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The March Birthstone – The Complete Guide

The March Birthstone – The Complete Guide

Those born in March are blessed with the calm, serene, and majestic Aquamarine as their birthstone.

The beautiful sea green color of this stone can keep you calm and peaceful, allowing you to remain indomitable and in control despite any provocation.

What Is The Birthstone For March?

For the lucky people who were born in March, two birthstones are related to this month. These are Aquamarine and Bloodstone.

The two stones are altogether different concerning what they look like, yet both offer a similar symbolism that improves and safeguards the health and well-being of whoever wears them.

Serene Aquamarine invokes the tranquility of the sea. Its name is from the Latin word aqua, which means water, and marina, which means the sea.

It’s a stone that’s generally light-toned and exhibits colors that range from blue to blue-green. The color intensifies for bigger stones. Darker blue stones are also more valuable.

This gemstone mostly comes from Brazil. However, it can also be found in Mozambique, Pakistan, Zambia, Madagascar, and Nigeria.

Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl. Even though huge Aquamarine stones come from everywhere in the world, one found in Brazil weighed more than 240 pounds.

It grows in expansive, six-sided crystals that can reach up to a foot long, making it a brilliant gemstone for cutting and polishing bigger carats for exceptional statement pieces.

It’s also a common gift for a couple’s nineteenth wedding anniversary. It’s a lovely stone with little to no yellow in it, which makes it perfect for some settings with different colored metals and stones.

Aquamarine can also protect sailors and mariners by ensuring a safe voyage.

The tranquil colors of Aquamarine cool down hot tempers, helping you remain relaxed and levelheaded.

In medieval times, many believed that the simple act of wearing or carrying Aquamarine was an antidote to poisoning.

The Romans also believed that if you etched a frog on a piece of Aquamarine, it would help sort out differences between two warring parties and attract new friends and comrades.

Other historical groups took this legend even further, using Aquamarine as gifts to the bride to symbolize solidarity and love. Some even believed that it could stir love between two people.

The Jews, Egyptians, and Sumerians all appreciated Aquamarine, and many warriors would wear it to battle to achieve victory.

Many ancient medicines used powder from Aquamarine to help cure all kinds of infections, but it was said to be especially useful for eye afflictions.

The stone can be an incredible help in achieving emotional well-being. It is used widely as a symbol in Tarot, as well as a meditation aid.

It can help you achieve inner peace. Some also consider it to be an excellent aligner of the spiritual and the physical, which will greatly benefit those who are feeling an imbalance or disharmony in their lives.

Regardless of how you use Aquamarine, either as a piece of jewelry or as an aid to your spiritual journey, this stone’s cool and peaceful color is the ideal complement to any skin tone or setting.

Aquamarine is a stone of immaculateness and something that sailors want to carry with them in the high oceans. The calming energies of this stone help manage stress and calm the mind.

It shields your aura from negative influences. It’s very popular among pregnant ladies to help protect them and their unborn children.

Aquamarine is also useful in easing sore throats, thyroid issues, and hypersensitivities by soothing the immune system and hormonal functions.

The second birthstone for March is Bloodstone. It’s a dark green stone with clear red spots of iron oxide.

It’s usually found embedded in riverbeds or rocks, and its main sources are Australia, Brazil, and India.

Another name for Bloodstone is Heliotrope, an ancient Greek word that means ‘to turn the sun.’

Many believe this is because of ideas from ancient times on how minerals reflect light. Some believed the sun would change to red if this stone were submerged in water.

For those searching for a good quality Bloodstone, a strong green color with obvious veins of red is the best. It also comes in different shapes and cuts, including traditional cuts like an oval, cushion, and emerald.

Bloodstone may not have the beauty of Aquamarine, but many regard this stone for its symbolism and different magical properties.

It is sometimes known as the martyr’s stone as legend tells that it was made when drops of Christ’s blood stained the Jasper stones found at the foot of the cross.

Many other cultures believed that Bloodstone possessed magical and mystical healing powers, mentioning its capacity to heal back to 5000 BC.

The Babylonians used Bloodstone in their divination. The Egyptians prized Bloodstone since they believed it helped them magically vanquish their foes. They also believed it increased their strength and made them invincible.

Still, others believed that Bloodstone could help control or change the weather, win fights in court, or give the gift of prophecy.

It was well-regarded for its properties, and many used the stone in jewelry, signet rings, and even small containers or statues.

