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Crystals for Stress – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Stress – The Complete Guide

When you’re experiencing so much stress and going through situations that are making you anxious and scared, your body and its natural defenses also weaken and become vulnerable.

This can lead to falling sick.

To begin healing, your stress must be eliminated or greatly reduced. More often than not, stress becomes such a big part of your life.

All you need is a push in the right direction to initiate the healing process.

Can Crystals Help To Relieve Stress?

Using crystals for stress is a major step in learning how to relieve your stress the natural way, using the tools that mother nature has provided you with.

There are many different stress relief techniques that use crystals.

Crystals carry the energies of the earth with them.

When you put crystals on your body, you are also connecting with the grounding and powerful energy that lies within the earth. This is why using crystals to relieve stress is so effective.

Stress and anxiety are feelings experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. How can you tell if you have it?

It’s much harder than you think, because you get so caught up in your stress that you don’t realize how much it’s already affecting you.

Sometimes when you’re stressed, you forget about the little but important things. You become snappy with the people around you, and you end up ignoring the ones who are close to you.

Regardless of how you act out because of your stress, it’s not your fault. Remember that everything that happens in life is all part of the lesson, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little help!

There are many ways to combat stress. You can quit your job, post your feelings on Facebook, shop to your heart’s content, or sell everything you own and move to the beach.

Or you can start using stress relief crystals today!

Crystals for stress and anxiety

Before you go the unhealthy route and start paying for doctor fees and prescription medications, try carrying crystals for stress right now and see how much better you feel.

Crystals for stress are not a replacement for traditional therapies and techniques, of course, but they have been relied upon for their calming influences for thousands of years.

The great thing is that, even if you are not all too interested in spirituality usually – or the person you want to gift crystals to combat stress to is not – these stones will work anyway.

There’s no need for any kind of faith or doting in these stones – just keep these crystals nice and clean, and they will naturally match your own energies and ensure that you go through life with a level head – and that nothing gets under your skin too much to stress you out.

The Best Crystal For Stress

Black Tourmaline is the best crystal for stress and anxiety. It is a high-frequency crystal that helps neutralize and clear negative energies. It protects you from harmful vibrations.

It’s an excellent choice of crystal that you can use for crystal therapy, for your home, for your office, and for your everyday life.

It helps ease anxieties, worries, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

To use your Black Tourmaline for stress relief, hold it in your hands and visualize all your troubles being absorbed by the crystal, making you feel relaxed.

Black Tourmaline also helps protect you against negative energy. When you wear it every day, you create a protective shield around your aura, and it boosts your energy very quickly.

It shields you against negative energy, especially when you are an empath, or when you deal with a lot of negative energies on a daily basis.

When used in crystal healing, Black Tourmaline neutralizes extremes.

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How To Use Black Tourmaline To Relieve Stress

Hold a piece of Black Tourmaline in your dominant hand to pull out lower stressful and stagnant energies, and to cleanse and purify them as well.

Place this crystal on painful parts of your body to clear blocked energies and neutralize the pain. Doing so also accelerates your body’s healing process.

Put it in your space to balance geopathic stress from external factors, like noise pollution or any other form of external stress.

Black Tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute and clear energies. If you perceive a situation to be negative, this crystal brings it right back to neutral, helping you avoid a stressful or toxic situation.

It’s also an excellent crystal that you can use for healing and meditation because of its grounding properties. A small number of Black Tourmaline crystals are ideal for body layouts as well.

Black Tourmaline calms your panic attacks, especially those that are brought about by your fear of tight or dark paces, or places where the atmosphere is strange and scary.

It helps control your stress-induced fears.

It’s recommended that you wear this crystal to protect yourself against whiners and complainers, as well as emotional vampires who always burden you with their problems.

More Crystals For Stress


Amethyst is always a good crystal to carry around with you because it is a powerful, protective, and healing crystal.

It guards against psychic attacks and transmutes the energy into love. It protects you from all kinds of harm, including ill wishes and electromagnetic stress.

It’s also considered a natural tranquilizer. It eases stress and strain, soothes annoyance and irritability, regulates mood swings, and gets rid of anxiety, fear, rage, and anger.

