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Clear Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Clear Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Clear Crystals Properties

Clear Crystals are one of the most common types of crystals that can be found on earth.

And even though they’re called Clear Crystals, they range from clear, milky, cloudy, to almost opaque.

They occur in different configurations and shapes, but the most common are hexagonal ones.

Clear Crystals are sometimes known as Rock Crystals, and they possess powerful vibrations and amazing metaphysical properties.

They are also the most effortless crystals to program!

These crystals can be found anywhere in the world, but some of the best kinds of Clear Crystals can be found in the USA, Madagascar, and Brazil.

They embody the vibrations in the place that they originated from.

Clear Crystals are formed in different hexagonal structures, and they are given distinguishing names so that they can be easily recognized.

They have different attributes and are used for different purposes as well.

Why Would You Use Clear Crystals?

In the metaphysical world, Clear Crystals are one of the supreme gifts of the earth.

Even the smallest piece of Clear Crystal is imbued with wonderful properties that heal, teach, protect, and uplift.

It is believed that these crystals are alive, taking a breath after a few hundred years, that people think that they are divine incarnations.

Healers today will not argue that Clear Crystals are kind of living beings because they are ancient and wise, and they are only willing to connect when someone is willing and ready to receive.

Wearing, carrying, or meditating with Clear Crystals will open your heart and mind to a higher and more powerful guidance.

This will also allow the spiritual realm to be transmitted to the physical realm.

Clear Crystals resonate at the level of your individual needs, and they will amplify energies or intentions that are programmed into them.

They will continue to transmit these energies all throughout the physical world and into the etheric realm.

As a result, you will be able to establish a strong pattern that will allow the manifestation of your goals. It will hasten the fulfillment of your prayers and enhance your spiritual growth or healing process.

Clear Crystals’ abilities to amplify energies and to be programmed with specific intentions make them the most multidimensional and versatile crystals.

Clear Crystals are used for healing and meditation, as well as for the expansion of one’s consciousness.

These crystals will enhance your communication with your spirit guides and aid in past-life recall.

They will also help you attract love or prosperity, or just about anything that you wish to have more of in your life. However, with this kind of power comes accountability and responsibility.

If you wish to benefit from the blessings of Clear Crystals, you must have peace in your life and be in harmony with the energies of these crystals.

You must deserve the gifts that they bring. Only clear and pure intentions should be set upon them, otherwise, you will inevitably invite harm to yourself.

Clear Crystals are excellent for enhancing the energies of other stones, which make them ideal for gridding work.

They are the perfect base material for templates, staffs, and wands, as well as crystal spheres that are used to crystal gaze.

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These crystals also work as professional support stones, especially for people who work in the media, and for musicians, stylists, artists, inventors, healers, and doctors.

Clear Crystals create a force field of healing negative ions. They clear your environment with positive ions while also protecting your aura.

They get rid of static electricity, as well as the bad effects of radiation and radioactivity.

Clear Crystals will give strength and intellectual clarity.

They will boost your concentration and increase your memory retention by filtering out the distractions.

The hypnotic quality of Clear Crystals is also conducive to sleep and rest, helping you understand the lessons and messages that are relayed to you during the dream state.

Clear Crystals are also respected crystals for death in many cultures. They are placed in sepulchers, urns, and tombs during funeral rites.

How Will Clear Crystals Help You?

Clear Crystals, Healing and Health

Clear Crystals are master healer crystals that can be used to heal or treat almost any kind of health condition.

They are known to stimulate both the circulatory and immune systems by improving the energy flow and bringing the body back into balance.

These crystals can be used to treat motion sickness, dizziness, vertigo, and migraine headaches. They can also help with weight loss efforts, metabolism, and combating fatigue.

Clear Crystals can help in eliminating toxins from the body and in treating digestive disorders.

They can also help with bladder and kidney infections, and with treating diarrhea. Clear Crystals can soothe pains and injuries, especially pains brought about by burns.

They can draw away the pain and prevent blistering and other infections due to skin disorders.

Clear Crystals and Wealth

Clear Crystals will bring clarity to all your communications and amplify your thoughts by stimulating clear thinking.

These crystals have a powerful resonance and a positive effect on your chakras. They will protect your aura and expand your energy field.

You can sit with your Clear Crystals and program them so that they can send out a specific message.

This will help you greatly if you wish to build your wealth, attract prosperity and abundance, or turn your luck into something better.

Use positive affirmations when stating what you want these crystals to resonate. Alternatively, you may also say a prayer while holding these crystals.

Clear Crystals are very good to have beside you or on you, especially when you’re starting to feel stressed or unhappy with work or business.

They will turn these negative feelings into something positive so that you can continue your journey to success and abundance!

Clear Crystals, Love and Relationships

Clear Crystals work as deep soul cleansers because they can purify the negative energies and enhance the positive energies in you and in your environment, particularly in your relationship.

It could be argued that we as a species and a society understand this at a primal level, and that giving a gift of jewelry carries a deeper crystal necklace meaning, say, than just a gesture of affection.

With so many different kinds of clear crystals each offering different ways of healing your hurt and clarifying your ways of communication, there’s every reason to let them into your love life.

Big ones, small ones, cheap ones, fancy ones – whatever works for you two!

They will help you get rid of your inner negativity that’s affecting how you interact with your partner and how you look at your relationship.

