Aventurine: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Aventurine can have a profound effect on some people. Discover why…

aventurine for love

Aventurine Meaning

The meaning of aventurine comes from the beautiful shimmering finish of this stone. Its name relates to the word aventurescence, which refers to the “glittery” effect of tiny particles of highly reflective mineral contained in a less reflective whole.

Green aventurine is also known as the ‘heart healer’. It is linked to the 4th Chakra, Anahata, the Heart Chakra, the activator of love, appreciation and inner harmony.

Connected to the middle chakra, it acts as a reminder of the harmony we need between the lower three chakras connected Mother Earth, and higher three chakras connected to the spirit world, in order for us to feel ultimate balance during our soul experience on earth.

The Heart Chakra, green on the outside and pink on the inside, is a perfect metaphor to understand the energy of aventurine. The green acting as the outer shield protecting the soft, pink heart, our inner vulnerabilities.

This comforting and secure energy gives us the confidence to move forward in life. To take risks, knowing that our heart will always be protected and safe.

The subconscious mind or our ego has its place to protect us. But at the same time it signals feelings of fear and doubt in our minds, distracting us from when our heart speaks to us softly.

Through learning to listen to the inner voice within, and beginning to trust our intuition, one can begin to bring back alignment and develop a true mind-heart connection.

This state of Heart Intelligence, allowing for a continual harmonious dialogue to occur between the mind and heart, or as I like to call it – the ‘perfect inner chemistry’ – will bring you into a state of flow and allowing you to always maintain feelings of inner peace. Despite these internal mind-heart polarities.

This awareness of these sometimes conflicting connections, is enough to initiate states of permanent emotional balance and calm. The power lies in the awareness. Joy is our natural state of being and our purpose in life is to EN-JOY, or even BE-IN-JOY!

Green aventurine’s energy allows us to connect with that inner state of joy and synchronize with the nature’s soothing rhythm.

This allows us to be truly present, utterly embracing each moment without anxiety, fear, doubt or stress. This is the true beauty of life, the NOW.

Aventurine Properties

Humans have been using aventurine for millions of years.

It is a unique form of quartz, and particles of chrome give it a green colour. Other forms of aventurine may contain a wide variety of mineral particles, which lead to a range of different colours.

Raw aventurine.

Some varieties contain minerals that give it silver, brown, or occasionally red colours, although the green variety is the most common, and the one that this article will primarily discuss.

You can read up on all the other kinds of Aventurine here:

The precise mineral that gives aventurine its distinctive green colour (when it is green) is fuschite, which appears in tiny particles within the matrix of the quartz crystal.

Sometimes the concentrations are so high that aventurine is technically classified as a rock. That is because the fuschite makes up more of it than the quartz crystal does!

The most valuable pieces of aventurine are ones with intensely shimmering surfaces. They look as if they consist entirely of layers of glitter.

Aventurine crystal is rising in popularity today, but is really nothing new altogether. In fact, by many accounts it has been here all along. And sometimes other stones have been mistaken for it in ages past, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to see why this crystal attracted so much desire and attention throughout its involvement in human history. Blue aventurine is also becoming increasingly popular in modern society.

What’s more, because it can be found throughout the world, aventurine has played many a role in many a culture, and continues to today.

Aventurine is a stone with spring and summer associations. And its likewise connected with the zodiac sign of Taurus. A sign representing people born just as spring and summer converge on the calendar.

Therefore, feelings of taking it slow, letting life run its course, and letting things unfold as part of the natural order are all characteristics of aventurine that are very meaningful to people who love it. Just as they were to people who relished the stone in antiquity.

There is also a spirit of forgiveness as an almost primal level associated with this stone. It seems to accept human nature and evoke that same feeling in everyone who lets its energy in.

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You’ll find the little niggles that annoy you about people seem far less serious and aggravating with aventurine in your life!

Aventurine can be found in many different places across the globe. Including Tibet, India, Chile and Brazil, Spain, and Russia, among others.

