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Taurus Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More

Taurus Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More
  • Dates: April 20 – May 20
  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Venus
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Famous Celebrities: Meek Mill, Mark Zuckerberg, Shakespeare, Stephen Colbert, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Al Pacino, Adele

Taurus Traits

Tauruses are highly fierce and persistently stubborn. They are one of the rare zodiac signs that perfectly match their symbol: the strong bull.

They are right after Aries, so they have mastered the lessons of Arian. They know that to survive, they must act. They listen to their impulses and don’t let the world bog them down. A Taurus is not afraid of any obstacle, but they will never do anything they don’t want to do. This sign can be heavily passive-aggressive.

Physically, Tauruses may have big curly hair. They may look somewhat like fairy-like otherworldly creatures. It wouldn’t be outlandish or strange to hear a Taurus say they feel they were born in another century. They take on Venus, the planet of desire and beauty, in a unique way. Because of their interesting beauty, they make great models for photoshoots.

Tauruses are vocal and positive. They have an intense magnetism that draws you in. They may always be on the go. They find their way around the city surprisingly well, meeting new people very easily. 

Tauruses are very sensual. They love feeling and touching things. They may have very soft or beautiful hands. They get to know the world around them through their five senses. They also have excellent hearing, so they may be great musicians. They feel the rhythm, have a great singing voice, and have great ears for listening.

Tauruses rule the throat. They have a soft, beautiful, mellow voice. Tauruses can seduce other people through their voices. Otherwise, they may lose their voices quickly because they use them more than any other sign in the zodiac. They may suppress what they want to say. It may seem that they say anything and everything they want, but they genuinely hold back a lot.

Tauruses are not open to change. They hate change like a cat hates water. If not ready for it, they won’t go near something. Tauruses like things to be slow and steady and at the right timing. Nothing happens quickly for them, and that’s their own choice. They may live in the same place for a long time or be in a certain relationship status for many years. They can be a bit closed-minded with other people’s perspectives. While they’ll acknowledge it, they won’t always agree.


Taurus Personality

Tauruses feel connected to the Earth. They have a gentle spirit. They want to protect the planet and care for the environment. They may want to be vegetarians or vegans more than the other zodiac signs.

A Taurus would rather have a nice bubble bath, some nice food, and a good movie than go for a night out. They don’t want to be something that they’re not. They like to be comfortable.

A Taurus values the simple things in life. They like beauty. They may have booming Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest pages full of their obsessions and loves. But, just as they have no limits on the internet, they want to transfer this energy to real life. They aim to frolic around and do what they want. They don’t want to live in the box of society by any means. 

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Tauruses are foodies. They love a great meal or a great restaurant. When you go over to their house, they’ll be sure to cook you something wonderful. They love to travel and have beautiful things. They like to be in great surroundings. Tauruses are great entertainers. You can expect them to be a fantastic host for Thanksgiving. 

Taurean people are very effortless in their words and actions. Though they are highly social creatures, they like to stick to their group. They don’t love everyone, and they don’t claim to. They are very selective in who they choose to be around. 

Tauruses question what they can do in this life and what they can achieve. They may be spiritual, but they’re more focused on their romantic, dreamy concerns. Taurus is a fixed sign, so they are hard to push over in their ideas.

Tauruses are great at networking with great people. They like the attention they get from others. They are charming and proper. They can be like little queens and kings in their world.

Tauruses want to keep the peace. In a confrontation, they won’t address it hands-on. They’ll hope it all goes away and ignore the problem. They hope that the next time, it’ll be fine.  

Tauruses are calculative. They plan precisely what they should do to get where they want to go, in terms of their errands or making progress with their careers. They are perfectionists in their own right. They are critical of their work.

Tauruses know how the material world works. They are very pragmatic and super down-to-earth. They don’t care about what you’re telling them. A Taurus likes to stick to their rhythm. They admire other Earth signs, like Virgo’s attention to detail and Capricorn’s determination. They also get along well with Water signs because the earth cannot be without water.

Taurus Weaknesses

They may seem self-indulgent. They may take up the whole space of a room, leaving others cramped and annoyed. A typical Taurus quality is to talk their entire life to no end. They may not reach out to you. People may become irritated because it may seem like they cannot tell if they care about them. They may seem selfish and self-obsessed.

Tauruses may not take time to spend time with others on balance. They may be very flaky. They usually have so much going on in their life that they don’t bother to think about others until they are very close to them. As a result, close relationships may not form.