Today, many people still appreciate Bloodstone as a lucky charm or amulet. Athletes or those who wish to increase their strength hold it in high regard.

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Some believe that like Amazonite, it helps with mental clarity, increases creativity, and boosts overall energy.

Regardless of how you use or wear Bloodstone, it’s an interesting stone that is extraordinary for everyday use when you need to look and feel good.

Aquamarine and Bloodstone have the qualities that can help you achieve healthy well-being, love, youthfulness, and expectation.

What Are The Key Traits Of The March Birthstone?

The lovely Aquamarine gemstone is associated with courage, loyalty, devotion, and friendship.

Aquamarine heightens awareness, improves communication skills, and encourages quick response. It symbolizes honesty, faithfulness, and beauty.

Just like this crystal’s lovely blue hue, people with Aquamarine as their birthstone live a life of calm, peace, honesty, and integrity. They strive to remain true to themselves and others.

They are honest and straightforward and know how to communicate what they think or feel with respect and diplomacy.

It can help you make new friends and manifest affection for others.

It has long been a symbol of youth, health, and hope. Its captivating color varies from pale to deep blue and is reminiscent of the sea.

Aquamarine creates a beautiful accent to spring and summer outfits.

This birthstone denotes that you are very affectionate, playful, and gregarious. You also fall in love quite easily because you see the best in everyone.

You love to daydream about the happiest and most romantic scenarios as well. March babies can be very secretive because they value their peace.

The blue-green color of the sea in this stone inspires truth, trust, and letting go.

It’s also a stone representing happiness and eternal youth, which is why so many Aquamarine people remain young at heart!

People born under this birthstone are calm, contemplative, loving, and spiritual. They are very good at expressing their feelings without being overly emotional.

They also think clearly and make quick decisions, and they are courageous in times of trouble and are spontaneous and adventurous whenever the moment calls for it.

Wearing Aquamarine will give a renewed spark to love and marriage, build your courage, and improve your overall happiness.

Aquamarine is also associated with creativity, self-expression, hope, and determination. It increases the love in your life and encourages you to embrace your youth to enjoy good health.

People born under this birthstone have attractive personalities, are sexy and charming, and are very affectionate.

They are also shy and reserved at times, but their magnetic personality always shines through.

They can be secretive, but they are naturally honest people with a sympathetic and generous nature.

Aquamarine people love to serve others. They love to daydream and fantasize, and they love to travel and be the center of attention.

They love peace and serenity, and they make sure to avoid anything that will affect the peace that they enjoy in their lives.

But they also are sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, are trustworthy and appreciative, and never forget to return kindness.

They are easily angered and can be revengeful, often tend to make hasty decisions in choosing a partner.

They love to decorate the home with special things, and they love to play music. There are also moments when they just want to stay quiet, and people watch. These are the moments when they don’t feel sociable.

Aquamarine’s Color And Its Meaning

Aquamarine is often of light color and transparent. Its colors range from blue-green to deep blue to greenish blue. The color becomes more intense in larger stones.

The deep blue stones are the most valuable with the darker shades of the stone more popular than the lighter shades.

However, don’t forget the other March stone in this consideration either – the striking Bloodstone.

While the red motifs are obvious, this stone shares that light, almost ocean green hue with Aquamarine in certain pieces.

Yet that red blood-like speckling within the stone symbolizes two things that people born in March are often curious about – both life and death.

Death is a taboo subject in many cultures, but people born in March often can’t help but wonder about the world beyond the passing of a mortal soul.

Likewise, blood is also the very essence of life, and you will rarely find someone more willing to be supportive and nurturing to people and animals than someone born in March.

March is also a springtime month in the northern hemisphere and represents the coming of springtime when new life so often emerges into the world.

Necklaces, Rings, and Jewelry

Aquamarine is well-known for being a beautiful semi-transparent blue gemstone. It is a member of the Beryl family and is closely related to Emerald.

It has a bluish-green color in its natural state. It’s a very valuable and special gemstone made from the depths of mountains by intense heat.

With its unique color and different beautiful cuts, this gemstone can fit into any lifestyle and jewelry collection.

Aquamarine gained a lot of popularity in the early 1900s with its prominence in rings and tiaras.

One of the most famous Aquamarines in the world can be found in one of Queen Elizabeth’s tiaras.

The name Aquamarine derives from the Latin expression for seawater.  It’s colored by trace amounts of iron that find their way into the crystal structure.

