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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More

Cancer Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More
  • Dates: June 21 – July 21 
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Planet: Moon
  • Symbol: Crab
  • Famous Celebrities: Ariana Grande, Missy Elliott, Post Malone, Jaden Smith, Selena Gomez, M.I.A, Kevin Hart, Lana Del Rey, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams

Cancer Traits

Cancers feel very connected to the Moon, their ruling planet. They may feel the moon symbolizes their life. Many Cancers are fascinated with moon magic, moon symbolism, even trinkets that have the moon on them. They may even be affected by its phases, similar to other mythical creatures. Cancers tend to feel happiest when the moon is full. During the New Moon, they release the tension and stress of their life. This water sign’s lucky day is Monday. Pearls are their lucky stone, the stone of the sea.

Cancers are easily the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They feel their emotions in a broader spectrum. They are attributed as being huge crybabies, but even joy can make them shed a tear. Usually, they will express their happiness through their big smiles and vibrant positivity. Because they are so emotional, Cancers make decisions based on how they feel. They can seem to make unpredictable decisions because they don’t react logically.

This crab sign can be amusing, but it won’t show how brilliant they can be until they feel comfortable. Cancers may surprise you with their wit and humor. Despite their emotions, they genuinely don’t take life too seriously. They need to get their feelings out and move onwards to be as glittering and shining as they are on the inside.

Cancers are very aware of their feelings. They won’t let other people tell them how they feel because they know best. They lead with their heart, which helps them be honored and kind. However, Cancer’s empathic nature can lead them to be vulnerable. It’s advised that this sign has psychic protection, especially if they dabble in magic. Cancers feel so deeply, so sometimes they retain what they don’t want to. 


Cancer Personality

Family values and traditions mean a lot to this water sign, especially with their mothers. Even if they don’t have a good relationship, they feel heavily affected by their family. To a Cancer, blood is thicker than water. If they have a great relationship with their family, they may hold this dear to them. If not so much, it may be harder for them to let go of their traumas and unconscious beliefs.

The same way that a crab carries their home everywhere they go, Cancers are homebodies. Cancers believe their home is their sanctuary. They can stay home for days without caring to leave. Their den is their comfort place. A Cancer’s room may be organized, beautiful and unique. They usually decorate it and make it seem as cozy as possible. Energetic practices like feng shui can be helpful to amplify their comfort. This water sign loves being in its own little world. Cancers will make a good meal at home and relax, satisfied in this one accomplishment for the day. On the other hand, some Cancers may expect this to be the typical activity of the day. 

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Cancers, like the other water signs, have a strong intuition. They can tell when something is going to happen before it does. They have a sense of other people’s emotions. They may experience many synchronicities in their life, like angel numbers, vivid dreams, or repetitive omens. Cancers may also choose to participate in witch magic or tarot – these are excellent fields to tap into their intuitiveness.

Cancers can be very moody. They can seem confident in the world but suffer from extreme self-doubt. They can be very much in their heads. They may have a lot going on that they won’t show you. Their range of emotion is not only doom-and-gloom but also extends to vibrant laughter and excitement. 

When they branch out, Cancers have a way of being consistently funny in different settings, but being in a safe space is important to them. When a Cancer is comfortable, you’ll know it. They may suddenly switch to being a comedian. When uncomfortable, they will bury themselves inside their personality. They may become visibly quiet and removed. It’s not hard to read Cancer’s emotions because they’re an open book.

Cancers hardly let people in. If they get hurt one time, they may choose not to trust again. So while Cancers can be expressive, they may not ever show you their very deep depths. Their sensitivity is their superpower, though. It allows them to connect with everyone. 

Cancers can also be super sassy. They are very opinionated when it comes to friends, enemies, and even celebrity drama.

Cancer Weaknesses

Cancers may be very moody. Their feelings go high and low, like the tides of the sea. They can be extremely dramatic and emotional. They can hold weight to a lot of issues in their lives. They are captains of the pity party for sure. Talking to a Cancer about their emotions may make you feel down as well, especially if you’re a fellow water sign. They feel their emotions heavily. 

Cancers are empaths, meaning they can pick up on others’ mental states. They take on others’ emotions as if it’s their own. While there’s a bonus in being in tune with their emotional side, they usually don’t control what they pick up. They are like walking radios that pick up any frequency. They can be susceptible to feeling others’ anger or sadness just by being in another’s vicinity. This can lead to a feeling of personal stability and frustration.

They may also be very sensitive. They can take things the wrong way, and once they do, it’s too late to change this. If they get into a scuffle, they’ll be quick to tell every other friend about the situation. Their crab tendencies will pinch in a hurry and make you forget their laidback side. The world may neglect them because they’re not willing to share what they’re truly going through.