It dispels grief and sadness and dissolves your negativity. This crystal repels bad energy and attracts good energy.

The best way to use Amethyst is by sleeping with it. Put it under your bed or under your pillow. You can also place it on your bedside table.

As long as this crystal is within your energy field, it will relieve your stress. It will even dispel nightmares.

During the day, you can wear it with Black Tourmaline as jewelry. You can also carry them with you as tumble stones so that they will continue to work their magic on you. Just remember to keep them charged and cleansed.


Peridot is another very popular stress relief crystal. It’s very calming and soothing, and it helps with communication problems.

It helps those who have problems being heard by people, or those who have problems with articulation or confidence to share their truths.

It gives clarity of thought and unwavering purpose when it matters most. It’s a crystal of support and encouragement, and its flowing energy brings calm and light.

Blue Lace Agate

Since this is also a chakra crystal, Blue Lace Agate lets you speak your mind and get out of fear-inducing situations and conflicts.

It’s a supporting crystal that calms stress-related situations and helps you overcome communication challenges.

It’s great to wear every day as a ring or amulet, but just having a piece of it in your pocket helps to uplift your energies.

It’s also an excellent crystal for those who struggle to express their emotions without getting emotional.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is very beneficial to anyone who is experiencing anxieties or stress due to emotional suffering. It’s the strongest heart chakra crystal and a great healer.

It transmutes negative energies and replaces them with love energies. It facilitates the release of your pent-up emotions, like resentment, anger, and grief.

This crystal helps you let go of negative emotions that cause imbalances, diseases, or fears in yourself that bring about your stress.

Using Black Tourmaline with Rose Quartz helps dispel stress by promoting love, forgiveness, and compassion.

Use it in crystal healing therapy by placing this crystal on your heart chakra, putting your hands over it, and visualizing your body being enveloped by a healing pink glow.

This energizes and balances your heart chakra, getting rid of your stress in a matter of minutes.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest spiritual crystals known to man. It has been used for centuries to bring wisdom, power, and peace.

Lapis Lazuli prevents psychic attacks and supports you on your spiritual journey.

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It’s one of the most sought-after healing crystals and works well to clear away the emotional baggage that leaves you feeling stressed out or vulnerable.

Use this crystal to relieve your anxiety, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed by stress in your personal or professional life.

Wear this crystal to deflect negativity. If you need an instant lift, hold this crystal in your hands, and feel the stress leaving your body.


It’s known as a crystal of peace. Sodalite calms your mind and eases your panic attacks.

If you are under a lot of stress, carry a piece of this crystal with Black Tourmaline to prevent you from being overly emotional and wound up.

If you have trouble expressing yourself or calming yourself, keeping this crystal close to you stimulates your self-confidence and self-expression.

Keep it close to you whenever you feel nervous or frazzled at the thought of sharing your ideas and thoughts with other people.


Kyanite is an excellent crystal that aligns your body’s chakras. Its grounding vibrations help you release your unwanted emotions, such as frustration, fear, and anger.

It helps you connect with your own higher wisdom. What’s even good with this crystal is that it does not hold on to negative energies. It’s a crystal that does not need to be cleansed.


Howlite helps with insomnia. Lack of sleep is one of the biggest causes of stress, and this crystal helps you get rid of your stress by helping you sleep better.

If you’re having problems falling asleep at night, place a piece of this crystal under your pillow and it will surround you with calming and soothing energy.

It also helps you resolve your feelings of anger when you tuck it in your pocket or slip it in your purse. It absorbs negative emotions and energies and shields you from the negative energy of others.


Obsidian works to balance your female hormones and is an incredibly powerful crystal that relieves stress, heightens intuition, and stabilizes emotions.

It’s also a crystal that develops your psychic abilities. Meditating with this crystal gives you support whenever you feel off kilter.


Shungite is a crystal that acts as a shield against electrical magnetic fields that are emitted by computers, cell phones, and electronic devices.

It’s a crystal that’s very useful in stressful situations at home or in the workplace.

Keeping a piece of this crystal, together with Black Tourmaline, on your work desk, in your car, in your purse, or in your bedroom guards you against harmful energies that cause stress and anxiety.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can be worn as a crystal pendant to prevent harmful radiation from entering your body. It’s an excellent protector and fortifier of the body and it shields you from common sources of stress.

