Carnelian: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Carnelian Stones will help stabilize the energy that surrounds you and a whole lot more…

Carnelian properties and powers

Carnelian Properties and Meanings

Carnelian is a colorful quartz of the Chalcedony variety. It usually comes in red orange, pink, and brown color, and it’s often a translucent stone.

The name is derived from the Latin word ‘cornu’ which means ‘horn’, or ‘cornum’ which means cherry. It’s also from the Latin word ‘carneus’ which means flesh, or made of flesh.

Carnelian is also known as the cornelian stone.

Ancient Egyptians regarded the carnelian as a sunset enclosed in stone and called it ‘the setting sun’. Carnelian is mined in the USA, South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay Botswana, Madagascar, Germany, Slovakia, Scotland, and the UK.

Why Would You Use Carnelian?

You need carnelian stones in your life because they will help ground you and anchor you to reality.

They actually act in a very similar way to the properties of Selenite.

These stones will be particularly useful because there are certain events in your life that can unhinge you. When that happens, you need the protective energies of carnelian stones.

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone.

This will be a perfect stone for women who lead very busy and sometimes chaotic lives. When you are surrounded by the stabilizing energies of carnelian, you will continue to function on high energy levels.

You will continue to enjoy a life of vitality despite the demands on your mind and body. You will enjoy more physical energy, and you will be able to accomplish more.

It will keep you motivated, and you will never run out of stamina. It’s a perfect stone for women who have demanding careers and are required to churn out creative output on a regular basis.

It’s also perfect for women who work in creatives or the arts, and for women who have a passion for dance, music, art, or drama.

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Carnelian is also a stone of truth, love, and faith, just like Rose Quartz. If you want to have more honesty, more love, and more devotion in your life, this is the perfect stone for you. It will work for the wearer and those that they love!

This stone will give you courage and help you discover your hidden talents. It will also awaken your curiosity.

When you put carnelian stones close to your body, they can dispel any feelings of apathy or indolence. You will be awash with energizing vibrations that will help you accomplish all the things that you need to.

Carnelian stones will bring more positivity in your life. You will feel more energetic and optimistic, and you will be able to overcome past traumas. You will also be able to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage.

You will trust in yourself more, and you will know better than to just view your life and the world you live in from only one perspective. Carnelian stones will also help you accept the natural cycles of life, like growing up and growing old, being a parent, raising kids, and dealing with the loss of people you love.

Carnelian is also a protection stone that can keep you safe from accidents, theft, or natural calamities.

How Will Carnelian Help You?

Carnelian for Health

Carnelian stones are not only very pretty and decorative stones, but they can also do wonders for your health and well-being. For starters, they can help with a woman’s reproductive issues.

Health problems that concern the uterus, vagina, cervix, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries can be eased or remedied by the energy of carnelian stones.

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They can also ease the pains of menstrual cramps and other pains and discomforts brought about by your monthly period.

As with Hematite, Carnelian stones can also regulate irregular menstrual cycles.

It can increase fertility and help with issues of frigidity and impotence. Carnelian also promotes responsible sex.

It’s also very good for pregnant women or new mothers because it helps ease the symptoms of pregnancy and assuages your fear of being a new parent. For instance, when a pregnant woman is experiencing labor pains, you can put the carnelian in the mouth to reduce the pain.

It can elevate your mood and remove any feelings of depression or despair. You will enjoy more energy and enthusiasm, and you will be able to accomplish so many things without feeling tired or spent. It’s a good energy booster and stabilizer.

It can ease non-inflammatory arthritis and rheumatism and help with your lower back problems. Carnelian can also purify the blood and ensure good blood circulation.

If you’re concerned about losing weight or staying fit, carnelian can help increase your metabolism or stimulate your appetite.

It works very effectively in strengthening your teeth, and is also very good in treating fever.

Putting carnelian stones on top of a wound can help stop the bleeding and make it heal faster. When placed on the eyelids, it can heal the common headache. When worn as a ring, it can stop heart palpitations.

It can also provide help and comfort to children and adults suffering from asthma.

