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Arfvedsonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Arfvedsonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Arfvedsonite is a very intriguing stone to look at and has a lot of hidden powers and abilities that can help you in your life.

Just like Star Quartz, Arfvedsonite is a very powerful manifestation stone that you can use to make things happen in your life by carefully planning your every move.

Arfvedsonite Properties

Arfvedsonite has a bluish-black to black colour and is a very rare stone that is found in Greenland, Russia, Denmark, and the US.

It was first discovered by a Swedish chemist by the name of Johan August Arfwedson back in 1823. It has a vitreous lustre and looks very glass like when you first lay eyes on it.

It has a monoclinic crystal system with a Mohs hardness of 5 – 6. With its specific gravity ranging from 3.3 to 3.5, it belongs to the Amphibole Supergroup.

Arfvedsonite has a very translucent exterior with a deep bluish grey to grey green streak which is quite evident all throughout the structure of the stone.

It has a very brittle structure with perfect cleavage.

Since it is very dark in colour, Arfvedsonite is often mistaken for Nuummite or Astrophyllite but it is definitely not the same as these.

Arfvedsonite Raw Crystal

Why Would You Use Arfvedsonite?

You can use Arfvedsonite to make your life a lot more happening by becoming very proactive and up for any task that is thrown your way.

Arfvedsonite will help you take control of your own life by allowing you to form a clear vision of where you want to end up in life.

Gone are the days when you didn’t know what your passion was, Arfvedsonite will enable you to look past your inhibitions and doubts so that you can focus on improving yourself in a skill of your own choosing.

If you are someone who has to do a lot of thinking throughout the day due to the nature of your job or life then you can use Arfvedsonite to formulate strategies and devise effective plans to always stay on top of the opposition.

You can use Arfvedsonite to shake off any doubts that you might have had in your own ability to achieve greatness, most often than not we don’t tend to pursue our ideas because they seem very far reached.

Arfvedsonite helps get rid of such doubts and helps your mind formulate a clear vision of how to turn your dreams into reality.

As a stone of manifestation, Arfvedsonite has the ability to make things that you think of and dream about into reality.

Arfvedsonite will enable you to call upon the Divine Light so that you may become a hub of all sorts of metaphysical knowledge and wisdom.

If you are someone who has been disappointed by the result of your efforts in the past then Arfvedsonite will encourage you to try again and again until you inevitably succeed.

It can help lift off the feelings of depression and anxiety by sucking out all of the negative energy within you and replacing it with positivity.

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This will enable you to look at the future with hope in your mind and soul that will push you to do the best that you can for optimal results.

Arfvedsonite has the ability to provide you with constant reassurance, no matter how many times you fail.

By awakening the Divine Light, Arfvedsonite will also help you attract more and more light so that it fills up your being and soul.

This will enable you to shine brightly and stand apart from the crowd where everyone will start to notice you.

Sometimes negativity takes a toll on our body resulting in various chakra blockages, Arfvedsonite will help you break any such blockages and encourage a free flow of energy.

You can use Arfvedsonite to start feeling joy and happiness from deep within your core and it is only after you’re happy from your core that you finally realize what happiness really is.

Creating a channel between you and the universe, the free flow of energy will encourage you to take certain actions that you normally wouldn’t have taken.

How Will Arfvedsonite Help You?

Arfvedsonite will help you remain calm under stressful situations so that you can always think from your head instead of reacting based on emotion.

This will set you apart from people who react based on their emotions and will give you an edge so that you can outmaneuver them.

Arfvedsonite will help you climb the ladder of success at your work as it will enable you to stand out from the crowd due to your radiance and ability.

You will soon become a favourite amongst your bosses and peers and would be known as the guy who gets things done around the office.

Arfvedsonite will also help you develop psychic visions that will lead you to become very far-sighted.

This will allow you to think 4 steps ahead of anyone else around you and will also enable you to predict certain outcomes by just looking at the facts.

This can be a great stone for those who are in the policing business, especially detectives since it sharpens the intuition.

If you are someone who is not good with change and have to make a big move soon then Arfvedsonite can help you adapt under difficult and new situations.

Arfvedsonite will also help you pinpoint flaws in your own character so that you can fix them on your own without going through any embarrassment in front of others.

It will also allow you to get rid of any negative or harmful thoughts that you might be getting recently so that you don’t waste too much worrying about situations you have no control over.

