Turquoise properties and powers

Turquoise Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Turquoise Stones Properties

Turquoise is a hydrous phosphate mineral of aluminium and copper. Its chemical name is aluma phosphate, and its color is most commonly blue.

There may be other Turquoise stones that are green or blue in color. Green means there is iron present in the stone, while blue means there is copper present.

Its name is from the French word turquoise, which means Turkish stone. This is because Turquoise was transported to Europe from Asia by way of Turkey.

Ancient cultures regarded Turquoise as a highly sacred stone because its energies are centered on protection, power, and luck.

Turquoise is mined in the USA, Mexico, Afghanistan, Egypt, Chile, China, Australia, Israel, Iran, and Argentina.

Why Would You Use Turquoise Stones?

You need Turquoise in your life because it’s a purification stone. It will effectively dispel negative energies and protect you against pollutants or negative outside influences.

It’s also a stone that will align and balance the chakras when you combine it with Fluorite. It will promote inner relaxation and calm, and stabilize your mood swings.

It will ensure that you have stress-free days.

Turquoise will enhance your spirituality by opening your heart and clearing your thoughts.

It will act like a spiritual balm to your heart and mind, which has been deeply affected by emotional wounds and emotional stress.

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Turquoise Stones jewelry

Turquoise’s powerful energies are good in eliminating physical and emotional exhaustion, and they can do wonders for people who are suffering from depression or prone to panic attacks.

This is why it’s also a good protection stone, just like Sunstone!

Turquoise will promote self-realization and help you achieve what you want in all aspects of your life.

It will give you a deeper awareness of how life works, and it will help you find your purpose of being here in this world.

Turquoise will bring you energies of wisdom and understanding that will encourage creative problem-solving. It will also enhance your psychic abilities.

It’s a powerful stone of spiritual attunement, and when you use it with Smoky Quartz, it will help you manifest your clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. It will also enhance your intuition.

The unique vibrations of this stone will resonate with your third eye and throat chakras and let you access your past life knowledge.

Doing this can help you communicate with others more meaningfully and deeply because what you share will come directly from your spirit!

Turquoise carries energies that will help you live your life with truth, pride, and integrity.

How Will Turquoise Stones Help You?

Turquoise Stones, Healing and Health

Turquoise can aid in the body’s nutrient absorption. It can also work in boosting the immune system and in the stimulation of tissue regeneration.

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Turquoise has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects. Its energies can help alleviate pains associated with cramps, stomach aches, or headaches.

This stone can purify the lungs, soothe and clear throat problems, and heal eye problems such as cataracts.

Turquoise energies can also neutralize over acidity and can be beneficial when you’re suffering from gout, rheumatism, viral infections, or stomach problems.

Turquoise Stones and Wealth

Turquoise has long been a symbol of opulence and wealth. Wherever this gemstone is found, it is always symbolic of abundance!

This is always a relief to those who ask what does turquoise mean – it’s such a versatile stone, it could be confused as being more emotionally or mentally focused.

Of course, having a clear mind and a level head in your emotional life is still going to be useful when it comes to cutting a deal and making your fortune.

However, even with all of this in mind, turquoise metaphysical properties are just as related to wealth, money and financial abundance as anything else.

Yet as much as this crystal promotes your ambition and the energy to make your dreams a reality, it also encourages a certain kind of stability that can help you live in comfort.

When you work with this stone, you will be inviting a more stable and more abundant flow of financial blessings.

You will also be inspired to create more streams of income to ensure that the abundant flow will never stop.

Turquoise energies will bring well wishes, prosperity, and good health.

You will be more physically and mentally stoked to work on your passion projects and business ventures, and the enthusiastic vibrations that you will emit will attract more luck to you!

Turquoise will act like a good luck charm which can bring health and prosperity.

It will also clear the path to an elevated consciousness.

When you have the energies of Turquoise in your life, you will enjoy greater mental clarity. It will prepare you for the work required when achieving your financial goals.

Turquoise will also give you the ability to make wise decisions when it comes to your investments and your spending.

