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Scapolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Scapolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Scapolite Properties

Scapolite is quite a rare gemstone because of the rarity of its transparency, hardness, and durability as a gem quality material.

It’s a lesser-known gemstone, but it’s among the most sought-after gemstones by mineral collectors!

Scapolite is also referred to as Wernerite, named after its discoverer. Other pseudonyms of this stone include Meionite, Marialite, Dipyre, and Mizzonite.

The name Scapolite is derived from the Greek word ‘skapos’, which means stick or stem. This is because of the stone’s long columnar formation that looks like a stick or a stem!

Its most common color is honey yellow, but Scapolite can also be grey, brown, pink, orange, and violet. It can even be colorless!

Scapolite was first discovered in 1913 in Myanmar. Currently, the most notable deposits of this stone can be found in countries like Brazil, Canada, Norway, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Madagascar, and the USA.

Why Would You Use Scapolite?

Scapolite is a gemstone known for its energies of problem-solving. It will help you find solutions to both your past and current problems.

It’s also a stone of achievement that can infuse you with inspiration and motivation to achieve all your goals.

It will help you discover your meaning in life and what your purpose here in this world is.

It will work to balance all your chakras so that there will be a good flow of energies. When there’s no blockage in your energy flow, you can enjoy more solid decision making, especially when it involves love and your emotions.

Scapolite will calm you down and help you become more rational during stressful times. This stone will make sure that you are mentally balanced.

It’s also an excellent meditation stone because it will get rid of unnecessary thoughts and worries. It will instantly raise your vibrations and your focus.

Scapolite can help you rise above your challenges and not be fazed by them. It will strengthen your understanding of yourself so that you will not misuse your own personal power.

Purple Scapolite crystal

Scapolite can help bring about change in your life and in your environment. This stone will work with you to get you where you need to be to achieve your goals.

Scapolite has positive feeding energies that will not leave you feeling drained or exhausted.

It’s a powerful stone that will provide psychic protection.

It will increase your psychic awareness, and telepathic abilities.

It will unlock your consciousness so that you can receive higher guidance.

Scapolite will connect to your chakras so that you can connect with higher dimensions.

It will also enhance your visionary experiences so that you can enjoy clarity of thought and move forward in your life with an inner knowing.

How Will Scapolite Help You?

Scapolite, Healing and Health

Scapolite carries strong energies that can be beneficial to your physical and mental health and help you with specific physical and mental ailments.

It can feed the body with vibrant energies that work like an antioxidant on a cellular level.

Scapolite can help in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma.

Together with crystals for confidence, it can also be used to treat the arteries and the veins.

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The energies of Scapolite can alleviate the pains you experience on your head, neck, shoulders, or upper chest.

This stone also has strong moving energies that can be beneficial to the liver, bladder, and the reproductive organs.

It’s known to be an effective relief against PMS.

Scapolite can improve the functions of the circulatory and the digestive system. It’s also effective in regulating high blood pressure, relieving tension headaches, and treating ear infections.

Scapolite and Wealth

Scapolite will allow you to harness your personal power so that you can use it for your higher good. It will inspire you to be more positive and decisive in your actions.

It will remind you to look at everything that happens in your life with a positive outlook.

Scapolite will strengthen your willpower to keep going even when things are hard, and to keep believing that everything will turn out for the best.

Scapolite is a stone of purpose. It will show you if something is destined to be yours, and it will work with you so that you can have it sooner rather than later.

It will help you overcome your personal limitations and go beyond what is expected of you.

The energies of this stone will help you focus on your financial goals and infuse you with energies of persistence and success!

More than this though, Scapolite also promises clarity of mind. That’s such an important thing to have when creating your own money making projects – whether to avoid your own mistakes, or to know how to articulate these exciting new ideas to others.

It’s so easy to let others go beyond just playing devil’s advocate, so to speak, and have them outright shoot down your brilliant plans and pick apart your superb ideas!

It can stifle a good money making project before it has the chance to find success, if one isn’t careful.

But Scapolite can be relied upon in helping you stay confident and determined. Only you can be the master of your own domain!

Scapolite, Love and Relationships

It’s a stone that will give you emotional balance. You will be able to get a handle on your emotions, and you will not allow them to take over your relationship.

With the help of Scapolite, you will learn how to be strong yet gentle, and tough but loving.

It will teach you how you can express your emotions without going overboard, or without pushing your partner away.

Scapolite will restore the joy and happiness in your love life, especially after a challenging period with your loved one, or after going through some of your own personal problems.

This stone will allow you to see the bigger picture. It will teach you that not everything is what it seems. More often than not, you need to delve deeper into the issue to truly understand what you’re dealing with.

Scapolite will show you how you can forgive yourself and be kind to yourself so that you can better love your partner. This stone will remind you that you should learn to love yourself first before you can truly love another!

Scapolite will strengthen your willpower to remain committed to your partner and to work through your issues together. More often than not, things will get worse before they will get better.