Dark blue is the most desired color. Aquamarine boasts a durable 7.5-8 hardness on the Mohs scale, which makes it suitable for any kind of jewelry.

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The favored cuts are emerald and brilliant cuts with long or rectangular shapes. Turbid stones get a cabochon cut.

Aquamarine is a decorative gemstone that looks flattering on almost any skin or eye color, which makes it such a popular favorite of women all over the world.

It’s a gemstone that’s universal to wear, readily available, and moderately priced, but growing in popularity.

Aquamarine is also suitable for all other kinds of gemstone jewelry, including brooches, pins, and pendants.

Aquamarines are flawless and available in various cuts similar to diamonds.

Premium quality Aquamarine stones do not have inclusions visible to the naked eye. In rare cases, inclusions visible through magnification are minute.

When searching for the right gemstone for you, it is best to become informed about its color, clarity, cut, and carat.

Aquamarine’s natural color is blue with green hues. The common deep blue color is achieved through heating at high temperatures.

Heating the Aquamarine at different temperatures will change the color greatly. Anything between a light blue-green to a darker blue stone is desirable.

The clarity of the gemstone is determined by the number of inclusions there are within the gemstone. An inclusion is something foreign residing under the surface of the gem.

When inclusions are present in the stone, it becomes a little more difficult to heat and achieve certain colors, as well as to cut it to an ideal shape. The most valuable pieces of Aquamarine will have no visible inclusions.

Due to the translucent color, Aquamarine, when cut correctly, can have incredible shine and brilliance. A proper cut will accentuate the Aquamarine’s natural beauty.

A common cut for Aquamarine is a square or rectangular shape. However, pear, princess, and emerald are also common cuts.

This gemstone can be found in many sizes, ranging from tiny to very large, with some weighing up to 100 Ibs.

Most jewelry pieces will be between 1-3 carats, with some larger pieces reaching up to 16 carats. The larger the stone, the more carats it will be.

Clarity, color, cut, and carat all have a huge impact on an Aquamarine’s value and overall price. A stone with a larger carat and a unique cut can reach prices up to the thousands.

Taking the color, clarity, cut, and carat into consideration on your hunt for the perfect Aquamarine can put you ahead of the game and help you find your ideal piece.

While Aquamarine is usually an easy gemstone to spot, it is important to be on the lookout for imitations.

Every gemstone can be imitated. But with some basic knowledge, you can ensure you get the real deal when investing your money into a piece.

It can be easy to be fooled by imitation Aquamarine. Glass can easily be colored to possess that desirable blue hue.

Take a moment to look at your Aquamarine and become aware of some common flaws only present in imitation Aquamarine. It is always best to do your research to shop smart.

There are several ways to determine whether an Aquamarine is a real or just colored glass. The first thing to do is take a good hard look at your stone.

If you find scratches on the gem’s surface, it is most likely a fake. Aquamarine is an incredibly hard stone, and therefore very difficult to scratch.

The second step is to see if you can find any bubbles in your stone. If you see small air bubbles under the surface, it is colored glass. You will never find air bubbles in an Aquamarine.

The next thing to do is gauge the temperature of the stone. Place it on your forehead and check to see if the stone is at room temperature or cold to the touch.

If the stone does not feel cold, it is not Aquamarine. Aquamarine will always feel colder than room temperature.

Suppose you are still uncertain of the quality and integrity of your piece. In that case, the most reliable thing to do is check with a gemologist, jeweler, or other professional and have them look.

When you have invested in a piece of Aquamarine jewelry, it is important to learn how to properly care for that stone to preserve its condition through the ages.

When storing your stone, store it away from any other gemstones. While Aquamarine is an incredibly hard stone and not easily scratched by outside forces, other gemstones with a similar harness do have the ability to scratch it.

To protect not only your Aquamarine but also your other stones, store your gemstones separately.

Another thing to avoid is harsh chemicals. If you find yourself working with any harsh cleaning agents or chemicals, which include household cleaners, remove your jewelry first.

Chemicals interacting with your Aquamarine can hurt the quality of your stone.

If you find that your Aquamarine is becoming dull or dirty, the best way to clean it is by soaking it in warm water with a few drops of dish soap.

After soaking your stone, remove it and use a fine bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean the stone. This should return your Aquamarine to its original shine and beauty.

Make sure you do your research and be aware of your budget. While Aquamarine is among the more affordable stones, the prices can rise depending on your taste preferences.

