The Throat Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

throat_chakra meaning

Throat Chakra Meaning

The throat chakra is found at the center of the neck on the throat level.

It is the fifth chakra and the passageway for energy between the head and the lower parts of the body.

The throat chakra’s function is guided by the principle of communication and expression.

This chakra is also known as Vishuddha, KanthPadma, or ShodashDala. But the most common Sanskrit name for it is Vishudda, meaning pure or purification.

The throat chakra is also associated with the element of sound. Its vibrations can be felt not just in your ears, but also through your whole body. This makes it an important instrument of expression and communication.

Throat Chakra Color

The throat chakra is commonly represented by the color aquamarine blue or turquoise blue.

The color of its chakra energy is also seen as smoky turquoise or purple.

The color of its petals is also grayish lavender or smoky purple.

Root Chakra Symbol

The symbol of the throat chakra is made up of a circle that has sixteen petals, and a crescent with a circle inside.

It can also be symbolized by a circle with a downward-pointing triangle, and also inscribed in another circle.

Throat Chakra Location

The location of the throat chakra is at the throat level.

It’s important to know that this chakra is multidimensional and often represented as going outside the front of the throat and going inside the back at a slightly upward angle.

This chakra is associated with the brachial and the pharyngeal plexi and connected to the palate, pharynx, tongue, jaws, and mouth.

It’s also connected to the neck and shoulders. The thyroid gland is associated with the throat chakra, and it regulates the conversion of energy in your body through growth, metabolism, and temperature.

Traits and Characteristics of the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is associated with certain behavioral and psychological characteristics. It represents expression and your ability to speak out and express your truth.

It signifies both verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as internal and external communication.

The throat chakra connects with the etheric realm, as well as the subtle realms of your intuitive abilities and your spirit.

It gives you the inclination to create and project your blueprints and ideas into reality.

The throat chakra helps you realize your purpose or your vocation, and it makes sure that you have a good sense of timing.

This chakra is all about expressing yourself. It fills you with the truth, with your purpose in life, and with an abundant source of creativity.

You must remember that this chakra has a natural connection with the sacral chakra, which is the center of your emotions and creativity.

This chakra’s emphasis is on expressing and projecting your creativity to the world according to your perfect form and authenticity.

The throat chakra connects you to your spirit. Because of where it is located, the throat chakra is also often seen as the bottleneck when it comes to energy movement in the body.

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It sits right before the upper chakras of the head. Opening this chakra greatly helps in aligning your vision with your reality.

It also releases the pressure that affects your heart chakra, which is located just below it.

The throat chakra is connected with the etheric body, which holds the template or blueprint of other dimensions in the body. It’s a significant reference point that aligns the energies through the chakra system.

What Causes a Throat Chakra Imbalance?

The throat chakra is a significant gateway to your expression and to how you receive the world.

It allows you to receive communication from the external world and take it into yourself in a way that can be easily understood.

The throat chakra allows you to process information from the information that you receive from other chakras and then express them to the world in a healthy and positive way.

It makes it possible for you to be understood, and for things to be let out in a useful way.

You can think of the throat chakra as a connector between your heart and head. It literally sits between your head and your heart at the base of your throat.

Your heart and brain are in constant communication with each other. Everything that they communicate with each other goes through the throat.

This is why you feel your throat constrict when you become emotional, or you feel a lump in your throat when you hold back your tears. This is where your voice resonates to express your thoughts and emotions.

You will begin to see challenges and difficulties develop in your upper chest, throat, neck, shoulders, and head when there’s a blockage in this chakra.

These difficulties can relate to any problem in the ears, jaw, neck, throat, thyroid, mouth, and the teeth. There can also be issues in the neurological system that can manifest as headaches.

Tickles in the throat, hoarseness, and coughs are some of the most common physical symptoms of issues in the throat chakra.

It can also trigger autoimmune conditions. Sometimes you can see or feel the tension from the imbalance in the shoulders, and this can manifest in the hands and arms as well.

The throat chakra is integral in releasing the energies from the lower chakras.

A balanced throat chakra sends energy from the sacral chakra through creative expression, providing a release valve to the throat chakra.

It also provides a release for the energy of the solar plexus chakra. It releases any active energy that builds up there.

There are certain forms of vocalization that can voice out your feelings and bring balance to your solar plexus and heart chakra.

