Peridot: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Peridot can fill your life with light and happiness if used correctly. Discover how…

Peridot is powerful

Peridot Properties and Meanings

Peridot gemstones are an ancient metaphysical stone, and have long been touted for their mystical properties.

They are one of the twelve traditional birthstones, being the birthstone of Leos.

They are one of the only gemstones on Earth that appear in only one colour, a distinctive yellow-green, although there are various shades available.

Peridot gemstones are found in many places on Earth, including the United States, Hawaii, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.

They had a prominent place in ancient mythology, especially the Ancient Egyptian tradition, where they were called “the gem of the Sun” and were sacred to the Sun God Ra and the Mother Goddess Isis.

Faceted Peridot Example
Faceted Peridot

They also played prominent roles in Ancient Rome, where they were worn by high-ranking officials to ward off jealous hangers-on, and also Ancient Christian mythology, where they were said to represent spiritual purity and youth.

There are many peridot gemstones on the market, both recently mined ones and ones that have been in circulation for decades or longer!

The positive effects of peridot are well-documented, and they’re sure to work for you just as well as they did for the Ancient Egyptians!

Why Would You Use Peridot Gemstones?

Peridot gemstones can be used to promote wealth, vitality, optimism, and generosity of spirit.

Using peridot gemstones is a wonderful way to encourage yourself to have a more positive attitude about the world, if that is something you sometimes struggle to achieve.

It is a great stone of optimism!

People who are naturally less optimistic (or who have trained themselves to be) may scoff at this point, wondering why they need a stone to help them develop optimism. What’s so great about optimism anyway?

The truth is that cultivating a positive attitude is one of the healthiest things that you can do for yourself.

It’s been shown that people who self-identify as optimists and display optimistic thinking patterns heal from illness and injury faster than those who display pessimistic thinking patterns.

Who wouldn’t want the power to heal faster?

Peridot can also symbolize strength, but not just physical strength.

It doesn’t even just refer to emotional strength in the traditional sense. The strength that peridot can help you develop includes the strength to be vulnerable, and the strength to forgive others.

These are incredibly rare and valuable skills in today’s culture, as so many people erroneously see these as weaknesses!

Peridot can help alleviate cynical tendencies, especially the tendency to see everyone else as stupid, inferior sheep (which is something that I’m sure all of us have thought at some point, even if it was in our teenage years).

It is incredibly important that, at some stage in our development, we learn how to see people with a more positive perspective, and give them credit for their achievements. Peridot can help us do this.

In Christian mythology, peridot was the stone of piety, so another way to view its power is to see it as indicating trust in a higher power.

It doesn’t matter much whether you see this higher power as a human-like God, or as just the ultimate cosmic balance of the universe – when you introduce peridot into your life, it will remind you that everything will eventually work out right.

One more way that peridot can help you is as a shield against bad luck.

. Peridot stone has a wonderful protective quality, and you will find that when you introduce it to your life – or your meditation rituals – it will help to open all new doors to you.

Peridot will help to open your eyes to the kinds of synchronicities and alignments of chance that will help you to press ahead with your own agenda, and to do so lovingly in a way that doesn’t step on anyone to make you get your success.

Likewise, if you have far too many nay sayers around, all too ready to shoot your dreams down when you vocalize them, this crystal will help you keep confidence in your ideas – and let those criticisms run off you like water off a duck’s back.

Peridot is a gentle and protective stone that will divert negative energy away with you and make you lucky in all your endeavours.

You will find that going out on a limb has huge payoffs, and you’ll be more willing to take risks and trust that the rewards will be worth it!

How Will Peridot Gemstones Help You?

Peridot gemstones can help you harness the power of the Sun towards joy, optimism, strength, and an overall better quality of life.

You will notice that you have more energy, because you’re always thinking about positive outcomes and that makes you want to pursue them, naturally!

Peridot is said to protect against anxiety, nightmares, and worst-case scenarios – both real and imagined!

This stone will give you the confidence to not bulk when a worst-case scenario seems to be looming, and instead to gather all your courage and push through it with the confidence that it’s not going to be able to touch you.

Peridot is an incredibly beneficial stone to bring into your life during periods of change and transition, especially during times when you are not entirely sure what the future might hold for you.

It will keep you from becoming overwhelmed with fears about what might be, and keep you focussed on the good things that are.

Peridot crystal links you to your positive side, but not in a way that is necessarily naive or blinkering you to the necessary concerns of a given situation too.

