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Crystals for Money and Prosperity – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Money and Prosperity – The Complete Guide

At some point in your life, you have been given financial advice.

You have been told to save for the rainy days, to diversify your investments, and to cut down on luxuries that are more wants than needs.

But chances are you have not received advice to become more energetically attuned to money and prosperity!

Crystals for abundance and prosperity may be the most diverse investment you will ever make.

It’s also probably something that you will not readily share with your financial advisor or wealth manager.

But if you list down all the reasons why crystals bring wealth into the lives of a lot of people, you will not be so surprised anymore.

Manifesting wealth and prosperity with crystals opens you up to see and accept opportunities with confidence and openness.

Crystals for money and prosperity

Can Crystals Really Help With Money And Prosperity?

When you approach money, business, or wealth with a positive outlook, the wealth will certainly follow.

Crystals for wealth and prosperity give you an energetic vibration as you set out to work on your career, investment, business, or money goals.

Each crystal works in a unique way that attracts wealth and abundance in whichever pursuit you desire.

Combining the energies of these crystals with your own intention is the most effective way to open up your life to the generous flow of wealth and abundance.

These crystals work in different ways, but they all have the same effect of attracting success, wealth, and prosperity. They help you become more confident in taking risks and more grounded in your creative drive.

How Crystals Help To Bring You Money

Wealth is the state of achieving material prosperity or acquiring money.

Reaching a state of wealth usually is the result of new opportunities, hard work, and positive outcomes.

It’s something that everyone strives to achieve. Inviting prosperity requires you to get rid of any blockages that are keeping you from achieving a higher state of living in most aspects of your life.

Using crystals for money and prosperity will invite abundance to your goals and intentions. Use these crystals to support your goals of obtaining wealth!

Crystals for money often do their best work by unlocking much of the potential that we are so prone to forget exists deep within us all.

Similarly, these crystals often inspire confidence and the belief in a better tomorrow. For this reason, they often come from crystal families in which a certain sense of fieriness and ambition are common.

Along the same lines, crystals that help you to attract money often do so by helping you to see the paths less trodden in life – the routes to success that other people have disregarded or overlooked.

The Best Crystals For Money And Prosperity

Here are the best crystals that will bring you money and attract abundance.


Jade is considered as one of the best crystals for money and prosperity. This crystal helps you achieve clarity, specifically when making major decisions regarding money.

It’s also a crystal that attracts new financial opportunities and promotes a strong and steady flow of abundance into your life.

Jade is much more than a green crystal. It’s a very powerful crystal that attracts money and improves business.

However, you need to exert the right amount of effort to get the results that you want.

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Jade also has magical powers related to love and wisdom!

It’s considered a very lucky crystal that promotes the flow of prosperity and abundance and increases your prosperity energies.

It’s also a crystal that safeguards your finances and leads you to the path of growing wealthy and financially stable.


Aventurine is an excellent money crystal because it’s especially lucky when manifesting wealth. It’s also a wonderful opportunity crystal that opens doors to new businesses and ventures.

If you’re going to use this with Jade, carry eight pieces of Aventurine crystals to boost their powers. Also because eight is the number of money.


Pyrite is a popular money crystal that’s known to remedy your financial hardships and help you attract wealth.

It also supports you in making huge financial decisions, inviting wealth in both small and big ways.

This crystal is also well-known for its manifesting properties, especially when money is concerned. Its energies help you become more successful in your chosen career or business.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite is a crystal that works on your good luck. But it’s also a very beneficial crystal when it comes to dissolving old patterns or beliefs that are preventing the flow of abundance into your life.

This crystal encourages you to recognize your situation, and it expands your mind to draw money and prosperity to your doorstep.


Citrine is also a wonderful prosperity crystal because it helps you achieve and manifest your intentions quickly.

It’s known as the merchant crystal because it brings good luck and abundance to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Citrine attracts money and good luck like a magnet.

Most business owners have a piece of this crystal in their cash registers to keep the customers coming and to bring continuous good luck to their business operations.