A throat chakra that is out of balance can cause many problems in the lower chakras.

It can cause under or overeating.

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An imbalance in this chakra can also affect your survival abilities. It can manifest as suppressed emotions, and a lack of drive and willpower.

You can become more anxious, and you can have a hard time expressing who you are. The tendency is for you to manipulate, gossip, and be sarcastic and dishonest to protect yourself.

The throat is a vital connecting point to the other chakras, but it’s very often blocked or out of balance.

This blockage or imbalance can lead to more physical or emotional problems affect the proper functions of the other chakras.

The heart and brain are very important electrical centers. When the connection does not function properly, signals cannot be expressed, sent, or received.

A throat chakra imbalance or malfunction can happen in many ways, and you are bound to feel it right away because parts of your body will start to function poorly.

Overactive Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is found at the base of the throat. It’s known to be the home to self-expression and your communication.

It also serves as the seat of your emotions. An overactive throat chakra significantly impacts your relationships and your ability to function.

The common physical symptoms of an overactive throat chakra include mouth and jaw problems, colds, and sore throat. It also manifests as earaches, neck pain, and laryngitis.

When you have a balanced throat chakra, it promotes concise and clear communication. You have no problems expressing yourself, and you find it easy being honest no matter what company and situation you’re in.

But when the throat chakra becomes overactive, the total opposite happens.

You cannot help but speak rudely and maliciously. You look down on other people and become very critical of even the smallest details.

The most innocent response from someone can also strike you as intentionally scathing or rude.

You speak negatively about yourself or others, to the point that it becomes a form of verbal abuse.

Other non-physical symptoms of throat chakra imbalance include gossiping, non-stop chatter and talk, arrogance, and condescension.

The soothing color blue is often associated with faith, wisdom, truth, and confidence. All these are attributes that are linked directly and indirectly to the attributes associated with the throat chakra.

In most cases, making positive changes in your lifestyle can greatly help, including having a good diet and exercising regularly.

When simple lifestyle changes are not enough, you can introduce aromatherapy, sound therapy, or yoga to your current situation.

You can also sing regularly, even if it’s just in the shower, because exercising the vocal cords can remove the blockages in this chakra.

Depending on the severity of your throat chakra imbalance, you can also consult with an energy healer to address it correctly.

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5 of the Most Common Blocked Throat Chakra Symptoms

A blocked throat chakra can adversely affect your ability to communicate because you fear being judged or being ridiculed.

When there’s something blocking your throat chakra, you are unable to express your truth easily, honestly, and clearly.

Someone with a blocked throat chakra can also become very quiet, weak, introverted, and scared.

This blockage can also manifest as unreliability, manipulation, and difficulty of putting your feelings into words.

When your throat chakra is off, you also find it very hard to relax.

Common Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

When there’s something blocking your throat chakra, you cannot speak your truth when you need to the most. You end up holding back on expressing your needs and desires.

You long to realize your dreams and live purposefully, but you never seem to quite get there.

When the throat chakra is imbalanced or blocked, the energy flow is blocked, and it leads to physical symptoms that affect the neck, throat, mouth, and head.

It’s not uncommon to feel a sore throat, neck pain, hoarseness, and headache when the energy flow becomes disrupted.

Throat chakra blockage can also manifest as non-physical symptoms that affect you at different levels, from your emotions, thoughts, aura, to spirit.

You find it hard to speak out or express your thoughts. You also are painfully shy and socially anxious.

There’s an inconsistency in your words and actions, and your creativity cannot flow freely. You tend to be stubborn and detached, and you become indifferent to people and to the world.

Throat chakra blockages that are significant cause you to be manipulative, domineering, deceptive, and arrogant.

But when the chakra energy flows freely, you enjoy effect and honest communication. You are able to find yourself.

You become more responsible and confident, and you easily find the words to say what you’re thinking or feeling.

Disruptions in the throat chakra also make you fearful, quiet, and stoic. It creates feelings of shyness, insecurity, and anxiety.

At the thought of speaking in public, it causes near paralysis on your part as well.

This kind of chakra imbalance can also have a negative effect on your personal and professional life.

You avoid social situations and are more at ease and satisfied when you are alone. You even become distrustful of your inner voice.

Throat Chakra Healing in 13 Steps

Your throat chakra is in charge of your communication. It’s important to note that good communication is not just about talking, but also about listening.