Historically, it has frequently been confused with jade, although the chemical makeup of the two stones is quite different.

It has a long and rich history in the ancient world. Mainly in Asia, but also to some extent in Europe and the Americas.

Amazingly beautiful Aventurine stone

In Ancient Tibet, it was used to decorate statues, which is where it is most commonly seen in use today.

It was said to improve nearsightedness. And it was placed on statues for this reason: in order to symbolically show the “visionary” powers of the statue.

In Ancient Chinese culture, aventurine was the sacred stone of Kuan-Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion.

It has also been associated with various goddesses of fertility, nature, and spring, across multiple cultures. Including the southeast Asian Buddhists, the Greeks, and the Celts, because of its green colouration.

Why Would You Use Aventurine?

Because of its colour, aventurine has strong links to the element of earth, and to the planet Earth as a whole.

If you are interested in becoming more attuned to the powers of nature, aventurine is a good place to start.

Its connection with nature and spring will help you feel an awakening to nature. This will quickly improve your psychic health and strength.

Aventurine stones have a very soothing energy, which is highly beneficial to those suffering from anxiety, fear, or restlessness.

It will help you feel more at home in your world. And it prevents the wandering eye that leads to a constant search for happiness that can never be fully fulfilled.

There is so much bombardment to our senses day after day in the modern world. And it can be difficult to even contemplate how to slow down and take it easy sometimes.

In fact, many people even feel guilty for relaxing nowadays, thinking instead about what they ‘should be’ doing.

It’s a vicious cycle, but welcoming aventurine into your home, or your meditation ritual, can really help you to see the bigger picture.

You’ll feel less guilt for taking things easy, looking after yourself and giving yourself the space, time and self love you need to be your best.

There seems to be a growing number of people who always seem just one step away from burnout.

This is true even of those people who purposefully lead a New Age lifestyle, or another spiritual lifestyle. After all, we can easily be so keen to use these skills to help others that we forget ourselves.

Aventurine will help you to remember your own place in all this!

It is also the perfect stone for healing discord and promoting harmony. The soothing energy effects not just you but all those around you.

If you incorporate aventurine into your life, you will find yourself far better able to form meaningful relationships with others without negativity or friction.

Aventurine is the great healer of both the heart chakra and the solar plexus, and clears blockages of energy from this chakra. Meaning that it regulates our ability to communicate and form emotional bonds with others!

If the heart chakra is blocked, it leads to repressed, angst-ridden self-loathing. But when it is open and clear, you can develop a sense of personal altruism and positivity that draws good luck to you like honey draws flies.

Like attracts like, as the saying goes, and this is much of the basis of how aventurine healing properties manifest.

There’s an energy of quiet contentment, like a lazy Sunday with a book on a bench in the park, that seems to be embedded in the very essence of this stone.

By encouraging us to slow down, to breathe and to relax, aventurine helps us to really drink in the moment, soaking up its positive vibrations and ways of inspiring us.

It’s sometimes all too easy to let the fleeting moments that can really ground us and bring us to our senses pass by us.

Yet aventurine almost offers a second chance of sorts. Enhancing life’s little pleasures to somehow render them more vivid in your heart and mind.

People who let aventurine into their lives often feel more lucky as a consequence. And that attitude of gratitude, as modern slang sometimes calls it, is vital to successfully manifesting a positive life.

It’s said you have to be thankful for what you have, before life will give you more. And aventurine is wonderful for helping you see those little details.

Because of its properties in promoting harmony and clearing personal psychic energy, aventurine is a perfect stone for improving your relationships: familial, romantic, professional, and interpersonal.

All relationships can benefit from the calm and harmonious attitude this stone creates.

It is especially beneficial in helping you get through periods in romantic relationships where you feel stagnant, unheard, or unable to communicate your needs.

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Everyone goes through times like this, and aventurine will ensure that they don’t trip you up for too long.

