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Crystals for Confidence – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Confidence – The Complete Guide

Can Crystals Really Help with Confidence?

Using crystals can greatly increase your sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Confidence is not just about how you look, how you talk, how you act, and how much success you have achieved in your life. True confidence comes from within!

It’s about believing in yourself and in what you can do, even if nobody else believes that you can. Until you work on strengthening what’s within, none of the other things mean anything.

There is no quick fix to radiating confidence, though. You need to approach it slowly but surely.

Take small steps and avoid comparing yourself to other people. What you don’t know is that some of the most confident people in your life only appear confident, but they are deeply insecure.

Those who are genuinely confident have traveled a much more difficult road to get to where there are today.

Developing a healthy sense of confidence helps you move beyond fears that prevent you from doing things and limit what you want to achieve in your life.

Having confidence is a very important quality in life. Without it, you will find yourself voiceless and repressed.

You will be unable to affect or accept change, and you will not be able to reach out and create a connection with others.

During a crisis of confidence, most people retreat inwards into themselves, creating a vicious circle. This is because the more you avoid doing what you dread, the more you actually dread it.

It is hard to get through or succeed at life without having confidence in yourself. When you lack confidence, it affects your career, relationships, love life, and self-worth.

Losing confidence in yourself and in your abilities may come after losing a job or breaking it off with someone you love. It may even be instilled from your childhood trauma.

While it is important to build your confidence in organic ways, like saying positive affirmations daily, seeking out advice and counseling, or doing self-help exercises, crystals support you on the right path to boosting your confidence.

Crystals for confidence

The Best Crystals For Confidence


Sunstone is the best crystal for confidence. It possesses a certain shine and luminosity and this is why it is a crystal associated with confidence.

Sunstone helps you shine where you need to.

It’s useful in enhancing your hidden talents. If you lack confidence in a particular skill, Sunstone helps you feel better about it and remain positive that you will have what it takes to master that skill in time.

It’s a crystal that’s believed to summon the energy of Ra, the sun god. It activates kundalini that fills you with empowering energies.

Sunstone gives off a cheery and bright glow of good vibrations that protect your sensitive spirit from the imperfect and oftentimes toxic world.

It wards off negativity while letting you bask in the glow of its powerful sunbeams. Call on the energies of this crystal during your toughest times and darkest days, or when you just want a break from the stress of everyday life.

Sunstone warms up your chakras and provides you with a lovely glow during your emotional winter. This crystal stimulates the sacral chakra and brings light into the dark corners of your mind.

It clears negative thought patterns and snaps you out of them. It’s a bright and sunny crystal, which is one of the best antidepressants in the world of crystals and stones.

When you incorporate Sunstone in your daily wellness routine, you are also expanding your mind to a higher consciousness.

Let your Sunstone crystal be your daily dose of vitamin C for your heart, mind, and spirit. Bolster your confidence and sense of self-worth. Hold it in your hands in case you’re suffering from the blues.

Bring a ray of sunshine in your life when you add this crystal in your daily meditation. Step away from the TV, and disconnect from your devices and anything else that distracts you.

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Place yourself in a sacred space that invites solitude and quiet introspection. Take it outside when you can and feel your feet rooting to the energy of the earth.

State your intention to your Sunstone crystal by declaring the empowering mantras that reconnect you with the healing symphony of nature.


Citrine is an excellent crystal to use in combination with Sunstone because of its ability to boost confidence. It also carries sunny energy that makes you feel more positive and self-assured.

It’s a success crystal that’s good to carry with you if you have a big day. It absorbs the negativity in your aura so that somebody else’s unkind words will not affect your confidence.

Citrine carries the power of the sun, which is life-giving, energizing, comforting, and warm.

It opens your higher mind so that you can accept the joy in your life, release your anger and negative feelings, as well as your destructive tendencies and deep-seated fears.

It raises your self-esteem and helps you let go of your past. It allows you to move forward with optimism and to enjoy new experiences, especially if you pair it with the February Birthstone.

This crystal soothes your fears and anxieties, which are main reasons why you lack confidence.

Golden Beryl

Golden Beryl is another crystal that you can pair with Sunstone. It’s known for its positive effects on confidence.

It’s associated with power and leadership.