When the throat chakra becomes imbalanced, it can exhibit the symptoms in many different ways.

Some signs of imbalance include timidity, fear, manipulation, dishonesty, and arrogance.

But when everything is going as it should with this chakra, you can express yourself well in both spoken and unspoken ways.

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When you can freely express your artistry, creativity, and imagination, and you also feel content with how your life is going, you have harmony and balance in your throat chakra.

The throat chakra is one of your emotional centers. Just think about how you always get that lump in your throat whenever you’re overcome by sadness!

The location of this chakra is where some of your emotions are stored. Your ears and shoulders are also related to this chakra, which explains why you experience physical discomforts when this chakra is out of balance.

Emotional and psychological issues can also be present as much as physical symptoms.

When you’re sick in the throat chakra, it affects the entire chakra system, and you need to address the problem as soon as possible before the problems worsen.

Here are thirteen simple ways that you can cleanse, balance, and align your throat chakra:

  1. Sing.

When you exercise your vocal cords, you also cleanse your throat chakra!

It does not matter whether you could carry a tune or not, or you do it in front of people or just in the shower.

Just sing your heart out and release the blockages affecting your throat chakra.

  1. Drink water.

Hydrate yourself and make sure that you drink plenty of water each day. Take advantage of this because water is readily available.

It’s also important to think about what other things that you drink or ingest. Think about their effects to your throat and your whole body in general.

  1. Do yoga and open your hips.

When the throat chakra is unhealthy, it also affects the rise of kundalini. You also store emotional baggage in your hips.

But when you do yoga, there are different positions that can open up the hips and release the pressure.

  1. Think blue.

Visualize a beautiful and soothing blue light, which also happens to be this chakra’s color. Picture its cool energies at the base of your throat and other associated locations of the throat chakra that you’re having problems with.

Think of the color blue as you inhale good health and cleansing. Visualize it filling up the areas in your throat chakra and releasing all your stress and tensions.

You will feel a cooling or warming sensation during this process, and that’s perfectly normal!

  1. Wear throat chakra jewelry.

Wear throat chakra stones and crystals that are associated with this chakra. Wearing a gorgeous necklace or a pair of blue earrings is an easy way to start balancing your throat chakra.

  1. Indulge yourself in a massage.

Everyone feels better after getting a thorough neck and shoulder massage. The results are instantaneous, and they affect both physical and emotional aspects of your health.

  1. Speak the truth with love.

If you’re guilty of a sharp tongue, always strive to release your words with kindness and thoughtfulness.

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Work through and release your negative emotions including your resentment, hurt, and guilt. It will work wonders to bring back the energy and balance in your throat chakra.

  1. Practice mindful speech, action, and deeds.

Talk openly and remain honest when dealing with people and different situations. Whether you are happy or dissatisfied with what’s going on in your life, it pays to be conscious about your actions words, and thoughts.

  1. Meditate.

Incorporate the throat chakra’s color blue into your life when you meditate. This can calm any kind of emotional upheaval that you are going through.

  1. Surround yourself with blue.

Add blue-colored flowers or decorations to your environment. Wear blue outfits, and decorate your space with blue.

Sit outdoors and bask in the bright sun and the blue sky. Spend a day at the beach and swim in the ocean.

  1. Indulge in creative pursuits.

Paint, draw, sculpt, write, and sing. Do a lot of creative activities that can strengthen the throat chakra.

  1. Eat foods that are good for the throat chakra.

There are many foods that soothe, strengthen, and protect the throat chakra, including juices, fruits, and vegetables with high water content.

There are also herbal teas which you can drink that will support not only the throat chakra but the other chakras as well.

  1. Keep a journal.

You can keep a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings and help you express how you feel.

You can easily express yourself when it’s just you, your thoughts, and your journal with you.

Doing this exercise will also help you unblock your throat chakra and release anything that’s causing you to feel out of sorts.

Much like the heart chakra, the throat chakra is often out of balance because of your inability to let go of your guilt or negative feelings.

When you cleanse your throat chakra on a regular basis, you can bring to light all the things that have long been housed in the dark.

Unfortunately, you have to go through bad feelings, thoughts, and situations so you can reach the ideal or best ones.

It’s worth going through all of it because it strengthens the throat chakra and allows it to open up to communicate with other people, as well as to the higher power that you believe in.

