Crystals for Grounding – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Grounding

Can Crystals Really Help with Grounding?

In today’s world, it often feels like time is speeding up.

Everyone seems to be adding more and more to their plates without gaining any more time in their days to accomplish them.

This results in panic, anxiety, crankiness, and the inability to focus. It knocks you off your game, and you become unbalanced and ungrounded.

This is where the benefits of using and wearing grounding crystals come into play.

Being grounded is all about being centered, balanced, and connected with the Earth’s energy. It helps you remain calm, cool, and collected, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

When you are grounded, you are more authentic, you make better decisions, and you own your own power.

When you feel like everything is falling apart and you’re becoming unbalanced by life, put out your grounding crystals and pause for a moment to compose yourself.

Being grounded also balances the root chakra.

It’s important to stay grounded because you need that to physically manifest what you want in this world.

Being ungrounded is okay from time to time, but being able to reestablish that grounding when you need to is key.

It’s also part of your energetic hygiene. When you’re not grounded, your aura becomes vulnerable to rips, tears, and leaks.

You also allow energetic cords to become attached to your aura even if you don’t want to.

When you’re properly grounded, you have a neutral charge, like when you use Hemimorphite. Your energy becomes balanced. When you’re well-grounded, it helps you keep your energy focused and intact.

Crystals help you achieve the grounding that you need, and there are many kinds that you can choose from that will resonate perfectly with your energies.

Hematite is the Best Crystal for Grounding

Hematite is the most powerful crystal for grounding. It’s a very protective crystal that helps you stay grounded in any kind of situation.

Together with Rhodolite, it absorbs all negative energies from your body, and it calms you in times of stress, worry, or panic.

When Hematite touches your skin, you will immediately feel a change in your energy. You will feel more centered, stable, and balanced as soon as you put your crystal on your skin.

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It will also help you find your own unique talents by removing any self-imposed limitations, just like the March Birthstone.

With its iron content, Hematite has a strengthening influence on the body – especially the blood, body temperature, and circulatory system.

Of all the grounding crystals, Hematite is the surest and strongest. It has a stabilizing influence on the body that will keep you centered and grounded no matter what situation you’re in.

Hematite is the ultimate grounding crystal for the body. It possesses a very powerful grounding energy that feels like you are being sucked into the earth.

Hematite also enhances the circulation of bodily fluids, manifesting light and energy, protection, astral projection, strength, and working with the shadow self.

When paired with Petalite, it boosts your low self-esteem and gets rid of your feelings of vulnerability.

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Hematite absorbs negative energy and calms you in times of tumult. It’s a great crystal to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. It boosts your confidence and is good for working with the root chakra.

The uniqueness of the grounding energy of Hematite is in its mirror-like shine, which further dispels any kind of negative energy.

Wear Hematite to increase your personal magnetism. Give Hematite as a gift to anyone who needs strength to cope with a difficult situation.

Place Hematite on your desk to stimulate your mathematical abilities. Carry Hematite when flying to relieve the symptoms of jet lag.

Wear or carry Hematite to boost mental processes, including focus, memory, and mental clarity. Hold a piece of Hematite to ground you when you feel spaced out.

The Best Crystals Or Stones To Combine With Hematite To Help With Grounding

Some people find the grounding energy of Hematite crystals too overwhelming. It may feel heavy when placed on your body.

If this is the case, try using it with another grounding crystal such as the Smoky Quartz. It’s a stabilizing crystal that carries powerful energies for centering and grounding the body.

It is one of the most powerful root chakra crystals, focusing on purifying and balancing this chakra so that you will feel more grounded and connected to the earth.

It’s very grounding in an uplifting way, having a subtler energy than Hematite. Smoky Quartz works to neutralize any negative vibrations, replacing them with light vibrations that will not feel heavy on your body.

Smoky Quartz is called a crystal of change because of its ability to transform negative energy into positive energy.

It helps relieve negative emotions, like anxiety, fear, jealousy, depression, and stress. It also wards off confusion, worry, and doubt, which are feelings that often make you feel ungrounded.

