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Crystals for Protection – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Protection – The Complete Guide

Can Crystals Really Help With Protection?

In a nutshell, people look for a crystal that can prevent them from being adversely affected by unwanted and unwelcome energies or influences.

It could be that they want to protect themselves from other peoples’ stress, anxiety, anger, or emotional energy.

It’s also possible that they want to safeguard themselves and their loved ones against ill wishes, curses, and psychic attacks.

Other times, they just want a crystal that can protect them from jealousy, envy, or fixation, or even spirit attachments, malevolent spirits, and sorcery.

There are also crystals that people use to protect themselves from abuse or manipulation, or even ill fortune and bad luck.

You’ll be surprised that there are also crystals that can give you protective energies for your plot of land, your house, your room, and even your pets.

The list of crystals that give protective energies goes on and on. However, not all crystals work the same.

What crystal you work with depends on what’s affecting you at the moment, and what kind of protection you need.

This has to do with the crystal’s frequency. You want to wear, carry, or work with a crystal that’s tuned in to the energy frequency which can protect you from a specific vibration of hurt or harm.

For instance, if you’re someone who’s very sensitive to the emotional energies of other people to the point that you internalize and feel them yourself, there’s not one specific crystal that will numb you to other people’s emotional energies.

However, you can work with a crystal that will prevent you from absorbing them.

If you feel like someone wishes you harm, the best defense is to work with a crystal that will alter your energy so that the bad energies cannot find their target.

Some crystals are great at deflecting negative or harmful energy.

Other crystals are good for blocking or cloaking.

Some are good at protecting you from being swayed by manipulation, while others are good at shifting or altering the energies around you so that they’re rendered neutral or harmless.

The Best Crystal for Protection

Smoky Quartz crystals are some of the most effective and most powerful grounding and anchoring crystals around.

They are very protective crystals that everyone should keep within their personal auric fields at all times.

If you are a spiritual worker, you should take advantage of this crystal’s ability to provide psychic protection. It protects you from negativity and transmutes this negative energy so that you can benefit from it.

Smoky Quartz grounds negative energies back into the earth.

If you are on a spiritual journey and working on developing your psychic or metaphysical abilities, you definitely need a crystal like the Smoky Quartz to ground you back to health.

This crystal can solve that problem, and it can bring you back to earth really quickly.

Smoky Quartz absorbs a great amount of negativity from various sources, which makes it a very good crystal to use for protection on a psychic level.

If you feel sad or angry, pick up a Smoky Quartz and you will feel lighter, brighter, and calmer.

It’s recommended that you cleanse your crystals regularly to get rid of residual negative energies. Thankfully, cleaning Smoky Quartz is very easy!

The Best Crystals And Stones To Combine With Smoky Quartz To Help With Protection

Black Tourmaline dispels low and harmful energies. If there’s one crystal that you should use with Smoky Quartz for all-around protection, Black Tourmaline would be an excellent choice.

It creates something like an electrical force field around your aura so that lower vibrations and psychic junk will just bounce off you.

It’s one of the most recommended crystals for protection, and it works well with Smoky Quartz. It’s very good at protecting you from negative energies that are powerfully and willfully sent your way.

Jet Stone clears any internalized emotional energies. It absorbs energies more than it emits them. When you get affected by someone else’s emotions, Jet Stone will draw them out of your system.

It needs to be cleansed regularly, sometimes several times a day if you’re using it heavily.

Labradorite shields you against psychic attacks, ill wishes, and fixations.

Psychic attacks take on many forms. When people hate on you, gossip about you, wish for your ruin, or throw hurtful words at you, you are the subject of a psychic attack, and you need this stone ASAP.

Labradorite also helps you when there are people who are extremely fixated on you as a romantic potential, but you don’t feel the same way.

Vera Cruz Amethyst is used for protection

It protects you from people who want something from you, which you don’t want to give, and from people who are sucking on your energy to fill their own void, lack, or need.

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Wear Labradorite to place a protective shield or armor over your heart chakra.

It keeps you safe while you ride out other people’s pains.

Fluorite shrouds your energy signature to keep the negative psychic attacks, curses, and sorcery away.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who will resort to black magic just to inflict the worst possible harm on someone.

Black magic is real, and it can be used on even the best people. Fluorite cloaks your aura and takes you off the radar. Poisoned arrows being sent your way simply miss their target when you have Fluorite on you.

Blue Kyanite keeps people from messing with your head. It’s a really helpful crystal that works well with Smoky Quartz, especially if you’re the subject of lying, bullying, coercion, or manipulation.

It helps you keep your levelheadedness, and it prevents you from becoming overly worried or anxious. It also gets rid of your self-doubt.

Blue Kyanite stops you from second-guessing yourself and encourages you to read between the lines. It’s a powerful stone that also protects you from being brainwashed.