By tapping into and sharing the best version of yourself with the world around you, you will realize that you receive even more joy than the joy you give!

Throat Chakra Stones

Throat chakra stones help you feel centered and comfortable when it comes to expressing yourself.

When your throat chakra becomes out of balance, you will feel like you cannot communicate on a verbal, emotional, or physical level.

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This will leave you feeling trapped and cause you to emotionally shut down.

But when the throat chakra is functioning as it should, you can speak your truth and express yourself through your emotions.

A strong throat chakra helps you live a life of authenticity and a life of not being worried about judgment or criticism from others.

Wearing or carrying throat chakra stones is an effective way to make sure that your throat chakra keeps its balance.

Azurite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, and Sodalite are just some of the most effective chakra stones for chakra healing.

These chakra stones unlock the chakra center, promote clear communication, and encourage you to express yourself for who you really are.

Azurite enhances inspiration and helps to expand your mind.

Angelite allows you to speak your mind and become more confident and assertive. It connects you with your angels so that you can find your inner strength.

Sodalite unlocks your throat chakra to smoothen the flow of communication and help you put your emotions into words.

Aquamarine works to heal the throat chakra. It can also be used to purify, cleanse, energize.

It gives you courage and makes you more compassionate and tolerant when it comes to other people. This chakra stone also dispels your fears and worries.

Aquamarine gives soothing, healing, and cooling vibrations that are excellent for the throat chakra. It also resonates with the heart chakra.

Use it for only 5 to 10 minutes when you’re only starting to work with this stone for chakra healing. Its energies can be a little overwhelming.

But gradually, increase the time you spend using it in your meditation or wearing it on your body as earrings or necklaces.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates and unlocks the throat chakra to boost your spiritual development and improve your spiritual health.

It’s also used to help you regain your alignment or your balance. It’s known as the stone of truth and helps you strengthen your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Wearing Lapis Lazuli close to your throat together with a pair of matching Lapis Lazuli earrings benefits not only your throat chakra but also your third eye.

Amazonite is a green to turquoise green stone that deflects and guards you against negativity while helping you bring back the emotional balance that you have lost.

It heals the throat chakra, and its vibrations can put you in a very relaxed and peaceful state.

Turquoise promotes inner wisdom and strengthens your overall health. It also encourages your communication and articulates your thoughts.

It drives away negativity and bolsters your confidence to speak out and share how you feel or what you think.

If you want to use stones and crystals for throat chakra healing, place them directly on your body, or wear them everyday to keep your chakra balanced.

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Blue gemstones are always wonderful to use when you want to heal the throat chakra because they vibrate and resonate with this particular chakra.

But there are other gemstone colors that also work if you prefer to work with a color other than blue.

When you choose your throat chakra stone, go with the one that speaks out to you. More often than not, you will intuitively choose one that’s just perfect for you!

Dark blue and iridescent stones like Labradorite are great throat chakra stones.

Labradorite jewelry, particularly necklaces and matching earrings, envelope you with soothing vibrations that also benefit your third eye chakra.

Moonstone also activates, cleanses, and heals all your chakras. There are blue Moonstones that can be found almost everywhere, but you don’t have to use a blue one for your throat chakra. Any color works on your throat chakra.

Learning how to use chakra stones correctly is one thing. Learning and understanding each healing stone’s meaning, association, and use is another.

You need to be patient and willing because it can take some time for the symptoms of an imbalanced throat chakra to completely subside.

Fortunately, using chakra healing stones is very easy. There are many stones available that clear your throat chakra of positive ions, helping it heal and function smoothly with their soothing energies.

When you begin using these throat chakra stones, you will start to feel an immediate improvement!

You will find that the right words come to you, and you can say what you want to say quickly and easily.

You will realize that you feel at ease communicating with yourself and with others honestly instead of feeling as though you must hide the truth or omit some parts of your truth to be accepted.

Your mouth and throat will also feel better in a physical sense. If you have been dealing with physical conditions and ailments, using throat chakra stones will help in healing them as well.

Cleansed and charged throat chakra healing stones work best when worn close or placed on the throat chakra area. You will enjoy their restorative effects subtly but powerfully!

Utilize these stones in one or all of these methods:

Meditate with a throat chakra crystal or stone.

Lie down with the healing stone placed on your throat chakra, or wear a choker or a tight necklace that will hold the chakra stone in place while you sit upright.