This stone also helps smooth potentially rocky transitions in your life.

Aventurine will reward a ‘speculative’ attitude and a willingness to try new things. It’s no coincidence that its name is so similar to ‘adventure’!

How Will Aventurine Help You?

Aventurine and Relationships

Aventurine is one of the best stones for promoting harmonious relationships. As such, aventurine is indispensable to anyone at any stage of a romantic partnership.

If you are just beginning a relationship, it will keep the lines of communication wide open. And it ensures that you are both clear-eyed and forgiving in your evaluation of your partner.

It will prevent you from being blind to his or her faults, while also preventing you from ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ and getting rid of an almost perfect partner, for a perceived flaw that’s not worth it.

If you are thinking about amping up the seriousness of your relationship (by moving in together, for example, or becoming engaged or married), then aventurine will maintain harmony in your relationship through the transition.

If you can pair it with Labradorite then the effects will be even more profound.

It will prevent the all-too-common trap of becoming impatient with each other when you’re spending a lot more time together.

You will instead find yourself more inclined to take your lives together on a moment to moment basis. This is one of the best and most mysterious of all of aventurine’s properties.

All those little details of why you both came together in the first place are so easily lost in the passage of time. And they suddenly become more vivid and easy to recognize.

More than that, aventurine is a stone of deep and natural compassion. And in moments when you and your partner disagree, you can see the dispute in perspective, rather than only seeing the hurt and disappointment.

It is, of course, always up to the couple to work out why arguments are being more frequently had in certain parts of the relationship.

No stone in the world can prevent these from coming about. But aventurine is among the most beautiful and kind spirited crystals to be had when it comes to finding out how to work out these tricky moments and to come out of it stronger together.

Naturally, aventurine can make a fine gift for your partner, too.

The earthy feeling of the stone has a sense of permanence that almost seems to say that your love for each other is as long-lasting as the landscapes that surround you.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, aventurine will help inject new affection into the partnership.

Never will you take your partner for granted when you have aventurine to help you.

You will always be able to see the wonderful things in your partner that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

Aventurine is so wonderful at opening up your visualization skills and bringing ideas vibrantly to your mind. And you might find that fun flirting and goofy first dates spring back up in your mind when you’re around the stone and feeling tense about your relationship.

It’s often as though the stone itself has a direct link to your most intimate memories. But don’t let that scare you – it’s trying to help.

One thing aventurine is good at, is balancing you out. So don’t worry that it’ll wash you in so much sentimental memory that you forget that there are actual problems to solve.

In fact, those problems suddenly don’t seem so big and overpowering when you let the energy of aventurine in.

You’ll find that you suddenly don’t feel in such a hurry to jump to conclusions. Nor will you insist on solving everything all at once.

This energy makes it easier to understand that both your partner and yourself each have limitations. And that you are both trying your best with the knowledge and inbuilt defense mechanisms that you have.

Sure, things need work. But these things can be addressed over time, carefully and with compassion.

Outside of romantic relationships, aventurine is extremely useful in ensuring that you are keeping up positive relationships with everyone surrounding you.

Whether it’s your business partners, your friends, or your family. Aventurine will help you see other people’s perspectives, and help them see yours.

This empathy is the key to all successful interpersonal interaction. Beyond that, aventurine prompts a generosity of spirit that some cynical souls might call naïve, but that is actually extremely important.

You need to be able to forgive others, and yourself, in order to keep up a level of positivity in your life.

Aventurine and Healing

Aventurine can calm your soul when you are troubled. And it can bring an inner peace that will soothe and comfort you through difficult times and stressful interactions.

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This is an invaluable stone for developing a sense of serenity that won’t abandon you at the first sign of trouble.

Oftentimes, meditation is one of the greatest and simplest ways of embracing all of these green aventurine healing properties.

The natural energies that radiate from the crystal mean it’s very versatile in terms of how you want to enjoy that feeling, too.

