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Crystals for Pain Relief – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Pain Relief – The Complete Guide

Can Crystals Really Help with Pain Relief?

Pain can be described as ‘an unpleasant sensation and emotional response to that sensation’.

One of the major problems with modern life and the ever-increasing longevity is the degree and frequency of the pain that people suffer.

Whether physical, emotional, or psychological, it affects just about everyone at different points in their lives.

Crystal healing can be described as the application of crystals to help the body’s energy system find a comfortable and healthy point of balance to improve the quality of life.

Pain has a serious and damaging effect on your quality of life, and crystals can be highly effective in removing pain.

Crystals can help ease, handle, or treat pain in several ways. They can work directly on the pain, and certain crystals can generally help particular areas of the body.

The easiest way to work with a crystal is to use a quartz crystal point.

Hold it about 2 centimeters above the painful area with the crystal termination, or ‘point’, pointing down. Move the crystal slowly in clockwise circles over the pain.

Don’t be concerned if the pain gets a little worse when you do this. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. But after a short time, you should see a rapid improvement.

Of course, some kinds of pain can take a little longer to heal.

For chronic pain, try this for ten to fifteen minutes daily for a couple of weeks and you should see improvement.

Just one session does not achieve healing from crystals, though. Especially when you are suffering from chronic pain.

Whatever is causing you to experience pain will continue to be present in your body, so you will need to keep applying the crystal healing techniques.

How often depends entirely on you and how your body responds to your crystals.

Crystals for Pain

The Best Crystal for Pain Relief

Amethyst is particularly helpful for pain relief. Especially for pains associated with headaches and migraines. When placed near the source of the pain, it blocks or reduces it.

It’s a highly spiritual crystal that helps you get in touch with your unconscious mind, giving you important insights into the ailments and symptoms that are causing the problems.

Many praise Amethyst for its ability to work on all kinds of pain, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

It works on the subtle level by balancing the subtle energy bodies.

Also, Amethyst cleanses the aura and brings new insights to issues that you have or have not addressed in the past. It relieves pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

If you could only get one crystal, Amethyst is an excellent choice because it covers a wide range of symptoms.

The Best Crystals To Combine With Amethyst To Help With Pain Relief

Clear Quartz can be carried or worn to give you an overall uplifting feeling to life and your own universe.

It’s the most widely known crystal for healing and pain relief. Not only does it remove pains and aches from your body, but it also helps strengthen your aura.

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It sends consistent healing energies into any part of your body that it touches. People don’t call it the Master Healer for nothing!

Its high vibrations reduce the pain anywhere on the body. Clear Quartz improves blood circulation and energy flow, which will help the body heal as well.

Clear Quartz is great for soothing migraine headaches. Place a piece of this crystal on the painful area for about 10 minutes.

A headache will intensify before it gets better. So just let the crystal do its work.

But if the pain increases too much, place a few additional smaller crystals on the area.

If the pain is tolerable, leave the Clear Quartz there as long as you wish, or until the pain goes away. You should feel a significant change within 2 weeks.

Chrysocolla is another crystal that you can use for pain relief. It provides effective pain relief from arthritis and rheumatism. Just hold the crystals together on the painful joint for about half an hour every day.

Dioptase is also effective for relieving different pains in the body. You can prepare a Dioptase elixir by putting a cleansed Dioptase crystal in a glass or pitcher of water.

Leave the crystal there overnight inside the fridge if you want to have it cold, or leave it in the kitchen with a cover. Remove the crystal before drinking it.

Drink it during the day to help ease your pains. And in some cases you can also rub it or apply it topically to the painful area.

Black Tourmaline is a great root chakra crystal that also provides pain relief. It’s often used to ground high frequencies to the lower chakras.

This crystal is known for its ability to deflect negative energies and promote positive thoughts. It’s very helpful when it comes to negative energies, but also when it comes to stress and tensions.

Black Tourmaline is also used to keep you safe from geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution.

This crystal boosts the immune system and eases the pains caused by muscular disorders. It gets rid of electromagnetic radiation that makes you sick and weakens your aura.

It helps realign the spinal column and relieves pains associated with strained or torn muscles, scar tissue, and arthritis.

Citrine is helpful in relieving postoperative pain by placing charged and cleansed crystals near the wound or on the dressing. Be sure to observe cleanliness and good hygiene to avoid the possibility of infecting the wound.

Rose Quartz is good for relieving general pains and aches in the body. It provides pain relief to skin problems like burns, cuts, and wounds.

It has a cooling effect and reduces inflammation. It’s a high-vibration crystal that also improves the functions of the kidney and supports the elimination of toxins and excess fluids in the body.

You can place a flat piece of Rose Quartz at the location of the pain overnight with a piece of cloth tape. Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry also helps reduce the pain that you feel.

