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The Water Element In Astrology

The Water Element In Astrology

The water element is necessary for life. It sustains us and provides a sense of peace and calm. It can be soothing, raging, or serene, but it always holds the same properties: wet, cold, and moist.

Water has been a source of mystery throughout history and cultures in many ways. The ancient Greeks believed that water was one of three primordial elements created by God out of Chaos (the other two were air and Earth).

They also believed that water could not exist without Earth to support it at its base. This may have led them to think there must be land somewhere else where water is plentiful because they thought all the water on Earth had come from rainwater absorbed by Earth’s surface over eons.

In Eastern philosophy, water is the element of emotion and feeling. It governs circulation, sweat glands, tides, love affairs between men and women, conception, children (including the unborn), memory, periods of weakness or illness, and death.

What Is The Water Element In Astrology?

Water is the element of emotion, circulation, sweat glands, memory, and periods of weakness or illness. Your Water element represents a particular portion of you that is dynamic and fluid. One which you don’t often see on the outside.

What Are The Water Signs In Astrology?

Water signs in astrology are Cancer (June 21 – July 22), Scorpio (October 23 – November 21), and Pisces (February 19 – March 20).

The Water element is about emotion. A varied landscape of change wrapped up in the tranquility of the ocean – mysterious waters hiding depths that surface repeatedly. Water feeds our love lives. Heartbreaks are born out of this element as they can evaporate quickly or wash away any grudges that need to go.

Finally, it’s humility-boasting the power to sculpt life into what always feels like an unpredictable adventure. One you don’t want to miss even when you know it’s going to be a bit difficult at times. Consider these qualities if you’re wondering what your water sign might be!


Aquarius (January 21st – February 18th) will bring out your eccentric side. Being the most cerebral of the Water signs, Aquarius is also the least emotional compared to Pisces and Cancer.

But don’t let this fool you; there’s quite a lot to learn! For instance: people born under this sign are prone to an inability to accept compliments or praise that fits them better than their peers.

Aquarius rarely takes a compliment from anyone because they (often) deem themselves unworthy of it. It’s fun to give them compliments, and watching their shy reaction is priceless!


Pisces (February 19th – March 20th) are creative individuals who like to express themselves artistically and in ways that leave an impression.

They might be pretty eccentric as well! Pisces combines playfulness and strife, making them an enigma – or even mythical at times.

Water signs are emotional. But Pisces, in particular, tend to feel more deeply than the other two water signs, sometimes even on a cellular level. Their identity is affected by the environment and people surrounding them, as they are pretty sensitive.


Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) is a protector of sorts. They went into their shell early and became gentle giants with that hidden power you sometimes have to dig for.

It’s heartwarming to see a Cancer be so tender-hearted and forgiving, almost like it’s part of their secret language. But while they’re often easy to deceive because they are naive, Cancers are also very aware of their emotions and tend to protect those who need protection.

But they also tend to be moody when it’s least convenient for other people, so those who love them must be patient.

The Characteristics Of A Water Sign

Water signs are sensitive souls who are in touch with their environment. It’s common for Water signs to feel deeply, and that’s why they protect those in need. They also look out for the well-being of others and don’t like to see their friends or family hurt.

In Eastern philosophy, Water is the element of emotion and feeling. Water governs circulation, sweat glands, tides, love affairs between men and women, conception, children (including the unborn), memory, periods of weakness or illness, and death.

Emotionally Water signs are sensitive souls who often feel deeply in touch with their environment.

The Cancer sign protects those who need it even when they don’t immediately realize it might happen that way!

Pisces will show a creative side from time to time that usually stems from some strong inner conflict.

Aquarius can occasionally feel more detached than the other signs as they thrive on intellectualism while keeping an eye out for new ideas outside their realm of interest (like social media, for instance), which they might get enthralled in for a while.

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Water signs feel deeply and protect those who need them. They immerse themselves in the emotion of others, feeling their pain at times when they can’t even explain why. It’s like a sixth sense that you’re aware of but might not be conscious of all the time.

That being said, Water signs are also very kind souls who look out for the well-being of others and don’t like seeing their friends or family hurt.

The Traits Of A Water Sign

  • Water signs are sensitive souls, and they feel deeply.
  • Water signs often have a sixth sense that allows them to feel the emotions of others without even trying.
  • Water signs are also kind people that don’t like seeing their friends or family hurt.
  • Pisces and Cancer, specifically, are deep thinkers with an intuitive nature.

Water signs are sensitive souls, and they feel deeply. They are immersed in the emotion of others, feeling their pain at times when they can’t even explain why. It’s like a sixth sense that you’re aware of but might not be conscious of all the time. That being said, Water signs are also very kind souls who look out for the well-being of others and don’t like seeing their friends or family hurt.