For instance, you can easily set up your special meditation space to incorporate an aventurine centerpiece when you are most inclined to take in its energies.

Similarly, you can wear aventurine prominently as you settle into meditation to invite its healing energies, or just hold it.

What’s important is the contact, and it doesn’t even need to have too much finesse.

If you’re enduring headaches, you can lightly touch your temple with a cool piece of aventurine. Likewise, joint pain, muscle cramps and even ailments like a cough, a cold or a stomach ache can all be alleviated by spending time with the energies of aventurine in a quiet, happy space.

As you welcome aventurine into your spiritual realm more and more, you’ll hopefully see that it allows you to prevent pain and illness ahead of time, keeping you healthy and alert.

That extra energy is always welcome, but so is the sense of relaxation that aventurine provides.

An extra fun fact: aventurine has sometimes been called ‘the gambler’s stone’, as its green colour is related to money and luck. If you carry a piece of aventurine, you will never lose a gamble, so the saying goes.

I don’t recommend relying on this, though. But if you happen to be going to Vegas, it might be worth taking a piece with you 😉

How to Use Aventurine for the Best Results?

As Jewelry

Aventurine is an excellent stone for jewelry because of its beautiful, glittering, green colour. But even beyond its aesthetic value, wearing it as jewelry can have some ‘bonus’ effects.

The ideal way to wear aventurine jewelry is over the heart chakra. Either in the form of a brooch or pin, or on a long pendant.

This will maintain a clear flow of energy through the heart chakra, preventing both blockages and sluggishness.

This is among the most appreciated of all of aventurine’s metaphysical properties. And even those who don’t realize what the stone does for the heart chakra – or any chakra – are strangely drawn to wear the stone in a way that somehow connects it to them accordingly.

Just as it’s our first instinct to hold a hand on to the afflicted area when hurt, so too do we have the strangest instinct to wear gemstones in ways that will help us to best feel their effects.

Aventurine is a stone especially talented at tapping into this deeper primal part of ourselves.

This is perhaps because of its color, and the naturalistic connotations it brings about.

Despite how urban and bustling our lives are today, for the better part of human history we have been a species more inclined towards communities rich in greenery and nature.

While technology may have marched on for us, aventurine has kept this more agrarian outlook in mind. It’s like a sparkling summer day in your pocket, but also conveys strength.

In fact, thanks to the clarity of mind and the clearness of heart that aventurine can inspire within whoever wears it, it has become a mainstay of the clothing and garments of countless cultures over the centuries.

Historically, aventurine has also been called ‘the stone of the Amazons’. That is because it was believed to be the stone that the Amazon warriors used on their breastplates.

Channel your inner Wonder Woman or Superman and wear an aventurine brooch on your chest to give you strength. Especially during emotional times.

If you frequently become impatient and find yourself not listening to people, wear aventurine as earrings.

It will make everything you hear sound just a little better. And it will prompt a generosity of spirit that will help you listen to even some of the more inane comments or conversations you may have to deal with.

For its relationship to romance, some people love to use aventurine in wedding or engagement rings.

However, it is a fairly soft stone, generally around 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale. So it won’t stand up too well to a lot of the abuse that rings go through on a daily basis.

If you have an aventurine ring, be extremely careful with it. Perhaps only wear it on special occasions, or string it around your neck as a pendant instead.

In Your Home

Since it is so connected to spring, aventurine can be a very useful stone if you’re suffering from SAD, or the ‘winter blues’.

Place a piece of it near a light or heat source, like a window, an incandescent light, or a fireplace.

When you are drawn towards that light or heat source to escape the cold, the energy of renewal and serenity that this stone possesses will touch you.

After all, so many of the deepest of its meanings stem from the feeling of earthiness and sunshine that it represents.

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That effortless green, flecked with surprising and hidden sprinkles of light, can’t help but bring a smile to the face.

