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Peridot: Uses, Healing Powers and Meaning

Peridot: Uses, Healing Powers and Meaning

The Meaning Of Peridot

Peridot is a protective stone for the aura, and in ancient times it was believed to ward off evil spirits. It is a powerful neutralizer and works to release toxins on all levels, both physically and from the subtle bodies. Peridot is a stone for new beginnings, and many of its qualities have to do with letting go of old patterns or behaviors that no longer serve you. 

It teaches you to detach yourself from negative people and outside influences and look instead to your Higher Self for guidance. Once the negative vibrations have been cleared, Peridot assists you in moving forward once you have done the psychological work necessary to ensure that you do not call anything back into your aura. 

Peridot is said to alleviate feelings of jealousy, resentment, spite, and anger. It is a good stone for dealing with the effects of stress. It enhances confidence and teaches assertiveness rather than aggression. 

Peridot shows you how to forgive yourself and facilitates looking back on your past with compassion and understanding. It shows us how to find the gift and lessons in our past experiences and helps with self-forgiveness.

Peridot sharpens your psychological insights and is attuned to the attainment of spiritual truths. Mentally, this crystal opens you up to new levels of awareness. It banishes lethargy and helps you to admit your mistakes and move on. 

One of the most beneficial of Peridot’s attributes is its ability to support you in taking responsibility for your own choices, especially when you tend to blame others for all of the things you do like about your present condition.

Raw Peridot

The Properties Of Peridot

Physical Properties 

Peridot is a silicate, usually found in shades of olive green to yellow-green or bright spring green. It has a vitreous luster and is transparent to translucent. 

Peridot measures 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale for hardness.

Chemical composition is typically (Mg, Fe)2SiO4. Ca, Mn, and Ni rarely occupy the Mg and Fe positions. It has an orthorhombic crystal system. 

Metaphysical Properties

Peridot has a wide variety of applications and qualities for metaphysical work. It has a high spiritual vibration and can help with many emotional and psychological conditions.

Peridot is an exotic stone that shares its means of formation with both Diamond and Sapphire, although relatively speaking, Peridot is much less expensive to buy as a gemstone. 

While Diamonds may indeed far outclass Peridot in terms of rarity and value, much of how these stones come to be is the same.

This is because Peridot is formed in the mantle of the Earth, a distinction shared with Diamond and something that otherwise differentiates this stone from many others.

The very movements of the Earth, expressed through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, are what bring Peridot from the mantle of our planet up closer to the surface.

Perhaps more fascinating still, a few rare examples exist of Peridot and related stones being brought to Earth from within meteorites that strike our planet. The ancient Egyptians believed that Peridot was born of the sun, and its vibrant, life-enhancing qualities are still prized today. 

This connection to the sun is easy to see if you hold a piece of Peridot up to the light or even just in the palm of your hand.

It will sparkle and play with the light that hits it in the most fascinating way. It is clear why the symbolism of the sun is so strong with this stone.

Peridot is rich with healing energies and spiritual connotations. These make it highly prized and very collectible to anyone looking to bring peace and harmony to their lives.

Likewise, Peridot can help boost the confidence of those wearing it and attract luck, love, and wealth besides.

This versatility has made it an extremely popular crystal and one that has plenty of stories to tell in terms of its origins.

Peridot is classically associated with being a vibrant green in color, but the actual hue of the stone can vary greatly from one example to the next.

Often, Peridot can demonstrate a lustrous honey yellow color or a paler green with yellow tones that catch the eye. This more yellow color is perhaps less remarked upon today than the traditional green more widely associated with Peridot.

Peridot has been regarded as an effective protection stone by the peoples of many cultures throughout human history, especially against the powers of darkness. Its strong association with sunlight and the green of forests and nature might explain this.

It is also reputed to shield you against the negative thoughts or ill wishes of others and to transmute negativity into positive vibrations within your aura. It provides much-needed emotional and spiritual comfort when things are not going well, especially if others are sapping your energy, whether deliberately or not. 

Peridot is said to enhance your bravery and confidence and allow you to speak your truth with conviction but also kindness. 

Just as the sun warms us, but can burn those who abuse its power, so too can Peridot nurture and protect – but also give you the ability to step back from drama and strife!

Polished Tumbled Peridot

Varieties Of Peridot

It is possible to find Peridot in various shades of green and yellow, from olive green, yellowish-green, honey, red and brownish.