Clear Crystals will work to give you a better perception of the world and of people so that you will be kinder and gentler to everyone and everything, most especially the people you love!

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When you have a better perspective on life, your sense of awareness will be increased, and your thoughts will be stronger and more uplifting.

You will be more persevering and patient, and you will be inspired to live more purposefully. You will also enjoy more moments with your loved ones laughing and loving!

How to Use Clear Crystals for the Best Results?

For increased personal energy, carry Clear Crystals with you in tumbled stone form. You can also wear them as personal jewelry, which you can touch anytime for an instant lift.

You can also add Clear Crystals to your bath water or make an elixir that you can drink or splash on your pulse points.

In the workplace, Clear Crystals can be used to filter negative energies and to soften overly critical words.

Clear Crystals are the perfect crystals to put in any window because they act as natural energy dispersers.

They receive light and energy from the sun and scatter it within the room. When used in meditation, Clear Crystals will filter out the distractions and empty your mind.

They will give you a feeling of oneness and provide you with a peaceful and meditative state.

When you visualize your intentions and your desired outcomes, Clear Crystals will work by giving you strong psychic amplification.

The Best Combination to Use with Clear Crystals

Clear Crystals can be used with any other stone or crystal, but using them with certain stones and crystals will greatly amplify their effects.

Combine them with Green Dioptase if you want to enhance or improve the functions of different parts of your body.

Pair Clear Crystals with Blue Apatite if you want to receive more insightful guidance about life and love in general.

They can also be paired with Chalcopyrite and Merlinitebecause this combination will boost their mystical attributes.

When combined with Zircon, you will also achieve your purpose or your intentions much quicker.

Clear Crystals’ energies also blend well with Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Purple Amethyst, Tourmalinated Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Aqua Aura, Aventurine, and Amegreen.

These are all high energy crystals, and they are very beneficial if you want to work on your spiritual growth.

You may also use Clear Crystals with White Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds, Star Holland Quartz, Danburite, Phenacite, and Natrolite.

An Unusual Fact About the Clear Crystals Birthstone

The clear crystal birthstone Diamond was believed to be the tears that fell from the eyes of the gods. It was also thought to be splinters from falling stars.

Ancient Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows have Diamonds on the tip, which could very well be the earliest association of romantic love and Diamonds.

The Diamond forms hundreds of miles below the ground and is brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. This clear crystal birthstone is known to be billions of years old.

The Pearl is another clear crystal birthstone that has been a symbol of prosperity and financial abundance for hundreds of years. It’s also known as a stone of tenderness and calmness.

Ancient royal families used to wear Pearls in their necklaces, rings, and other ornaments to complete their royal outfits.

It is believed that wearing a necklace made of Pearls can enhance the relationship of a mother and son, or a father and son.

Besides being found under the sea, Pearls can also be found in oceans, lakes, ponds, and even forests.

Pearls symbolize sadness and tears, and it’s believed that they should not be worn by a would-be or new bride. Keeping a piece of Pearl under the pillow while you sleep will warn you of an upcoming health issue.

If you’re suffering from mental anxiety or depression, you should wear Pearls to help combat the symptoms. Moonstone is a clear crystal birthstone that is believed to be created from moonbeams.

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This stone is strongly associated with the energies of the moon. It’s believed that if you hold a Moonstone in your mouth on a full moon, you can have a glimpse of your future.

The Zircon birthstone is believed to increase wisdom and promote honor. It can also induce sleep. More importantly, it has been used in the Middle Ages to bring prosperity and drive away evil spirits.

Opal is another example of a clear crystal birthstone that is considered a lucky stone. It was worn by rulers and members of royalty to make sure that they are safe and protected from evil.

Some would even grind the Opals and ingest them to prevent nightmares and ward off evil spirits.

Opal is quite fragile and should not be worn during extreme or sudden changes in temperature. These stones are known to fracture or explode.

Opals take millions of years to form. A centimeter of Opal takes approximately 5 million years to solidify.

The clear crystal birthstone Beryl is revered as a stone of purity. It is believed to increase joy in a person’s life and preserve the love between two married people.

Beryl is favored by clairvoyants because it can enhance their visions and strengthen their intuition. It’s also a good stone to have because it provides protection against physical and psychical attacks.

Beryl is a powerful remedy against laziness or procrastination. It will also sharpen your intellect.

Sailors and travelers loved carrying this stone with them because they preserved them from dangers and sickness both on land and water.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Clear Crystals
clear crystals meaning

Clear Crystals are unique, and they have their own experiences, lessons, and personalities that they will share with you the more that you use them.

The crystals that you will attract into your life will help bring about your awareness and personal growth.

They will awaken your mind and make you understand things that you didn’t before.

Clear Crystals will also work as a beacon of light to those who are spiritually in tune with the universe.

So many different stones exhibit different traits and qualities, and it is these crystal properties that can make the biggest difference in your life.

Whether you have been collecting stones for some time, or are only now embarking on a journey of spiritual discovery, clear crystals of all kinds and all budgets can help your health, wealth, love life and personal development.

Welcoming these easy to use and easy to understand stones into your life can really create a turning point if you let it!

As a link between the physical and spiritual dimensions, Clear Crystals will enhance your communication so that you will continuously receive messages from the Divine, as well as from healers, teachers, and masters.

Clear Crystals will make new beginnings possible, and they will give you the fresh energy that you need to move on or catch up quickly with life!

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