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Crocoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Crocoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Crocoite is a very beautiful and special stone that has the ability to revitalize you and give you a lot of energy to conduct the various different tasks throughout your day.

Just like heliodor stone, it has very strong vibrations and hence it can provide you with its benefits by just being near you instead of being on your person at all times.

Crocoite Properties

Crocoite is more commonly found in crystal form with long prismatic shapes in a very bright red colour.

It can sometimes also occur as equant crystals which are translucent and have a lustre that is somewhere between adamantine and vitreous.

Composed of a monoclinic crystal system, Crocoite weighs 2.5-3 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Crocoite can also occur in orange, red or yellow and when exposed under transmitted light can also appear to be orange-red.

With a poor/indistinct cleavage, Crocoite is a very brittle crystal.

It is a very intriguing stone to look at with a yellow-orange streak and can also sometimes appear to be transparent.

This special stone was named and renamed a few times before finally becoming known as Crocoite, which is derived from the Greek word “crocon” which means saffron.

The name comes from the saffron-orange colour of the Crocoite power.

Crocoite in no way looks like an ordinary stone and you are bound to admire its beauty whenever you look at it.

Why Would You Use Crocoite?

You can use Crocoite to gain boosted energy levels throughout your day so that you never feel jaded or tired.

You can also use Crocoite to enhance your own creativity and encourage a free flow of ideas into your mind so that you’re always creating something new.

If you are doing something on your own like running a business, Crocoite can be used to evoke feelings of passion towards whatever profession you’re a part of.

This will enable you to gain success without making more effort than what is required.

You can use Crocoite to ground yourself and your energies as it will get energy from your base chakra to take it to the earth and then bringing it back inside you to revitalize your entire being and soul.

Crocoite will help open your eyes to the world and help you alert yourself as the life ahead is going to be very demanding.

It will ready you for what’s to come and instil in you the energy and vitality that is required by you to go out and seize the day.

You can use Crocoite to feel good about the life that you already have so that you may start becoming a little more thankful to the divine realm for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.

Crocoite can be compared to a tonic, in that it has the ability to fill you up with life and joy so that you may feel happiness from the deepest core of your being.

It can also be used to stimulate your heart chakra so that you can usher in a new era of love and compassion into your life.

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The various different powers resonating within Crocoite are very high and vibrant and making use of these powers can open your mind up to a lot of wonderful new ideas.

Crocoite will enable you to link yourself up with your higher self and remove any blockages or limitations that may have been holding you back from achieving great success.

By using Crocoite you can also activate your kundalini energy that is bound to clear up your aura and chakra as it flows through your body.

How Will Crocoite Help You?

Crocoite can help you in a number of different ways including helping you in your relationships so that you may have strong bonds with whomever you want.

Crocoite can also help you enhance your vision so that you’re never caught off guard by the plotting and scheming of someone else and instead have the ability to counter any steps taken against you.

If you are in the performing arts then Crocoite will help you immensely as it will let your inner artist come out and shine in front of the world.

Activating all of the creative juices in your brain it will allow you to perform and create unlike ever before.

Crocoite will also enable you to become much more in tune with your soul and accept the fact that you don’t belong to this world.

In this way, Crocoite will help you come to terms with moving your soul from this world to the next without any fear or inhibitions.

Crocoite is most effective when it comes to dealing with sexual relations and dysfunctions as it has the energy emitted from its saffron structure which helps aid in these departments.

This stone will enable you to perform much better in bed as well get an increase in stamina wherever such matters are concerned.

Crocoite can also be helpful to those who are a victim of sexual addictions by helping them overcome the desires of their body so that they may start to live a much more healthy life.

Crocoite is especially helpful to women as it helps heal them from the inside, this can come in very handy if you’ve gone through abortions as it will help heal your womb faster.

If you have recently had a hysterectomy then Crocoite will help you recover at a much faster rate and will help the various different hormonal levels to come balanced.

If you are someone who finds themselves running away from sex due to traumatizing experiences related to it in the past then Crocoite will enable you to move on from these experiences.

Very helpful for people who have subject to rape, incest or torture in their childhood, Crocoite is a stone that will allow you to accept your fate and then move on.