It is a popular choice for gemstone jewelry and is actually a member of the Olivine Minerals group, thought to be an important component of the Earth’s mantle.  

The sparkling green varieties of this crystal make beautiful pieces of gemstone jewelry. The cost is a fraction of what you might pay for Diamonds or Emeralds; you can afford to make a statement with more stones and larger specimens.

Using Peridot 

The Benefits Of Using Peridot 

Peridot is also known to often help those of us who struggle to sleep. If it is placed in the bedroom or slipped under the pillow, it can calm the mind and keep it from spinning over the same topics over and over again.

Overthinking and worrying is often really disruptive to sound sleep.

Peridot has often been linked to how life tends to unravel in certain cycles and that destruction and rebirth are often two sides of the same coin.

When things seem to fall apart around you, it can help you remain calm.

Likewise, when life hands you a blank slate and a new beginning, it can help you reach the right decisions to make use of those moments.

Through attuning yourself to the energies of Peridot, you can avoid falling into the same patterns and reliving hurtful cycles. Peridot releases old patterns of behavior and allows you to access new frequencies so that you can move forward rapidly. 

Crystals J

Psychologically, this crystal has the benefit of alleviating jealousy, anger, spite, and resentment. It helps in looking back to the past to find the lessons in old experiences and promotes self-forgiveness. 

Mentally, the benefits of Peridot lie in its ability to sharpen the mind and open it up to new levels of awareness. It also banishes lethargy and makes you aware of the things you have consciously or unconsciously neglected and which now need your attention. 

Peridot is especially useful for banishing “victim mentality” and encouraging you to take responsibility for your own life. Its influence can significantly improve complicated relationships.

How Best To Use Peridot

Uses in Feng Shui

Peridot can be placed in the home and is often used effectively in Feng Shui. In Chinese astrology, it is considered the birthstone of those born in the Year of the Monkey.

Green is seen as the color of abundance, and Peridot uses in Feng Shui are often designed to enable you to welcome bigger paydays and better career opportunities.

This crystal also promotes positivity and kindness, so it can help to ensure that good relations grow between you and your family and loved ones.

It is also a refreshing energy in Feng Shui, and it can bring a more consistent level of energy to the home in terms of keeping you active and not inclined just to laze around feeling demotivated.

It is best placed by a window that captures a lot of sunlight, which will help keep this stone refreshed and recharged.

As for positioning the stone in the house according to many Feng Shui directives, it all depends on the color of the piece you are thinking of.

For example, yellow Peridot would be better suited towards the southern area of your home, which has ties to the Fire element.

This will invite confidence, passion, creativity, and a lot of courage into the lives of you and your loved ones.

Similarly, Peridot that is greener in color, is best suited to positions in the eastern portions of your home. Green promotes tranquility and abundance in Feng Shui.

Jewelry And Accessories 

Peridot is popularly used in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and pendants.

You will also see it often used in clasps and brooches, and in ancient times it was embedded into talismans that were often shaped into distinct visages of animals or holy symbols.

Because of the sunny brilliance of this stone, it has connections to summer and hot temperatures.

In terms of its use as an accessory, people often opt to wear Peridot from the later stages of springtime through the summer and into the early fall months.

From the classical era up to the present day, Peridot uses usually revolves around its spiritual applications as a protector, a bringer of good luck, or as a crystal that encourages confidence and bravery.

Because of this, common uses for Peridot today often have this interpretation in mind.

Peridot is often seen as a crystal that calms and clears the mind during moments of tension and duress.

Some people swear by this crystal to be used when trying to clear the mind enough to relocate an object that has been lost somewhere in the home, for instance.


In Ancient Egypt, Peridot was seen as a crystal bequeathed to the pharaohs by the gods. And even today, the spiritual properties of the crystal are widely recognized and seen as a big part of its appeal.

Peridot connects to your spiritual side in such a way as to concentrate your spiritual energies into physically beneficial results.

In other words, if you receive a vision in meditation or during dreams, this is the stone you need to understand how to take action to realize that goal.

It also is connected to the idea of light and illumination so strongly that it can shine some clarity on any spiritual questions you have had or any aspects of your spirituality you do not yet understand.

Because of this light quality, it is also a stone of remarkable positivity. If you feel overwhelmed, or as though the universe is challenging you a tad too harshly in your latest soul lesson, Peridot can awaken your inner strength sufficiently enough to enable you to overcome whatever is before you!