The Bull sign can judge other people because of how they judge themselves internally, which may turn who they want – as well as those who don’t like this energy – away. On the inside, they are very sensitive. They care a lot about what other people say. They are easily wounded but cover it up with their bold words. They use harsher words and react quicker than many other signs. 

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It may be hard to know if a Taurus is really your friend because when they’re upset at you, they’ll do everything they can to put you down. So if you’re looking for stability within the lows of your friendships, don’t count on it.  

It may seem like Tauruses are overwhelming. Their energy can be controlling. It may seem like they’re trying to own their friends. They can become enraged and terrible to be around. It can be hard to get them mad, but when you do, you better run. When you mess with the bull, you get the horns!

Taurus Strengths

Tauruses are huge dreamers. They have big goals and are laser-focused on them. They are very determined. They may live more in their dreams than in real life. This isn’t like air signs, which may keep their heads in the clouds for eternity. Instead, they bring their dreams into real life and embody the person they want to be. This action helps them get far.

Tauruses are fertile with their creativity. Their projects are very easy. They love the finer things in life. They have incredible taste. They make great designers, from graphic design to architecture to interior design.

Tauruses make everyone feel comfortable because they are naturally themselves. They own their personality. In a way, they can seem pretty predictable in their mannerisms. They won’t ever be caught slipping up. Tauruses know how to carry on after a bad situation. 

Tauruses are very talented. It takes time for them to express their gifts and abilities. They can be pretty modest before they do something with their craft. But, once they start, they go higher and higher. Their success is a steady flow. They know everything can be overcome if they work at it one day at a time with patience. They know they must take their time not to make any mistakes.

Love And Romance For Taurus

Bulls are a sign of fertility. In the same way, Tauruses are highly sexual to those they can open up with. They make fabulous lovers. Once they enter a relationship, they’re usually willing to put aside their self-indulgence and focus on the one.

A Tauruses’ perfect partner would be a Scorpio. These two provide a challenging combination because Tauruses need intensity. Together, they can live life in the fast and intense lane while living dreamily.

Taurus’ Family And Friends 

Everybody wants to know about Taurus! Everyone wants a Taurus friend. But, it’s not easy to get them to befriend you because they hate small talk. They’re not interested in talking to people. They’re interested in doing their own thing and their own life.

If chosen by them, they’ll make you feel unique and important. They make you feel like you will be under their wing and protected by them. Taurus is very gradual, so their relationships develop slowly and surely. 

When a Taurus loves you fully, you will feel it. They will accept you, check in on you and never talk badly about you. On the other hand, if they’re not as close to you, it may cause tension in the relationship.

Tauruses can be pretty private. They become attached to people over a long, long time before you understand them. If they don’t want you to know something about their life, they can remain under the radar. They are less mysterious than they are intriguing. Every time you meet up with them, they’ll have something new to share, even if they are your best friend.

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Career And Money For Taurus 

Money is essential to them because they are ruled in the second house. They want to know they can sustain themselves. They like to feel comfortable, and that they don’t need to worry about materialism.

Tauruses are ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of desire and worldly means. It doesn’t mean they are materialistic individuals, but this sign may dream of living a grandiose life, maybe one of fame and glamour. As a result, they may struggle early on to learn to manage their money.

If Tauruses don’t play it safe, they can become extraordinary. They will excel in whatever careers they have. So they should embrace and show off how great they are instead of dimming their light. 

As they evolve, they can make great entrepreneurs. If they’re lucky, they may even reach fame early. This isn’t far-fetched for them because it’s meant to be their destiny. As they become better with money, they want everything to look pleasant. They like celebrity life, they like great clothes, and they enjoy collecting items. Tauruses associate money with security. Financial stability is essential to them, as stability in all areas is. They may have money stashed away for a rainy day.

External motivations do not matter as much, but intrinsic motivation is powerful. This can be great for themselves but show other people that they do not care to stick to their promises.

How To Attract A Taurus 

To attract this sign of the bull, show your appreciation for culture and art and your creativity. Tauruses like those who are deeply interesting

To get a Taurus to fall for you, get them gifts! Buy Taurus clothes that are soft and velvety. Any type of clothing, jewelry, or embellishment that appeals to their style will have them head over heels for you. Ensure that anything you give them is of good quality because they can spot cheapness like a bat.

Taureans want to be bought what they are worth and will assume the price is precisely what they mean to you. So another tip is to take a Taurus out where they can indulge their palate. They may also enjoy a fine wine with a bow around the center.

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