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Leo Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More

Leo Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More
  • Dates: July 23 – August 22
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Planet: Sun
  • Symbol: Lion
  • Famous Celebrities: Barack Obama, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, Soulja Boy, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Brady, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro

Leo Traits

In astrology, Leos are ruled by the bright and brilliant Sun. In true fashion, they believe themselves to be the center of the solar system. Like this star, they are always shining and never have a moment to rest or relax their ample and abundant light. Leos are warm. They are a giver of life. They are magnetic – people are drawn to them to receive this light.

Those under the sign of the lion take on the Sun’s masculine energy with their strong opinions. They are assertive and outspoken. They are dominant in their relationships with others. Leos are incredibly confident. They can be the glue of the world, within their own community, or on a grander scale. 

Leos are pretty hard to dislike when you get to know them. This is because they are highly in tune with themselves. They have a full cup, so they want to pour it out onto others. As a result, Leos are easy to get along with. 

A Leo’s energy can be intense to deal with. They are so illuminating it may hurt to be around others, but a Leo will never hurt you on purpose.


Leo Personality

To Leo, if you like them, that’s great, but if you don’t, it’s your loss. Just like a lion, they can be very sexy. Leo’s life is like a never-ending movie. They are performers, so whatever they put in the script is what is seen. Leos only show what they want to show. 

Leos care about their self-image. They usually have a statement to them. They know they’re good-looking because most are! They typically have the hair of a lion’s mane – prominent, lush, and beautiful. They also happen to be very stylish. Leos love to be admired and seen, but they don’t need it to be happy.

Leos are also childlike and playful because they pertain to the fifth house, the house of pleasure and fun. They know how to have a good time. They are the person who will dazzle you on any occasion, from holiday parties to the aquarium to a picnic date. They’ll also be able to think of new and beautiful places to go and things to eat around town. Leo is a great member of the team if you want to live your life to the fullest.

Leos masculinity means they naturally take charge of a situation without even thinking. They can be impulsive and interruptive. When they are around other people, they are electric.  

Those with their sign in the Sun remain unapologetic to be themselves. They’ll act like themselves, say what they want, and if you disapprove of their energy, it’s no skin off their back. On the other hand, being around a Leo means you either feel torched out or even more aflame with their uniqueness. This is likely their superpower because they encourage others to see the world as a sunnier, brighter place. 

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Most Leos are extroverts. Throw them in any situation, and they’ll shine. They are masters of creativity in almost all forms. Once they know one, they can pick up another easily. Public artistic performance is a key for them: dance, singing, playing instruments, or anything entertainment-related. 

These lions and lionesses honor their fire sign. They can be savages. They’ll go down for their friends at any point. Leos are pretty lucky. They are also very well-connected and happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Leos control attention – either they demand it, or they gain it naturally. You want to cater to them and keep them in your life. They have an energy and presence that makes you feel lucky to be their friend. On the other hand, you may want to bow down to them. They may even seem intimidating because of how much they know and love themselves. Though they come across as confident, they do have insecurities, like anyone else. When you get to know a Leo truly, they may tell you some of their problems. Otherwise, it’ll be pretty hard to read them. 

Leos are pretty cultured. They love experiencing new places. As a result, they may learn languages easier than other signs. 

Leos feel everything very hard. This is probably why they have such a fantastic memory because they can tie an event to the emotion they felt at the time.

Leos being treated like a queen and living like a king. They like luxury. They enjoy eating at fancy restaurants. They may take a ton of selfies. They like makeup and dressing up. They like to spend money on flashy things. They love looking the best they can.

Leo Weaknesses

An unevolved Leo can seem selfish and self-absorbed. Leos put themselves first. They may talk about themselves excessively. Leos may bring unwanted drama to situations, but this happens because they are bold enough to put themselves out there. When they’re the only friend that joins the friend group together, of course, they’re the main event to be spoken out when they’re not around!

Leos love being the center stage and center of attention. Leos can be impulsive and interrupt other people. They like to seem like they know everything. Appearing right is important to them. Leo doesn’t want to seem foolish or dumb. Most aren’t, so why would they want to give off that impression? Naturally, this can lead to criticism when others see that Leos will do anything to defend their name. 