And just like lazy days in the summer sun, Peridot can remind you to take it easy and enjoy the moment.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in spiritual growth that we forget it is a form of work in and of itself at times and can be exhausting in its own right.

This might be a stone of the sun, but that does not mean it will let you even come close to burning out!

Meditation With Peridot

As much as Peridot is a stone of energy and motion, it is also a healer, a calming influence, and, indeed, an excellent aid to meditation.

Part of this is because of the clarity that it promises us.

Because of its connection to the light, it not only protects you during your journey into the state of meditation but also illuminates the insights you find there.

Sometimes, those experiencing meditation for the first time can be overwhelmed by profound spiritual insights. Peridot will help you to handle these feelings and to make sense of them. 

However, this stone protects and calms you, and it will also ensure that your mind is as sharp as a tack and your heartbeat stays in a steady rhythm.

Meditating with Peridot is especially good for unraveling the underlying cause of reoccurring emotional hurt.

Likewise, if you have been having issues communicating with a loved one, Peridot can help connect you to the ideas you need found in meditation to bridge the gap.

Some people like to meditate with this stone worn on jewelry, but the crystal is just as effective in other ways too. For instance, you might prefer to meditate with Peridot held in your hand or placed upon your lap or your knee.

Others insist that simply having it in the room is enough to let its energies flow. The good news is, there are no wrong answers here, so feel free to try meditating with it in lots of ways to see what suits you best.

Peridot Ring

The Powers Of Peridot

Emotional Healing Powers

Peridot is a stone of illumination in many interpretations, and it is likewise a crystal that many have come to rely on in times of stress and emotional pain.

It has very strengthening energy that helps you to reach into yourself and connect to your greatest strengths.

Similarly, Peridot’s emotional healing works by bringing these strengths forward for others to appreciate.

Likewise, though, you will slowly but surely come to a greater understanding about yourself.

Peridot offers a sense of stability against life’s sometimes hurtful cycles.

For instance, a relationship that has gone from initial excitement to a more humdrum energy of arguing or taking one another for granted can be invigorated by its sunny energy.

Similarly, Peridot can illuminate to you the issues that are causing these issues in the first place. For example, if you are often finding yourself drawn to the same kind of partner and having the same kind of heartbreak come about from that, Peridot can show you some underlying causes if you work closely with its energy.

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You might also expect that the green color of Peridot would only serve to enhance those moments in which you are green with envy, but this is not the case. 

Instead, it can heal you and soothe you when this toxic emotion tries to take hold.

Excessive jealousy over a loved one or envy over a work colleague who always seems to get the raise or promotion you have worked hard for can cause havoc in your emotional life. But just leave it to Peridot to calm you down and help you find a rational solution.

This is also true in moments of despair, anxiety, or even heartbreak. Any of those emotions that most heavily impact your ability to think clearly can be overcome with the help of the healing energies of Peridot.

Of course, no stone can be relied upon to simply solve all of our problems for us – but remember, that is not the suggestion here. Nor is it the place of Peridot to solve everything for you. Instead, remember that this crystal and its vibrations are helping to bring out your own strengths and resilience. 

At the broadest level, the best advice is to keep Peridot close at hand whenever you are in a time of life that feels unstable, uncertain, or capable of just swallowing you up.

This stone will ground and center you, and it will bring forward your talents and unique characteristics to ensure that you are not held back from living your best life.

Physical Healing Powers 

Peridot has a tonic effect on the physical body. It strengthens the metabolism and benefits the skin due to its rejuvenating effects on the body’s tissues.

Peridot has long been associated with healing the eyes and strengthening the eyesight. It is an excellent stone to use to treat dis-ease in the intestines, spleen, and gallbladder. 

Peridot also aids the thymus, heart, and lungs. 

It is said to aid the birth process by increasing the force of the contractions around the pelvis while simultaneously reducing the pain. 

Thanks to its protective energies, Peridot has long been a stone sought out to help with physical healing and prevent injury and illness from befalling someone in the first place.

Peridot is associated with the light and with shining that light into the darkness.

Many healers hold to the idea that it can also help to sharpen the eyesight.

This means that Peridot is also ideal for those of us who have to work with screens a lot, helping to heal tired eyes.

Peridot is also strongly associated with various areas of both the upper and lower abdomen. You can help to soothe a racing heart, either from too much stress or too much exercise, by lightly holding the stone against your chest.

