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Crystals for Sleeping – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Sleeping – The Complete Guide

Can Crystals Really Help with Sleeping?

Are you someone who’s struggling to fall asleep at night? When you fall asleep, do you often toss and turn and wake up feeling like you’ve only slept for just a few hours?

You often find yourself trying hard to shut off your mind and fall asleep, but you end up staring up at the ceiling all night because you cannot sleep.

Everyone has been there at some point, and it can be a very frustrating experience. The search to find natural and healthy ways to help you sleep can also be unfulfilling and daunting.

But thankfully, there are crystals which you can use to help you relax your mind and body and fall asleep quickly and restfully.

Many people find crystals give them a sense of wellbeing. Just looking at them can make them feel relaxed, peaceful, calm, and still.

Just like how some herbs and essential oils are relaxing, soothing, and calming, crystals are the same way.

Filling your bedroom with different kinds of crystals can be overstimulating to people, but some people find this very relaxing.

It’s just a matter of using the right kind of crystals that will calm you instead of energize you.

Crystals for Sleeping

The Best Crystal For Sleeping

Violet crystals like Amethyst are known as dream crystals, making it a first-choice crystal to fight insomnia.

Amethyst treats insomnia and promotes restful sleep. It radiates soothing and calming energies that help you relax effortlessly.

It also has protective properties that drive away negativity where nightmares are created from.

You can rest without anxiety or stress by keeping a piece of Amethyst under your pillow.

It calms your mind and clears blockages to give you peace and serenity. It’s very effective against insomnia and in calming an overactive mind.

Amethyst also helps you remember and understand your dreams.

Sleeping with a piece of Amethyst under your pillow or bedside table also facilitates out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

It’s an amazing crystal for protection against bad vibrations and keeping bad dreams at bay.

Amethyst crystals bring soothing and calming energies that assist you to relax. They work to soak up and repel all negative energies, ridding your body of stress, anxiety, nervous energies and frustrations concerning not being able to sleep.

Placing this crystal under your pillow increases your chances of having good dreams, experiencing lucid dreams, and chasing away nightmares.

It’s also very purifying to the aura. It opens the crown chakra and aligns you with divine knowledge.

Sleeping with a piece of Amethyst brings healing energies to your dreams, promotes deep sleep, and attunes your brain waves to the frequency of calm.

Sixth Chakra Amethyst

The Best Combination to Use With Amethyst to Help With Sleeping

Quartz Crystal helps ensure that you have pleasant dreams when you sleep. It’s an energizing and activating crystal that works to magnify the properties of any crystal that touches it, meaning it magnifies the healing energies of Amethyst and other crystals in your crystal arsenal.

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Quartz Crystal assists you to concentrate on your dreams. Before you go to sleep, hold your Quartz Crystal in your hand and think about any issue or problem that you have.

When you sleep with this crystal underneath your pillow, they will facilitate your mind to go through these issues or problems while you sleep.

Quartz Crystal is calming to some and energizing to others. It promotes deep and quiet sleep.

You will realize they have the additional advantage of clearing your energy and shielding you in positivity while you slumber.

It provides a calming influence to your chaotic mind. Just gazing into a piece of Clear Quartz and focusing on the facets helps you focus on relaxation and letting go of your daily stresses.

Selenite is also an excellent crystal for sleep because it actively battles insomnia and other sleeping problems.

It surrounds your body with safe energy while you’re sleeping, cleansing and rejuvenating your aura so you wake up feeling rested and energetic.

Selenite is a crystal that crystal healers advocate that everybody should have in their home. It possesses such a high vibration.

It cleanses and activates the crystals that are touching it, keeping them energized and freed from negative energy.

Since Selenite is one of the most effective crystals to assist you with sleep, it’s recommended that you sleep with this piece of crystal under your pillow.

Ammolite promotes immunity, physical health, and energetic protection by therapeutically restructuring your aura while you sleep.

Angelite is a crystal that encourages creative problem-solving when you’re sleeping or dreaming.

It helps you relax and let go by orientating you with divine timing and reminding you that everything is unfolding perfectly.

You don’t need to worry about the little things because you’ll be able to unleash it all to the universe with love and trust.

In addition, it attunes you to the angelic realm, facilitating a flow of angelic communication and direction while you sleep.

Black Tourmaline is a sleep-promoting crystal. Energetically, it’s extremely protecting and grounding. Mentally, it’s deeply calming.

Physically, it provides a relentless flow of deep relaxation throughout the body.

Hematite clears the mind of excessive worry and mental chatter.

It relaxes the body, heals deep emotional pain, and brings expansive comfort by activating the base chakra and plugging you into a steady flow of strengthening nourishment from the planet.

Jade possesses an uncommonly soft and tender energy.

It soothes the mind, opens the center, and smooths away the rough edges of the day. It reduces stress and boosts the overall harmony and balance of your life.

It’s very helpful in balancing your financial worries because it has the additional benefit of attuning you to the frequency of wealth.

Labradorite helps balance brain chemistry and refill brain power while you sleep. It helps open up the sensory receptors and awaken intuition, making it helpful for those on the religious path.