Secretly, Cancers may be very insecure. Cancers may need to work on their self-worth. They may need to trust themselves. They can be tough on themselves. Cancers may be sad a lot. They constantly analyze how they can be the best. They worry about how much other people don’t like them. It’s not unusual for them to suffer from depression. Cancers may also deal with body dysmorphia.

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Cancer Strengths

Cancers are very loyal and highly supportive people to have in your corner. They’re the type of people you go to for help because they have huge hearts. All Cancers are loving and nurturing. In addition, their empathic nature makes them reach out to other people. So if you’re looking for someone to validate your feelings, they’re the one to call. They may even have a sense of what you feel before you do!

Cancers can control their appearance. They know how to remain level on the depths of their surface. Somehow, they seem calm, cool and collected in anxiety-ridden situations. This is because they can always feel at ease and at home with the person who is always by their side: themselves. To them, their interior is a place where they are safe, loved, and cared for. They can always gain solace by examining how they feel and riding out their emotions. They encourage other people to do the same and be in touch with all parts of themselves. 

Cancers are very wise, but they may not realize it. Their intelligence primarily manifests within emotional intelligence. They think before they speak and act. They look at all outcomes before they go into things. They do not rush. They truly have an authentic side to them that they present.

Cancers are also creative. Their right brain can come in handy with their analytical left side and bring them to new heights. Their creativity can also be an excellent way for them to disengage from their sadness and depression. It can be as simple as self-love rituals. 

Cancers are very sentimental. They’ll keep things that remind them of anniversaries and traditions with people that are close to them.

Love And Romance For Cancers

Cancers are usually hopeless romantics. They may enjoy watching romantic comedies and cheesy Hallmark movies. They may read romantic fan-fiction or write it themselves. They feel connected to anyone they form a partnership with.

To a Cancer, friendships are nearly as meaningful as romantic relationships. They may be better at forming a friendship with a crush first who can see their rollercoaster emotions before committing to them. Love is a whirlwind of a ride with Cancer.

Cancers can quickly withdraw into their shell if they don’t feel safe, so they may have problems trusting in a relationship initially. Cheating is the worst thing to a Cancer and an absolute deal-breaker.

Cancer’s Family And Friends

Above all, believe that a Cancer will be there to the end for anyone they love. Cancer’s love is eternal. Having a Cancer friend means they’ll never decide to owe you something. If they lent you something, they’ll likely never ask for it back or hold a grudge against you. If you lend them something, they’ll remember it forever. They won’t ever be the one to bring up a past struggle to bring you down.

A lot of Cancers own pets or deeply desire to own a little critter. To them, a pet is considered family. They can be equal dog or cat lovers. They may even consider a pet an extension of themselves. So it’s guaranteed your Cancer friend is most likely to make a page for their fur baby on Instagram.

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When engaging with friends, Cancers can slow a conversation down. They’re a bit gentler and want to make sure they process everything said. They also want to consider everyone’s feelings. They may rely on token exaggerative inside jokes to make them laugh. They like repetitive phrases only their friends understand. A lot of Cancers have a childhood best friend. They keep their exchanges between people for life. 

They’re heavily nurturing and protective. They make great mothers and fathers. They may even be the “mom friend” of the group. These crabs are great listeners and advisors. This zodiac always knows what to say. They’re listeners, fighters, supporters, and guiders. Any time of the night when you ring them, they’ll be sure to answer. Their words are quality, and they have genuine connections. They are the last people to have bad intentions. People may be willing to open up with them because they don’t make fun of them.

They feel the need to be honest as part of their loyalty, even if their loved ones don’t want to hear it. It builds trust to know that they are always telling the truth.

Career And Money For Cancers

Cancers like money so they can feel stable. They don’t necessarily want the glitz and glam of life, but stressing over money can ruin their temperament. They don’t like to worry about where they’ll get their next meal or how they’ll pay off the bills. Feeling balanced is essential to them, so they usually are good with money. Cancers that aren’t may reject money because they don’t see themselves as worthy of having it.

How To Attract A Cancer

To attract a Cancer, you must be entirely trustworthy and loyal to this person. Cancers seek security and stability. They appreciate someone level-headed, so another Cancer is likely not the one they’ll go to. They’re not going to chase you around to get a partner. They’re going to expect the person they love to get down on their knees for them. In return, Cancers would do the same for them, so it’s naturally fair they keep their expectations high. A lot of Cancers have gifts as their love language. They appreciate being wooed over like characters from a telenovela. Cancers also like those who have a goofy sense of humor, so the perfect partner will be able to make them laugh and easily express the funny side to them.

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