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Virgo Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More

Virgo Zodiac Sign: Dates, Personality, Love & More
  • Dates: August 23rd – September 22nd
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Symbol: Virgin/Maiden
  • Famous Celebrities: Ludacris, Michael Jackson, Cameron Diaz, Nick Jonas, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Fallon, Blake Lively, Abby Lee Miller, Jason Derulo, Ryan Gosling

Virgo Traits

Like the virgin, Virgos express purity, not in their sexuality, but their new ideas. Virgos are very clean. Their symbol represents someone untouched, free, and could be whoever they wanted to be in their expressions and feelings. They like things to be neat and in order. 

Virgos are perfectionists. They are extremely hard workers. They come off as shy and quiet initially. They are highly observant. They’ll remember what you were wearing, what you did at an event, and where they last saw you. While watching a movie, they’ll know every reference and metaphor. 

Virgos like to gossip about things. They have a lot to talk about because they criticize a lot. At the same time, they turn this quality inwards on themselves. For this reason, Virgos can be more sensitive than others. They may be a moment away from a breakdown. They may fall apart by words or actions of others that may not seem like a big deal to other people. It takes a while for them to pull themselves back together.

This earth sign values their success and feels supported by not just improvement but perfection. On the other hand, they feel very disappointed by their mistakes. They beat themselves up heavily. They don’t tolerate their failures. They are their worst critic but also critical of the world as well. They believe the entire world is an idiot.

They usually have an excellent memory. Their thoughts are powerful due to the ruling planet of Mercury. They like to take things apart, even others’ emotions. They are also excellent communicators. They’re blunt in their opinion, and their views can usually be trusted. They can be excellent at writing – from poetry to emails. They are brilliant and know the best decision to make. They are great problem solvers.

While they are organized, Virgos can be a unique type. When you walk into a Virgo’s room, it’ll be spotless. Either that, or it’ll be a complete mess – their things may be all over, yet they’ll know exactly where all their things are. Every Virgo is different in how they organize their lives, yet there’s not a single thing out of place to them.


Virgo Personality

On a rest day, they’ll likely still have a huge laundry list of things to do. They find the need to straighten out everyone else’s messes. They pop gum right after eating. Virgos like baths and showers. They also like their own alone time. They like to look hygienic. They appreciate a face mask and a good skincare routine rather than a night out on the town. Their makeup and hair need to be perfect. They go above and beyond what other people consider normal. Everything has to be the way a Virgo sees it in their mind. 

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Virgos tend to fly under the radar. Even after knowing them for a while, you may not know them for a while. Meanwhile, they see the smallest details in people they know. They know what people like and dislike, not just their friends but their enemies.

Virgos are in charge of the stomach, so that they may be health freaks. They may shower more than the average person. They know the right exercises and the right things to eat to get the right results. They are highly focused on the right foods to eat to put into their bodies. They take care of their image and their health. They take pride in their appearance. They want to look good, feel good, and smell good. They may have beauty, exercise, and face regimes. They work hard to get to where they want in their idealistic view of what beauty is. Unfortunately, they don’t always recognize that they are okay where they are.

Virgos take pride in their house. They’ll make sure the bathroom is spotless, and there’s not a speck of dust present when guests are supposed to come over. They’re calculated in what they show. They believe other people judge them for their appearances and their surroundings.

Virgos may seem shy, but this isn’t true. Most are just best with one-on-one meetings with other people. They don’t care to be the center of attention. They show how funny and witty they are when they’re with someone else. They appreciate deeper conversations. In a group setting, they’re more than willing to let others take the lead.

Virgos can have two opposite sides that relate to them. Virgos can be goal-oriented, analytical, and professional. Behind closed doors, though, they have a completely different side. A Virgo may be on edge.

Virgos want to feel pure. They are pleasing to the eye and very feminine, even Virgo men. They may have nicely trimmed beards and plucked eyebrows. They are beautiful and attracted to beautiful things. They strive for perfection. They are great at getting things done.

Virgo Weaknesses

The maiden sign is very pessimistic. They are critical. They complain a lot about their lives. If things aren’t going well, they’ll ensure everybody knows about it if they’re sick or ill. They find it easy to partake in pity parties. They can be very dramatic and gossip. 