It busts through stagnant energies and blockages by releasing old and harmful patterns and shadow aspects to light in dreamtime.

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Rose Quartz is among the gentlest and most tender crystals out there. It promotes relaxation by mitigating harsh energy of all varieties and healing the mind, body, and emotions.

It’s very protective because it cushions you in a cocoon of sentimental sweetness.

It’s a good ally to settle on once you learn to apply self-compassion, self-acceptance, and positive self-talk.

Want to possess dreams that you’re certain to remember? Obsidian is the crystal for you!

It stimulates your inner imagination, encourages vivid dreams, all while discouraging nightmares. Place Malachite by your side and see what dreams can come back to you.

This multitasker crystal is also a grounding crystal that dispels negative energy, making it the best crystal companion.

When tucked beneath your pillow, Mangano Calcite encourages feelings of unconditional love and a deep and relaxing sleep. It’s a functional crystal that keeps nightmares at bay.

Lepidolite is known to soothe and calm, especially when it comes to nightmares.

If you tend to fall victim to anxious thoughts or a general sense of anxiety that prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep, consider using Lepidolite with Amethyst.

Moonstone is known as a calming crystal that helps reduce your emotional tensions. When placed on your solar plexus, it provides calming qualities that happily send you on your way to dreamland.

sleeping with crystals for healing

6 Important Tips to Boost Sleeping with Crystals

These powerful crystals that assist you with sleep offer an alternative to over the counter sleep medicines.

Finding natural ways that facilitate sleep is often better than taking medications because it will reprogram your mind and body to make more positive sleep habits.

Make sure that before you go to sleep, you release all your hidden frustrations of being unable to sleep. That all belongs to the past, and to move forward, you must get rid of it!

Sit quietly and hold your crystals for sleep in each hand. Breathe and visualize the very best kind of white light, feeling the healing energy of the crystals.

Set your intention for your crystals, stating them out loud. Your crystals are paying attention, and they are ready for you to use.

Before you nod off, place them underneath your pillow or nightstand if they’re uncomfortable underneath your pillow.

1) Calm your heart.

Did you recognize that your heart is the dominant oscillatory resonator for your body? Its electro-frequency is sixty times larger than your brain’s and its magnetic frequency is 5000 times greater!

Once you’re not sleeping well, it’s actually because you’re overstimulated, worrying, or simply wired.

When you’re in these states, your heart gets tired, beating quicker or in an irregular rhythm, releasing the stress hormone.

How does one calm it down, then? You calm it down through genuine and compassionate feelings.Crystals work to help you conjure those feelings.

Hold a piece of your sleep crystal over your heart chakra while focusing on feelings of love, compassion, gratitude, and peace.

Visualize love coming in with very long and slow breath. This will effectively put you in a very relaxed and peaceful state.

2) Have a sleep time mojo bag.

Crystals can induce a restful and calming sleep.Just take a small pouch or organza bag and fill it with dried lavender buds.

Then add 2 large Amethyst tumbled crystals and 2 large Sodalite tumbled stones. Add 10 or so drops of organic lavender essential oil.

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The organza bag allows the lavender scent to drift out and blend its frequency with that of Amethyst and Sodalite to gently lull you to sleep.

Both crystals are known for their powerful, soothing, and calming qualities.

Amethyst is also a wonderful dream-time crystal. Lavender has long been known to help induce a calm state and promote sleep.

You can place this mojo bag near your pillow or inside your pillowcase. You can also take it with you and use it anytime you need to calm down throughout the day.

3) Create a better sleep crystal grid.

Create a grid that uses 3 excellent crystals for sleep.

Arrange them on the floor under your bed. Allow their energies to work on you slowly but surely because it will just work better and better.

4) Stabilize your emotions all through the day.

When you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster and swinging off the handle, it can greatly affect your sleep patterns. The goal of your crystals is to calm and even out your emotions.

Your strong emotions can dissipate in just 90 seconds, so just try to calm yourself and let the feeling pass. The wave of emotions will just pass you by.

The circumstances that led you to feel that way may still be there, but you can better deal with it from a more balanced place.

5) Make an Amethyst Elixir.

Take a cleared and cleansed tumbled Amethyst crystal and drop it into a pitcher filled with water. Put it in the refrigerator.

Drink a half glass before bed. Amethyst elixir is an easy and gentle way to guide you to a deep and restful sleep.

If your sleep cycle’s been whacked out of sync for a while now, it may take you several weeks to reset it.

You may want to use one or all these tips. You can’t do any harm with these remedies if you feel like piling them all on. Just go ahead and go for it!

6) Change your bedtime ritual.

Ideally, an hour or two before you retire for the night, keep your phone and other electronic devices. Meditate, read a book, or listen to soothing music instead.

Rub essential oils on your feet to ground your energies to the earth.

Lie down comfortably on your bed and allow your body to follow suit. Relaxation starts right now.

Place a crystal-like Shungite over your heart to neutralize your body’s energy or Fluorite over your third eye to calm and relax your mind.

Close your eyes and lie with your crystals for not shorter than 11 minutes.

Crystals for Sleeping

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