Rather, it will ensure that those kinds of negativity do not seem too overpowering or overwhelming – sometimes, they can be paralyzing!

Peridot helps to ground you, to connect you to the opportunities you need to continue your soul growth, and the means by which you can realize your potential.

If you’ve been feeling the pressure or have felt somewhat under duress, this crystal will help you to step back and see the bigger picture – it’s not just an uphill struggle all the time!

This stone will also make it possible for you to put good out into the world in far greater quantities than you may have previously thought possible.

Your presence will put a smile on people’s faces. But this is only possible once you have learned how to put a smile on your own face! Most people don’t become happy when they’re interacting with someone sad!

Peridot is aligned with the heart chakra, and can remove blockages to the energy of this chakra, especially if you pair it with November Birthstone.

The heart chakra is associated with balance and serenity, and it rules over our relationships with others. It is the key chakra for developing love, empathy, and generosity of spirit.

By using peridot to clear blockages in the heart chakra, you will be more open to relationships with others, and more willing to open yourself up to other people. In the section “How to Use Peridot Gemstones for the Best Results,”

I will discuss some specific ways that you can use peridot stones for the heart chakra, but introducing them into your life in any way will benefit this energy.

Peridot can help ease hurt feelings and “bruised egos,” both those of yourself and those of the people around you.

This is a good stone to have on hand when you’re entering a controversial or highly emotionally charged situation and to combine it with Blue Peruvian Opal.

How to Use Peridot Gemstones for the Best Results

The Ancient Roman writer of natural history Pliny claimed that the best way to wear peridot is on your right arm.

Assuming this is your dominant hand, this is the arm that mediates between you and the outer world. (Left-handed folks may have to experiment with whether a peridot works better on their left or right hand).

Wearing a ring or bracelet made of peridot on your right (or dominant) wrist or hand is the strongest way to harness peridot’s power on an everyday basis.

Use this when you have extended periods in which you need its strength to carry you through a difficult time, such as when you are changing jobs, going through legal proceedings, or otherwise in situations where you are met with a lot of conflict and need to bolster your optimism about the world.

Since peridot is associated with the heart chakra, the best way to wear it after wearing if on your right arm is to wear it over this chakra.

You may choose to wear it on a long pendant that rests over your breastbone, or a brooch that sits either on your breastbone or on top of your physical heart.

Wearing it in this way will purify all the energy that enters your heart chakra, and strengthen the energy that leaves it.

If you really want to strengthen your heart chakra, then it is wise to perform meditations with a peridot stone lying over your heart chakra.

There are plenty of ways to do this (including wearing it as a brooch while performing yoga!) but the simplest and one of the most effective is to simply place the peridot stone on your breastbone, lie on your back, and clear your mind completely.

If it helps you to have a visual, you might want to visualize the green light of the peridot stone encircling you. This will enrich your life and the power of the peridot stone.

Peridot is sometimes also associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra that rules ambition.

If you choose to use it as a solar plexus chakra stone, you should be aware that a lot of the energy that it’s going to draw into your life with relation to ambition is going to end up being “heart-like” energy – that is, an increased optimism about people and desire to build relationships.

If this is what you want, then a peridot for your solar plexus might be just the thing for you!

Likewise, you might find that peridot healing properties that are lying in wait within the stone – energies that can activate your own healing potential too – will help if you frequently suffer from stomach upset or gastro intenstinal issues.

Of course, healing crystals of any kind are no replacement for medical attention, but you’ll be surprised how they can soothe symptoms and ease pain!

Either by wearing your peridot stone, or by holding it to the afflicted area, you may well be surprised at just how much difference peridot will make, both to a hurting stomach or aches and pains anywhere else on the body.

If you have Leo anywhere in your chart, bringing peridot into your life can help you enhance its energy.

The Best Combinations to Use with Peridot Gemstones

Peridot can be effectively combined with other stones that have outward-focussed, action-oriented energy, such as rubies and garnets.

These stones will help you take action on the ideas that peridot prompts.

It can also be combined with stones that promote self-reliance. This is an especially good combination if you feel that you are sometimes needy, and you want to build better relationships with people, but also want to improve your own relationship with yourself.

Stones for self-reliance include moss agate and jasper.

If you are being faced with a lot of difficult problems, and you are trying to use peridot to help you get through them with more positivity and better luck, then you may also want to pair this stone with a gem or crystal that enhances intellectual thought.

Citrine is probably your best bet here, and danburite is another excellent option.

Another combination you might want to consider if you’re going through a period of bad luck and are using peridot to help you weather it is a strong anti-negativity stone, such as shungite or tourmalated quartz.