Bruised ribs and respiratory issues can also be sped into a faster recovery by holding your piece against the afflicted area.

You might well feel a hot tingling sensation from the stone as this happens.

In terms of lower abdomen healing, Peridot can work wonders here too. Menstruation cycles can be excruciating, for example, and while no crystal can take that pain away entirely – imagine the sales of the one that could, were it to exist! – it can be held over your cramps to soothe them somewhat.

Aching muscles, stomach issues, and digestive difficulties can likewise be positively affected through the smart use of this stone.

Peridot And Wealth

Peridot is an abundance stone and is often used in manifestation work for bringing in more wealth. Along with Citrine, this stone has associations with financial success in business and other forms of financial speculation. 

Peridot holds a light, high vibration that is attuned to action and to motivation, which in turn will help you to sort out your money matters, encourage new, creative ideas about how to make money, and keep you grounded when you feel overwhelmed.

It has the added benefit of clearing the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, which helps you feel worthy of receiving gifts and valued by the world. Once you eliminate the “lack mentality” around money, you will open the way for the financial rewards you deserve to enter your life.

Peridot For Love And Relationships 

Peridot is a wonderful crystal for healing the emotional body and for promoting harmony within relationships.

It clears negativity and heals an over-sensitive ego, reducing anxiety over matters of the heart. It also teaches us that holding on to past hurts will not help our present happiness and will only impede our personal growth. It is an excellent aid to self-forgiveness and teaches us how to forgive others in a healthy, compassionate way.

To forgive another person does not always mean that you have to condone their behavior or understand it. It simply means that you choose to let go of the damage and hurt it has caused you so that you can move towards greater happiness and contentment in your life. 

If you are dealing with feelings of jealousy, anger, or resentment in your relationships, call upon the light, joyous vibrations of Peridot to cleanse the atmosphere so that you can get to the root cause of these negative emotions.

Peridot Stone

Chakras And Peridot

Peridot holds a resonance or vibration that is aligned most closely to the Heart and the Solar Plexus chakras. It can be used to open, activate and clear these chakras during chakra balancing and healing.

When your Heart chakra is open to the free-flowing energy of healthy Chi, you will feel secure, confident and loved, by the Universe as well as by those who matter to you. Many of us tend to “protect” our Heart chakras by closing them down so that we do not get hurt. Or at least that is what we think we are doing when we keep our emotions well hidden and fail to trust others. 

In fact, a closed or blocked Heart chakra will cause you to feel fear, discontent, and disease in both your emotional and your physical bodies. Tightness in the chest, heart palpitations, and difficulty breathing can all be signs of a blocked Heart chakra. Emotionally, you may feel unable to receive love from others, and you might be uncomfortable with showing others that you love them.

A pendant of Peridot, worn close to the Heart is an ideal way to give your Heart chakra the loving vibrations it needs to stay open and healthy. 

The Solar Plexus chakra is the seat of our personal power and governs our interactions with the outside world and our creativity and capacity to feel bliss. A blocked Solar Plexus can lead to feelings of fear and anxiety, which cannot co-exist in the same space as joy and bliss. 

The solar plexus chakra, being the chakra responsible for exchanging energy between ourselves and others, needs to be open and free from restrictions if we are to benefit fully from our relationships with others. 

All communication involves energy flowing into and out of this chakra, but exchanges can often feel one-sided or with a poorly understood message if it is out of alignment.

Issues relating to digestion and disease are often the domain of this chakra too.

But by holding your Peridot lightly to your solar plexus chakra, you can find yourself more resistant to disease – and to people who might try and take advantage of your kindness!

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The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Peridot

Chakra Crystal Combinations 

When you want to heal your Heart chakra, try combining Peridot with the gentle, loving vibrations of Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love which will help you to feel safe and secure in receiving the love that the Universe is offering to you. 

If you feel that you may need to protect your Heart from hurt, try working with Peridot and Amazonite. This combination will ensure that any negative or harmful vibrations do not enter your aura or energy field. 

When working on the Solar Plexus, the combination of Peridot with Citrine, Orange Calcite, or Yellow Topaz ensures a light, active vibration that is highly effective for clearing out old, stagnant energies or beliefs.

Other Crystal Combinations 

Peridot is a distinctive and stunning crystal, but it also works well with many other stones you might already have in your collection. While there is no one stone that Peridot definitely cannot connect with, this crystal certainly links well to certain energy signatures from certain stones.

