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Aquarius Dates, Personality, Love & More

Aquarius Dates, Personality, Love & More

Aquarius is a powerful and often defiant zodiac sign. In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about Aquarius’ dates, their personality, their ruling planets, and more. Let’s begin!

  • Dates: January 20 – February 18
  • Personality Traits: Kind, Generous, Trendsetters, Defiant
  • Element: Air
  • Symbol: The Water-Bearer
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Planet: Uranus and Saturn
  • Famous Celebrities: Kerry Washington, Harry Styles, Ellen Degeneres, Shakira, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Ed Sheeran

Aquarius Dates And Birthstone

People born from January 20th until February 18th are born under the sign of Aquarius. Their birthstone is Garnet.

Aquarius Traits

If you’ve ever come across an Aquarius, then you know they have a reputation for being a little spunky. Even to themselves, Aquarians believe they’re different from the rest.

Aquarians bring both the crazy and cool to the table. They are often trendsetters because they change the norm. Aquarians act and speak distinctively. They may even dress and talk in peculiar ways within their community.

This is all due to the Aquarian’s natural ability to reinvent themselves. When they remake themselves, they become a minuscule but important puzzle piece that can change the world.

Those born under the sign of the Water-Bearer are highly defiant people. Uranus, the planet of rebellion, rules them. Aquarians hate to feel pinned down. Like other air signs, they always want to be thinking, flowing, and moving freely.

They may express this openness by deciding to do something random for the sake of it. It’s not strange to see an Aquarius dress up with clothing from another decade or delve into cosplay. 

This air sign is very powerful. Many may take their mission in life and become big celebrities. for the work they provide to the world. They are amazing humanitarians. They care about other people to the extreme and are kind, generous, and empathetic. 

Aquarius may be more avoidant and less emotionally connected. When they ignore their emotions, they feel able to take action better. Don’t get them wrong; they do have feelings, but they often disregard or postpone what they feel for a better time.

They believe there’s always a later time to handle what’s going on in their hearts. For an Aquarius, business is for business time, and emotions are secondary.

Big plans, big thoughts, and big ideas all come to mind when you think of this zodiac. Aquarius has a fair ability to challenge others’ ideas while showing understanding and recognition for them.

And yes, they expect the same courtesy that they give out to others. Even though they think strangely, they want you to see where they’re coming from. 

Aquarius Dates Personality Traits

Aquarius Personality

Aquarius may feel like a loner. Sometimes, they deliberately choose to be antisocial.

They may enjoy acting like the outcast in a movie. An Aquarius can pop in some earphones at night and go for a walk to gain clarity. This makes them feel special, but deep down, they don’t even need this validation. They know they’re unique.

This sign feels like the black sheep in their youth. They may have trouble grappling with all their fresh ideas until they know how to work with them.

In every setting, they feel misunderstood — at home, high school, the workplace, and onwards until adulthood. And in their younger years, they were probably the ones to hang at the corner at a party. In typical Aquarius fashion, they may not have even made it to the event. Why go out when you can stay in?

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Though Aquarians are affiliated with air, they are symbolized by the Water-Bearer. Their watery nature comes forth in their ability to spill their ideas outwards, always flowing and never ceasing.

Aquarians give the world life and expand their minds fluidly. They connect well with the other air and water signs. 

As an air sign, Aquarians are floaty in their mind. They can also be physically floaty by moving around quite a bit.

They have a zest for life and want to experience as much as they can. Often, they just can’t stay still, so they travel around, from place to place or person to person.

Aquarians don’t care to play by life’s rules. They create it for themselves.

This may seem awkward or strange to a world that has yet to see someone so confidently unique. At most, it can be confusing and unpredictable.

Aquarians have a fixed quality, so they are very stubborn and opinionated with their creative minds. They also internalize how they feel instead of showing it outwards. They stick to their spontaneous ways vehemently.

Aquarius likes to observe other people’s habits. This may range from looking at them to judging them, depending on the rest of their natal chart. This is part of their quest to learn about other people. Watching is a safe, detached way that they gain knowledge.

Aquarians like to go deep into things. They have big brains and want to seem like they know everything all the time. Otherwise, they’ll learn about things ahead of time. The worst fear for an Aquarius is to look stupid.

Aquarius Weaknesses

Aquarians may make other people upset because they give out their opinions unsolicited. They believe what they have to say can be impactful, and it usually is, but it may not match the flow of others.

When it comes to their own opinions, it can be challenging for others to change them. Overall, it can be hard for them to change their entire personality.

Aquarians can be heavily stubborn. They don’t want to admit when they’re wrong. They don’t want to conform to society, so they may strive to be as different as possible.

Aquarians are the rebels of society, so they may say or do controversial things just to spark interest. This can garner a negative reaction from those, especially their family or people they are meeting for the first time. 

Aquarians can be stuck in their minds. They disconnect from their emotions to make themselves feel better when they feel sadness.

