Pietersite is powerful

Pietersite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Pietersite Properties

When you look at a pietersite, you cannot help but think of a raging thunderstorm because of its mesmerizing beauty and many captivating colors.

With its brilliant flashes of gold and bold patterns, Pietersite is truly one of the most beautiful stones you will ever see!

Pietersite is a member of the quartz family.

The gold tinges of the stone are perfect contrasts to its usual brown, grey, and blue-black colors.

This stone was discovered in 1962by Sid Pieters in a farmland in Windhoek, Namibia. It was named after his father Louis Pieters.

Pietersite is also known as Eagle’s Eye and the Tempest Stone, and can only be found in Namibia and some parts of China.

Why Would You Use Pietersite?

Pietersite is known as the tempest stone because of the hurricanes of energies that this stone can hold, which can bring positive changes to the one who wears it.

Beautiful Pietersite beads

It signifies the wild storm that can rage inside you, and the cleansing and renewal that it can bring after the storm has passed.

It is filled with cleansing energies that can get rid of your toxic energy.

Life will not always be a bed of roses.

Sometimes it will be one challenging period after another.

These experiences carry both negative and positive energies.

You need to cleanse your aura periodically so that the negative energies will not accumulate and dull your aura.

Pietersite is a protection stone that can guard you against anything bad.

It will protect you against negative psychic attacks, as well as attacks of the physical and emotional kind.

This stone can inspire change in a positive way because it can stimulate transformation and inner sight. It will begin a period of self-realization, spiritual awakening, and transformation.

Its healing energies can make you let go of thoughts, beliefs, fears, and worries that cause you pain and sorrow.

It will make you strong enough to handle the truth, give you the willpower to change the things that you can, and accept the things that you cannot.

Unique Pietersite beads

Pietersite can link your consciousness to the spirit and strengthen the connection that you have with your inner self in a deeper and more spiritual way.

It will give inner guidance as you journey through life, and it will make you more aware of the quality of your thoughts and emotions.

Pietersite is a strengthening stone that can be very helpful to people who are battling addictions or losing their confidence in themselves.

It can also strengthen your inherent intuition.

It’s a stone that can balance your energies and keep you grounded.  It will reconnect you with your life purpose after so many distractions and different turns.

How Will Pietersite Help You?

Pietersite, Healing and Health

The energies of pietersite can stimulate healing in your body. It has health benefits to help with your blood pressure and the general function of your heart.

It can heal the nervous system by invigorating the nerves and the brain, which makes it a very effective cure for lightheadedness and headaches.

It’s also very good in treating eye infections, long distance focus, and dull vision.

Pietersite can help balance your hormones and stimulate the pituitary gland.

It can take care of your endocrine system and gastrointestinal functions.

It will help regulate your metabolism and in the proper absorption of nutrients. It will also help in the treatment of illnesses in the lungs, liver, intestines, as well as the legs and feet.

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Pietersite can stabilize the female hormones and ease the painful symptoms of PMS and menopause.

You’ll also find that a healthy frame of mind, or being in your best place emotionally, can help to work wonders for your health.

Likewise, having good health often energizes you, letting your best ideas flow and your biggest accomplishments come to the fore.

Healthy body, healthy mind, as the saying goes. Pietersite is wonderful here, because not only does it work on those health issues we just discussed, but it also opens your mind and promotes real clarity in thinking.

Likewise, this stone helps to keep your emotional balance in check, meaning that those times your poor health has you feeling glum, or your stresses manifest as a head cold or a sore throat or a migraine, all become less frequent hurdles for you.

Pietersite and Wealth

Pietersite is an excellent stone if you want to attract good luck and good fortune. It will also bring enthusiasm, happiness, wealth, and prosperity to any home or office.

When you have pietersite, you can achieve your intentions faster and you can receive results a lot quicker.

It can promote the flow of prosperity and abundance because this stone will also will clear any energy blockages in your aura.

Once the blockages are removed, good energies will start flowing in and you will see the unlimited potentials.

The energies of pietersite can help you find creative solutions to your problems.

It can give you the strength and fortitude to overcome your challenges.

You will receive plenty of positive influences that will inspire you to dream bigger and work harder. You will be the embodiment of leadership and success, and authority and discipline.

Pietersite will give you the wisdom to make the right decisions.

It will give ground you and center you so that you will also retain the balance between your personal and professional life.

Pietersite, Love and Relationships

Pietersite also works wonderfully when it comes to matters of the heart, especially when you pair it with March Birthstone. This stone will energize you and help you overcome your fears in love!

It will bring back your desire to love with your whole heart, and to be loved in the way that you want. Pietersite will help discharge your negative energies so that you can only focus on the good things.

It will make you appreciate all the blessings that you have in your life and not stress about the bad things.

It will help you with your emotional turmoil and give you complete healing. It will remove any emotional blockages that are preventing you from loving and being loved.

It’s an important stone because it will allow pent-up feelings to come to the surface so that you can start the process of healing.

It will cleanse your aura so that you will only attract good things. It will remove feelings of separateness.