One common sign trait is sensitivity and feeling deeply. Pisces and Cancer especially feel things very deeply on a subconscious level. So when being around them or talking to them, you’ll often sense their intuitive nature as they can tell within moments if something is going on with you internally.

One common sign trait is sensitivity and feeling deeply. Pisces and Cancer especially feel things very deeply on a subconscious level. So when being around them or talking to them, you’ll often sense their intuitive nature as they can tell within moments if something is going on with you internally.

What Are The Ruling Planets Of Each Water Sign?

  • Cancer: the Moon rules Cancer; emotions rule them
  • Aquarius: Uranus rules Aquarius; they have a strong sense of social connections
  • Pisces: Neptune rules Pisces; they’re often misunderstood

Moon Rules Cancer

The Moon represents our emotions, and Cancer governs the 4th house, which describes home and family life. The Moon is a nurturing planet, and it’s no surprise that the Cancer people are like that.

They’re very protective of their homes and family and tend to be loyal to friends they’ve known for years. This is because Cancer rules the 4th house of home and family and will hold family members dear.

Uranus Rules Aquarius

Aquarius governs the 3rd house, which describes our siblings, neighbors, etc. So what makes Uranus show up in this sign unless it’s a big part of how these people relate with their siblings, neighbors, and others around them?

As a social butterfly, Aquarius will find it very easy to relate with others, especially those with similar interests. People often find they can connect with an Aquarian on a deep level because of this as well.

Neptune Rules Pisces

Neptune governs the 12th house, which describes how we deal with our subconscious and everything we’re not necessarily conscious of. The 12th house also governs all kinds of radicals, extremists, or people with a hidden agenda. So it’s no surprise that Pisces people are sometimes misunderstood because they can be very open-minded.

How To Balance The Water Element

  • Keep learning from those who have opposite qualities to yours.
  • Find what needs an extra dose of that same energy.
  • Surround yourself with the elements you want most by living near a park, listening to waves on the beach, cooking up some spicy food, or even playing around with paint colors.

Water is a symbol of change. It can be calm or raging, still or flowing, and has the power to both destroy and sustain life. The element water also represents intuition, emotionality, receptivity, and sensitivity. To stay balanced in our lives, we need to find ways to keep these energies in balance with one another.

The first step in balancing your Water element is to become aware of where you are unbalanced. You can do this by looking at people with opposite qualities to yours.

For example, if you’re overly emotional, look at those who seem very stoic or even apathetic. On the other hand, if it seems like the walls are closing in on you, then look at someone who always keeps their options open and never takes things too seriously.

Take time to learn from these opposite energies and what they might teach you about yourself. Now take a few moments to think about where some of that same energy comes into play within you. Where are there places that need an extra dose of emotionality? Do you need more room for comfort, or do you need more structure?

One way to gain power and control of your element is to master it. If Water is intuition, then we must learn how to use our intuitions in a way that brings us what we desire.

A popular method for doing this is by creating a vision board. Cut out pictures that represent the things you want most. Then put them on a board and look at them several times daily as well as just before going to sleep (like I do.) Your subconscious will get the message sooner or later. You’ll also be sending yourself positive suggestions from within when you see these images on your wall!

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Another good practice for bringing about change through balance is to set up an altar, shrine, or special place where you will pray, meditate and reflect. Choose a time to create this sanctuary and then follow through with it daily. You can even make up your rituals around the elements.

The key is to keep a routine that works for you. One where you’ll feel safe and comfortable so that you can open yourself up to receiving some powerful messages from your unconscious mind (as well as any other sources of wisdom!).

Another way to bring about change in your life through balance is by learning how to flow with whatever happens to come into your life. If something directly contradicts what you want to achieve or doesn’t seem quite right, then know that everything is working out exactly as it should be.

It may take a while before things gel in your life. But you have to trust that they’ll work out for the best.

To get in touch with how this works, ask yourself what you want most from each element (this can even be a particular color, taste, or sound). For example, do you desire harmony from the air energy? A sense of love and acceptance from Earth? Are there things that bring newness and change into your life to balance out all those months of sameness that come with too much water?

Then surround yourself with these things by living near a park, listening to waves on the beach, cooking up some spicy food, or even playing around with paint colors. If it’s an abstract combination like blue-lightning, then infuse all your surroundings with that element by having loud music on in the background or wearing clothes that are a neon color.

If you do this regularly (a few times per week), your mind and body will start to feel like they’re in a healthier state of balance. You’ll be better equipped to deal with whatever comes up, like someone who works out at the gym can handle more stress than those who don’t.

Who Is A Water Sign Compatible With

Water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, are the most compatible with each other.

Cancer is the most compatible sign for Leo. This is because Leos have difficulties understanding what it means to be emotional or sensitive in a relationship. Cancers don’t care about that. But this doesn’t mean they won’t feel frustration if their partner can’t make up their mind about something important to them.