It’s an excellent crystal that attracts prosperity and helps you become more successful in all that you put your heart and mind to.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate is a prosperity crystal that works by clearing the energy blockages in your body.

Meditating with a Tree Agate removes the obstacles and opens your energy fields to a life of prosperity and abundance.


Quartz is also a very beneficial crystal when it comes to success and business.

This crystal’s energies help you achieve a clear vision for your financial goals and how you’re going to achieve them. It brings clarity to situations and amplifies your intentions to the universe.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye gives you the motivation and willpower to act and work on achieving your financial success.

It helps you remain calm and levelheaded in complicated or hectic situations, supporting your efforts in becoming an effective and successful leader.

It also gives you a boost of self-confidence and attracts luck, money, and prosperity into your life.


Malachite is an excellent crystal for fortune. It brings wealth, good luck, and fortune and surrounds you with protective energies.

This crystal also absorbs all the negative energies and releases all your negative emotions. It helps in getting rid of all the barriers that are keeping you from hitting your financial goals.


Lodestone is often used to attract money and good luck with its magnetic properties.

Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade is also an excellent crystal for abundance and prosperity.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate helps you grow your business or projects. It manifests prosperity and abundance in different aspects of your life.


Peridot influences the growth of your wealth and abundance. It radiates prosperous vibrations and strengthens your vitality, health, and well-being.


Ruby enhances your good luck and increases your chances of receiving the results that you wish to get.

It brings you the right vibrations to attract what you desire and the good luck to turn energies into your favor.


Sunstone increases your prosperity and helps you maintain a positive outlook in your financial endeavors.

It encourages you to have strength and determination in achieving your money aspirations and goals.

How To Use Crystals For Money

Crystals carry potent energy that has many different healing and mystical properties.

The abundance they bring is considered a sign of good luck and can influence the energies of other crystals.

Some crystals harmonize energies, while others represent good luck in business. Some others are used as amulets to invite and attract money.

Here are some ways you can boost the attributes of your crystals:

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Pick Eight Crystals To Use For Wealth And Prosperity

They can be all the same crystals or different kinds, but putting all eight together will amplify their energies.

After picking which crystals for money and prosperity you want to use, keep them inside a small bag and carry them in your pocket or purse.

Money crystals are ideal to be kept with you or at all times, so look for ways that you can carry them comfortably with you in any way that works for you.

Create A Crystal Grid

Put a grid in the southwest quadrant, which is the abundance and wealth sector of your home.

Ideally, you can use a large piece of Pyrite and surround it with eight crystals for wealth. This will invite a stronger and steadier flow of abundance into your life.

If you want to attract money, Monday is the best day to perform this ritual. You will need a Jade crystal, an orange candle, orange or tangerine essential oil, and incense and myrrh.

Write the words ‘prosperity and money’ on the candle three times from the bottom up. Cover it with the orange essential oil and focus on what you want to achieve.

Place your Jade crystal so that it becomes energized. Light the incense and the candle while visualizing what you want to achieve.

Attract Abundance Into Your Home

If you want to have a home that’s filled with fortune, place a glass of water in a prominent place and add four tablespoons of sugar.

Place seven pieces of coins and a piece of Jade crystal in there and every day, throw in a coin into the glass of water, inviting and attracting abundance for your home.

Take advantage of the benefits of this magical and powerful crystal. Connect with its energy and keep a positive attitude to allow abundance to touch your door.

Make Money Magnets

Place your programmed crystals for attracting prosperity and abundance in your purse or wallet, your tin or money box, your safe or cash register, your personal altar, or your accounting books.

You can also put them on your front door to help manifest money in your life.

Create An Abundance Check

Do it every new moon, within 24 hours, or up to 48 hours. Keep your crystals for money and prosperity inside your purse or in the wealth corner of your home.

Take a check from your checkbook and write your name on that space that says Pay To.

In the space where you fill in the amount, write ‘Paid in full’. You can also leave a specific amount or leave the amount open, and then write on the memo line ‘This amount or something more’.

Sign the check with ‘Law of Abundance’ and write ‘Thank you’.