These stones can help you get away from bad luck if it seems to plague you, while peridot gives you the positive attitude to keep going.

These peridot properties of promoting good fortune and positive thinking makes this stone extremely easy to recommend.

This crystal can work with any others in your collection very nicely, and rarely will the energies of this stone not mesh well with others in your collection.

You might find that you can hold the crystal in your hand and feel it guide you to where it feels it can do its best work.

Keep your intuition high and your mind open here, and you may be surprised at how happy your peridot is to collaborate with so many other kinds of crystal!

Of course, peridot can also be included in your set of chakra stones! As I mentioned above, it is usually associated with the heart chakra, since it promotes generosity of spirit and positive opinions of others.

However, it can also be used for the solar plexus, if you want these qualities to be tied in with your ambitions (for example, if you’re starting a new business venture that you have high hopes for, but you have to work with a lot of people and need to place your trust in them).

Using it for your solar plexus chakra, especially if you include a lot of calming and soothing stones in your set of chakra stones, will ensure that you develop balanced emotional responses to situations.

It will help you become more thoughtful and less reactive, overall helping you to become a healthier and less anxious person.

Whether you’re trying to banish anxiety, promote good luck, or develop healthier relationships with others, peridot stones will help take you in that direction.

Their long history has proven their efficacy!

Meditation with Peridot

When you gaze at Peridot, its beautiful shade will inspire many gorgeous scenes of greens and forests, which is a sign of prosperity and abundance.

When you wear Peridot on your body as jewelry or carry it as a tumbled stone every day, it gives you the ability to attract love and invite peace into your life!

Peridot is a wonderful meditation stone because its glow and energies will allow you to feel the love and guidance of the universe.

You will experience the love of the universe that’s keeping you safe in body, heart, mind, and spirit, just like when using the May Birthstone.

When you regularly meditate with this stone, you are also giving yourself permission to fall in love with innocence and whimsical freedom.

Its spiritual and emotional energies encourage you to channel your free spirit as it does in nature.

Meditation with Peridot will also illuminate your journey towards spiritual transformation or renewal, as well as new discoveries.

Peridot radiates a wonderful vibration of calm, peace, and overall well-being. It’s a terrific stone to use when you wish to pray or meditate so that you can access a higher realm of consciousness, or when you simply want to make a connection with different kinds of Divine energies.

Meditation with Peridot encourages insight, wisdom, and understanding so that you will have a better appreciation of your own perfection and purpose in this life.

It works wonderfully in unlocking your mind to the limitless possibilities. It also gives you the opportunity to transform not so good traits like hatred, jealousy, and insecurity into love, happiness, and gratitude.

When you meditate with Peridot, you are also inspiring yourself to learn and understand the ways of the world.

This stone will open your mind to new ideas and concepts.It will also enhance your receptiveness, which is why it’s a favorite meditation stone of people who want to learn more about their psychic gifts.

If you want to try meditating with Peridot, you can start by holding it in your hands and gazing at it while focusing on your breathing.

Even a small piece of Peridot will yield great results, so don’t worry if you only have a very small Peridot tumbled stone.

As you breathe in and breathe out, empty your mind, and then start to focus your thoughts on your intentions or goals.

Visualize Peridot’s spiritual energy accepting this intention and supporting it until it comes to fruition.

Focus on this image as you feel the energies of Peridot travel from your hands to your head, and then all the way down to your feet, and then back again to the stone.

Do this for as long as you want. When you want to end your meditation, visualize the energies going back from your body to the stone.

When you meditate with Peridot often enough, you will feel a desire for a new meaning in your life, as well as a higher level of knowledge and enlightenment.

It will also enhance your connection to the Divine. It will support you in your decision to get rid of negative thought patterns, self-doubt, and fears as well.

Peridot truly has an energy that will bring a complete sense of well-being in your life!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Peridot Gemstonesperidot meaning

In my opinion, the longer a gemstone has been in the public consciousness for its crystological properties, the better the odds are that you’ll have good results with it.

This isn’t to say that recently discovered gemstones don’t work – we simply don’t know as much about their powers or properties as we do about one that’s been used and documented for thousands of years!

With this in mind, peridot is an excellent bet. It’s been used in dozens of cultures for millennia, and it has proven itself over and over.

Its history has cemented it in the ranks of the most positive, useful stones in the world.

Have you used peridot?

Especially for the Leos out there, did you notice its effects on your mood and your willingness to take risks?

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