Leos can become intensely fixated upon their own life, like a character in a drama. They can have tunnel vision on what’s important in their lives and expect other people to think all their problems are just as important to them. They may forget people have other problems. They may want their family and friends and drop everything in a hat and be there for them. 

Leos may be frustrated to always be the person who deals with responsibility. Sometimes they want others to take control of the situation. But, on the other hand, they may feel like they always have to be the ones to do things.

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It is soul-crushing to a Leo not to be the best. When they don’t match up to their potential, it can depress them. They know how great they can be, so they will feel disappointed if they don’t fulfill it.

It’s not a little-known fact that Leos can be divas. They can be highly overdramatic, which can be frustrating to people. They express themselves through exaggerations and extreme emotions. Sometimes this can be expressed outwards as feeling everything to a ridiculous amount. For example, a Leo is the most likely to undergo a meltdown after a breakup with a friend. This is because Leo likes to get validation from others around them.

Leo Strengths

Leos are great entertainers, from the stage to their friendships. They make their lives seem spontaneous and fun. You can never catch a Leo on a dull day. They act like their lives are fantastic and spectacular. So if you are close with them, you probably want to check in on how they are to gain their excitement. 

When Leos are upset, a darker side can come out that can burn you. Leos don’t like to be judged or made fun of. So they will scorn you out of the friend group as soon as they see you’re not a person they want to be around.

Leos are highly independent. They take care of their goals and dreams. Leos don’t like to ask for favors or handouts. They always get their lives together. Even if it’s not, they’ll appear to be this way. You can never catch them off-guard unless they want to show you that side of them.

Leos make a big deal out of their friends’ events. They can make your life feel as bold as their own because they see everything and everyone they encounter as the main event. They can make you feel alive. Leos may talk about their friends’ storytimes to other people. They like to share openly and love openly.

Leos fall for others hard. They put their whole self into all their relationships. They are highly observant of little details.

Love And Romance For Leos

They don’t need a relationship but may not understand why they’re not getting attention – because they believe they deserve it. They may constantly crave validation in a relationship. As a result, they may forget to tend to the other person the way they need to be.

When Leos like someone, they can be obsessed and fixated on someone. They may not see life clearly when they’re in love. As a result, a Leo may unintentionally abandon their friends in the honeymoon stage of a relationship.

Leos are usually the ones who are in charge in the relationship. If they’re the woman in the partnership, this is especially the case. As the king of the jungle, they are usually the alpha and make the decisions.

Leos rule the heart, so they are prone to heartbreak. They feel everything with a crazy amount of intensity. They believe other people to be the best and will look the other way when they see red flags. As a result, they may get with people who they aren’t meant to be with.

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Leo’s Family And Friends

Leos are highly supportive and encouraging. They instinctively protect those that are in their pack. They make phenomenal friends because they are so big-hearted, open, and warm. They want to be there for their friends, even in their silly habits. They don’t try to judge other people. 

Leos are sure to be the center of your social network. They know how to have fun. They are highly energizing to be around. When they’re happy, you feel it within yourself. When they’re upset, the whole room seems to darken.

Leos are highly forgiving as well. They’re very generous and will be there for their friends when they need it. Leos are the type of friend you can jump back into friendship with them, and it’ll be like nothing ever happened. If you’re around a Leo, you’ll want to bottle up their energy and keep it for yourself!

Leos are dominant in their relationships with others. You may go to them for help first, mainly because you seem very close to them. They will be the ones to schedule times to hang out with their friends and pick you up at the last minute to go out. However, if you don’t put energy in them, they won’t put it back as well. They may even forget you. So you must make an effort.

Career And Money For Leos

Leos can be jealous of others who have more money than they have. They feel protective over what’s theirs. When they give too much of themselves away, like their time for work to friends, it may lead to them being upset.

Leos would be great in positions that put them in power above others. They would make great teachers, comedians, and party planners for events. There’s not much Leo can’t do! A Leo must follow their passions and dreams because of how big-hearted they are. They have a way of drawing others towards them like a magnet.

How To Attract A Leo

Leos are very flirty and frisky. It may be hard for them to settle down because they like to experience every one. They like those with mystery who can pull them in. 

Leos like partners that get excited easily about the things they like. Leos like excitement and delving into new adventures.

Words of affirmation, quality time, and physical touch are major love languages that Leos like. If you’d like to get them under your wing, compliment them. They also are flattered to see you remember little details about them and bring them up later.

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