Quietly meditate for at least 15 minutes with your chosen healing stone.

As you breathe into the stones and crystals, focus your mind and your intentions on your throat chakra healing. You will begin to feel more open and ready to share your inner truth.

Wear a throat chakra gemstone necklace or earrings everyday to keep their energies in close proximity to your fifth chakra.

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You can also use throat chakra stones in elixir form. Their soothing vibrations will start healing your chakra immediately.

Five Beautiful Images of the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the chakra of telepathy, sound, communication, and creative expression.

Throat Chakra meaning

It’s the center of self-expression and communication through word and sound.

When this chakra is open, aligned, and balanced, you learn to go beyond your ego and express yourself in the most honest and natural manner, even if it goes beyond your or other people’s ideas of acceptability.

This chakra will bring together any opposing tendencies that will ruffle feathers.

When your throat chakra is in balance, you can speak with confidence and authority, and you possess a good listening ability.

You can also sing well and write stories, poetry, books, and music.

You can express yourself freely and creatively.

You also do not second guess what people say.

You adjust well to changes and transformations.

Throat Chakra meaning

You are very confident in your own opinions, but you are never arrogant about them.

You are willing to listen to other people’s points of view.

When the throat chakra is healthy, you are also comfortable with your body language. Your jaw is relaxed, and you don’t clench or grind your teeth.

You have no difficulty speaking up your issues and you can control your tendency to be passive-aggressive.

Throat Chakra meaning

A balanced throat chakra will give you the gift to speak passionately and compassionately.

Your throat chakra is all about choice.

Every choice you make has a consequence, and it can be good or bad.

The throat symbolizes how you express your will.

It signifies how you can balance your mental and emotional intentions.

There will be problems with this chakra if you lie, gossip, or are unable to express your negative feelings, thoughts, or needs.

If you’re not feeling creative, it’s best to work with your throat chakra.

Throat Chakra meaning

Work to open, align, or balance it so that you can get the creative juices flowing.

Your communication skills are associated with the throat chakra.

What you say has a real effect on other people.

Most of the time, the tiny voice inside your head directs you to make the decisions in your life.

To resolve this, you can activate your throat chakra by using words of affirmation.

These words of affirmations will help you gain a more positive way of thinking and get rid of self-limiting beliefs.

Those who are more focused on public speaking should develop their throat chakra to achieve success and excel in their chosen fields.

Words create magic and stir emotions in other people.

The more influential you are with your words or your voice, the better leader or trainer you become.

Throat Chakra meaning

Make sure that your throat chakra is always healthy so that you can always express yourself creatively and effectively.

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People who use their communications for a living should develop and take care of this chakra every chance they get.

If you have the ability to express yourself well, don’t hesitate.

It can change your life for the better in more ways than you can imagine!

My Final Thoughts on the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is all about the freedom of choice. Every choice that you make is an act of strength and power that has either a good or bad consequence.

The throat symbolizes how you express your will, as well as the balance of your mental and emotional intentions.

Problems with the throat chakra arise when there are problems relating to self-expression. For example, gossiping, lying, and expressing your negative thoughts and feelings can bring the throat chakra out of balance or block the free flow of energies from other chakras.

The challenge of the throat chakra is freely expressing the balance between personality, or your personal will, with your higher will.

The gift of this chakra is the ability to accept your uniqueness and express your genuine voice when you are communicating your truth.

The energy of the throat chakra lets you discover knowledge that is real, beyond the limitations of space and time, as well as family or cultural conditioning.

The main challenge for this chakra is having a negative way of thinking, or filling your heart and mind with doubts.

However, this is easily surmountable because when you gain knowledge through your meditation and life experiences, you also remove the doubts and negative things.

The throat chakra will remain healthy and balanced when you always have inspired creativity, and you always seek and share the truth.

Throat chakra energies dare you to be imaginative and creative. These energies encourage you to open yourself up to a lifetime of wonderful opportunities.

The throat chakra links to your sense of honor and personal integrity. It also allows you to show the world who you truly are and what you believe in.

When your throat chakra is healthy, balanced, and open, you are a good listener and able to make yourself heard, which is one of the most important human needs.

When you stand up for what you believe in, say no when the situation calls for it, and remain open and honest with everything that you do, you are taking good care of your throat chakra!