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Chlorite Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Chlorite Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Chlorite Crystal Properties

Chlorite Quartz is the name given to any quartz that is included or coated with chlorite.

It occurs in phantom formations. Chlorite deposits on the quartz surface and then grows larger, forming a kind of green ghost crystal within the quartz itself.

The smaller green ghost crystal is referred to as Phantom Quartz.

Chlorite is a colorless crystal with green-colored inclusions. It has a rating of 7 in the Mohs hardness scale. It also has a vitreous and translucent to transparent luster.

The name Chlorite is taken from the Greek word chloros, meaning green. It’s an allusion to the crystal’s common color, but it’s actually a silicate mineral.

Why Would You Use Chlorite?

If you’re wondering what you can use Chlorite for, you should know that it’s a very powerful cleanser and purifier.

It’s a crystal that can cleanse your aura, chakras, and other crystals as well.

You can use Chlorite to get rid of lingering energies on your crystals, as well as attachments in your energy field.

Chlorite will align and unblock your energy meridians by helping you release your emotional wounds, whether old or fresh.

This crystal will enhance your energetic connections and teach you the value of oneness and being connected.

It will disperse the negative energies that cause you to feel negative emotions and think negative thoughts.

This will result in a clearer way for you to manifest what you want, helping you to truly thrive!

Chlorite is also a good crystal to meditate to because it builds a conscious connection with the energies of the earth. Its energies are also very healing to the earth itself.

It will allow you to connect to the high vibrations of your spiritual guides. It will also bring a heightened sense of awareness so that you can achieve an enlightened view of life.

This crystal will show you the beauty of change and help you embrace change so that you can be a better version of yourself.

Chlorite will strongly stimulate your creativity and promote growth in all aspects of your life.

It will also surround you with protective energy that will make you feel safe in your own skin and in your environment.

Chlorite can also be used to deflect psychic attacks and release dark spells and curses. With the help of this crystal, there will be no dark energies that will exist in your life.

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If ever there are, Chlorite will neutralize them and render them powerless!

Working with Chlorite will also allow you to be more aware of your self-limiting thoughts. It will give you the strength to release them so that you can truly be free and light.

Chlorite is very helpful when it comes to growth and transformation, and it can work wonderfully with your regeneration and self-healing.

Choose Chlorite because it’s also a powerful stone that can connect to mother nature, just like Angel Aura. It will help you ground your painful emotions to the earth and cleanse your aura of negative vibrations.

How Will Chlorite Help You?

Chlorite, Healing and Health

Chlorite is a powerful physical healer that will help you achieve physical health and balance.

It is believed to support cell regeneration and cell function to normalize cell growth and cell mutation.

This crystal will also protect you from harmful radiation, which can be very beneficial in stabilizing your energy when you’re undergoing cancer radiation therapy

It has strong detoxification properties and helps your body eliminate toxins. It can also boost your body’s ability to assimilate vitamins and minerals.

When combined with Pietersite, Chlorite is very good for the treatment of skin conditions. It’s also a good crystal to have in battling depression, stress, and anxiety.

Chlorite and Wealth

Chlorite carries energies that will be very beneficial for you in your journey to acquire wealth and prosperity.

Its energies will strengthen your sense of determination and willpower so that you will not let your failures discourage you.

It will also teach you to become more independent in your work, more mature in your decisions, and more inspiring in your leadership.

Chlorite will inspire you to have the initiative and be courageous in taking risks. It will also teach you to command with strength and compassion.

This crystal will embolden you and help you think of creative, pioneering, and daring ideas that will set you apart from the rest.

It will also remind you that you may be surrounded by people who help and support you, but you will still need to stand on your own two feet!

Chlorite will inject balance and positivity in your desire for wealth. It will get rid of your fears that you won’t have enough or that you will run out.

This crystal will eliminate your fears of being poor, inferior, and lacking. These are fears that can seriously hurt your chances of achieving true abundance.