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This crystal also protects the home or work environment against bad moods, resentments, and hostility. It helps you manifest your goals in both your personal and work lives.

Smoky Quartz is a great crystal to help smokers quit smoking. It reduces the urge to smoke and lessens nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Shungite is the most powerful crystal for balancing root chakra issues, which gives you a feeling of being ungrounded.

It’s important to practice root chakra balancing to have a grounded root chakra to build upon.

Shungite urges you to deal with your emotions, unhealthy mental thoughts, and anything that no longer serves you.

It brings everything that you need to deal with up to the surface, but in return, gives you the grace and strength to sever the energetic cords that hold you back from your personal truth and magnificence.

Shungite is an excellent grounding crystal that helps ground your energies to the earth.

It’s also very effective at protecting you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies from your cellphones, computers, TVs, and more.

Jasper has been valued for their healing and grounding energies. These crystals have a very strong earth energy, helping to strengthen your personal connection with it whenever you wear or meditate with them.

There are many, many different types of Jasper stones, yet all carry this powerful Earth energy.

Red Jasper makes a great grounding crystal, thanks to its deep connection to the Earth. Wearing or carrying this crystal reduces your stress, strengthens your aura, and dispels negativity.

In addition, this is a passionate red crystal that helps to balance the ideas and beliefs regarding sexual expression.

How to use Crystals for Grounding?

This crystal is perfect for physical jobs that need physical strength and stamina, or those that need emotional endurance.

The K2 stone balances your earthly experiences with your higher consciousness and connection to the universe.

It holds grounding earth energies, and it symbolizes a celestial experience.

It is an extremely powerful way to connect to your intuition and strike the balance between your intuition and your daily life.

Prasiolite is an excellent healing crystal to use to ground yourself to the energy of the earth.

Meditating with this crystal in your hand, or simply having it in the room, promotes a strong connection with the earth, permitting strong healing energy to flow up through your feet to your heart.

This healing crystal helps to remove any negative energy from your mind, body, and space, replacing it with renewed positive energy.

Black Tourmaline is a grounding crystal that balances your root chakra and gets rid of negativity.

This is a crystal that you can carry around in your right pocket at almost any time –especially in crowded public places.

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Black Tourmaline is excellent to use when you need to ground down before meditation or healing. It also energizes and focuses your mind.

It cleanses negative thoughts, ideas, and emotions and can be helpful in overcoming obsessive and compulsive tendencies.

It’s great for sending to school with your kids to keep them focused and grounded.

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of protection that balances and grounds the wearer and brings a warm, stable energy suitable for meditation and healing.

It is known as a crystal of good luck and fortune and is ideal for entrepreneurs and those making big career changes or engaging in negotiations.

It is a powerful crystal that resonates strongly with masculine energies. It helps relieve fear, anger, anxiety, and tension in relationships.

Fire Agate is sometimes an overlooked crystal. Not only does it ground you, but it also fires up your chakra system.

This crystal burns off old energies, obstacles, and blockages. It energizes and brings in change. It also builds a powerful connection to the earth.

Bloodstone brings stability as it grounds you into the earth grids. It’s a crystal of strength and courage, allowing you to be fully present on earth.

Boji Stones get rid of any spacey feelings that indicate you are ungrounded or out of your physical body. This crystal also balances and cleanses your aura.

Red Calcite is calming and grounding. It helps alleviate attention deficiency.

During times of ascension of your consciousness, you feel the symptoms of feeling scattered. You lack focus or attention, and this crystal can certainly help out.

Obsidian is a crystal for stability, grounding, and connection to the earth. It’s very protective and rids your aura of negativity.

It’s often used to look into your own dark side or dark nature and helps you release that darkness back into the light.

3 Important Tips to Boost Grounding with Crystals

Grounding is important for everyone, but especially for those people involved in spiritual or creative pursuits.

Grounding is the process wherein you pull back all your thoughts and energy from your mind and firmly re-establish your foundation on Earth.

This benefits you not only spiritually and mentally, but also physically, improving your focus and sense of calm, and reducing anxiety.

Grounding reduces inflammation and pain, improves sleep, boosts self-healing mechanisms, and so much more.