Turquoise Stones, Love and Relationships

Turquoise is a symbol of friendship. This stone will make sure that you and your partner remain the best of friends, whichever stage you are in your relationship.

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It will make sure that the friendship will always be there, even if you’re experiencing challenging times.

Turquoise will stimulate romantic love. It will ensure that positive love energies will continue to flow in your relationship and in everything that you do.

It will help you release hidden feelings that you have for someone, and it will give you the courage to take that first step and get the ball rolling!

These turquoise properties of confidence and clear communication that doesn’t let you stumble over your own tongue with nervousness means that many who are looking for love secretly take a turquoise stone in their pocket or purse when they know their prospective beau will be around.

Even if you prefer to meditate with the stone and calm your racing feelings that way, this crystal can work wonders in making the more uncertain side of love that much more bearable!

Turquoise will kindle that fire of passion and romance in you, even if you are not a romantic person to begin with.

It will inspire you to be more loving, more affectionate, and more demonstrative with your feelings.

The energies of this stone will infuse you with fun and spontaneity, with adventure and fervor. Your relationship will enjoy a different kind of energy. One that’s light and positive and all kinds of uplifting!

Turquoise will help you and your partner have strength and courage.

It will protect your relationship and surround it with loving and supportive energies, especially when you’re going through something challenging.

With the guidance of this stone, you will be able to balance the emotions and thoughts that you have, which will be beneficial for you and your partner.

It will bring you a deep sense of calm that will help you better deal with emotional problems and stress.

This stone will help you stay anchored and grounded, and it will strengthen your positive outlook.

Turquoise symbolizes healing in relationships. It will show you how you can let go of the pain, the anger, the bitterness, and the resentment.

It will help you find the answers to your questions, and it will teach you how you can forgive yourself and your partner for each other’s shortcomings.

Many of the most effective turquoise healing properties almost seem to have been designed by nature to help couples out!

Granted, you won’t be able to just let this stone take care of all your love woes for you. Relationships are hard work – this is simply a stone that eases the journey!

It could be that you have difficulty saying how you feel about things your partner does that hurt you, although you know they don’t mean their behavior to.

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So are you being unreasonable bringing it to their attention? Is your partner unkind to just obliviously continue on they way they do? It can all be a bit of an emotional minefield – one that your turquoise stones can help to even out a little.

Turquoise will also be a great help when it comes to honest communications between lovers.

This stone resonates with the energies of truth, and it will encourage you to speak only the truth with forthrightness and kindness.

If you are a naturally shy person, having this stone with you will guide you in making more stimulating and meaningful conversations.

It will contribute to your awareness and make everything that comes out of your mouth have value and soundness.

Turquoise vibrates strongly with the higher heart, so you can expect yourself to become more understanding and compassionate towards your partner when they have their shortcomings or moments of weakness.

This stone will encourage more empathy. You will become more considerate towards the person you love and supportive with what they’re going through.

How to Use Turquoise Stones for the Best Results?

Wear Turquoise jewelry and add a burst of color to your outfits. It will bring a fresh brightness that will be welcome any day and any time.

It will lift your spirits and lighten your emotions when you look good. Looking good is always healing to the heart, so make sure that you wear beautiful Turquoise jewelry all the time.

This stone is a great reminder that you can still relax and achieve a peaceful state even when you are surrounded by noise and chaos.

Whether you are holding or wearing it, turquoise crystal is fantastic at helping you unlock your confidence, but all without being cocky.

You’ll find that you’re able to more efficiently express your ideas and express them without tripping over your words or feeling shy, and as though you’re too shy to speak your piece.

However, you can also introduce this stone into your special meditation space, or in your overall healing crystal collection.

Turquoise is very good at complementing existing crystals, or helping to ground you in your more spiritual moments.

Meditate with this stone and let its uplifting and life-affirming vibrations wash over you.

Wearing it close to your chakras will also ensure overall good health.

You can place a Turquoise stone on your third eye chakra while meditating so that you can make use of your clairvoyant abilities and psychic visions.