It all comes down to how you want your crystals to work for you.

For example, if you feel as though you want to invite more wealth and good fortune into your life, you can combine the energies of Peridot and Citrine to produce lucky, confident energy.

Likewise, you can connect it to Garnet to help you feel more self-confident and able to trust your own judgment. For those who are often bossed around by others before our ideas are even heard, this is a promising prospect!

Peridot combines well with the energies of Diamonds and Sapphires for spiritual insight and personal growth and development.

Peridot Jewelry

Cleansing And Charging Peridot 

Peridot can be safely cleansed of surface dust and debris by holding it under running water.

As a stone of the Sun, Peridot can be charged with fresh energy by leaving it in the sunlight for a few hours.

You can also cleanse and charge it with sage smoke or by leaving it under the earth for a short time. Peridot will absorb the negative vibrations around you, and for this reason, it should be charged and cleansed every few days to ensure that it is working at its full potential.

You can infuse Peridot with a specific energy by programming it to help you with particular issues. Do this by holding your cleansed crystal in your hand and sending it the thoughts of what you want it to help you to achieve.

Keep your intentions positive, clear, and expressed in the present tense. Throughout the day, check in with your crystal to remind you of your goals and to access its vibrational support in achieving them.

Peridot As A Birthstone 

Peridot is most commonly connected to the month of August, and because this is the birthstone for August, it is also a symbol for the Leo star sign (July 23 – August 22).

Leos are often generous and warm-hearted people who love being the center of attention. Sometimes, however, because Leo is a confident sign, they can overlook the needs and feelings of others.

Peridot can help to mitigate this tendency while encouraging the natural humor and good-natured qualities of this sign.

Peridot And Its Relation To The Angels

Those of you looking to connect more closely to your Guardian Angels, or to explore who of those you can begin to work with for the first time, are very much recommended this crystal.

There are lots of ways that angel healing can benefit you, and that’s because this stone connects to a fair number of different angels, each of whom holds sway over different areas of earthly life.

Several Archangels can be connected to when looking into how to make Peridot most effective for you.

For example, this crystal can be used to connect with Archangel Raphael, who is a healer of the spirit, the mind, and the body.

Peridot will also connect you to Archangel Sabrael, who is responsible for sudden miracles and swift positive changes.

You will also find that it helps to attune you to the energies of Archangel Zadkiel, the keeper of freedom, kindness, and benevolence.

Other Angels to whom this can connect you include Zuerel, the Angel of Strength, and Oriel, the Angel of Destiny.

Polished Peridot

Peridot In Legends And History

Actual uses of Peridot in jewelry go far back into history, and you might well find if you delve into the subject that this stone has been part of culture in some way or another for as long as humankind has had the ability to dig it up!

Many records take the use of Peridot for regal and elegant jewelry as far back as 1500 BC.

Interestingly, particularly to those of us who are seeking knowledge on the healing properties of Peridot, this jewelry was also seen as having protective and rejuvenating qualities by ancient civilizations and cultures. 

This was especially the case in Ancient Egypt.

Peridot was dug up by workers on the island in the Red Sea, now known as Zabargad.

It was plentiful on the island at that time, and it was expressly sought out by Ancient Egyptian pharaohs seeking its protective energies.

The connection between Peridot and the sun was important to the Ancient Egyptians, especially due to the reverence their culture had for the Sun overall. Peridot has been found in religious artifacts and raiment associated with worshipping the Sun god Ra. The association with sunlight remains in many Peridot interpretations today.

My Final Thoughts On The Powers Of Peridot 

This is a beautiful gemstone, but its characteristics and energies are all the more amazing thanks to its rich history and comparatively unique way of forming.

It is astounding to imagine that it has been created by either being squeezed into form deep in the Earth’s mantle or falling to our planet from the stars.

Likewise, ancient cultures such as that of Egypt instantly recognized the protective energies of this stone and its connection to the sun that brings life to our world.

Those healing energies, protective qualities, and connotations of sunlight remain just as crucial a part of why people love Peridot today.

It gives you confidence and intelligence, but it does so by connecting you to those bold and brave parts of yourself you may have forgotten you had.

It can aid in meditation and soul growth and keep your home safe from negative energies and unkind thoughts.

This stone connects to some of your most vital chakras and, all in all connects you to reality while encouraging you to seek out the wisdom that lies beyond it.

Every crystal collector ought to welcome this often underrated stone into their inner world!

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