When you are not grounded, you may feel very out of it or disconnected from yourself. You may experience confusion, anxiety, restlessness, or just a feeling being airy.

Nothing really clicks, and you feel like you are just floating through life. When you feel this way, you know you need to reconnect to your roots and ground down.

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There are many great ways to ground down, such as walking barefoot outside, gardening, hugging trees, or meditating, but you can also use crystals to help in this process.

1) You can hold a crystal in your hand and release all unwanted energies down through your body and into the crystal.

Since these crystals have already been programmed and grounded, they are ready to receive these energies. Once you’re done, you can cleanse your crystal by placing it on dirt or on a plant.

You can sage it, or you can leave it in a dish of sea salt overnight. You can charge it up again by setting it out in the moonlight, preferably a full moon.

2) Do some grounding exercises.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, do this simple grounding exercise that you can finish in less than 10 minutes.

You can also try a nature walk meditation, which is a very popular grounding method.

Sit in a quiet place. You can also do this outside in nature if you like.

Imagine roots growing from the bottom of your feet, growing downwards, and connecting the soles of your feet deep into the earth.

Breathe in through your mouth and breathe out through your nose.

Visualize all the negativity, anxiety, and stress flowing through the roots and dissolving into Mother Earth.

Visualize warm healing light coming back up to the roots through your feet, traveling up your legs to your heart, and filling you up with healing, pulsating energy.

3) Choose the right grounding crystal.

When choosing which crystal you want to use, you need to trust your intuition. Everyone will vibe with different crystals. They will feel different to everyone.

If you are looking to buy grounding crystals, pick up each one and see how it feels in your hand. Choose the one that feels good when you hold it.

If you are shopping for grounding crystals online, go with the one that you are visually attracted to. A crystal will stand out to you immediately, and that is the crystal for you!

Grounding Crystals and Spiritual Energy

Grounding is all about balancing, centering, and connecting yourself to the energies of the Earth. It will help you remain calm and composed no matter what’s happening in the world around you.

When you are grounded, you become more authentic and you make better decisions. You own your own power.

When you feel yourself becoming unsettled by life or unmoored by certain events, get your favorite grounding crystal out and take a moment to recollect yourself.

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When you’re grounded, your root chakra is also balanced and aligned.

How do you know that you’re not grounded, though? Usually, you will encounter the same one or two symptoms every time you are not grounded.

You may experience dizziness, heart palpitations, or static shocks. There can be weight gain, clumsiness, or forgetfulness.

You may also spend too much time daydreaming, or you’re always spaced out, or you always feel sick.

You may also fall asleep when you meditate and become light or noise sensitive.

The spiritual energy of grounding crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process. It’s best to carry them with you or wear them for as long as you need to.

You can put your grounding crystal inside your bag, your pocket, your car, or even inside your bra.

Remember to do a proper cleanse first before using it. Even a small piece of grounding-crystal will be more than enough to use for this purpose.

Some wonderful grounding crystals are:

Whenever you feel disoriented or spacey, it’s a good idea to ground and center yourself.

Learn to connect yourself energetically to the core of the Earth. Learning how to stay grounded will also help you with your inner focus and your meditation.

Whatever your beliefs are, this simple practice can make a huge difference in your life.

There are many ways that you can ground yourself, so it’s best to determine which technique is the most effective for you.

The common denominator in most grounding methods is relaxation and visualization.

Take slow and deep breaths and imagine that you are sending a light beam or an energy cord you’re your root chakra down into the earth.

The energy you send down the cord that is not your own is cleansed and used by the earth. Your own energy is cleansed and returned to you.

The easiest way to ground is to visualize roots growing into the earth from your feet or your spinal column.

When choosing which crystal to use, trust your intuition. Everyone will react differently with different crystals. They will radiate different energies to everyone.

If you are buying grounding crystals physically in the store, hold each crystal and see how it feels when you have it in your hands. Pick the one that has the best energy for you.

If you are buying your grounding crystals online, choose the crystal that first catches your eye. That one is your grounding crystal.

Crystals for Grounding

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