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Pisces Dates, Personality, Love & More

Pisces Dates, Personality, Love & More

Pisces wrap up the zodiac wheel. They are the end of it, so they have learned all the karmic lessons of the zodiac. In a way, they have ascended the most. We will teach you everything you need to know about Pisces dates, their personality, their ruling planets, and more.

  • Dates: February 18 – March 20
  • Personality Traits: Mystical, Sensitive, Sometimes too caring
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Symbol: Fish
  • Famous Celebrities: Rihanna, Millie Bobbie Brown, Steve Erwin, George Washington, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber

Pisces Traits

Some astrologers believe Pisces embody all four elements. They may own their Air side with their imagination, Fire with their intense emotions, Water with their deep sentiments, and Earth with their desire to be grounded.

Just as only one-third of the ocean has been discovered, most of Pisces’ depths cannot be uncovered unless by themselves. They are constantly finding more about their spirituality and themselves to uncover.

Pisces is not like a crab that will go in and out of its shell or a scorpion that burrows down and then goes out. They are the fish, who need water, or else they will die. Also, like fish, they have an expansive ocean to navigate. 

Pisces is mystical and metaphysical. They feel connected to the spiritual world and live in a bubbly, positive, dreamlike world. They are quite perceptive and psychic and can sense when things are about to happen before they do.

Pisces struggle to find the balance. This sign has a duality to them. Pisces always go all-in with whatever they do. However, they may be unable to find the middle ground.

Pisces are very sweet and sensitive. It’s not hard to offend a Pisces. They can take many things personally. As hard as they feel others’ emotions, they feel their own. They may feel betrayed quickly by minor inconveniences. This may make them feel resentment towards their loved ones.

Pisces are unphased by anything and everyone. They’re the least judgemental sign in the zodiac. They can understand and probably relate to others in their quirkiness.

Many astrologers believe those born under this sign are old souls or souls that are most likely to reincarnate.

They may have memories of a life before them. They probably experience deja vu the most. Their intuition is powerful. They may have vivid dreams. They are most likely to be empaths, and they can take on other people’s emotions and are very caring.

Pisces tend to be smaller. For example, they might have small hands and small feet. Even if they are tall, they appear delicate and dainty. Their eyes appear liquid-like. Their skin may be very clear, especially if they have a lot of water or Neptune energy.

On the other hand, men may be a bit more random – they may be mismatched, with big feet or big hands but otherwise small features.

Pisces have a deep maternalistic side; their feminine energy allows them to be good mothers and fathers. They are very compassionate. They’re great friends that will feel for you. 

Pisces Dates Personality Traits

Pisces Personality

The sign of the fish embodies the water they reside in with their dreamy artistry. They may be skilled with cooking, hair, or makeup.

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They have the urge to escape reality. Daydreaming is an excellent way for them to do so. This can be dangerous if they do it too much.

Pisces is the most profound sign. They are willing to listen to others’ problems before their own. There is something about Pisces that you want to know, but you can never quite grasp it.

Pisces have something familiar yet different about them. They are masters of deception and will only reveal what they want you to know, as they have many layers of secrets.

They don’t want others to feel sorry for them, and they want to remain strong. Yet, at the same time, they will want to feel protected and safe.

Pisces are not open and flippant about their emotions. They conceal how they feel. On the surface, they carry big smiles and pretend to be strong.

It’ll be a rare occasion if you catch them crumbling. Like a pebble you throw across the water, the surface will ripple, but then it’ll return to calm. The pebble will go deep down inside their metaphorical depths, but you won’t see how it has affected them.

In the same way, they won’t show you how they’re bothered. Yet, they will keep the compliments – and insults – you tell them.

Pisces are not soft. It’s hard to meet an aggressive Pisces. If you do, they will probably drown you.

Pisces must be able to say no to people who may try to use them. They believe in people and want to take the faults for others. People may think they’re too nice and use this to their advantage. They try to see the good in people and try to save them. They may think of people as ongoing projects to work on.

Pisces tend to be what other people want them to be. All Pisces can be escapists, but the range of its forms and intensities may differ.

While drugs can be there, usually, that’s not what they lean on. Excessive daydreaming, movies, and reality TV can be their crutch. They want to change and be different.

When troubled, they want to be somewhere else or be something else. Pisces must find a creative outlet to express themselves, or they will have an issue swimming back up.

Pisces Weaknesses

If they have self-esteem issues, they may lean toward escapism. Pisces may be led into alcoholism and drugs much easier to escape reality and their responsibilities. If not possible, they may use maladaptive daydreaming about a possibility where they can run away. 