Carnelian for Wealth

Carnelian stones attract good luck, abundance, and prosperity. If you want to have more success in your money dealings and business ventures, having carnelian stones close to your body can attract good fortune to you!

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As much as it is a prosperity and good luck stone, it’s also a protection stone. It will keep you safe from harm and other misfortune while keeping you strong and healthy in body and mind.

Carnelian will keep your motivation levels high, and it will keep your mind quick and sharp.

It will fill you with passion and excitement for what you are doing, and it will keep you inspired for a long time.

It will make you committed to both your personal and business success. The mental clarity that the carnelian stones give will also help you achieve your goals and anticipate whatever will come your way.

Carnelian, Love and Relationships

Just like Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian is also a known love talisman.

If you’re looking for love, want to keep love in your life, or want another shot at love, then this stone is perfect for you!

If there’s anything that you want to happen in your love life, carnelian stones can help get the wheels in motion. They will surround you with light and pure energies to attract the energies of love and romance in your aura.

Carnelian can restore love and romance in your relationship.

It can also bring you more luck in finding the perfect man for you so you don’t have to go through all those dates with men who will only disappoint you.

It will restore your self-confidence and your belief in the power of love.

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It will restore your trust that things can still work out in the end even if you have experienced some setbacks.

Carnelian stones can help heal your emotional trauma and fix your broken heart. They will remove any unwanted thoughts from your head and any unwelcome feelings in your heart.

Some people hold on to the pain and the sadness because they want to be reminded of what they went through in the past. There’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself of the pain that you suffered and overcame.

But the negative energies of these experiences will linger in you, and they will affect the flow of positive energies into your life.

When you cleanse your aura with carnelian stones, you are getting rid of the toxins, but the lessons will always remain with you.

This will be healthier for your heart and soul because you are allowing the good energies to come in while doing away with the bad stuff.

Carnelian stones will help protect you from feelings of resentment, rage, jealousy, or envy. They will give you comfort when your world is just pure chaos.

They will make you feel anchored even when things are going crazy in your life. The older you get, the more challenges will come your way, but you don’t have to struggle or fail each time.

You will always have the support that you need. The energy that you will receive from carnelian stones will also protect you and your relationship from all kinds of negativity.

It will intensify your emotions, but in a good way. It will sharpen your concentration and dispel mental exhaustion. It can improve your mood and make you ready to face all the challenges that loving and being loved can bring.

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Carnelian can protect you and your relationship against jealousy, anger, resentment, and fear. It will heal depression, loneliness, and other emotional problems.

Always remember that no one will see just how lovable and wonderful you are if you don’t think you are lovable and wonderful. Love and happiness should begin with yourself!

Carnelian will bring you peace and serenity, and it will promote love and friendship. It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. If you’re not careful, life will just eat you whole.

It’s important that you find whatever it is that can give you peace and serenity. You will need to disconnect from the world and enjoy a moment of silence to hear yourself think, to listen to your heart, and to just enjoy a little peace and quiet.

A clear head can do wonders for your whole body. When the head is light and relaxed, everything else will follow!

Don’t forget that carnelian is a stone of passion and sexuality. When you have the energies of carnelian stones working for you, you can expect to have more sexual passion, too.

You will crave for more romance and physical intimacy. You will enjoy being close to your man and doing all the things that lovers do.

You will be excited to heat things up in the bedroom, and you will be inspired to take things to the next level. Carnelian energy will make you more aware of your sexual needs, and you will be emboldened to do things that will ensure these needs are met.

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When you work with the energies of the carnelian, you will also have an acceptance of what happens in life, both the good and the bad. You will be more aware of how fleeting life is, and it will teach you to value each moment.

Carnelian stones will work in harmony with you to give you the life that you deserve and the happiness that you are searching for. Give carnelian a chance and see how much it can change your life!

How to Use Carnelian for the Best Results?

Carnelian is a beautiful and sensual stone that will look beautiful when worn as jewelry. You can choose to wear it as a pendant or as a belt buckle. As long as it touches your skin, that will be good.