You will feel closer than ever to your partner, but not to the point that you are overly dependent. Pietersite energy will prevent you from being dependent on others too much.

Pietersite will empower you by giving you a boost of self-confidence.

It will work especially well for you if you have trouble expressing yourself.

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When you pair Pietersite with Purpurite, it will help you recognize your truth. It will give you intuitive insight that will help you make the right decisions.

It’s very good for those who feel stuck in their relationship and don’t know what to do. It will lessen your confusion and make you realize what’s truly important to you.

It will clear stagnant energies and get rid of old habits so that you can take your love life to a new direction. It will allow you to set new goals for your relationship.

The energies of the Pietersite will help you become more observant, encourage you to be more open to new thoughts and ideas, inspire you to speak out what you feel or think, and be ready to roll with the changes.

Pietersite will inspire you to explore the unknown, especially if you pair it with Glass. It will remind you that it’s not okay to just settle for something.

It will mobilize you to action and do something to change your life for the better, and it will give you a renewed sense of devotion and commitment.

How to Use Pietersite for the Best Results?

Carry it with you when you’re traveling in bad weather, or when you want your home or business to be protected during storms or natural calamities.

Pietersite is also a good stone to have with you when you spend too much time around technology, like computers, tablets, and cell phones.

It can get help get rid of the electromagnetic smog that builds up in your aura.

The Best Combination to Use with Pietersite

Pietersite is best paired with golden rutilated quartz, sunstone, or Libyan desert glass if you want to have a stronger will power, focus, or concentration.

If you want your dreams, wishes, and desires to manifest sooner in your life, you can pair it with heliodor, golden yellow labradorite, citrine, or yellow apatite.

If you want help in your spiritual transformation, or you just want to enhance your whole spiritual journey or experience, it’s recommended that you pair pietersite with moldavite, phenacite, natrolite, scolecite, or super seven.

If you want to strengthen your intuition or your psychic abilities, you can combine pietersite with labradorite, rainbow moonstone, lapis lazuli, iolite, and ajoite.

What Chakra is Pietersite?

Pietersite is a stone that powerfully activates all the chakras in your body and keeps them grounded.

This stone also enhances the light energy in your aura and in your body. It provides special healing in your sacral, third eye, and solar plexus chakras.

Pietersite’s healing effects on all the chakras strengthen your will and your intuitive capabilities. It sends powerful energies to the sacral chakra that controls the energy flow in the body.

It’s the chakra that’s responsible for all the information and energy that travel from the mind to the body, and from the body to the mind.

When this chakra becomes unbalanced, confusion, depression, frustration, sorrow, overdependence, and repressed feelings can come about.

The solar plexus chakra is also referred to as the chakra of relationships. This chakra boosts the energy flow so that your body can fight off infections and prevent allergic reactions.

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The third eye chakra enhances your everyday awareness of the world. It shows you how to become more observant and helps your communication to be more energetic and vibrant.

It’s the chakra that makes sure you are always open to new ideas, visions, and ways of thinking. The frequencies of Pietersite help keep these chakras functioning properly.

They also help you gain wisdom and a better understanding of situations in your life so that you can make strong decisions and actions and move forward to your highest good.

Pietersite directs your will using your own intuition so that you can enjoy clarity of thought and fully step in to your personal power.

The energy of Pietersite cleanses your energy fields and removes the energy blockages as well as the stagnant energies.

It encourages you to acknowledge and get rid of energy patterns that are keeping you from moving forward in your life.

Pietersite radiates an energy that is dark golden. It has a strong and deep sense of devotion and commitment.

It inspires you to share love and become more caring towards the people in your life.

The energies of Pietersite also motivate you to lead your projects with more organization. They inspire you to put in the required effort to achieve the success that you desire in your career or business.

Pietersite also carries energies of authority, control, leadership, success, and influence.

When you use this stone regularly, you not only keep your chakras open, healthy, and balanced. You also keep the inner side of you strong and brave.

When something does not go as planned, or when you feel like you’re taking a good beating from all of life’s challenges, Pietersite can help you get your stress and anxiety under control.

Pietersite’s dark blue color attracts trust, faith, love, and patience. It’s a stone that truly commands respect.

This stone also makes whoever wears or uses it to be trustworthy and responsible.

Its energies inspire you to become more honest and sincere in fulfilling your duties and obligations in life.

Aside from being a great chakra stone, Pietersite’s dark colors also teach you the lesson of kindness, honor, and responsibility.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Pietersite

Truly the pietersite is a stone that should be included in your collection.

Not only is it a beautiful, elegant, and unique-looking stone, it also has wonderful healing energies that can be beneficial to your body, mind, heart, and soul.

pietersite meaning

Pietersitewill help you fulfill your life’s purpose by staying true to what feels right for you, and it will strengthen the desire in you to live your best life.

It will open your eyes and make you see the entire picture, not just pieces of it. It will help you see the beauty of your soul!

Pietersitewill remove your connection to your past life so that you can be completely in the present.

It’s a powerful stone that can help you achieve your dreams and manifest your biggest desires in life!

If you allow the energies of the pietersite to work in your life, you are in for some meaningful transformations.

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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