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Vesuvianite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Vesuvianite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Vesuvianite, also called ‘Idocrase’, is a protective gemstone which has healing properties to bring physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual stability and growth in your life.

Vesuvianite symbolizes personal growth, spirituality, loyalty, strength, positive energy, and creativity, just like sillimanite.

While Vesuvianite is associated with all the chakras and especially the heart chakra, each color has a tendency to align itself with a specific chakra.

Vesuvianite Properties

Vesuvianite is found in many shapes and forms but the most common is pyramid shaped crystal occurring mostly in olive or green, and sometimes in blue, yellow, purple, red, or brown colors.

Major sources of Vesuvianite are located in the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada.

The name comes from Volcano Vesuvius in the south of Italy where this stone was first discovered.

Why Would You Use Vesuvianite?

Vesuvianite has been used for years because of its powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual effects on the user.

If you find it hard to let go of destructive emotions and negativity, you can use the powers of verdite or Vesuvianite to learn to free yourself of emotions that take a toll on your mental health.

Moreover, if you constantly keep going back in the past and are unable to move forward, Vesuvianite can help you break free of chains which are no longer serving you.

Vesuvianite is the go-to stone for people suffering from chronic depression, a deep sense of guilt, and regret, because it relieves all of these by slowly enabling you to climb out of darkness.

People who have lost hope in life and do not look forward to the future anymore must use Vesuvianite to awaken in them the spirit to appreciate and live life with full zeal and zest.

Similarly, great joy and abundance are expected if you regularly use Vesuvianite or keep it close to you, just like with the use of atacamite.

Likewise, a deep sense of hope can be instilled in you due to Vesuvianite which will help you eliminate thoughts and actions which keep dragging you down towards hopelessness.

For people wanting to be more adventurous, this stone can be a huge blessing because it makes one open to challenges and exploration of uncharted territories.

Vesuvianite is important for people who suffer from an inferiority complex because it will teach them the art of self-love and self-acceptance.

Also, your lackluster and humdrum life can be filled with excitement and enthusiasm by regularly using Vesuvianite.

Our emotional stability is often disturbed by hostile feelings of hate, revenge, and jealousy, all of which this stone can help bring to an end.

Additionally, Vesuvianite will enable you to not only realize the true desires of your heart but also work hard to mold your job, thoughts, and relationships according to those desires so you can truly live your life the way you want to.

Not only that, but any problems you face because of these significant changes will also be gradually resolved with the powers of Vesuvianite.

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Do not worry if you have a major meeting or an intimate dinner coming up because Vesuvianite will give you the confidence to act assertively in situations which are daunting.

You need to let go of thoughts and feelings which do not benefit you anymore and focus only on the aspects of life which truly matter, and Vesuvianite can assist you in doing so.

It is time for you to let go of your fears and doubts which stop you from progressing in life because Vesuvianite is famed to release fears and inhibitions.

All those people trying to overcome their mental health problems and attending counseling sessions or going through psychotherapy will benefit from the power of this great stone to heal people with mental issues.

You also do not need to suffer in isolation anymore because Vesuvianite can bring support and encouragement in your life.

If you belong to a creative field such as arts or writing, Vesuvianite will help you prosper by instilling in you the desire to discover beyond your creative vision and be more inventive.

As you must know that catharsis is a very important process to release wounded emotions and hurt feelings so you should use Vesuvianite to safely free your heart of painful emotions.

And since this stone symbolizes cooperation it has far-reaching effects in different walks of life.

How Will Vesuvianite Help You?

Vesuvianite comes with many healing properties such as the ability to reduce digestion problems by ensuring all activities part of the digestive system happen properly and that nutrients are completely extracted from food and absorbed by the body.

Likewise, if you suffer from illnesses caused by extreme stress and anxiety, like a racing heart, use Vesuvianite to relieve your stress and calm yourself down.

Being the stone symbolizing strength, it can give a lot of support to your limbs and make your tissues and organs stronger and healthier.

If you suffer from blood circulation problems or heart-related diseases including anemia and high blood pressure, Vesuvianite is the right stone to speed up recovery or assist in reducing symptoms.

If your obesity and overweight are resulting from emotional stress, Vesuvianite will aid you in slow and healthy weight loss.

Another health benefit derived from this stone is the strengthening of tooth enamel to prevent enamel erosion and stop your tooth from decaying.

The enhancement of the sense of smell by Vesuvianite is also very important for people who want to restore their smelling sense.

The advantages to health do not end here because it can also help balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain which can further your nervous system coordination.

Moreover, for a healthy lifestyle, it is important for your mind and body to be in sync and complete harmony which is made possible through frequent use of Vesuvianite.

Just in this manner, it will allow you to concentrate on your thoughts and beliefs enough to bring them to reality through dedicated actions, which is exactly what the synchronization of mind and body entails.