If you need a major confidence boost ahead of an important job interview or client presentation, or if you have people depending on you and need you to be an effective leader, Golden Beryl will work very well with you.

It develops your assertiveness, confidence, and physical and mental strength. It increases your personal power and benevolence.

It assists you in taking back your power and lends you trust and confidence. It’s a fantastic energy conduit of universal life force that has the determination and energy to change your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz helps you attract love, but it also helps you love yourself. It helps you with acceptance, and it allows you to accept yourself and all your imperfections.


Hematite is another popular crystal that goes well with Sunstone. It blocks negativity, which makes it perfect for grinding down your self-confidence.

It helps you with your focus. Use it with Sunstone when you need to sit for an important exam or pass a major interview.

It condenses your scattered feelings and turns fuzziness into clarity. It enhances your concentration and memory.

It also strengthens your practicality and helps you do very detailed work. It invites more confidence, boldness, and willpower.

This crystal helps you adjust to being physical and bolsters your low self-esteem. It also deflects negativity and restores the equilibrium that you have lost.

It brings back your sense of awareness and helps you maintain your sense of self.


Moonstone is another crystal that works well with Sunstone. It’s very calming and allays your fears and phobias. It neutralizes your emotional fears.

It’s an excellent crystal to wear in times of crisis and to help you heal from emotional trauma, such as an emotional breakdown or the loss of a loved one.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is perfect for anyone who has to face the public to deliver a speech or to share something important.

It boosts your confidence by helping you have the courage to speak out. It helps with your assertiveness and boosts your overall sense of confidence.


Amazonite stabilizes your emotional composure. If you feel like your confidence is draining out, having this crystal instills a new sense of confidence in you and dispels your fears.


Ruby is a miraculous crystal that helps you live a life of confidence and vitality. It awakens your root chakra so that your fears will be transmuted.

It’s a beautiful and powerful crystal that’s full of energy. It recharges your energy and infuses you with positive vibrations.

This crystal inspires you to become more self-assured. It has a high vibration of unconditional love and attracts love into your life, encouraging you to love yourself more.


Chrysoprase instills support and strength to those who lack it. It awakens your heart and gives courage to a weaker mind.

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If life is bringing you to heights that you cannot climb, Aquamarine helps you with your journey and gives you the push that you need to make it. It helps you better express yourself, and it strengthens you from within to unleash your hidden potentials.


Amethyst is a powerful crystal that detoxifies and purifies the body. It brings stray thoughts and energies in order. It also has the ability to permanently disable your sense of fear, especially fear of addictions.

Red Spinel

Red Spinel wards off any kind of psychic harm, including curses and an evil eye. It dispels any kind of negativity and envelopes you with a protective bubble that also boosts your self-confidence.

Flame Aura Quartz

Flame Aura Quartz resonates with all your chakras and stimulates your self-belief so that you grow and develop a fearless mindset.

It bolsters your faith in yourself so that you achieve all that you set out to achieve.


Carnelian improves the flow of energy in your body and infuses you with strength and courage.

With the guidance of this crystal, you become unstoppable.

It fills you with confidence that you can be anyone you want to be, and that you will be alright no matter how challenging the road becomes.


Aside from being a powerful healing crystal, Rhodonite also heals emotional traumas. It dissolves energy blockages in your body. It helps you forgive yourself and others.

It also helps you accept your flaws and imperfections and become more open to receiving unconditional love. It encourages you to love yourself more and have more faith in what you can do.

How To Boost Confidence With Crystals

Make Use Of Positive Affirmations

Next time you need the confidence and the courage to deal with something that you have been avoiding, put a piece of Sunstone on your solar plexus, which is just between your heart and your navel.

Visualize a warm light coming from your crystals and traveling throughout your body.

Once your body is filled with warm light, say your affirmations that go something like “I am bold and brave, and I have the power to decide” or “I have the power to do what I want, and this is what I choose to do.”

Carry Your Crystals With You Wherever You Go

If you find it hard to say no to people, carry a piece of your favorite confidence-boosting crystal in your bag.

Its protective energies will help you speak your mind and increase your feelings of optimism, self-worth, and enthusiasm.

Sunstone helps you break ties with any person who brings negative energies in your life.