It increases your mental clarity, calms your emotions, and relaxes your body. It refreshes your energy during really toxic or stressful moments.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz stabilizes your mood swings. It helps stabilize your feelings of depression or desperation. It also absorbs and transmutes your negative energies.

It’s a crystal that’s best worn on the solar plexus. It also helps bring calm and peace when you’re experiencing PMS, or if you’re just feeling particularly cranky.

How To Reduce Stress With Healing Crystals

Cleanse Your Crystals

After picking your crystals for stress, make sure to cleanse them of any negative energies that they might have absorbed before they made their way to you.

You can choose to leave them under the moonlight overnight. You can also place them under the sun to clear and charge them.

Meditate With Your Crystals

These crystals carry the vibration of peace and tranquility. When you use them during meditation, you also clear your mind of distractions very easily.

You can easily reach a meditative state, even when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Most of all, you can release your stress and anxiety when you’re finished with your meditation.

How To Meditate With Crystals To Relieve Stress:

  • Simply find a peaceful place where you will not be disturbed. You can choose to sit down or lie on your back, whichever is more comfortable for you.
  • Hold your crystals in your energetic receiving hand, which is your left hand, and breathe deeply.
  • Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Feel the muscles in your body relax as you allow your body to sink with every breath.
  • Envision a white light entering your body via the crown of your head when you inhale.
  • When you breathe out, picture a black or grey cloud coming out of you and releasing your stress and anxiety. Remain in this state for at least 15 minutes, or longer if possible.
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Do this meditation whenever you feel overwhelmed and need to ground or balance your energy and emotions.

Anxiety And Stress Stones As Bracelets

Anxiety and stress stones will work perfectly when worn as a bracelet because they will be close to your personal auric field.

Any stone or crystal that’s always close to your skin or within your personal auric field will help you manage your stress and get rid of your anxiety.

The power of gemstones and crystals lies in their abilities to carry and transmit healing energies. Each stone has its own unique properties that will help you in many different ways.

When you wear anxiety and stress stones as a bracelet, you also promote healing and help set intentions for healing in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

You manifest your life’s desires and find the motivation to reach your goals for your highest good as well.

Anxiety and stress stone bracelets can help you achieve your strongest abilities so that you can perform your best and achieve the best results.

These bracelets are a convenient and beautiful way that you can benefit from the stones’ powers.

The Best Crystals To Have In A Bracelet For Stress

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a crystal that can dissolve your stress and anxieties. It will also balance your emotions and raise your spiritual energies to the highest level.

Wearing this crystal as a bracelet will help unblock all kinds of blocked energy. It will also help you change your negative thoughts into positive ones, especially if you have the correct motivations.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is another stress and anxiety stone that will help you clear your emotional baggage. It’s considered a stone of healing, so wearing it will help you remain on top of things.

It’s also known as a stone of truth and wisdom. Wear this stone as a bracelet if you want to relieve your anxiety, especially when you’re working too much.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz fights stress and relieves anxiety. Wear a bracelet made of these crystals if you want to release your resentment, anger, grief, and other pent-up emotions that are elevating your stress levels.

Holding these crystals will also help release your stress by promoting forgiveness, compassion, and love.


Peridot is another stress and anxiety stone that will be very helpful to anyone who’s going through emotional situations.

This stone’s powerful heart chakra energies will help reduce the effects negative emotions.

Wearing this stone in a bracelet will also help you understand the part that a relationship plays in your life, whether it’s friendly, romantic, or professional.

It will also enhance your healing and promote harmony in all your relationships. It will reduce your jealousy, anger, and stress.

Most of the stress and anxiety that you feel stems from imbalances or blockages in your chakras. Anxiety and stress stone bracelets will work to keep your chakras in alignment.

They provide an uplifting and comforting vibration that will make you feel alright even if you feel like you’re drowning.

Anxiety and stress stone bracelets will help you rise above your emotional issues and come out stronger.

Wearing these bracelets will give you support as you go through emotional healing and release all your emotional baggage.

Crystals for Stress

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