Pisces can operate in a victim mentality. This can be evident from the amount of complaining they do. Sometimes, they can project this energy onto other people with their judgments.

In addition, Pisces can get dragged down by their emotions and moods. So, naturally, they can bring others’ moods down. 

They may not see their true potential the way others can. They may not know the true power they hold over the Universe’s energy as they don’t feel they are in control.

People born under this sign may see life slipping through their fingers. They may procrastinate on their big goals. They might not muster the strength to do what their heart calls for, like starting their art business. 

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An unevolved Pisces may turn away from their spirituality and may be afraid of this side of them. They don’t trust in themselves and therefore won’t trust the grander scheme of the world to provide for them. They may be too busy looking straight ahead.

Most Pisces want to go with the flow. This can be perceived as lazy, but anyone close to this sign knows this is not true.

They just are used to doing what they always do day by day, whether it’s a routine or the habits they have accustomed to. It takes a lot to get them out of this state of repetition.

Pisces may take on more than they should when caring for others. They may become too involved with the outside world’s problems and neglect their own.

When Pisces hits the wall, they stomp their foot down and cut everyone out of the picture because they know it’s unhealthy to take on people’s feelings as hard as they do. They may seem to hit a breaking point randomly.

It may not make sense to people when they decide they need their own space. Their dramatics can come across as being weak or a damsel-in-distress. 

Pisces Strengths

Pisces can be great at manifesting if they tap into their inner world.

They don’t feel they need to rely on themselves. Instead, they want to rely on God and the greater Universe. Pisces have a great intuition.

They can be healers. They should practice evolving themselves through meditation, religion, or magic.

Pisces can be very quick-witted, like a Gemini. But, for the most part, they are stable.

A Pisces can swim down and go with the flow, or they can swim against the current. Usually, in the latter, they end up becoming very successful. Pisces know what they want, but it’s up to them whether they’re willing to fight for it or just stick to what they know.

Pisces are very gentle and wise. They firmly believe in karma, that you will get back what you give out in the world. Their life purpose is to be of service to others. They believe in people’s abilities to rise more than themselves. So they’ll go through the worst circumstances to boost people up.

Pisces is like a sponge that takes on other people’s emotions. When others are around them, Pisces can take away their problems and inhabit them themselves. This makes other people feel better, but Pisces must take care not to feel down or depressed about things that do not concern them directly.

Pisces are big-hearted. They are very empathetic. They care about the environment and plants. They’re likely to support climate change and change their habits towards vegetarianism and veganism. They are also great with pets and treat them like their own family.

Love And Romance For Pisces

In relationships, Pisces will be great lovers in friends.

While they notice red flags, they can justify and make excuses for other people’s actions. They want to see other people’s perspectives. They like being in service to others and may end up mothering their partner. Unfortunately, they may end up with people they must try to fix. 

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Pisces knows how to play a role. They are naturally great at embodying the illusion of what others would like to see.

In heterosexual relationships, a woman will know how to make her man feel incredibly masculine. The same goes for a man who wants to play up their partner’s femininity. They may not even realize this gift. 

All Pisces are very gentle so that male Pisces may be more reserved in their emotions. They’re likely to laugh and be sarcastic instead of opening up.

As a result, a male Pisces may forget important dates. Trust that dating a Pisces man means they will always love you, though. They are a phenomenal partner because they use their accommodation and service to help their partner out.

Love for them isn’t usually physical; it’s an emotional connection.

Pisces’ Family And Friends

Pisces are great healers. They feel great to be around. They give fantastic advice.

Pisces is also great at making snap judgments that end up being correct. You don’t always have to tell them what’s happening with you because they just know.

They are great supporters and encourages and feel called to take care of and nurture their friends and family. They heavily trust everyone until they learn that they may become burned if they do. If you’d like a hand from a Pisces, all you need to do is ask, and they will be there.

Being around Pisces will relax you. It may feel like you’ve known them in another life.

If you have a parent who is a Pisces, they likely always know when you’re lying! They may try and trick you into admitting when you are lying because they like honesty. 

Career And Money For Pisces

Pisces will excel in careers where they can create things. Pisces also can be great nurses and aides because of their sensitivity and urge to help others. In addition, they have a desire to be of need to others.

How To Attract A Pisces

It may not be hard to attract this zodiac sign because Pisces feel they need to help everyone. Please don’t take advantage of them because that won’t help them get close to you. On a more permanent level, Pisces need to be with someone who will uplift and support them as much as they do others. 

A Pisces loves the real, raw side of people. They’re drawn to messy imperfections. They want to get to know the real you, and they don’t like lies or phoniness. A Pisces wants you to know how beautiful you truly are, even with all your flaws combined. Above all, they want an emotional connection.

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