Doing this will also ground you and help you avoid the uneasiness or discomfort that some spiritual stones tend to make you feel.

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This turquoise meaning means you can depend upon this stone to work well in balancing out other stones in your collection.

Likewise, if you find that the meditative visions you have with other crystals tend to give you somewhat overwhelming experiences, this turquoise stone meaning can help you to feel safe when entering the spiritual realm.

However, these stones will work their best when they are properly looked after, like with any other crystals in your collection. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult!

To keep your Turquoise stones looking beautiful for a long time, make sure that you don’t expose it to direct sunlight for long periods.

Clean it regularly because the dirt from your makeup, perspiration, and body oils can also alter its color.

Turquoise Tumbled

Turquoise tumbled stones are connected to the sky and send the energies of the sky down to earth.

They make it easier for you to meditate and bring you peace of mind that will allow you to process information on a psychic level.

Turquoise tumbled stones can be used in meditation because they will open you up to telepathy and loving communication.

When the energies of these stones are close to your personal auric field, you can use them to boost your creativity and share your own truth with courage.

They also promote truthful and clear communication from your heart. Turquoise tumbled stones are known to protect you from pollution in your environment.

They are also used to invite prosperity and abundance!

Some fanciers of Turquoise tumbled stones also use them to hasten the healing process because they are master healer stones.

These stones center, ground, and harmonize your energies while revitalizing your body. They also give you peace of mind and allow you to have creative expression.

Turquoise tumbled stones can help you when you feel like you’re being plagued by misfortune.

They have the ability to absorb the negativities and imbalances in your life and release you from your financial strains.

They can bring your personal energies back into balance.

Turquoise tumbled stones can be carried inside your pocket or purse. You can also place them in your favorite room in your house to cleanse the energies in that space.

However you choose to carry or position these crystals, these turquoise stone benefits will find their way to you easily enough.

Some people like to tuck the stone beneath their pillow at night in order to guarantee nice dreams and a sound night of slumber, often letting in some intriguing messages and symbolism from on high too.

Turquoise tumbled stones are calming and peaceful stones that invite solitude without isolating you and making you feel lonely and desperate.

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They help you appreciate and understand the universal nature of your soul and help you heal your feelings of inadequacy or negativity.

Turquoise tumbled stones also encourage independence and individuality, providing you with a more positive and optimistic outlook.

They are the most effective healers and can give you peace in your spirit and overall well-being in your body.

The healing energies of these stones have good benefits on your moods and emotions by balancing them and surrounding you with peace and serenity.

Holding or carrying pieces of Turquoise tumbled stones can help in restoring your depleted vitality and lifting your low spirits.

They get rid of your stress and bring your focus back to your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

As stones of purification, Turquoise tumbled stones clear the electromagnetic smog or pollution in your environment.

They also promote self-realization and facilitate creative problem-solving. They get rid of your tendencies for self-sabotage.

When you place Turquoise tumbled stones on your third eye, they can support your meditation exercises and strengthen your intuition.

When placed on the throat chakra, they can help in releasing your inhibition so that your soul can fully express itself.

It is believed that Turquoise tumbled stones can bring the earth and sky together and unite both male and female energies.

Turquoise tumbled stones are also known to initiate romantic love and encourage spontaneity in romantic relationships.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a few pieces of Turquoise tumbled stones, go right ahead because they will be worth your money!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Turquoise Stones

Turquoise is not only beautiful and elegant. It’s also an excellent healing stone that can heal a wide array of ailments in the body, heart, mind, and spirit.

It will give you the support that you need during your lowest point, and it will give you the inspiration and the motivation to work your way up again.

When you work with the energies of this stone, no problem will be too big and no struggle will be too challenging.

This stone will enhance your creativity so that you can find inventive and effective solutions to your problems.

It will also give you the wisdom and the grace to accept certain truths about your life that you can no longer change.

If peace, serenity, balance, or harmony is what you’re looking for, you should never be without this stone.

Turquoise is a beautiful and very powerful healing stone that will restore the balance in your life in a physical, emotional, and spiritual sense!

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