Crystals for Self-Harm and Depression

QUESTION:  “A coworkers pre-teen child suffers from depression, cutting, and self-harm. She has thoughts of suicide, voices in her head, and she sees people that no one else does.  She is going to see a therapist but I love the thought of crystals to help!”

MY ANSWER: Any of the lithium stones first that come to mind for self-harm and depression. They have balancing energies that can help settle all sorts of mental/emotional trauma or imbalance whatever the source. Lepidolite is my personal first choice, lithium quartz or kunzite would be next. Rose quartz for bringing in unconditional love for emotional healing is another fantastic emotional health stone that could be helpful in cases like these. Citrine is also a stone I love for lifting the gloom of depression, as well as peridot.  Hematite or schorl are stones known for stabilizing and rooting energy in reality, as well as Schorl transmuting negative energy to positive. These are some basic crystals that I would choose to use along with therapy and appropriate medical care.

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