When you put carnelian on your front door, it will invite more prosperity and abundance into your home.

Place them in the central part of your home, and your carnelian stones can bring balance, peace, and harmony to all those who dwell in it.

When you put carnelian in the west side of your home, it will foster creativity and productivity. If you want to attract more luck and success, you should put it in the south side of your home or office.

Carnelian is a stone of renewal that brings happiness and success to its wearer each time!

The Best Combination to Use with Carnelian

Carnelian is best paired with ruby or red garnet because it can work in giving you confidence, a boost of energy, and renewed passion.

This pairing can attract wealth and abundance, and it can give you an extra shot of strength and courage as well.

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Carnelian can also be paired with citrine. You can place this combination in the southeast corner of your home or office. This will attract money, sustenance, and a continuous flow of abundance.

If you place carnelian and citrine around your home, it will foster good relationships with your neighbors as well as with all the people who live or visit your home.

How Much is Carnelian Worth?

The Carnelian stone is time-honored because of its many overwhelming links to the past.

It’s a semi-precious gemstone, but in the good old days, it was regarded as similar in value as precious stones. It was restricted only to the elite class of the society.

This was allied with the people belonging to the top of the hierarchy in terms of financial power and authority.

Even in death, people from this community were buried with this highly valued gemstone! Because of this, many people want to own this incredible gemstone.

As a result, the demand is really high, and some dealers sell poor quality stones to unsuspecting buyers.

Carnelian is found in abundance in several parts of the world, and this abundant quantity makes it an affordable gem.

The price for this gemstone depends on its color, carat weight, and country origin.

The most valuable Carnelian is one that’s bright red in color. Carnelian stones that are reddish orange in color are also very sought after.

With the increase in carat weight, the price also increases. The supplier country also affects the price.

Carnelian gemstones sourced in Madagascar and India are of high quality and the most sought after.

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This is the reason why the price increases if you’re buying a Carnelian stone that came from these countries.

Clarity and cut are important to consider when making a purchase, but it does not affect the price. It is believed to proffer the owner with energy and strength at the time of illness.

Fortunately, this beautiful gemstone can be purchased at affordable prices, from anywhere between $10 to $50, depending on the carat.

This price point makes it quite accessible for anyone who wants to add this gemstone in their collection.

Carnelian is known for its many healing properties. It is suggested to wear this stone on your ring finger because it’s known to improve the appetite during recovery period.

Carnelian has the trait that makes it an energy booster for whoever wears it. It is also known to stem bleeding and heal wounds. It assists in blood purification as well.

This stone is believed to ward off the bad vibrations and negative thoughts.

Today, astrologers recommend people to start wearing this amazing gemstone to increase one’s patience and control one’s anger.

It aids in developing a good sense of humor, thereby bringing joy and happiness. The most important faith associated with Carnelian is that it safeguards its owner against poverty.

Carnelian is certainly one of a kind. Just like all other gemstone jewelry, this stone highlights the beauty of anyone who wears it.

Its most extraordinary characteristic is that it acts as a faithful guard for health and wealth. It undoubtedly is an energy booster in every aspect.

Noble families during the ancient times were smart to confine this multifaceted stone exclusively for their community.

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No such restriction exists today, so try your luck and get hold of this versatile gemstone today. You will not find that you can be an owner of one in just minutes!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Carneliancarnelian meaning

The energy that carnelian stones emit will warm and energize you. It will remove all traces of sluggishness and invigorate the mind and body.

It will encourage you to be bold and assertive, and to take initiative more often, especially with things that concern you and your well-being.

Carnelian stones can turn bad energy into good energy. Once you have these stones in your possession, you will feel less heavy or weighed down by negative thoughts and emotions.

It will be good for the body and soul, and for your personal and professional relationships. There will be more appreciation for nature, more emotional warmth, and more time to be social.

Your memory will be greatly enhanced. You will enjoy a stronger sense of individuality and confidence. You will also have more opportunities for self-realization.

Whenever you feel like giving up, and whenever you feel like you’re not the right person for the task, just remember that carnelian is a stone of power, ambition, courage, and inspiration!