They don’t like when things go to plan. They are especially self-judgmental but project this outwards to others most. They can be incredibly self-conscious. They can seem rude because they know too much. They judge other people on their response to people. They seem to test people. If you agree with them, they’ll block you out. They don’t let people in on the fact that they are criticizing.

Virgos aren’t the best at emotional support. They don’t even like to share their own emotions. When they do, they may feel regretful about it. Others in their life may see a massive wall that they want to knock over, but a Virgo will never let you do so. 

The Earth Element In Astrology

Virgos may not have faith in God, spirits, or the Universe, which can leave them a bit ungrounded. They’re quite the opposite; actually, they’re much more logical. Therefore, they should look into how to be more positive to attract more positivity in their lives. 

Those born in the virgin sign like facts. In any situation, Virgos automatically search from point A, their current situation, to point B, where they want to go. They don’t show their love through emotion and empathy. Instead, they want to be of service by helping you find how to fix your issues when you want a person to joke around with. 

It can be challenging for Virgos to be understood because they don’t like to relax. They are very organized about their lives. They may start a project over and over again because they want it to be perfect. It may lead to a lot of frustration and anger. They hold a lot of nervous energy. Their priorities may not seem as much of a necessity as other people’s, but to them, it’s the world. They want other people to reflect on how their mind works, which doesn’t always happen. Virgos can worry a lot. They can become hypochondriacs. They can suffer from anxiety and be emotional wrecks. 

Virgo Strengths

Virgos are great cooks and cleaners. They would instead do it than other people. They serve to the best of their ability. Virgos are always punctual and on time. They make a note of when things start and when they end. They like to apply their logic, productivity, and efficiency. 

If a task needs to be done, a Virgo is the one to make sure it will be accomplished for you. They are one of the rare zodiacs that enjoy being the organized one. They also love helping a friend out. They are diligent and practical and fantastic at solving others’ issues.

Love And Romance For Virgos

Virgos can be hard to pin down because they don’t want to be controlled or dominated in a relationship. They may have a hard time falling in love. Apart from control, this is also due to their criticisms of others. They are scared of commitment because if they leave, they won’t be able to control them. A relationship can be out of their means. They have very high standards.

In relationships, they may not always provide the romantic support that their partner is looking for. They don’t always appreciate that they have to open up and communicate their messy thoughts and feelings.

Virgo Family And Friends

They provide service to all of their friends. They feel fulfilled doing this, so you know it’s coming from the heart. On the other hand, Virgos likes to eavesdrop and listen and pay attention to everyone in the friend group. They can be like filing cabinets with tons of data all the time.

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Virgos may be incredibly secret, so it can be hard to know what’s going on in their personal lives if you aren’t close to them.

Virgos are very deep. At the same time, they can be witty and sarcastic. Virgos like to have one best friend that they can be close to and appreciate hanging out with one person at a time.

Career And Money For Virgos

At work, they are organized and knowledgeable. They are in the zone and will meet all their targets. They pick up on the most minor details, so the best job for them is where they can organize well. They are great in health and the medical-oriented and health, research, detectives, or hospitality management. Virgos are great with managing and making sure everything works like clockwork.

Virgos are fantastic with their finances. They aren’t attached to the finer things in life, but they do enjoy it. Because they’re so great with their money, they can afford great things.

They are very driven by work. They are driven. They can be extreme workaholics. They may spend extra free time working instead of taking a break. They need to learn how to step back and cool down from the buzz of controlling everything. They understand how work is, and they don’t understand the free world. It’s stressful for them to be outside where it’s unfamiliar and not safe.

How To Attract A Virgo

As funny as it sounds, Virgos like clean-presenting people. They like those that can be understood and that have a routine. They don’t want people who have to jump up, down, and all-around to figure out their partner. They like someone who is predictable and is great at timekeeping. 

Virgos need a warm and loving relationship to open up their hearts. They want someone who can show them their reasoning is valid and won’t put down their concerns for hygiene and perfection. But, at the same time, they need a person who is patiently willing to uplift them no matter how many times they put themselves or others down. 

Virgos are attracted to people with different beliefs. They like those with an air of happiness to them. They find this intriguing because this is opposite to their grounded state. It takes time for them to enhance their mysticism.

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