Alternate Names or Spellings: Red Beryl, Bixbyite

Crystal Meanings and Metaphysical Properties Lore of Bixbite

Keywords: Soothing, Harmony

Bixbite, red beryl, is known metaphysically as a stone of soothing and healing. It is used by intuitives and mystics to bring harmony to relationships and enhance compatibility. It is alsosaid to be helpful to heal griefs and depressions. Bixbite is also used to strengthen creativity energy. Physically, intuitive sources say that bixbite is good for healing problems with the physical heart, liver, lungs, mouth, throat, stomach, physical energy level, and digestive system. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Bixbite is related to the heart and sacral chakras.

Bixbite Crystals Example
Bixbite Crystals Example