Now the good news for those people who are ambitious for financial success is that Vesuvianite can bring great prosperity to you.

Keeping Vesuvianite around at work can be helpful to avoid stressful confrontations with your superiors and colleagues.

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Furthermore, this stone will improve your input while working in a team to make you a more vital part of the group.

Your success at work can be drastically enhanced with the increased creativity and urge to explore imparted to you by Vesuvianite.

If you keep Vesuvianite around at your workplace, it can lead to more cooperative interactions among you, your colleagues, and your superordinates.

Vesuvianite and Spiritual Healing

Vesuvianite is an important stone for spiritual healing because it develops a subtle yet strong connection between your worldly life and spiritual vision.

By aligning your thoughts with your actions, and syncing your mind with your brain, Vesuvianite helps you become centered and connect deeply to yourself, as well as the higher powers.

The ability of this stone to cleanse your mind of evil and negative energy will purify and strengthen your spirit as well.

Also, the unlocking of your ability to differentiate between the important and unimportant in life, made possible by Vesuvianite, can make your path towards spiritual growth very easy.

Another significant benefit of this stone is the advancement of your psychic gifts which help establish important links to the divine beings.

Any excess energy within you can be grounded with the use of Vesuvianite in order to align your physical being with your spirit.

Vesuvianite is a very important stone for spiritual grounding during times when the worldly matters are weighing you down and taking away all your attention.

Since this stone can help release any feelings of restraint, it will liberate your thoughts so you can be free enough to establish a divine connection.

The road to spiritual growth with Vesuvianite is full of cleansing, purification, and energizing of the aura.

Most importantly, Vesuvianite is popular for initiating a direct link to the higher powers so you can understand your existence and its purpose in more depth.

Lastly, this stone can be the perfect way to submit yourself to the divine realms by aligning your thoughts and feelings to the divine will.

Vesuvianite, Love and Romance

Vesuvianite is known to increase feelings of loyalty which will bring you endlessly close to your better half.

Since a bond can only be as bright as you are, the joy brought to you by Vesuvianite will also infuse in your relationship making it more blissful than ever.

Another major reason why this is a perfect choice of stone for improving your relationship is that it will relieve you of any claustrophobic feelings in your bond.

If you are very closed-off emotionally and do not like sharing your emotional space with anyone, use this magical stone to open your heart to bright possibilities of love.

The belief in the power of Vesuvianite to resolve your problems will also untie the complicated knots in your relationship to bring you and your lover closer than ever before.

As Vesuvianite is known to enhance the expression of feelings, you can now sweep your partner off the floor by a swoon-worthy, romantic declaration of your love for him or her.

It is time to forget about the pain in the past and use Vesuvianite to move forward with a bright outlook towards your relationship.

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How to Use Vesuvianite for the Best Results

Understand the powers, properties, and abilities of Vesuvianite to use the stone correctly because only then you will gain the desired benefits.

Also, make sure you choose Vesuvianite of the color which most suits you because each color has its own distinctive properties and powers.

While meditation, you can keep the stone near you or wear it, but to derive maximum benefit you should lie back down and place the stone on your chest so it can align with the heart chakra.

You should try to cleanse your mind of negative thoughts to allow Vesuvianite to bring positive changes in you.

Additionally, your enhanced creativity because of this wonderful stone can also be the cause of newness and excitement in your otherwise dreary relationship.

Many newly-weds are presented with this stone to strengthen their bond because of the ability of Vesuvianite to promote cooperative efforts between people.

Best results are observed with Vesuvianite when it is used often and with complete dedication and faith.

My Final Thoughts

Vesuvianite is a very powerful gemstone to solve your problems and achieve self-revolutionization.

Vesuvianite is particularly useful for spiritual growth and advancement since it can directly establish connections with the divine realms.

This beautiful stone is full of healing powers which can help you with heart-related problems, obesity, weakness of bones, restlessness, and indigestion.

The use of Vesuvianite to bring peace and joy in life is also very common.

If you are on the road to transform yourself, use the powers of this stone to bring confidence, self-assurance, courage, self-love, strength, and self-assertiveness in yourself.

Wealth and prosperity are also almost guaranteed with Vesuvianite as it helps you become cooperative, motivated, ambitious, productive, and smarter, all of which will help you climb the ladder of success easily.

This stone is particularly important for you if you want to be free of the restraints of your traumatic past and are searching for new paths in life.

One of the most beneficial powers of Vesuvianite is that it helps you understand yourself and your vision better in order to align your life accordingly.

Stop letting your broken and crumbling relationship drain the life out of you when you can restore its beauty and romance with Vesuvianite.

You should also understand that Vesuvianite alone will not do everything for you and you need to put in the required effort to see the changes brought by it.

Make sure you use all these powers the right way to let Vesuvianite protect you from negative energy of all sorts.

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