variety of different minerals.

In fact, the color and shade that the stone will take are dependent on its mineral composition.

Some pieces of the New Zealand Greenstone may be quite translucent with black and white streaks running through them, while others may be more distinctly colored.

Most commonly, pieces of the stone will contain a green Serpentine mineral that is found in New Zealand or Nephrite Jade and Bowenite.

Nephrite Jade is actually a stronger and harder variation of the New Zealand Greenstone and is thus more commonly referred for jewelry making.

Why Would You Use New Zealand Greenstone?

The Maori people of New Zealand have used the Greenstone for years due to its metaphysical benefits.

The most significant property of the stone is that it symbolizes the authenticity of the bonds that are shared with friends and family around us.

Therefore, the stone can be used as an emblem of friendship, love, and appreciation for an important loved one in your life.

The stone is quite mystical in nature, which is why it is known to bring magic into a person’s life.

This is the kind of token that would be passed down through generations because it holds great sentimental value for the person who owns it.

Keeping it within the family is essential as it is believed to improve the lives of all family members as well as add years to their life.

The stone has healing properties that help calm a person down, especially one who is riddled with fear and concern.

The New Zealand Greenstone has protective powers that work very effectively to bring a person peace in any arena of life that has become chaotic and keep you safe from any dangerous forces.

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The stone is also particularly useful for helping people with acrophobia, which is the fear of heights.

In situations that feel out of hand and can stress you out quite easily, New Zealand Greenstone will keep you composed so that you can continue to think with a clear head.

Moreover, the energies that emanate from the New Zealand Greenstone are great to aid with self-esteem issues.

If you often find it hard to come out of your shell and instead doubt your own abilities, this is the stone that you need to use to replenish your lost self-confidence.

The New Zealand Greenstone works the vibrations of both your heart chakra as well as your solar plexus chakra, which is exactly what needs to be activated for personal growth.

How Will New Zealand Greenstone Help You?

The crystal has a range of physical benefits, the most significant of which is the healing energy that it emits.

New Zealand Greenstone is a very good tool to deal with depression and address issues that arise from anxiety and stress.

Sometimes we may not realize when a stressful situation is taking a toll on your body.

The stone will assist in making you notice when this starts to happen and start paying attention to your inner peace and health before you worry about anything else.

The resonation of the stone with the heart chakra allows for a great amount of positive, healing energy to flow into your body and work on all the problem areas.

Women will find the New Zealand Greenstone to be particularly useful because it contains anti-aging powers that do not just boost your outward appearance but also boost your energy.

Especially during an exhausting task or when you lack the strength and motivation to even get out of bed, the crystal is bound to replenish your energy levels and give your spirits that extra little boost that is needed.

In addition to making you stronger and adding to your stamina, the vibrations of New Zealand Greenstone assist with health issues related to the heart, lungs, cholesterol, and veins.

People with Vitamin A and D deficiencies will find it particularly useful to use the crystal to prevent the adverse effects that stem from the lack of such important vitamins and nutrients in the body.

Furthermore, the stone helps people with complex DNA structures and can aid with any related troubles that may stem from the complexities of a person’s body.

This is one of the ways in which the stone increases a person’s life, ensuring their well-being and good health throughout their extended life.

Regardless of what variation of greenstone you pick, the energies of the stone will create a strong protective barrier around you and cleanse your auric field of any toxic or negative forces.

It will target and remove any kind of negativity, which means that you will be safe from psychic attacks as well.

The barrier that New Zealand Greenstone forms around you is impenetrable, so when you keep the stone within your auric field or wear it on your body, you won’t face any sort of danger in any form.

New Zealand Greenstone and Spiritual Healing

New Zealand Greenstone will encourage you to engage better with the spirit world beyond the physical universe that you see around you.

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The stone assists those who feel that there is some unfinished business in their past life.

Many people often feel a certain kind of emptiness that may have been carried on with them.

It can be hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing such feelings of unease, and more often than not it is important to find the root of the problem before even thinking of solving it.

By using New Zealand Greenstone, you can hope to achieve some enlightenment about your past life because the stone beckons a person to listen to the spirit guides closely.

When your bond with the spiritual world is strong, you will be able to contact your ancestors and explore the past with a new perspective.

This is how the stone helps a person get over unresolved issues.

When you visit your past life, you will be able to clearly see what went wrong and why you have been feeling uneasy.

Sometimes, the answers to your deepest, more concerning questions may lie in the previous chapters of your life.

Use this journey of past exploration to learn from mistakes made in the past, make peace with everything that has happened, and then move on a better, more enlightened person.

People who wish to get more in touch with their spiritual side will benefit from the stone because it will provide a smooth channel of communication between you and the divine realm.

It is important to note that you just keep your heart and mind open to the divine forces.

If you try to fight these energies, they will divert away from you and won’t give you the effects that you want to see.

Don’t be apprehensive about using the New Zealand Greenstone because it will bring positive changes to you and your life in the most gentle and soothing way.

The stone also handles any emotional baggage that you may have been burdening yourself with.

If it’s time to move on from one chapter in life to the next but you are too emotionally attached to the past, New Zealand Greenstone will help detach you from the energies and people that need to be left behind in order to move on.

A good example of this is moving into a new house.

The stone will help you to settle into a new environment and make peace with the fact that you will no longer reside in the house where you previously lived.

The same goes for relationships and habits that are not good for you anymore.

If you want to end a toxic relationship or cut down on a harmful habit, New Zealand Greenstone will remove everything from your aura that is causing stress or does not serve your best interest.

New Zealand Greenstone, Love and Romance

The calming energies of New Zealand Greenstone are very useful when it comes to arguments with your partner.

The essence of a relationship is to understand that the love you have for each other is more important than winning an argument.

This crystal will straighten out any unspoken issues that you or your partner may have with the relationship.

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It will enable you to engage in healthy communication with your partner and listen to their side of things with compassion.

The stone inculcates an energy force in you that makes you more sensitive towards your partner’s wants and needs.

The stone can serve a dual purpose when it comes to partnerships.

It will make you see things with more clarity and make you realize if the person you’re with is worth your efforts or not.

Whatever realization you come to, you can rest assured that New Zealand Greenstone will help you with the decision you make regarding your partner.

If you feel like things can get better between the two of you, the energies of the stone will work with your inner forces to make sure your partner feels loved and appreciated by you.

On the other hand, if there is no hope left for the betterment of your relationship and it no longer serves either of you, the stone will give you the strength to put an end to this chapter.

When you seek the help of New Zealand Greenstone, you will be successful in all endeavors that you put your heart to.

So if you need to move on from one toxic relationship and find companionship in another person, the stone will make sure that your transition is smooth and successful.

How to Use New Zealand Greenstone for the Best Results

The most common use of the crystal is to make it into an amulet or a pendant that is worn around the neck.

The stone is often carved into traditional shapes and figures by artisans in New Zealand. When it takes the form of jewelry, it can be gifted to a loved one to express gratitude or love.

The general custom is that you do not buy a New Zealand Greenstone for yourself, so you can get it for another person that you feel may benefit from its healing properties.

Wearing the stone on your body is the most effective way to activate the shield in your aura that guards you against bad energies.

My Final Thoughts

New Zealand Greenstone embodies a huge amount of energy that replaces your lost stamina and motivation in no time.

Therefore, the stone can be very useful for people who lack the necessary chi energy that inspires us to get out of bed every day and accomplish the goals that we have set out for ourselves.

Keep this healing stone near your body and under your pillow at night to witness the full force of its magical powers.

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