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Desert Glass: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Desert Glass: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Desert Glass is known to be one of the most powerful manifestation crystals in the world due to their strong vibrations.

Highly protective crystal, it will ensure that you are always protected from the evils and negativity of this world and will play a huge role in strengthening your will.

Desert Glass Properties

One of the rarest stones to find is considered to be an impact glass that can be found in one of the most difficult places to reach on earth, near the Egyptian-Libyan border.

It is also sometimes referred to as Libyan Desert Glass or Gold Tektite,and is of a very beautiful and striking yellow-golden hue which is often related to the vibration of the Golden Ray, a very powerful spiritual vibration.

The chemical name for this glass is Silicon dioxide and its chemical formula is SiO2.

The classification of Desert Glass comes under Mineraloid and has a very amorphous natural glass structure.

Although many consider glass to be a man-made item, Desert Glass is proof of the existence of glass in varying degrees of nature.

When Desert Glass is concerned most of the times its specific gravity will vary depending on the specific glass you have in your hand but it is generally 2.2.

Mohs hardness and the toughness of the glass is also varying with every piece.

When looked at closely, Desert Glass can also contain gas bubbles inside its structure which differ from glass to glass.

With a very vitreous lustre, Desert Glass can appear to be both semi-transparent and translucent depending on the light that it is exposed to.

It has a refractive index of 1.46 and can be found in colours varying from light yellow to greenish yellow.

Desert Glass is also referred to as the Great Sand Sea glass and there are varying degrees of evidence suggesting that it was used as a tool during the Pleistocene age.

There is also evidence that suggests that Desert Glass was used by the Egyptians as the Tutankhamun pendant also has a part that is made from yellow and green Desert Glass.

The Egyptians were also known to refer to this crystal as the “Rock of God”.

No one can say for sure where it is that the Desert Glass first originated and this mystery has led to making this glass one of most sought after crystals in the world.

It is speculated that the glass came into existence about 28 million years ago and was also used by prehistoric women.

Just like crocoite, It is a beautiful and powerful stone that can also be used to make jewelry.

Why Would You Use Desert Glass?

With a high abundance of mystical knowledge and power, Desert Glass is sure to transform your life entirely should you decide to use it.

Having ancient knowledge and wisdom resonating within it as well as the Golden Ray, it is a very powerful stone that can be used to make yourself wiser and stronger from within.

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Carrying strong mystical energy, Desert Glass is a perfect stone for all those who think they don’t only belong to this world but instead are connected with the universe at large.

Being a very powerful manifestation stone, you can use the Desert Glass to manifest money as well.

If you are someone who has trouble keeping their finances on track then you can use Libyan Desert Glass to ensure that you always have enough money flowing in through multiple resources.

If you are about to undergo a major transformation in life then you can use this crystal to increase your own will power and desire to achieve more.

You can also use the powers of Desert Glass to enhance your creativity and enable a free flow of ideas into your mind.

If happiness is something that you yearn for in your life then you can make use of Desert Glass to inject a lot of joy and happiness into your life.

If you are someone who has a lot of thinking and learning to do then with the use of Desert Glass you can sharpen your intellect and better your memory.

You can increase your mental capabilities with the use of Desert Glass so that you’re always on top of any situation that might be causing you or your peers trouble.

You can also use Desert Glass to evoke the feelings of compassion and empathy within your own heart so that you may start feeling about things on a much deeper level.

Desert Glass can also be used to enlighten oneself and to see the broader things in life and the universe with a much clearer vision.

Libyan Desert Glass can also be used in past life exploration so that you may learn and gain a fair bit of wisdom and knowledge from that era.

This glass will help connect you with the ancient as well as the metaphysical world so that you may become a vessel for knowledge and experiences.

Libyan Desert Glass is also an essential crystal that is used in various different ritual ceremonies.

You can use Desert Glass to go into a deep exploration of your past life and the world beyond our own, on a quest to find the truest version of your being.

Desert Glass can be a great deal to healers who can ensure that they are not attracting any of the negativity of their clients while performing their healing rituals.

This glass gives strong protection against all sorts of evils and negativity.

You can also use Desert Glass to give yourself a little bit of luck every now and then in your life, this can come in clutch in many situations.