If you are someone who constantly feels under pressure and stressed then Crocoite can help alleviate some of these by providing you with positive energy.

Crocoite and Spiritual Healing

Having Crocoite in your possession will allow you to heal yourself and your soul of any past traumas or bad experiences.

It is a very special stone that has the ability to make you feel whole again by encouraging a free flow of chakra throughout your body.

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Crocoite can also be a very helpful aid during your astral travels as it will help broaden your vision so that you can make the most out of your travels.

By sharpening your intuition, this stone will allow your soul to become satisfied and bring a certain amount of calmness to it.

If you are someone who feels like they have been disconnected with the divine realm since a very long time then Crocoite will help you reestablish this connection.

This connection is very important if you want to keep your soul healthy as the powers of the divine realm will feed into it.

Activating the inner-most cores of your soul, Crocoite will help you develop a lot of compassion and feelings towards the universe and its plan.

You will be able to pinpoint the true purpose of your life and unlocking this secret will bring peace and serenity to your soul.

It is linked to the Aries birthstones and is bound to help people who have this star sign more than others.

Crocoite, Love and Romance

Crocoite is a stone that specializes in the are of love and romance and therefore it is suggested you keep it in your marital bedroom.

This will enable your entire room to fill up with positive energy that will help both you and your partner fall in love over and over again.

It will also allow for some great sexual endeavours and otherwise moments between the two of you which will eventually help you solidify the bond that you have.

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, Crocoite will be a great stone for your interests as it will enable you to perform at your optimal levels.

It will also help ensure that all of the sexual organs are running up to speed and effectively taking away any negative energies or illnesses away.

By activating the heart chakra, Crocoite will enable you to have feelings for your partner that you otherwise would’ve never had.

You will start feeling a lot of compassion towards your partner and this will lead you to develop a bond with them that is unbreakable across lifetimes.

If you are someone who is still looking for that special someone then having Crocoite in your possession will better your chances of finding a suitable partner in less time.

By filling your life up with strong loving and spiritual vibrations, Crocoite will enable you to attract the person who is most suitable for you.

Crocoite will also help you if you feel like your relationship has recently lost the spark that it used to have by injected energies of passion back into your life.

You and your partner will start discovering new sides of each other and fall in love once again.

How to Use Crocoite for the Best Results

One of the best ways to make the most out of Crocoite is to use it during psychic meditation when there is no one else around you.

Due to its strong vibrations, Crocoite has the ability to link you up with the divine realm and enable very strong spiritual connections.

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This will help give you psychic gifts such as the ability to predict an outcome of a situation before it even happens.

You can also use Crocoite to active the third eye so that you can sharpen your intuition and become much wiser.

During your astral travels, Crocoite will enable you to delve into a deep self-reflection that will enable you to develop a very strong sense of the kind of person you really are.

After your journey, you will know what is it that you desire most in this world and Crocoite will help you formulate a pathway to achieving it as well.

You can use Crocoite to help heal yourself from within so that you can do away with negative thoughts of the past that have been holding you back all this time.

You can use it to dispel any anxieties and stresses that may have been bothering you since a long while.

You can do this by holding the stone in your hand and then focussing on the issues you know bother you the most and then slowly start to put them out of your mind.

If you have been hurt by the actions of someone else then Crocoite can be used to restore the emotional trust that you need in order to function well in your environment.

You can use Crocoite before setting out for your earthly travels as well to ensure that you have a safe journey filled with life-changing experiences.

You can also use this stone before a big meeting or test, one that requires your absolute attention and focus, to increase your chances of success.

The basic structure of Crocoite does not allow it to be put into jewelry and worn, hence it is optimal that you keep it somewhere in your room where most people can’t reach.

Crocoite can also have very toxic properties if worn on the body and hence it is advised that it isn’t forced into being worn.

Its vibrations are strong enough to have a great effect on you even if placed far from your body.

Crocoite can also be combined with other stones to give an even more powerful vibration.

Kunzite, Hiddenite Crystal, and Vivianite are just a few of the stones that Crocoite would do very well with.

My Final Thoughts

A very powerful and beautiful stone, Crocoite has the ability to add passion back into your life.

By allowing you to develop stronger bonds with your family and peers, Crocoite will enable you to have a life that is full of bliss and compassion.

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