Scorpio Sign Dates Personality

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More

  • Scorpio Dates: October 23rd – November 22nd
  • Personality: Broody, Intelligent, Guarded, Passionate, Thoughtful, Secretive, Complex
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling Planet(s): Mars, Pluto 
  • Symbol: the Scorpion
  • Famous Scorpio Celebrities: Frank Ocean, Whoopi Goldberg, Kendall Jenner, Drake, Katy Perry, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway

Scorpio Traits

Scorpios are a mirror reflection of the representative scorpion – if you attack, they will hit you where it hurts. Scorpios are known for their mysterious and quiet nature. They hold a lot in their minds that won’t verbalize unless they deem you trustworthy.

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of regeneration and rebirth. Many Scorpios feel their aim in life is to reach a higher plane of existence and understand themselves spiritually. They feel connected beyond the plane of the physical realm, and they’re able to see past the horizon.

Scorpios may not always catch the little details, but they always see the overriding plan. Instead of viewing losses as failures, they observe them as lessons that are part of their larger plan. 

Scorpios internally validate themselves better than a lot of other signs. Life is all about finding their purpose, and they like to see other people become self-aware of their own lives. Scorpios intend to reach a higher consciousness in their lifetime.

Scorpios are highly imaginative. They make great writers and storytellers. Their loving nature makes them value family and traditions.

Scorpios stick to their principles and morals. They prioritize their core values and look down upon other people who make decisions that don’t follow a strict code. Though being known for sitting in the shadows, the stinger zodiac secretly enjoys instigating drama.

They are natural psychologists and will investigate their audience as well as analyze between the lines. Scorpios are adept at reading body language because they know their own so well. 

Honesty is essential to this water sign. While Scorpio has the knowledge to manipulate if they choose, most like to speak the truth, seek truth, and embody the truth in all forms. They may be shy at first but quickly open up once you initiate a conversation with them.

Scorpio Personality

Before a Scorpio even speaks, you’re sure to notice them. They have a mysterious aura that grabs your attention when they walk into a room. Their presence captures the attention of all people but may lead to them being intimidated by their quietude. The eighth sign of the zodiac can be described as twisty, deep, and dark.

Scorpios often feel lonely because they believe no one understands them. They believe in a destiny they are meant to achieve in life. The planet Pluto can explain why they are often fascinated by paranormal activity and the underworld. 

Scorpios are dreamers and wishers. Living life to the absolute fullest is a must for them before they transcend to whatever lies beyond – whether it’s the pitch-black spirit world or pearly gates above. Either way, they’re very in tune and fascinated with what comes next.

They are more likely to turn on a documentary about serial killers than a comedy. They may have a fascination with cults and death. They may even feel clairvoyance towards the ether world.

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Scorpios are naturally magnetic and charming yet have an introverted nature to them. They are ambiverts by heart. Masking their emotions around others is how they protect their interior. This sign may entice others with their cool, calm, and collected exterior or the complexity behind their personality.

Scorpios are very transformative and like to switch up how they come across to others. They usually feel misunderstood, especially in large crowds. Scorpios quickly bounce from being extroverted to very reserved. Oftentimes, they feel like a reject from humanity. This is one of many reasons why they like to sit back and observe rather than speak.

First impressions are big to Scorpios, and they don’t give out second chances often. One of their pet peeves is being tracked, figured out, or put in a box. They live privately, so don’t ask them details about their lives. If you do, they’ll find a way to give you the most abbreviated and vague story possible. Scorpios are much better listeners than talkers.

This scorpion zodiac is very independent. They feel strong relying on themselves alone. Scorpios are tough and can deal with difficult situations in life. They know how to get up when they fall because the rewards will be worth it if they keep moving forward.

Scorpio Weaknesses

As a rule of thumb, Scorpios do not handle rejection with grace. When they are scorned by others, they withdraw into their shell. While they like others to be vulnerable, they struggle to express their thoughts and feelings.

Scorpios may try to mask their way throughout life, making it difficult for others to know their true nature. They may question their true nature on the inside. While heavily emotional, they will never show their tears to others. 

The tendency to overthink may also bury them in their thoughts. Opening up to other people is considered a weakness to Scorpios, even though they crave the intimacy that comes with it. This can leave them at a crossroads, with little direction to turn. When a relationship goes sour, they may blame others for pushing them away when they are the ones at fault.

Scorpio’s loyalty to others can easily lead to destruction and vindictiveness. Once they have their eye on someone, they won’t let go. Scorpios feel jealous very easily with their partnerships and crushes. 

They struggle to listen to others who note their flaws and take constructive criticism from those who want the best for them.

A Scorpio’s thirst for power may hurt them. They are keen at plotting. They find themselves battling their ego in order not to make quick reactions or judgments. Suspicion and paranoia are familiar to every Scorpio. They enjoy being a loner, and once they sit in solitude, they create a cycle of pitying themselves.

At any moment, Scorpios always have an exit strategy. When they withdraw, they may seem cold, standoffish, or judgmental. Scorpios don’t have time for things they don’t care about and don’t care who knows. Their outwardly-appearing detachment can trigger others to stay clear.