There’s days when it’s drizzling with rain outside and you don’t want to face the world beyond your front door for fear of how many layers you need to wrap up in. Just go and get some tea, take a moment to pour a fresh cup and hold your aventurine in your hand.

Don’t be surprised if it evokes all manner of daydreams within you. Thoughts of babbling brooks and sunlit meadows will light up your mind and heart.

It’ll never replace the real thing, of course. But that all-natural feeling aventurine possesses is like a breath of fresh air.

Because aventurine is so good at opening up your extrasensory sight, you might feel more of a sense of place in these ethereal visions than you at first realize. Even feeling a warm summer breeze on the nape of your neck.

However, aventurine really comes into its own when you use its positive healing energies to disperse heavier and more negative ones that may have built up around yourself and your loved ones.

You can also place a piece of aventurine discreetly in rooms where tension may seem to build up, such as in an office, a workplace lunchroom, a family dining room, or even a bedroom.

Placing it in rooms that are frequently subject to negative energy can help you avoid becoming embroiled in the fights that take place in there. And it can break the patterns of negativity that may be causing problems.

The Best Stones and Crystals to Combine with Aventurine

Aventurine is best paired with other stones that promote communication and emotional intuition.

These stones will benefit from the empathetic yet calm vibrations that aventurine possesses, while also enhancing its ability to perceive emotional realities.

Frequently, it is beneficial to pair stones with other stones that have contrasting powers, in order to create balance.

However, since aventurine is not one of the most powerful energies, it can sometimes be obliterated completely by these contrasting stones.

A stone with a strongly self-focussed power, such as a ruby, may run counter to aventurine’s power. And it may cancel it out rather than complement it.

So, here are the best stones and crystals to combine aventurine with:

Aventurine will enable you to calmly recognize your own feelings, and empathize with those of others, while turquoise assists you in communicating your feelings and needs with other involved parties.

Aventurine also makes a good complement to the intuitive and highly sensitive powers of moonstone or opal.

Both of these stones will make emotions much stronger and clearer. But if used on their own, they can occasionally lead to emotional states that are too intense, and result in depression or hysteria.

Aventurine’s calming powers will help you experience those heightened emotions without becoming overwhelmed by them.

Instead, you will be able to evaluate them in a clear-headed way, while not becoming overly clinical or detached.

This is a rare balance to find, in physical life as much as a more spiritual existence. It’s one of the many reasons why aventurine is so precious. And it certainly explains a lot about how and why it has been so revered since ancient times.

By being able to take those overpowering emotions and adding a splash of logic to them – or likewise taking those critical, cold and almost clinical thoughts and imbuing them with love – you can gain greater clarity and insight.

This is as true of others as it is yourself. So don’t be afraid to surround yourself with stones like this to get the best results when you’re called upon to help your nearest and dearest with advice.

Other Combinations

It’s up to you if you want to make these matches between various crystals and stones happen by either having them collectively in a sacred corner of your home, or by combining them in your jewelry or outfit in some way instead.

There’s no right or wrong way here, so definitely feel free to experiment.

In fact, because of how freely ideas flow when aventurine is around, you might well come up with some of your own ways to mix up its energy with other stones of your collection.

As all stones are, aventurine is highly effective when paired with a quartz point. Quartz is a highly effective amplifier for any sort of crystal power.

Clear quartz will powerfully enhance aventurine’s powers of empathy and forgiveness.

Rose quartz has similar benefits. But in addition to enhancing aventurine’s natural power, it will lend its own innocent romance to the holder’s understanding of a situation.

This is an excellent combination if you feel that you are too cynical. Especially about your partner, or about other people with whom you have personal relationships.

If you are always seeking out the negative, then a combination of rose quartz and aventurine can help you develop a far more positive and generous attitude towards these other people.

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An Unusual Fact About the Aventurine Birthstone

Aventurine is a natural birthstone for people born between April 20 and May 20.