Whatever piece you choose, Aquamarine will continue to shine as a symbol of happiness and youthfulness, possessing great powers of fearlessness and protection in all your travels.

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The color of Bloodstone ranges from light to dark green, with subtle or prominent spots or stripes of red or rust.

Most stones have very distinct light and dark color zones, so finding an evenly colored Bloodstone may be difficult. Also, the color gradient is part of the stone’s distinctive look and charm.

Bloodstones can be translucent to nearly opaque. When cut and finished well, it can exhibit a gorgeous shine and luster, although its luster will appear smooth and waxy.

Depending on the size of the stone, it can be cut with facets into unique or traditional shapes.

Smaller stones are often cut and shined into beads, and can also appear as a part of cameos, seals, shapes, and carvings.

This stone looks particularly beautiful as a pendant or a beaded bracelet. Since Bloodstone is rife with symbolism and positive properties, many choose to wear it as an everyday amulet. Be sure that the way it is set and mounted is durable and secure enough for heavier wear.

Whether purchasing Aquamarine or Bloodstone as a gift for a March birthday or simply wanting to have your own ‘lucky charm,’ it is an affordable way to enjoy these unique gemstones!

How Much Does The March Birthstone Cost?

Clarity usually determines the quality of a gemstone. Prices will also vary depending on the gemstone’s color.

Aquamarine is a March birthstone that is a timeless beauty. Low quality to mid-range level Aquamarine stones can range from $5 to $100 per carat.

Over 10 carats, mid-range Aquamarine stones can fetch $150 to $200 per carat.

When shopping for an Aquamarine, examine it under natural light. A genuine Aquamarine has a noticeable greenish hue.

Hold it between your palms for a minute or so. If it remains cold, it’s an Aquamarine.

Check for scratches and nicks. Aquamarines register a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes them tougher than glass.

If you do a scratch test and the stone bears scratches, it’s not a real Aquamarine. Evaluate the Aquamarine’s shape. It’s usually available in pear, emerald, marquise, oval, and round cuts.

There are unusual shapes available as well, and they command a higher price.

You can also place your Aquamarine on a piece of white paper. The richer the color of your Aquamarine, the more expensive it will be.

An Aquamarine’s weight in carats will determine its final value.

Aquamarines can grow very large. But unlike other stones that get more expensive the bigger they get, Aquamarine’s price stays the same for a weight bigger than a carat.

Some Aquamarines show a cat’s eye formation when light hits them. These are rare, so collectors must pay over $10,000 per carat to get them.

Bloodstone is another beautiful birthstone for March. The price of loose Bloodstones can vary between $20 and $150 per carat.

Genuine Bloodstones have a bright shine. They’re opaque and non-porous.

They are easily cut into shapes like cabochons, cushions, emeralds, octagons, ovals, and rounds.

Bloodstone cabochons are the most in demand. Bloodstone cabochons set in 18-carat yellow gold or sterling silver make some beautiful jewelry.

It is a popular gemstone because it can be cut into different shapes and give a very polished look. It’s also quite affordable.

A plain necklace with Bloodstone beads will look very attractive regardless of the shape.

Same size or different size beads are usually used. The ideal length is approximately 18 inches for this kind of Bloodstone bead necklace.

Bloodstone beads can also make beautiful bracelets. Bead sizes that are anywhere between 6 millimeters to 10 millimeters make lovely bracelets that delicately cover your wrist.

When choosing your Bloodstone beads, make sure that the beads look great together to achieve a beautiful and synchronized look.

They should have the same color shade and brightness.

Even if Bloodstone scores high on the hardness scale, it must be protected from scratches and sharp blows.

Keep it away from chemicals that can spoil the stone’s natural beauty.

Be careful with extreme temperature changes as well. It needs to be kept dry. Otherwise, the moisture will ruin the polish.

My Final Thoughts On The March Birthstone

Early sailors believed that when used as protective talismans, Aquamarine could protect them against the dangers in the ocean because it is etched with the likeness of Neptune, the sea god.

Pale blue Aquamarine gemstones are associated with love, hope, youth, and good health.

Wearing this gemstone will awaken love in your life, bolster your confidence and courage, and increase your happiness levels.

It will bring mental clarity and release all your negative energies. It will also help unleash your creativity, enhance your perception, and fill your life with hope.

Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind, making it a great aid for meditation.

Whichever March birthstone you choose to wear or carry, it will cleanse your aura, align your chakras, and you will be safe and protected.

March Birthstone

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