The healing energies of this stone will help you remain faithful and steadfast in your love.

It will support you when you’re feeling weak and ready to give up. It will give you that much-needed push so that you can make it all the way to the finish line.

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Scapolite will bring about a positive change in yourself, your partner, and your relationship. All the things that you want to work on or change will happen with the help of this stone!

It will help you get rid of harmful habits that affect the loving energies of your relationship. It will make sure that you will not change your mind and quit halfway.

This stone will keep you motivated and inspired to complete your goals for yourself and your relationship. You can always count on this stone to help you achieve your dreams for love!

Scapolite will help you heal from your emotional trauma and remove all the bad thoughts and feelings. It will get rid of your self-blame and replace it with self-love.

Scapolite will guide you in finding solutions to your relationship problems. It will encourage you not to settle with the quick answers or take the easy way out.

If you pair it with Covellite, this stone will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions.

It will also promote self-reliance, because it’s not all the time that you will have your partner to lean on, bail you out, or give you a hand.

How to Use Scapolite for the Best Results?

Sleep with a piece of Scapolite under your pillow and you will wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and happy, especially if you add Chrysanthemum Stone to it!

The best way to clean your Scapolite jewelry is by washing it with soapy water and drying it with a soft cloth. Harsh chemical cleaners and ultrasonic steamers are not recommended.

It can be easily scratched, so it’s also not advisable to wear it on a daily basis. Most especially if you will be exposing it to rigorous physical activities.

Store it away from your other gemstones by wrapping it in a soft cloth before placing it inside your jewelry box.

Scapolite Tumbled

Scapolite Tumbled stones are best known for their problem-solving abilities. Having them in your possession helps you deal with change and achieve both your personal and professional goals.

They are also great stones to work with especially if you’re new to meditation.

Scapolite tumbled stones help you look toward yourself so that you can examine yourself more closely and find elegant and practical solutions to your problems in the past and in the present.

They provide you with the energy and the momentum to make the necessary changes in your life. Sometimes you just cannot help feeling that you have been catapulted into a new situation.

The healing energies of these stones will encourage you to become more independent and have the initiative to do something instead of just wishing and hoping.

Scapolite tumbled stones bring you inspiration, strength of purpose, and self-discipline.

They will also help you remove your feelings of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and self-blame that are preventing you from reaching success.

Scapolite tumbled stones will help you achieve a meditative state more quickly and easily.

They will also increase your level of psychic awareness so that you can explore higher spiritual realms.

If you like getting your own way, Scapolite tumbled stones can be very helpful. They will allow you to control your own power, plan your future, and act on it.

Baryte: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Scapolite tumbled stones will help remove all the obstacles that are slowing down your progress.

They are premier metaphysical stones when it comes to unblocking energies, emotions, old habits, and behaviors that self-sabotage you.

If you wish to make a conscious change, Scapolite tumbled stones should be with you all the time! These are stones of purpose that will help you in setting your mind to your goals and reaching them.

They boost your willpower and self-discipline. The metaphysical properties of Scapolite tumbled stones may differ depending on the colors.

Yellow Scapolite tumbled stones support you in your goals of achieving prosperity by stimulating the solar plexus chakra.

Gray white or purple Scapolite tumbled stones resonate with the crown chakra and stimulate your psychic knowing and your communication with the spiritual realm.

Blue Scapolite tumbled stones stimulate the third eye and throat chakras to boost your psychic powers as well.

Pink Scapolite tumbled stones influence your heart and chakra because they encourage you to forgive and be more compassionate.

Scapolite tumbled stones motivate you to get rid of your bad habits that are keeping you from growing as a person and from moving forward in life.

Use these tumbled stones whenever you need to feel calm and poised in a toxic or stressful situation.

They will help you deal with the situation without feeling temperamental, irritable, or overemotional.

Scapolite tumbled stones will also give you the stamina to reach all the goals that you have set for yourself.

If you’re planning on starting your own business, Scapolite these stones can be very beneficial. They will also help young children bond closely with adults by trying out new things together.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Scapolite
scapolite meaning

Scapolite will restore the order and regain the balance and harmony that gets lost in your daily grind.

It will give you back your momentum after a challenging period, and it will keep reminding you that you are so much tougher than you think or feel!

Scapolite will work with you in getting rid of things, habits, beliefs, and behaviors that are no longer good for you.

It will make you calmer and more grounded by removing what ails you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Scapolite will strengthen your mental power and allow you to live your life on your own terms.

It will give you the courage and wisdom to sort out your problems, and it will infuse you with patience and determination.

It will bring your life new energies that will inspire you and rekindle that fire in you. You will have all the support that you need when you work with this amazing stone.

Scapolite will encourage your creativity, intelligence, and independence.

By demonstrating your own personal power loudly and clearly, Scapolite will also help you recognize your own happiness and satisfaction in life!

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