If you are someone who has a hard time breaking certain old habits then you can use the aura of Arfvedsonite to help you break away from these behavioural compulsions.

You will feel as though you’re evolving as a human being when you draw on the power of Arfvedsonite because it will enable you to activate certain psychic senses that will amaze you.

Arfvedsonite will also help you get a very good night of sleep as it has the ability to do away with nightmares and evil.

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When you have Arfvedsonite in your possession make sure to keep a strict eye on your dreams and try to understand them as this stone will enable you to draw meaning out of them.

Arfvedsonite will also enable you to see the truth in every matter that you encounter in your life so that you always intuitively know what side to pick.

Arfvedsonite will initiate a need to restructure and reform in your life that will help you a great deal when it comes to adopting new skills and habits.

By activating your throat chakra, Arfvedsonite will enable you to communicate with everyone around you a lot more effectively.

This will enable you to always get your message across so that you’re never in doubt of whether the other person understood you or not.

Arfvedsonite and Spiritual Healing

Arfvedsonite is a great stone for the soul as it allows for the Divine Light to flow through your soul and fill it up with wisdom and positive energy.

By connecting you to the metaphysical world, Arfvedsonite will enable your soul to become whole and satisfied.

A great stone for Astral travel, Arfvedsonite will always keep your soul safe from any negative energy or experience.

Arfvedsonite will activate your soul in such a way that you will start to feel one with it and will be able to apply the gifts that your soul provides you in your everyday life.

Arfvedsonite will also help clarify your visions during interdimensional planes so that you can accurately draw out the right message from what your subconscious is trying to show you.

With the help of Arfvedsonite, you will be able to take a long hard look deep within your soul to identify what type of person you really are.

This is incredibly important for you if you want to make something out of yourself in this life, knowing your soul would mean that you have mastered your own self.

Giving benefits to both the crown chakra and the throat chakra, Arfvedsonite has the ability to reshape the way you perceive life.

Arfvedsonite, Love and Romance

As a manifestation stone, Arfvedsonite is extremely effective when it comes to love and romance because you can use it to make your desires come to life.

If you are someone who is still searching for the true love of your life then having this stone in your possession will help you meet this person and develop a very long-lasting relationship with them.

If you are already in a relationship then Arfvedsonite will enable you to take things to the next level with your partner without anything holding the two of you back.

No matter what you want to do or where you want your life to go, you can use the powers of Arfvedsonite to make all your dreams come true.

If you want to marry your partner then having Arfvedsonite on you while you’re popping the question might enable you to get that all-important “yes”.

You will be able to control the way your relationship works so that it never feels like you’re losing control of things.

Your relationship will never slip away from your hands because Arfvedsonite will allow you to shape the course that you want to take in your relationship.

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You’d be able to build on a solid foundation of trust and compassion and this will lead to the two of you have a great life together.

How to Use Arfvedsonite for the Best Results

The best way to use Arfvedsonite, as is with many other stones, is to meditate with it with alone and in a silent place.

It’s important that you meditate with it for short periods of time in the beginning and then slowly and gradually build your pace up.

This is advised because Arfvedsonite is a very powerful stone with powerful vibrations that may be difficult for you to adjust to in the beginning.

However, after you have become in sync with the energies of the stone then there’s nothing stopping you from achieving the heights of success you’ve always wanted to achieve.

If you want to break any habits that have been troubling you then wearing this stone on your person will aid in your battle by providing you with strength and courage.

If Gemini is your sign then you should pick this stone up as it will be highly advantageous to you and your body.

If you don’t want to wear it as a part of your jewelry, simply having it in your pocket or wallet will also yield the desired effect for you.

It is highly beneficial when you put it on the third eye whenever you’re meditating as it will focus all of the energy into a single place which will allow easy access to your body.

If you are about to undertake immense responsibility at work or at home, short periods of meditation early morning with Arfvedsonite will be enough to give you the courage to deal with any task that comes your way.

You can always carry Arfvedsonite with you whenever you feel like you’re about to enter a new environment and would have to socialize.

It will help you communicate with everyone you meet and hence will help you build a lot of connections.

If you are someone who suffers from depression then you can use the powers of Arfvedsonite to ward off all negative thoughts in your head so that you may get peace.

My Final Thoughts

Arfvedsonite is a very powerful stone, which if used right by the owner has the power to fully transform your life.

If you are someone who is looking to bring about change and are about to start something new then Arfvedsonite is the perfect stone for you.

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