Meanwhile, Pisces will always be there for you no matter how high maintenance they may seem because deep down, they want someone who needs them too. They enjoy being needed by others and believe everyone should feel loved and wanted. So they spend a lot of time trying to do just that, even if it means they have to overdo themselves.

If you are a Water sign, Scorpio is probably your best bet. Yes, they can be moody at times, but overall they make great partners. They will always give you their honest opinion, which every girl wants and needs in a relationship.

If your flame has ever been riding high or feeling down about something, ask them how they feel. They’ll tell you exactly where things stand during that time, so you know what to do next to keep them happy. They’re very passionate and always down to have fun so you’ll never have a boring time with them.

Water And Fire Signs

What about Fire signs, even though they may seem like bad matches in general? It has been said that Leo’s and Sagittarius’ energies are not compatible. But it all depends on what each person wants in a marriage or relationship.

If both of you want the same thing, then there is no reason for you not to get along. As long as the two of you have a lot in common or try to get along, your relationship will be fine.

If the Fire and Water signs are into each other, sparks may fly too much for the Water’s liking. The Fire sign can be very outgoing, which is fine. But they don’t understand that they must take it down a notch now and then. If the Water sign has enough of its energy, then it will put an end to things until the fire is willing to calm down.

The problem with a Scorpio and Aquarius relationship is that they may not see eye to eye because both signs are very independent, which means they don’t need each other.

Aquarius may find it easier to be in a relationship with someone who is just as independent or doesn’t want anything from them. Scorpio can’t stand that kind of attitude. They’ll move on until someone else who needs additional support from them comes along.

Water And Air Signs

Then there are the Water and Air signs. Yes, these two signs are very different, and they struggle to get along because of their opposite traits. Air sign people tend to be more aloof than water.

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They don’t like to put too much emotion into things, making the water sign feel unwanted even though they’re not. The Air sign doesn’t care if the relationship ends because there will always be another one out there waiting for them.

On the other hand, the Water sign will feel completely devastated if they break up with their partner. It will take them some time before they are willing to try again with someone else. So even though the Water sign has many people in their life who care for them, they prefer to have a select few people they love and are close to.

This is because the Water sign feels like their time is more valuable than anyone else’s. So if someone in their life will not spend as much time with them, they’ll just cut things off until a better situation presents itself.

These two signs will not get along in a short period. The Water sign recognizes the Air sign as someone who can quickly come and go whenever they please. Yet the air sign doesn’t see much since they’re too busy trying to find someone closer.

So, these two signs may have attracted each other when they first met. But it’s not easy for either to break through the other’s emotional barrier.

When a Water sign meets an Air sign, there is a possibility that they will get on each other’s nerves. However, both of these signs are very different, so it will be interesting to see if they can work things out in the future or not.

Water And Earth Signs

Earth and Water signs are more compatible and can work things out without too much of a problem. Water is very emotional, and they need someone who understands how they feel about different things.

Earth signs make the Water sign happy as long as they don’t spend all their time doing other things that don’t involve them. The Earth sign will be there for anything the Water sign needs and will be available whenever they have time to do something with them.

When a Water sign wants to end things with an Earth sign, only the Water sign feels like it’s the right thing to do at the time. The Earth sign doesn’t get it because, in their mind, they did nothing wrong.

This can cause many problems in the relationship. The Earth sign tries to make things work out. But the Water sign is already moving on until they find someone else who can make them feel like they were made for each other.

Why Are Water Signs So Mean?

Water signs are so mean because they often try to climb the social ladder by stepping on everyone and everything else that gets in their way.

People with a strong attachment to material things can suffer from the “I-have-to-do-that-to-be-happy” syndrome. They don’t realize that “happiness” is an attitude you create in your mind rather than acquiring more and more stuff.

The Water element also produces a certain kind of vanity. Water signs are often great whiners and complainers because the element of Water is associated with feelings. It’s a “woe-is-me” type of element. It cries over spilled milk and tends to see negatives in everything (except when it comes to its beauty, of course).

Water signs are also seeking help from others. They want to be rescued, even if they give the impression that they don’t need anyone. This is because Water signs depend on those not directly involved in their lives and often try too hard to obtain affection or the interest of those who mean nothing to them!

Are Water Signs Dangerous?

Water signs are not dangerous but can be intimidating because of their natural leadership skills.

On the other hand, they can be quite the powerhouse if they choose to or need to. However, these signs are not dangerous at all.

They see the spark of life and want it to shine brightly. The only time you will ever get an outburst out of them is when someone seeks to destroy that bright light inside a person.

My Final Thoughts On The Element Of Water In Astrology

Understanding the Water element can help you better understand your personality and life goals.

You may find that you need to balance it with everything else in your chart to be more successful. Please do some research into what this is all about and its importance when reading a horoscope or astrology map of someone’s future.

The elements are just one piece of the puzzle, but they’re essential nonetheless!

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