Also referred to as the Crystal of Love, Rose Quartz emits energies of empathy and compassion directly on your heart and higher heart chakras, which brings inner peace and a bigger capacity for love.

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Rose Quartz is quite beneficial to those who find themselves grieving, sad, or depressed.

As soon as you hold a Rose Quartz in your hand, you will instantly feel its calming and soothing vibrations in your body and your aura. This crystal is most effective when held or carried.

Cavansite helps health workers who pick up empathic pains from their clients. They feel the physical pains of their clients. This crystal works to protect and ease the pains suffered by highly sensitive people.

Celestite brings angelic relief to any pain that you feel on your body. Hemimorphite is helpful in soothing pains by placing it near someone who is experiencing pains.

Sugilite brings effective relief to a headache by holding the crystal near the source of the pain. You will feel the pain slowly disappearing as it’s absorbed by the Sugilite crystal.

Lingham and Selenite crystals are good for back pains, while Howlite are Jasper are effective in relieving mild discomforts.

For chronic conditions, Bixbite helps you cope emotionally with your pains.

Lithium Quartz is often used as antidepressant medication. It carries soothing and calming energies that encourage you to approach your physical pains with calm and positivity.

Lithium Quartz pulls higher density vibrations for healthy assimilation.

Desert Rose infuses you with high vibration energies, bringing wisdom, insight, and access to your higher self.

It’s a great help for meditation and spiritual development. This crystal infuses your energy field with angelic vibrations, protecting you from negative energies that can cause illness or physical problems.

Turquoise reduces pains in the digestive tract a well as headaches and sore throats.

When placed on the forehead, Turquoise reduces your headache pains. When worn as a necklace, it provides relief for a sore throat.

Carnelian is a high-vibration crystal that eases menstrual cramps. Place a flat, smooth Carnelian at the location of the pain and secure it in place with a cloth tape. Let it stay there for as long as you like.

This crystal also helps treat skin irritations. Hold a piece of this crystal about ¼ inch above the skin irritation and move the crystal in a small clockwise circle for 5 minutes. Do it twice to thrice a day.

Aquamarine is another high-vibration crystal that’s relaxing and soothing.

Its pain relief is two-fold. It eases the pain of inflammation directly at the location of the pain, and it soothes and relaxes your mind so that physical-mental cycle is broken.

Kyanite is a natural pain reliever that encourages balance and aligns all chakras.

It helps treat muscular disorders, throat infections, and issues with the adrenal glands. It also stimulates the immune system.

Malachite is a crystal of transformation that supports you in changing situations and enhances spiritual growth. It draws out the impurities and stimulates the life force in the body.

And it relieves cold sweats and eases pains associated with rheumatism, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, and malaria. It also helps with osteoporosis and pains in the spinal area.

Crystals for Pain Relief Clear Quartz

Two Important Tips to Boost Pain Relief with Crystals

There are two ways to use crystals in treating pain or chronic illness, and that’s through jewelry and meditative work.

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1) Wear your crystals as jewelry.

Sit with the piece of crystal jewelry in your hand and ask it to work on the pain on your body that you need it to.

Crystals have many purposes, and you should direct their energy properly to a specific point so as not to dilute their powers.

Wear your crystal jewelry all throughout the day and take it off regularly for cleansing and recharging. Cleansing and clearing it can be as easy as putting it next to a Quartz crystal.

You can also leave certain crystals under the sunlight or moonlight for a cycle. Just be careful about this because some crystals lose their color when exposed to direct light.

If you’re wearing energy or immune boosting crystals, be sure to wear them only for short periods of time. They can make you feel overloaded, hyperactive, or irritable.

How long is too long depends on you and your own energy levels. If you feel overloaded, or like your skin is tight and stretched out, just take it off.

Any crystal jewelry is beneficial. But the closer it is to the source of the pain, the more effective it will be.

Necklaces are best for beating stress or helping with immune conditions. Anklets are excellent for painful legs and feet.

Rings are also very effective when you put them on your ring finger because it has a direct link to your heart. This boosts the blood flow to the heart and to the rest of the body.

2) Meditate with your crystals.

Once you’ve set your intentions on your crystal, sit down and hold it, or place it on the part of your body that needs its attention.

You can also choose to lie on your back if this is more comfortable for you. Even if you cannot meditate, just sitting quietly and calmly can work wonders on your body, mind, and spirit.

Pain is not only uncomfortable. It also triggers physical and emotional responses that hinder or slow down healing, or in the case of chronic pain, decrease your quality of life.

Painkillers help but they can also cause damage if they are used for too long. Crystals relieve the pain that you are feeling without causing harm to your vital organs.

Crystals vibrate, and these vibrations work to alleviate pain and allow the body to heal.

You need to find the right crystal to help you with the pain, though, because not all crystals vibrate at the same rate or work the same way on relieving the pain.

Some have a higher vibration rate while others are low or moderate.

Crystals for Pain Relief

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