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Scorpios hold fierce grudges. Forgiveness is difficult for them, so they don’t give second chances easily. They usually only give one shot to their loved ones. If there’s a second time, they may act kindly, but it’ll never be the same.

Scorpio Strengths

Scorpios are very intuitive – they are incredibly adept at reading other people’s personalities, even during a short encounter. They can get a sense of how to manipulate themselves to seem more likable to certain personalities. 

The sign of the stinger is extremely kind to the outcasts and underdogs, possibly because they feel they can empathize and understand where these people come from. Even so, Scorpios know how to keep themselves company while alone. They have very creative minds and can find numerous ways to be entertained and entertaining.

When the Scorpio listens to their inner voice, they will find a world of guidance awaiting them. They are densely spiritually connected and love to think about the philosophy and harder-hitting questions in life.

Scorpios have the benefit of being natural lie detectors. They possess a keen radar. With a simple conversation, sometimes even just a look at a person, and they know if they should be trusted or not. Manipulation and deception aren’t hard for them to pick up on, particularly because Scorpios are so familiar with this themselves.

Scorpios love to stay in their power. They are deep planners and extremely focused on success, whether in their love life, health, career, or family.

Scorpios are brutally honest, which can help or hurt them. Either way, they’re not fazed because candor is a core value to them. Once friends with a Scorpio, you know they’ll set you straight. They can be great conversationalists when it comes to anything other than their personal life. They know how to read people and talk to them about the right things.

Scorpios are very in tune with their emotions. Because of their deep thinking and creativity, they can tap this into music, art, or writing. They describe their inner world deeply and make fantastic artistic creations that others can’t emulate.

Love And Romance for Scorpios

Scorpios are deep and delightful lovers. They are heavily promiscuous, often associated with sex. Their affinity for sex comes from their strong desires. They make passionate partners in and out of the bed. Apart from pleasure, they also adore the intimacy, closeness, and spiritual discovery that comes from sexual activity.

Scorpios love to give as well as receive. They require detailed communication but don’t be too clingy towards them. If they deem you the right lover, they will stick by you for life.

Feeling in control is important to Scorpios. They easily get jealous of others who they believe are a threat. They need distance from their partner and will feel smothered otherwise.

Ultimately, they are very black and white when it comes to love. When Scorpios fall, they fall deeply, but when you’re no longer an ally, they’ll cut off all ties. After they determine you’re no longer a match for them, all feelings are gone in a puff of smoke.

Scorpio’s Family And Friends

Scorpios may not outwardly show their emotion, but their deep water-rooted tendencies make them feel all emotions hard. They’ll do anything to hide this fact, however. Scorpios believe not everyone deserves access to their energy. When they decide to open up, others may see that the Scorpio individual is much more complex than meets the eye.

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Beware, because gaining their trust can be hard. But once received, they are intensely loyal and are guaranteed to be your ride or die for life.

Despite their quietude, friendships are extremely important to them, and they feel attached to those that they’ve granted access to within their inner corner. They strive to keep this a secret, however, to keep a semblance of domination.

When making friends, Scorpios try to dissect the people they speak to. It’s not rare for their friends to ask them to analyze other people because of their natural ability to read people.

Scorpios often come across as an introvert, but they naturally just an easier time processing their emotions, feelings, and thoughts internally. They don’t feel the need to share their opinions – understanding what they believe is more important than voicing it out loud.

Career And Money for Scorpios

Scorpios are ruled by Mars, the planet of assertiveness, which allows them to be extremely motivated to reach their desires. They strive to work hard and achieve success. They are intently focused on achieving their goals, especially when it comes to money. They have an intense drive and passion within their creative endeavors.

If a Scorpio’s hobbies combine with their career, it is guaranteed that they’ll be both joyful and prosperous.

Scorpios make amazing businessmen and businesswomen. They know how to lead, delegate and charm others yet have the internal craftiness to contemplate before announce. They also do well as professional psychics and mediums because of their mystical nature.

Therapy and psychiatry is another excellent field for Scorpios due to their thoughtful and perceptive abilities. They have a natural gift helping others know themselves, and they know how to interact with their environment.

Scorpios are incredibly ambitious. All the time they spend alone, they are secretly on their hustle. Since they focus less on friends, success is more important.

How To Attract Scorpios 

Intelligence, honesty, and loyalty are important qualities to this zodiac sign. They usually don’t have a physical type – personality is much more appreciated. Due to their transformative nature, Scorpios, like those who have changed a key quality about themselves.

At the very least, their crushes must be open-minded. Scorpios favor those who do not care about society’s rules and don’t define themselves within a box. 

If you’d like to attract a Scorpio, the eyes are a strong portal to their soul. Unabashed eye contact will surely draw them in. They are also big on confidence and self-awareness. Destruction entices Scorpios. They like mysterious people, yet not as mysterious as them.

Scorpios usually have more chaotic lives, so they feel more drawn to people who are organized while adventurous. They appreciate a balance in their dating life. Above all else, Scorpios need someone who will make them laugh.

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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