Aquarius is a bit emotionally detached. They can suppress what they don’t want to feel. They are pretty scared of their emotions, so they switch them off. Without feeling, they can miss the bigger picture. 

If a sad event were to happen, Aquarians might not show any emotion until a week afterward, when all the tears come out. Others can observe them as robotic.

If they are not vulnerable with you, they don’t feel comfortable around you. They may be at a distance.

Aquarius Strengths

Aquarians are the friendliest sign in the zodiac. They care about the world we live in and making it a better place.

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Because of this, they like to give back to the world. They care about animal rights, activism, volunteering, and other activities that help the collective.

Aquarians help others. They don’t care about keeping the peace; they just want to do what’s right. They like things to be fair and in balance.

Unlike Libra, the other sign of balance, they are the ones to take action upon the injustices they see. They enjoy engaging with people. Their unique personalities bring about change and innovation.

They are also very intelligent when it comes to the world. They usually have brilliant minds, are truthful, and honest, and get into the fine details.

Aquarians do not judge other people. You may feel comfortable around them because they have such a mellow nonjudgmental vibe.

Aquarians treat everyone as equal. They treat you well if you’re the former president or if you’re homeless. They won’t make anyone feel more special or important than anybody else. That is unless they’re a friend they already have a connection with. This can be a refreshing take.

They like to keep it real within their personal life.

Aquarians don’t worry about materialistic means. They believe in the power of the mind over the power of vanity and objects.

This is why they put so much of themselves into always bettering their knowledge. Aquarians love to be open-minded. They are advocates in the way of other causes, even ones they don’t relate to. Freedom of speech was made for them.

Trust that this sign will not bend to the rules of others. They may refrain from politics, which allows them to listen to all sides and perspectives.

They don’t care that others don’t like them. If anything, they lean into it and become more successful of their differences!

Aquarians express their feelings amazingly, especially in the arts. They are highly imaginative and feel very close to music. They also may prosper within other art forms like writing and dancing.

Love And Romance For Aquarius

Potential partners may be turned away by an Aquarians’ lack of emotional presentation. An Aquarian’s kindness and good-natured personality may be mistaken as flirting.

Arguments may arise if their partner doesn’t like that this Water-Bearer treats their significant others similarly to friends and strangers. 

Partners may also notice that Aquarians seem always to be running away. If they’re not running, they’re judging from a vantage point. This can seem super flaky because of the planet that rules them, Uranus, which is all about freedom.

They like to go with the flow and do whatever pleases them the most. 

As the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarians treat everybody the same. But when they know you, they become extremely vulnerable.

They might not understand how to process their emotions due to their intellectual air energy. They know how to deal with others’ emotions yet struggle with their own.

Aquarius’ Family And Friends

In their friend groups, they will likely be the friend to provide ideas that others have yet to hear before. They can bring a delightful addition by being unique and random.

While Aquarians make connections easily, they are picky about who their true friends are. They love and despise human connection. The people they tell their true secrets to are very rare.

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If the friendship isn’t compatible anymore, they will quickly cut them off. Aquarians like to leave the door open, however. Friendships are never permanently over for them, and they’ll always have a space for them in their mind.

Aquarians will only befriend people that can benefit their goals and dreams. This can mean supporting their creative endeavors, too. This isn’t in a malicious way, but Aquarians are driven by moving towards the new.

If you were ever close with an Aquarius, even for a brief time in your life, you’d never forget them. Aquarians stand out as unique in their thoughts and opinions. They influence their friends with habits that may remain with them for life.

In their home life, Aquarians may defy their parents secretly. They tend not to be typical, whether it comes to sexuality, beliefs, or presentation. They may not fall into the box of their parent’s desires.

While they feel inclined to remain respectful of their family’s wishes, they see themselves as the ones to make the change in the generation.

Due to this conflict, Aquarians may hide their true nature until they get the chance to be free of their parents’ restraints. 

Aquarius’ Career And Money

Aquarius’ are great at compartmentalizing work from life. They are driven to problem solve and be their best selves. They view life with a bit more seriousness, which can come in handy in the workplace.

Aquarius excels at jobs with other people. They can be opportunists and get close to others to elevate their position. They have a push and drive to move forward, which benefits them in the workplace.

Many Aquarians decide to donate money and use their lives to provide service to the world. They make excellent social workers and activists.

Any career where they can serve people, impact, and teach people is catered towards them. They like to be in a place where they can shine and show their potential which helps others. Other fields that can work for them are the Peace Corps or the military.

How To Attract Aquarians

Aquarius does not like people to be too clingy, so give them space. It is terrifying for them to feel boxed in.

To win them over, support their creativity, and delve deep into their mind. Aquarians like those who have a lot to talk about and have a mental stimulation that matches theirs. Superficiality or popularity is a turn-off.

Aquarians like to be challenged and intellectually stimulated. They gravitate towards book-readers. They don’t want someone who is going to be normal, but a person who steps outside the box and then a bit further.

Their perfect partner is going to be someone who will be spunky and strange by their side, shining a light on the world.

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