Being associated with Venus, which is the ruling planet of Taurus, Aventurine is a planetary stone of Taurus.

With its pleasant green color, Aventurine is believed to bring good health, success, and rejuvenation.

People born under the sign of Taurus are naturally inclined to accumulate wealth, thus Aventurine is perfect for them.

After all, green aventurine can’t help but evoke thoughts and feelings about making money.

The color alone is a dead ringer for those all-important dollar bills that Taurus people love so much. And by the very nature of this being a gemstone, it also carries a luxurious connotation that Taurus people so love.

To a Taurus person, money is never accumulated for its own sake. But rather as a means by which to try and secure comfort and some well-deserved downtime for themselves and their loved ones.

Taurus is also a star sign of the Earth element. And it makes total sense why rich greens as seen in aventurine would prove soothing and inspiring to them.

To onlookers, Taurus people seem to just grind to a halt every so often. But this is an unfair view on them – they just need to stop and recharge.

They do this by spending time in nature. And a decent piece of aventurine can be just as rejuvenating to them as having a meadow in their pocket!

There’s a lightness to both the weight and the overall feel of aventurine that well suits the Taurus persona.

These are people who don’t believe in worrying for its own sake. And they love an easy life – although not necessarily a life free of hard work, because of that.

Aventurine can help relieve stress and mental and emotional pressure. In that sense, it’s a great stone for anyone trying hard to pursue their goals. Aventurine is a great, easily-accessible stone for Taurus energy.

It enhances relaxation, regeneration, and recovery, which are all basic tenets of the Taurean desire to indulge in creature comforts.

Taurus energy is known for being patient, understanding, and slow to anger. It works well with this theme because it gives patience instead of annoyance.

People who are born under the zodiac sign Taurus are strong-willed, and Aventurine encourages expansion and adventure. Remember: it’s the gambler’s stone!

It’s great for reflection and enhancing cheerfulness and good humor, which can benefit any stubborn bull. It can enhance willpower, enhances creativity and keeps negative emotions under control.

If you find yourself being indecisive with your actions, Aventurine can instill some definite sense of purpose in them.

This stone’s ability to drive away your anxieties and fears is what makes it so perfect for the Taurus.

Aventurine is a lucky stone for idealists. The energies of this stone arouse one’s motivation to become a better person with integrity and higher morals.

Aventurine is also an all-purpose healer. Use it to reduce stress, develop confidence, and increase prosperity.

Meditating with a piece of Aventurine or carrying a piece of it on you will raise awareness to the values of spirituality and idealism.

It will open your eyes to appreciate the true beauty of a person with a good character. One who knows how to give rather than to take.

If you find it challenging to make decisions and to carry them through to the end, you will find Aventurine very helpful.

If someone you care about lacks the inner resolve to live up to their ideals, give them a piece of Aventurine!

Aventurine can act as a personal talisman if you want to become a person with self-discipline. It can help you break bad habits like overeating, alcohol abuse, gambling, and the like.

Aventurine will also assist you in taking responsibility.

People who exhibit Peter Pan Syndrome can carry this stone as a talisman on a regular basis. It helps them to happily accept the duties and responsibilities of adulthood.

The influence of aventurine is sublime. Unlike some healing crystals that give you that awestruck feeling, aventurine does not.

But it will gradually widen your perspective on the world and deepen your understanding of life.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Aventurine

aventurine meaning properties and powers

Aventurine is one of the most useful stones that you can incorporate into your life in order to promote positive relationships. Especially romantic relationships!

While many stones that have strong emotional powers tend to open their wearers up to histrionics, and to emotions that are so heightened that they cloud other faculties, aventurine can improve your emotional receptiveness while also helping you keep a ‘level head’.

Do you think your relationship could benefit from this combination of level-headedness and emotional intuition?

If so, you might consider incorporating aventurine!

And if all this helped you, please share this with someone you care for. After all, aventurine is one of the best stones to improve relationships 🙂

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