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Shaman Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Shaman Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Shaman Stones are highly energetic stones which are popular for their grounding and healing powers.

These stones, just like Boji Stones, which are used in pairs of male and female stones, represent intuitive and spiritual growth, personal transformation, material success, and physical healing.

Shaman Stones Properties

Shaman Stones are round-shaped stones occurring in the form of concretions and are made up of sandstone with iron oxide coating which gives them their dark, chocolate-brown color.

They are mostly found in western and central parts of North America, such as Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Panama.

Even though Shaman Stones have many other names including Moqui Balls, Thunderballs, Indian Marbles, Mochi Balls, and Navajo Cherries, the name ‘Shaman’ comes from their ‘shamanic’ energy which provides access to good and evil spirits.

Why Would You Use Shaman Stones?

Shaman Stones have some very powerful attributes which can help bring emotional and spiritual transformation in your life.

They can be very useful for you if you are emotionally rigid and find it hard to accept other’s feelings, particularly when they clash with yours.

Likewise, if you find it hard to balance your emotions and keep them under check, Shaman Stones can make your emotions less volatile by giving you emotional stability.

In addition to this, these wonderful stones can aid you in breaking free of self-imposed chains and restrictions of emotional and mental nature.

Shaman Stones are also very effective in balancing your male-female energies with their strong vibrations.

The strong vibrational energy of Shaman Stones is very useful if you are often depressed because they bring happiness and excitement in life.

If fears are not letting you live your life freely, use Shaman Stones to overcome some of your most deep-seated fears, such as the fear of death or after-life.

In a world full of people who are secretly rooting for your failure, using Shaman Stones can ensure your path stays clear of fake friends or secret enemies.

If you often end up in dangerous situations, using these stones can give you protection from any negative entity which might try attaching itself to you.

By placing the Shaman Stones at your third eye chakra, your clairvoyance and sixth sense are enhanced, which can aid you in making wiser and more beneficial choices, especially regarding the future.

If you have been feeling extremely defeated in life recently, Shaman Stones can help lift your mental fatigue and exhaustion.

Another major benefit of these marbles is that they sync the mind and body in perfect harmony.

If you are someone who suffers from inferiority complex and lacks self-acceptance, Shaman Stones can help you realize your individuality and make you proud of your strengths.

Plus, these stones are very useful for people who take unnecessary stress because Shaman Stones can lighten your heart and bring it peace.

Since these powerful stones can trigger the release of memories, they are also used by people who cannot let go of the past and keep holding on to it, no matter how painful it is.

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Shaman Stones are extremely useful for when you are feeling irritable and down because they have a calming effect when kept nearby or being held.

How Will Shaman Stones Help You?

Known for their healing powers, Shaman Stones can aid you with many physical ailments if used correctly.

If you are suffering from digestion problems, these are your go-to stones since they relieve problems related to the digestive system.

As Shaman Stones possess the power to align all your chakras, using them can help energize your body and make it feel stronger.

This is why these stones are the perfect tool for when you are feeling very lazy and unproductive and want to get all your energy back.

Shaman Stones are also helpful in boosting your immune system and making it stronger and more resilient against external and internal attacks.

Shaman Stones have been used for ages to slow down the aging process and renew cells so they can help you look younger and vibrant for years.

Also, if you have been facing growth-related problems, Shaman Stones can be the solution as they heal ailments related to the thyroid gland and stimulate the production of growth hormones.

Moreover, in case of any blockage or constrictions in your veins and arteries especially, these stones can cause dilation and allow proper blood circulation.

Shaman Stones also act as very effective pain relievers if you place the stone on the part of your body which is hurting.

For people with brittle bones and diseases such as osteoporosis, these are the perfect stones since they help strengthen bones and recover from bone-loss.

Not only this, but Shaman Stones can alleviate adrenal gland problems like upper body obesity, high blood pressure, or high concentration of sugars in the blood.

If you suffer from insomnia and particularly because of nightmares, the use of Shaman Stones can help you have peaceful sleep without any dreams.

Since Shaman Stones bring luck and abundance to the user or keeper, they can be your way to a successful career and profitable business.

You should also try using these marbles when you need motivation and inspiration in your professional life to outperform your peers and impress your superiors.

By enhancing your creativity, Shaman Stones will give you the extra push you need to outdo your competitors and broaden your creative vision.

The ability of Shaman Stones to remove negative energies from around you can lead to your professional growth.

Also, these stones are an excellent tool to encourage you to stay right on track and be extremely productive which will eventually bring you unparalleled success and wealth.

Very importantly, Shaman Stones will make you more confident and help you make sharper and more analytical business decisions, leading to financial prosperity.

Shaman Stones and Spiritual Healing

The metaphysical properties of Shaman Stones are widely known to aid in spiritual growth and enlightenment.