Black Obsidian protects you from fixation, sorcery, and ill-fortune. It matches the frequency of banishment, which is why it’s such a powerful crystal for breaking curses, spirit attachments, and hexes.

If you feel like there’s a black cloud following you wherever you go, or if you feel like your entire being is veiled in dark energy, or you have a strong feeling that someone’s cursing you, it’s best to wear Black Obsidian 24/7 until such time that the threat is banished.

Just like Mahogany Obsidian, Black Obsidian is a powerful healer because it helps you become aware of your shadow aspects, which can be contributing to your current situation.

Apache Tear transmutes negative energies. It’s a stone that’s often used in healing your trauma, sorrow, or grief.

It slowly but steadily converts the energies of those emotions and experiences into healing energies for your body, heart, mind, and soul. It’s a great crystal for healers, or anyone who feels like they are regularly exposed to negative vibrations.

Infinity Stone boosts your own defenses by strengthening and healing your aura.

Your aura is part of your natural defense system.

When you’re fit and healthy, and you have a strong spiritual practice, and you respect your boundaries and needs, and you maintain a generally positive and balanced state of mind, your aura is clear, bright, and strong.

You are not affected by negative energies when you’re in this state. It strengthens your sense of vitality, strength, and wellness. It fortifies, heals, and repairs your aura.

Staurolite protects you from unwanted spirits and attachments. It protects you from unwelcome or negative influences. It also helps connect you with the other realms.

Spirit Quartz reduces your fears, boosts your natural defenses, and strengthens your connections with house and land spirits.

The main strength of the Spirit Quartz is that it dampens the effect of fear on you. It does not make it completely go away, but it relieves you of the influences of your fears.

This is important because when you relinquish your power to your fear, you are also giving power to the cause.

Fear has a debilitating effect on your psyche and your defenses. If you let your fear affect you, you also open the door to whatever wants to harm or hurt you.

Wearing Spirit Quartz with Smoky Quartz helps you to shut that door and hold on to your power.

Fire Agate has a powerful energy that sharpens your desire to act courageously when you’re not sure what the best course to take is.

It helps you feel grounded and more physically aware, and it kindles the fire in your spirit. It has a protective energy that’s also soothing and calming.

It brings feelings of security and safety, and it’s known to create a powerful shield around your body. It also gives you psychic protection.

Fire Agate is unique because it sends negative energies back to where they came from. It also reduces your fears so that you don’t feel crippled by them.

It has a calming energy that makes you feel protected, which is why it’s beneficial to keep a piece of this stone with you at all times.

Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal with a high spiritual vibration that can guard you against psychic attacks. It dispels anxiety, fear, and anger, as well as feelings of vulnerability, weakness, and danger.

Protection Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

It safeguards you from all kinds of physical, emotional, and spiritual threat, and it does so with love and gentleness.

It helps connect your physical, mental, and emotional bodies to your spiritual body. It fortifies your aura when you feel particularly vulnerable.

If you are searching for stability, security, and protection, Amethyst will give you all of that.

5 Important Tips To Boost Protection With Crystals

Crystals for protection are only one way to use crystal energy in your life.

Everybody has a need for protection, and you must accept that there are negative influences present all around you that have the capability to bring harm to yourself, your loved ones, your home, your business, your happiness, your quality of life, and your personal sense of security.

Because of the world you live in, you need protection from negative influences, like psychic attacks, physical danger, empathic reception, oversensitivity, disease, emotional distress, and many others.

1) When you want to protect your home, use four small Quartz crystals approximately of equal size.

Cleanse the crystals and program them to release their protective energies in and around your home.

Place them in the four corners of your property with the faceted points facing up. Put them preferably somewhere they will not be disturbed or removed accidentally.

2) To protect yourself, you can program and use one or more of your protection crystals on your body as jewelry or as tumbled stones.

3) To protect yourself while travelling, place your protection crystals inside your car.

Place a small crystal cluster in the console of your car securely to stop it from rolling around.

Before getting into your car, or if your car is parked outside on the street, picture a white protective light emanating from your crystal and surrounding your car.

4) Place a piece of protection crystal on your office desk or workspace to protect yourself from your computer or your gadget’s electromagnetic waves.

5) In healing grids or crystal body layouts, doing a crystal layout of slow-release, with your protection crystals pointing away from your body, can prevent a healing crisis.

Also, protection crystals are excellent crystals to place on your solar plexus chakra because of their balancing and grounding energy. When you have them on your body, you enjoy a stronger and more stable energy.

An important thing to note is that it’s a must to wear protective crystals whenever and wherever. You never know when someone or something is already doing damage to your body, mind, or spirit.

You can wear them on you every day, or you can put them somewhere you spend a lot of time in. Knowing that you have crystals for protection with you will help you sleep better at night and function better during the day!

Can You Get Crystals for Protection as a Necklace?

