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Bixbite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Bixbite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Bixbite Properties

Bixbite is a pink to red variety of the beryllium aluminum silicate mineral. It comes in crystalline form, and its colors are derived from the traces of calcium, chromium, iron, and manganese.

A precious piece of Bixbite stone

This beautiful raspberry red crystal was first discovered by mineralogist Maynard Bixby in 1904 and was named Bixbite in his honor.

It’s extraordinarily rare and can only be found in the Black Range in New Mexico, as well as in the WahWah Mountains and the Thomas Range in Utah.

It’s also known as Bibyite and Red Beryl. It can sometimes be referred to as Scarlet Emerald and Red Emerald, too.

Why Would You Use Bixbite?

Bixbite is a symbol of action and physical vitality. If you are looking for more energy and stamina to complete your day-to-day tasks, Bixbite should be your go-to crystal.

It’s also known as the “Right Time” crystal because it will help you determine when it’s the right time for something. It will tell you when it’s the right time to make a change, to pursue someone, or to try something new.

Bixbite will give you the wisdom and the confidence to use this right time to improve yourself, your relationships, and your life in general.

This crystal will give you strength of purpose and vigor to tackle your project and to perform your job. It will keep your energy levels high, and it will make sure that you stay motivated from start to finish.

This crystal will also give you the courage to overcome tough challenges or undesirable situations. Everybody needs support and encouragement during their bad days, and you can always rely on this powerful crystal to give that to you.

Bixbite is a powerful defense against negativity.

It will protect you from the negative energies of things or people who want to deceive or manipulate you. It will guard you against people who want to see you feed off the energies of others.

It will also strengthen your connection with an ex-lover and help you become friends even after all the hurtful or sad experiences.

This will work well for those who have separated and have a shared custody of the children, or even the pets.

Bixbite will remove all your irrational fears. It will dispel your victim mentality.

With the help of this crystal, you will be able to strengthen your self-esteem, creativity, and confidence. It will also encourage you to value your talents and abilities.

Bixbite will deepen your sense of loyalty and camaraderie. It will also inspire you to live your life with zeal and courage!

How Will Bixbite Help You?

Bixbite, Healing and Health

The powerful vibrations of Bixbite make it a wonderful healer and protector on a physical level. For starters, it can work in energizing you and removing your stress and fatigue.

It can also help you with your recovery after a long battle with illness.

It’s an excellent crystal that can work wonders on people who use their bodies extensively.

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It can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the stomach, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, and thyroid. It’s also known to be effective in treating ulcers.

Bixbite can fortify the nervous and circulatory system. It can also have a cleansing effect on the digestive system and the respiratory tract.

It can aid in issues affecting fertility and stimulate the reproductive and sexual organs. It can help regulate any kind of sexual imbalance.

Bixbite and Wealth

It’s a crystal of stamina and vitality. It will encourage expression of ideas through movement or through action.

The more you keep your body busy and active, the more creative ideas will come out of you and help you with your goals. Specifically, your money and wealth goals.

Bixbite can help you actualize your potentials. It will infuse you with energies that can emphasize your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

It can also filter and remove the distractions that are keeping you from attaining your goals. You will be able to fully focus on the tasks at hand and achieve more.

With the help of this crystal, you can reduce your overstimulation. You will be able to focus on what you need to do to be financially rewarded and successful.

Bixbite has a strong influence on your material possessions and your business. If you wish to grow your business or protect your material possessions, you should never be without a Bixbite crystal!

Bixbite, Love and Relationships

This crystal will expand and strengthen the qualities of unconditional love in your relationship. It will give you much happiness and pleasure to love your partner without expecting so much in return.

Bixbite will promote balance and harmony, even if you are going through some tough times in your relationship. It will make you focus on all the good things you have in your life.

It will highlight the many things that make you and your partner compatible. It will remind you of the many reasons why your love is the only love you will ever need!

Bixbite will encourage more respect, patience, understanding, and consideration between you and your partner.

When you work with the energies of this crystal, you will be filled with the desire to be the best version of yourself.

Bixbite is a crystal that you must have if you wish to stir the fires of passion in your relationship. It will help you get close to your partner again, and it will remove the feelings of hesitation or fear when it comes to intimacy.

Bixbite will give you the courage to make a deeper and meaningful emotional commitment.

You will be able to let go of your fears and hesitations and just go for it!

It will promote warmth and affection in your relationship. It will foster a strong and lasting love, and you will feel genuinely happy with the person you love.

It’s the crystal that you must wear if you want to attract your soulmate, or if you wish to keep your relationship or marriage stable during difficult times.