Chlorite, Love and Relationships

Chlorite is a very soothing and relaxing stone that will ease a troubled or hurting heart.

If you’re nursing a broken heart, trying to patch things up with a loved one, or feeling uncertain about the future of your relationship, Chlorite will give emotional support so that you can overcome all the challenges.

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It will promote emotional healing and increase your feelings of kindness, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.

Chlorite will also release your negative feelings that are giving you a limited perspective of the real situation.

A pretty little piece of Chlorite Crystal

It will clear your head and your heart so that you will not be motivated by your jealousy, hurt, resentment, or anger.

Chlorite will support your heart in removing these unwanted emotions and replacing them with feelings of joy, kindness, acceptance, and forgiveness.

It will also strengthen your sense of cooperation so that there will be no more drama and disharmony.

This crystal will foster a point of view that is inclusive because it takes two people to make a relationship work.

Chlorite is a great crystal to use if there is so much anger, hatred, or frustration in your heart because it will gently remove all this negativity with its powerful healing energies.

It will resolve all issues of the heart and remove the resistance that is preventing you from being happy in love!

This crystal will help you recognize your flaws, acknowledge your faults, release your hang-ups, and forgive yourself for the past.

It will encourage you to move forward without the emotional baggage. You will become more inspired to start over and create a fresh new chapter in your own love story!

Chlorite will help you govern your relationship and how you treat and interact with your partner.

If you’re single and looking for a romantic prospect, it will help you have a more realistic expectation of your future partner and your relationship.

It will inspire you to become more accepting, adventurous, courageous, and confident when it comes to matters of the heart.

Chlorite will also give importance to your personal values so that you can truly be happy and satisfied with the direction that your romantic life will take.

This crystal will work with you to make sure that you are continuously growing in your relationship.

It will give you the freedom and the independence that you sometimes don’t get when in a committed relationship.

Chlorite will attract energies of harmony, stability, creativity, and balance – just about everything a solid and loving relationship needs!

How to Use Chlorite for the Best Results?

When placed in a healing or sacred place, Chlorite will transmute the negative energies that will be released during healing or meditative work.

When used in healing grids or crystal body layouts, Chlorite will help in removing energy implants and blocked energies.

Chlorite Quartz, like many other kinds of Quartz, are crystals that help to promote clarity and clearness of insight.

That is as much insight in the physical and mental sense as it is psychic insights and so forth.

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This is a stone of bringing light into areas of your life that need illumination or further clarity. It’s very difficult sometimes to get out of our minds or to break the cycles that keep us trapped in circumstances we wish we could leave behind.

Chlorite will help you to broaden your perspective on your circumstances, but it will also brighten up your view on the circumstances of other people.

Often, the actions and behavior of other people can prove so baffling to us, and we can lose ourselves ruminating on things.

But with Chlorite by your side, you’ll have that precious extra insight into why people are acting so strangely!

It will also align all your chakras so that you will achieve a complete healing and centering effect.

When Chlorite is used in Gaia healing, you can also enhance the protective, purifying, and healing energies of this crystal.

The Best Combination to Use with Chlorite

When you want to attune yourself to the consciousness of the earth, you can use Chlorite with Charoite and Caribbean Blue Chalcedony.

If you want to connect with the nature spirits around you, Chlorite will produce a powerful vibration when combined with Danburite.

The frequencies of Chlorite will also work well with Seraphinite, Ruby, Carnelian, and Amethyst.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Chlorite

Chlorite is a very powerful purifier that will support your healing. It is considered a regeneration crystal after all!

It will ground all the negative energies to the earth and cleanse your aura. This crystal will work to balance your chakras while unblocking them as well.

It will enhance your creative thoughts and abilities so that you will move forward to your life’s desires.

Use this crystal if you want to find solutions to the problems that affect your romantic life. It will also promote a better communication with your nature spirits!

It will help you release earthbound spirits and achieve inner balance and overall well-being.

This is a very effective crystal in transmuting negative energies. It will also dissipate your frustration, fear, and anger.

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