A necklace serves many purposes. They are a form of art and personal expression that can be worn to accent an outfit or suit a functional purpose.

Necklaces have also been used for protective purposes in many cultures all throughout history.

Some well-known examples are talismans and pendants made of natural stones, crystals, and beads.

There are many possibilities, and you can find a piece of protective necklace that can truly reflect your unique style.

Crystals for protection can be made into shaped pendants. Crystal points can be wrapped in wire and strung together with other stones on necklaces.

Every crystal for protection has its own unique properties, making them an ideal choice for personal customization.

Perhaps you want a crystal that repels negative energy. Maybe you need one that protects you from energy vampires and brings you clarity of thought.

Whatever the need, you can find protective crystals for that specific purpose.

One of the most widely recognized crystal for protection is the Smoky Quartz. This powerful crystal has a range of protective properties.

It is an extremely versatile crystal that can absorb negative energies and transform them to positive energies.

It can also amplify energies and magnify the healing effects of other stones and crystals you wear them with.

Other popular protective gemstones that can be used to create stunning necklaces include Jet Stone, Labradorite, Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, Black Obsidian, Apache Tear, Staurolite, Spirit Quartz, Fire Agate, and Amethyst.

Protective gemstone necklaces are a great way to keep your energies clear and balanced all throughout the day.

They also remind you to be mindful of where you direct your energies and how you let other people’s energies affect you.

They can help you set healthy boundaries in your life and remind you to respect your own limits.

Arm yourself with a crystal necklace for protection for security and peace of mind no matter where you are.

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These necklaces help create an armor of protection around your body to guard you against harmful energies.

By helping you release negative emotions like anxiety, anger, stress, and depression, all traces of darkness in your life can give way to a glimmer of light.

Wearing protective crystal necklaces can deflect and disperse any negative energy that is being directed at you.

There are some crystals that work to activate the protective properties of other crystals and amplify them, boosting their overall protective powers.

Other crystals connect you with the energies of the earth. This helps in absorbing the negative vibrations in your body by returning them back to the earth.

Sometimes you will go through a rough patch in your life and you will be overwhelmed by negative emotions despite your attempts to stay optimistic.

Wearing a protective crystal necklace will help you get past this challenging period and keep you feeling positive.

Wearing it will keep you safe from other people’s bad intentions and strengthen your instincts when something or someone is not to be trusted.

How Much Do Protection Necklaces Cost?

There are many choices available for you for your very own protection necklace that will suit any style and budget.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful protection crystal that can keep you safe both on a physical and psychical level.

You can easily purchase a Smoky Quartz necklace with a slab, tumbled stone, or point pendant for $25 to $50.

Wearing this necklace will keep negative energies away and remove the negative energies that are already in your environment.

It will also transform harmful energies into light and positive energies. Wearing a Smoky Quartz necklace will allow you to benefit from its high level of energy.

Black Tourmaline is also known for its potent protective powers. Wearing it as a necklace will also guard you from negative energy and psychic attacks.

It will alleviate your anxieties and boost your self-confidence as well. You can buy a Black Tourmaline necklace for just $20.

Jet Stone is another protective stone that draws out negative energies and releases your negative emotions.

It’s also a very effective stone in battling stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and fear. A Jet Stone protective necklace is very affordable, and you can get yourself one for just $8.

Labradorite as a protective stone will bring harmony between positive and negative energies. This stone will help you see the light when you’re going through some very dark times in your life.

You can purchase a piece of this stone and wear it as a necklace. A Labradorite necklace can be purchased for just $40.

Fluorite is a highly protective stone that will absorb and neutralize all negative energies that will penetrate your energy field.

It will also help you better manage your stress, anxieties, and many other negative feelings.

Consider Fluorite as a vacuum cleaner that will suck all the bad vibrations from your body, mind, and spirit.

It’s one of the best crystals to wear for protection as well as attracting positive energy.

A Fluorite protective necklace will also amplify and magnify the properties of other stones and crystals that it touches.

You can buy a Fluorite necklace for anywhere between $20 to $80.

Black Obsidian is also a very powerful protective stone. It will infuse you with energies of bravery, confidence, and wisdom so that you can handle all the challenges that will come your way.

When you use Black Obsidian on a daily basis, you will be kept safe from any kind of harm or danger.

It will surround you with warm and protective energies that will make you feel secure wherever you are and whoever you’re with.

A Black Obsidian protection necklace can be yours for a very affordable price of $25.

Apache Tear is also a very good protection stone. Not only can it relieve your sadness and grief, it can also protect you from people who want to prey on your sensitive emotions.

It can help you release the negative feelings and be open to forgiveness and acceptance. It can also help balance your emotional state so that you are not vulnerable to different external forces.

An Apache Tear protection necklace can be yours for approximately $25.

Crystals for Protection

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