Leave the date blank, or you can choose to write the word Now. You can put a specific date that you believe an amount of money will come to you.

On the memo line, write a focus or intention statement that’s aligned with what you want to manifest. Write more details on the back of your abundance check if you want to be more specific.

Work On Your Wealth Corner

The door you consider to be the front or your primary entrance is used to find the wealth corner of your house.

Stand at your front door and look in your house to the farthest left corner. This is the wealth corner.

If the bathroom is your wealth corner, make sure that you keep the toilet lid shut. This is to prevent your money from going down the toilet.

Even if there is something occupying your wealth corner,  remember that it’s just the general location of your wealth area.

It’s not just that specific corner, so find a location near that corner that would be more ideal for your prosperity altar or grid.

Do Random Acts Of Money Kindness

Whatever you put out into the universe, it will come back to you. Give a generous tip for a hardworking waitress.

Pay for the next person’s coffee when you get yours.

This is a feel-good exercise that will tune you into the energy flow of abundance. You are giving the message that you have more than enough blessings in your life to share around.

Crystals will not give you money when your money runs out. They will not do everything for you, but they will help you and give you the edge that you need.

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With the right kind of mindset and well thought out actions, crystals will give you the support and tools for manifestation.

There are things that will challenge and prevent you from achieving your goals to attract money.

You don’t need to have all these crystals in your arsenal because you only need to choose the one that feels best for you.

Program your crystals for money and prosperity to achieve the best results!

How To Tell If Jade Is Real

Jade is arguably the most popular money and prosperity crystal. It’s also one of the most beautiful, most valuable, and most sought-after gemstones in the world.

Find Out Where It Is From

You will know if a Jade is genuine when you learn about where it came from.

Most Jade stones are found in Myanmar, Guatemala, and Russia. There are also Jade stones sourced from China, Australia, Canada, and Australia.

Know What Real Jade Looks Like

There are quite a number of stones that look very much like Jade. These stones have grains that are less thin and tight, and they are usually dark green in color.

Their densities are also lower than real Jades and may exhibit quartz stripes. They are usually rapidly heated as well.

Stones that can be made to look like Jade don’t have the same brightness or depth.

Perform A Scratch Test

A real Jade does not get easily scratched. When you perform a scratch test on a Jade piece and they suffer from scratches, they are most probably glass, jasper stones, or plastic.

You don’t need to be a professional or an expert to know if a Jade is real. You can determine its authenticity in four simple ways.

Test If It Feels Heavy And Solid

You can try tossing the Jade. If it feels solid and heavy when you toss it and catch it in your hand, it’s a real Jade because Jades possess a high density.

Tap Two Jades Together

When you tap two Jades together, they should also produce a clear clicking sound.

Test If It Warms Up In Your Hand

Grip the Jade stone in your hands for several seconds until it feels hot. When you touch it again and it feels cold, this is a real Jade.

Do A Scratch Test

A real Jade can scratch glass and metal, so do a scratch test if you want to know the authenticity of your stone.

Get Familiar With The Categories Of Jade

There are also different categories that Jade stones fall under depending on their quality.

Type A Jades are natural and untreated. Their colors are natural, and they do not undergo any kind of artificial treatments.

Type B Jades are chemically bleached, and their translucency is also improved. These Jade stones can lose their color over time, but they are still real and natural Jades.

Type C Jades are dyed and chemically bleached. They degrade when they’re exposed to heat, strong chemicals, and harsh light constantly.

A Type A Jade can be sold easily for more than $250 per carat.

A type B green Jade can fetch for about $150 per carat.

Glass being passed off as Jade stones go way back to the invention of glass sometime in 4,000 B.C.

These days, you can still find fake Jades being sold everywhere. It’s important that you know how to spot a real one from a fake one.

Glass will always feel warm when you hold them too tightly in your hands. Jades have higher thermal conductivity and will feel cold.

The other giveaway of fake Jade stones is the presence of tiny bubbles. You can see the bubbles with your bare eyes.

When there are bubbles, that’s glass and not a real Jade.

Crystals for Money and Prosperity

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