Maybe a friendship with someone has turned sour, or you cannot stay away from a loved one who breaks your heart repeatedly.

You can release whoever brings dark clouds in your sunny skies using a simple ritual with your crystals.

Hold a crystal in your hand. Light a white candle. While gazing at the flame, think about this person with whom you want to remove from your life or cut cords.

Picture a beam of light radiating from your heart and connecting with theirs. Allow your higher heart self to release all traces of energetic connections.

Visualize the light being released from this person’s heart and given back to yours.

Express your gratitude to this person that you have been having conflicts with for making you grow and teaching you valuable life lessons.

Keep Your Crystals With You

Due to the powerful solar energies of these confidence crystals, wearing them increases your leadership skills and enhances your creativity.

They’re excellent crystals to have by your computer while you work because they increase your confidence when making decisions.

They also encourage you to rise above your challenges and break through the barriers. These crystals help you exhibit the bright side of your personality even in toxic situations.

Many crystal healers use these crystals in conjunction with their opposite crystals. This helps strike an easy balance and address any issues that you may have with insecurity or power struggle.

Meditation With Crystals For Confidence

Benefits Of Meditation With Crystals

When you meditate with confidence crystals, you are allowing them to activate your chakras so that you can cultivate your creativity, boost your confidence, and promote self-worth.

The crystals will boost your courage when you are going through something difficult in your life or when you are faced with a decision that you don’t know the outcome of.

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Crystals for confidence promote sexuality and vitality that will help you feel more confident about yourself in all aspects, including your thoughts, words, and actions.

When you meditate regularly with these crystals, you will be able to keep your composure easily even in very stressful or emotional situations.

Their healing energies will help you keep your focus and give you the creative inspiration that you need anytime.

Meditation with crystals for confidence will allow you to get to know their energies on a more personal and intimate level.

They will make sure that you are connected to your specific intentions and goals and help you achieve deeper meditative states.

These crystals can calm your harried thoughts and mixed emotions, which are preventing you from exuding confidence in your daily life.

How To Meditate With Crystals

You can use crystals and stones while you meditate by placing crystal layouts on your body.

This will not only enhance your meditative experience but also strengthen the crystals’ healing energies.

Choose White, Purple Or Blue Crystals

When it comes to meditation, choose crystals for confidence that are white, purple, or blue in color.

Crystals of these colors are known to be effective in working with the higher chakras. They help clear your mind as well, making you more open to receiving the wisdom of the universe.

Hold The Crystal Or Lay It On Your Body

Once you’ve picked out the stone or crystal that you want to meditate with, hold them while you meditate.

You can also choose to lay them on your body. It’s much better if they touch your skin and not your clothes.

Be Aware Of The Crystal

Once you have found a comfortable position and a quiet place in your home to do your meditation, focus on your breathing and empty your mind.

Visualize your awareness zeroing in on the crystal or the stone and feel its vibration. Allow its energy to fill your mind and your senses.

Focus On Your Intentions

Focus on your intentions and visualize your crystals and stones receiving them. Because that’s what they do. They receive your intentions and radiate energy that will help you make them happen.

Do this for as long as you need to, focusing on how relaxed you feel in body, heart, and mind.

Complete Your Meditation

When you’re done, complete the meditation by visualizing your awareness coming out of the crystal and going back to your body.

Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. Everything will be in sharper focus, and you will feel a renewed sense of strength and confidence.

You can meditate with your crystals and stones anytime you’re feeling low in confidence or overwhelmed by emotions or your stress levels.

You can do it for a few minutes until you feel so much better, or you can do it for as long as you like and enjoy the crystals’ healing energies.

My Final Thoughts On Crystals For Confidence

Understanding how to stand your ground and believe in yourself more is often one of life’s most intensive lessons. However, it’s here that crystals for confidence can really help you.

While Sunstone is often pegged as the most powerful stone for this use, there are lots of other crystals to choose from that might better suit your style, needs, or budget.

The energies of these stones are very inspiring, and can be felt just upon touching these stones by especially sensitive people.

However, by meditating, wearing or displaying these stones, they will work their magic around you with often surprising alacrity.

With that in mind, you only need to decide which crystal to choose, and what part of life you need more confidence in!

Crystals for Confidence

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