It’s a particularly helpful crystal when it comes to overcoming heartbreak, betrayal, loss, or grief. It will make the hurt feel less painful, and you will receive warmth and comfort during your lowest moments.

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It will also make sure that your heart will remain wide open for love in the future.

No matter how much it hurts right now, the energies of Bixbite will help you stay hopeful in love.

Bixbite will also reawaken love in a loveless or tired marriage. It will make sure that you will not be jaded with love and all the romantic possibilities that can still happen in your life.

It’s a crystal that will repair damaged relationships and heal the rifts that had been created in the name of love. It will remove the coldness and the distance and reestablish the emotional connection that had been lost.

Bixbite is also a great crystal to wear if you will be spending time with someone you find hard to resist.

It will keep you immune to this person’s charms or powers of persuasion, and you will be able to think clearly and act confidently.

Bixbite will enhance your emotional understanding and communication so that you will feel more loving and caring toward yourself and your partner.

When you know what you should do and how you should express it, loving someone will just be a walk in the park!

Most importantly, Bixbite is a love crystal that will connect you to the divine realm and the source of universal love.

Bixbite Crystals

How to Use Bixbite for the Best Results?

Bixbite makes use of fire energy which carries with it energies of activity, illumination, warmth, brightness, and enthusiasm.

It’s a crystal that’s usually placed in the south area of your room, home, or office.

It can also be placed in the part of your room where you receive guests or visitors because it can give your social life and your standing in your community a big boost!

You can put it in the space where you need the most energy and creativity. You can also wear it on your body to give you that much-needed energy boost on stressful or exhausting days.

Use it sparingly because this crystal can bring the power of the sun and the energy of the fire elements right to your space!

Can You Get Bixbite as a Necklace?

Bixbite is an incredibly rare gemstone and can only be found in a handful of places.

With colors that range from light pink to deep red, very few specimens of this stone can be found big enough or high quality enough to be used in making jewelry.

It’s considered as the rarest of the Beryl stones. Finding a Bixbite necklace at an affordable price and in large quantities can be very challenging.

Because of this, prices for Bixbite can fetch for as much as $10,000 per carat.

Many Bixbite stones that are being sold in the market are actually a different stone called Pezzottaite.

The confusion stems from their physical appearance and chemical construction that are nearly identical.

Pezzottaites are also quite rare but not as valuable as Bixbite. They’re a completely different mineral with a different refractive index, density, and chemical composition.

Pezzottaites that have been found in Afghanistan make them more available compared to Bixbite.

Because Bixbite is so rare, always insist on getting a certification for its authenticity when you buy one from a jewelry store.

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You can still purchase a Bixbite necklace if you have the patience to shop online or at retail stores.

Because they are rare stones, expect the search for the perfect Bixbite necklace to be more difficult compared to other gemstone jewelry pieces.

Prepare to spend quite a lot of money to purchase this lovely stone as well.

For instance, a Bixbite that’s less than a carat and set in diamonds and yellow gold on a white gold pendant can fetch for approximately $1,975.

The annual yield of Bixbite is approximately 5,000 to 7,000 carats a year only. This is why most Bixbite specimens are only under one carat.

If you come across one that’s about 2 to 3 carats, that’s already considered a very large stone.

The beautiful red appearance of Bixbite is caused by the presence of manganese. Even if Bixbite has a lot of inclusions and oftentimes translucent, gem collectors regard it as a more valuable acquisition compared to Ruby.

Deep pink is the most desired color for Bixbite. Although in recent years, it’s been very hard to find a color like it in any reasonable quantity.

However, you can still add Bixbite to your jewelry collection buy purchasing a lab-produced Bixbite.

It will look great as a necklace combined with White Topaz on a dainty chain. It can also be used with a Rhodolite and set in platinum or sterling silver.

Bixbite is quite rare and remains quite unfamiliar to a lot of people. It’s too bad that it’s so scarce because a lot of people will be bowled over by its elegance and beauty.

It’s also quite a durable stone that can withstand bumps, knocks, and scratches, which is perfect for jewelry that can be worn every day.

You can purchase a Bixbite necklace online from really good and reputable jewelry retailers.

Make sure that you are provided with the certificate of authenticity to guarantee that you have the real thing!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Bixbite

Bixbite is a crystal that radiates powerful energies which strengthen or heal your body’s vibrational fields.

It will activate and open your chakras so that you can create the perfect balance of compassion, love, and creative energies.

It will build up your self-confidence and infuse you with energies of fearlessness, excitement, and action. It will also fill your life with strong energies and quiet passion.

The energies that you will get from this crystal will increase your devotion to the people you love and your seriousness with life.

Bixbite will help you deal with a stressful life, and it will teach you how easily you can shed unnecessary baggage when you truly want to!

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