By enhancing your intuitive growth, these stones will guide you in differentiating among negative and positive spirits to allow the right ones to approach you.

Also, the fact that Shaman Stones remove fears can make your spiritual journey fearless and easily let you move forward in it.

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The ability of these stones to safeguard you against negative psychic energies can prove to be very beneficial during out of the body journeys where they will protect you from evil forces you might encounter.

Additionally, Shaman Stones can even bring you in close contact with extraterrestrial beings.

And if you are someone who wants knowledge of their past life, these stones can help you understand some parts of your past life better by discovering hidden parts of yourself.

Since Shaman Stones have a very strong connection with Earth, they can help you stay grounded and true to your inner self.

Because of this association to the earth star chakra, the Shaman Stones remove any excess energy in you and ground it to the earth, to avoid any intentional or unintentional misuse of it by you or others.

Shaman Stones work in mysterious and powerful ways to bring great transformation during your spiritual journey.

Moreover, using these marbles can also intensify your psychic strength and abilities.

You will deeply benefit from Shaman Stones if you are uncertain about the path you want to choose in your spiritual journey or if you feel confused by all the daunting directions available.

Furthermore, if you are not physically comfortable during your spiritual journey, these stones can relieve your discomfort.

Not only that, but Shaman Stones have the power to make you realize how sacred and valuable your life is, and that there is more to your existence than just the physical realm.

Moreover, Shaman Stones can potentially ‘activate’ a part of yourself or your spirit that really wants to make spiritually transformative changes.

Shaman Stones, Love and Romance

The emotional stability gained by Shaman Stones will help you deal with your and your partner’s feelings in a more calculated and wise manner, which will prevent you from making any impulsive decisions.

Since Shaman Stones increase the feeling of belonging you feel towards people, they will bring you closer to your partner by making you realize you are both made for each other.

Due to their ability to trigger the release of hurtful emotions and memories, they can help you cleanse your relationship of toxicity and hurt in the past in order to start afresh with your better half.

As Shaman Stones can make you more emotionally flexible, they will resolve the problems in your relationship caused by emotional rigidity and can help you understand your lover’s perspective better.

You should not forget to add excitement and surprise in your relationship to keep it thrilling and zealous all the time, because Shaman Stones will give you the creativity to enable this.

Shaman Stones can also remove all those hurdles and problems which are keeping you away from finding true love and a stable relationship.

Also, by helping you break free of any self-imposed boundaries, these amazing marbles will encourage you to be more passionate, adventurous, and emotionally giving in your relationship.

In fact, Shaman Stones will make you more open and understanding in order to help you find all the reasons to relish your bond.

Since Shaman Stones can help you realize the true beauty of love, they will motivate you to be more determined in the pursuit of a true and intense connection with your significant other.

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How to Use Shaman Stones for the Best Results

The sound knowledge of the Shaman Stones will help you in achieving the desired results and making optimized use of their powers.

Even though you can use them at any time of the day, or simply keep them in your possession or wear them on your body, the best way to use them is during meditation.

For best results, place the female stone at the crown chakra and the male stone under your feet.

Due to their love-filled and friendly energy, you will feel peaceful if you hold them in your hands while meditating.

The right way for this method is to simply lie down, relax, and hold the stones in your hands.

Also, you should be aware that small Shaman Stones have quicker energy whereas the larger ones have much deeper energy.

You also need to have the right energy, mood, and intentions to make these marbles work their full magic.

However, make sure you use or keep Shaman Stones in a dry place where there is no water to rust the iron oxide layer on the stones.

And the best part is that unlike many other stones, Shaman Stones do not need to be kept under sunlight for them to work best – you can use them anytime and anywhere.

My Final Thoughts

Before using Shaman Stones, it is important to note that the exact powers and attributes of the stones depend upon their size and gender.

So, you must choose them accordingly and wisely.

Shaman Stones are an excellent way to protect you against dangers, whether they are physical or spiritual.

Using Shaman Stones can help enrich your spiritual and astral journeys.

You can now bring your dying relationship back to life with the help of Shaman Stones which will add love and romance to your relationship with its unique powers.

The healing abilities of Shaman Stones are far-reaching and include alleviation of ailments and diseases including osteoporosis, insomnia, indigestion, and thyroid and adrenal problems, etc.

For people wishing to be more confident, creative, joyous, or motivated, these are the right stones to achieve all of these.

If success and wealth is your ultimate goal, the powers and mysterious attributes of Shaman Stones will bring abundant success in your life.

Also, the use of Shaman Stones in protection against fake and toxic relations is very common.

The right and knowledgeable use of Shaman Stones can protect you from negative energy and help transform your life.

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