If you are someone who has a big project to work on then you can use Desert Glass to innovate brand new ideas and brainstorm a lot of scenarios.

How Will Desert Glass Help You?

By activating all of your chakras below the heart, Desert Glass will help a great flow of energy through the lower half of your body that will not only help ground you but will also help establish a much stronger flow of life force through you.

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The admirable golden light that is emitted from the Desert Glass can be most effective in terms of chakras present in your lower body.

If you are someone who is having a tough time getting over some events of the past then Desert Glass will help you move on by eliminating all of your scars and traumas.

It will allow you to effectively heal yourself from the inside so that you become a much stronger person at your core.

Libyan Desert Glass, with the help of its yellow light, will also help safeguard your soul and mind against any negative influences or energies.

The energy that resides within this glass is not from this earth so you can use these magnificent energies to elevate and differentiate yourself from others.

If you are someone who has to go through solving a lot of puzzles in their life then Desert Glass is perfect for you as it will give you the knowledge to cope with and solve any puzzle that you encounter.

For people with stomach and digestive issues, Desert Glass is amazing because it will help settle down your irritable bowel movements.

It can also help with a wide variety of other stomach problems as well including stomach pain or gas.

Desert Glass will also help boost your immune system so that you can combat any illnesses or viruses that make their way to you.

This will help you lead a very healthy and safe life that is without any big illnesses hindering your growth and success.

Desert Glass will also provide you with the ultimate protection against people who have a habit of sucking the happiness out of your life by always pinpointing your shortcomings.

You will have the courage and strength to deal with these people and know when they’re trying to bring you down with their words and comments.

Desert Glass will also enable you to become much more compassionate and caring towards people who are always around you.

Desert Glass and Spiritual Healing

By using Desert Glass you will be able to give rise to your spiritual responsiveness to the metaphysical world.

It will also help enhance your spiritual vision so that you can see everything more clearly and with much more focus during your astral travels.

Desert Glass is a great crystal to keep if you want to protect your soul from any sort of psychic of negative attack, the energies of this glass will keep all such energies at bay.

When you’re meditating with this glass you will see a lot of glimpses from your past life and gain a lot of knowledge that you can then apply in your everyday life.

Desert Glass will help your soul establish strong connections with other realms and will prove to be a constant companion for you during your travels through the divine realm.

If you have any ritual that you want to carry out then Desert Glass is the perfect crystal because it has great metaphysical energy inside it.

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If you build up a lot of excessive spiritual energy then this glass will enable you to ground some of that energy so that you don’t become overloaded.

Finally, Desert Glass will also help keep your soul and energy safe from anyone who has the potential to steal some of your positive energy for themselves.

Desert Glass, Love and Romance

If you are someone who has been looking for a soul mate then having Desert Glass will help you meet your better half soon.

It will then allow you to have a great relationship with your significant other, one that is filled with joy love and happiness.

It will allow you to develop a relationship that’s built on trust and devotion so that you and your partner never fall apart.

If you are someone who has recently been wanting to pop the question to your significant other then doing so when you have Desert Glass in your possession will enable you to succeed and get married.

If you are involved in a long term relationship that feels like it’s dying out then you can use Desert Glass to rekindle some of the old sparks that you have lost.

It will also allow you to feel a lot of compassion towards your significant other so that you may take the necessary steps to always keep them happy and satisfied.

How to Use Desert Glass for the Best Results

The best way to use Desert Glass is to meditate with it and then use it to perform rituals, doing so will enable you to summon the powers and energies from the metaphysical world.

You can also use this glass to gain access to the Akashic records when you’re on a spiritual quest during your meditation.

Desert Glass will enable you to break away from the karmic burden that your soul has been carrying for all of this time.

Magical enchantments and spells can also be placed on this crystal by powerful shamans to make them even more impactful.

It’s best to keep this glass close to you but you are advised to not keep it on your person all the time as it can be a very difficult stone to control.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, one cannot go wrong with Desert Glass as it has the ability to literally change your life and guard you against evils of this world and the metaphysical world.

Being an object that is not even from this earth gives it a very big edge over other stones and crystals.

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